Walmart RV Parking – Can You Park RV at Walmart Overnight?

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So, you have forgotten to make a reservation because you were too excited about planning your trip, and now when the day is gone, you don’t have a place to park your RV? So what to do now?

Read on to know all about Walmart RV parking and whether it is safe to park your RV at Walmart for an overnight stay?

RVs are beautiful creatures that allow you to explore your favorite campsites, camp with your dear ones, and go on unplanned road trips whenever you want. All of this makes us incredibly excited that we often forget to plan sleeping arrangements.

It is perfectly normal for anyone with an RV who spends most of their time on the road. Leaving everything behind, you put all your intentions on your distant destination.

Thinking to explore the sites along the way, a roadside dinner, and the day is gone, long before you hit your chosen destination. What if all the campgrounds in your area are fully reserved? What should you do now?

In such circumstances, Walmart is your last hope and a lifesaver. Yes, you read it right, Walmart offers you not only camping supplies but also free Walmart overnight RV parking.

There are about 4,756 Walmart stores all across the United States, seeing you as their potential customer, the majority of those Walmart allows you to park your RV in their parking lot for an overnight stay.

Can I Park an RV at Walmart Overnight?

Yes, you can park RV at Walmart overnight but you need to ask for permission from the store manager and look at the local laws about parking overnight. 

But why does Walmart allow you to park your RV for an overnight stay?

Walmart is incredibly smart. The good old Sam Walton recognized that RVers could be their potential customers. They then reserved a place exclusively for those RVers on the road to park their RV in their parking for an overnight stay.

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But wait, there is something else that you should know – Does all Walmart stores offer overnight RV parking facilities?

No, not all the Walmart stores allow you to park your RV for an overnight stay, but yes, most of them allow overnight RV parking. And there are various reasons why some Walmart stores don’t allow overnight RV parking.

Below, I will highlight everything about Walmart overnight RV parking, why some Walmart doesn’t allow overnight stays, and how to know whether you are staying legally.

Regardless of what vehicle you are traveling in, you can benefit from Walmart overnight RV parking.

So, let’s get started!

Why Don’t Some Walmart Stores Allow Walmart Overnight RV Parking?

Walmart RV Parking Overnight

As I have highlighted above, the majority of Walmart allows overnight RV parking but not all. In some specific areas, overnight stays at Walmart become a problem, and there are many reasons for that.

Homeless people started overstaying, littering, panhandling, causing problems for other Walmart customers, and more.

In some places, city ordinances are strict and don’t allow Walmart overnight parking. Regardless of whether Walmart allows you to park your RV for an overnight stay, if the city ordinances don’t let that, you cannot park there for an overnight stay.

If you do so even after knowing the fact, expect the local police to knock on your door anytime. This may order you to leave the place, or you may get fined yourself.

Some Walmart stores don’t offer overnight stays because they don’t have a parking lot to accommodate RVs. Simultaneously, some Walmart stores don’t allow that because they have only limited space available.

However, regardless of whatever the reason is, there is no shortage of Walmart overnight RV parking. You can easily find some RV-friendly Walmart overnight parking available out there. And to do that, you just have to research to find out what Walmart stores offer RV parking facilities.

So, how to find Walmart overnight RV parking stores?

How to Find Walmart That Allow RV Parking Overnight?

It isn’t something hard to find Walmart with overnight RV parking. To make this more comfortable for you, here are some easy ways that you can try to do your research.

1. Call the Walmart Store Manager

To find a Walmart overnight RV parking spot, you can simply speak to a Walmart store manager by calling them. This will give you to get enough information about whether you can park your RV for an overnight stay or not.

But what if you don’t have a Walmart phone number? Well, you can get benefits from Google Maps. Simply input Walmart in the search bar, and it will generate a list of all the nearby Walmart stores list along with contact information.

2. Check Local Ordinances

Even if Walmart allows overnight RV parking, you should research parking and overnight stays to know whether local city ordinances allow it or not. If the city doesn’t, you should never park your RV there.

3. Mobile App

Your smartphone in your hands is an incredible device that can do almost everything you can imagine. AllStays App is a mobile app for both Walmart and RVing that you should install on your phone to get all the information regarding Walmart overnight RV parking.

Is it Safe to Use Walmart Overnight RV Parking?

Even though Walmart allows overnight RV parking, there are some problems that you have to pay attention to. You have to use your mind to gather information about the surrounding neighborhood as the location is a critical factor in safety.

There are Walmart stores located in neighborhoods with not-so-good reputations. Before parking, look around, and if you see lots of nice stores and shops, the police will be there. Although there are security cameras installed in the Walmart stores, remember, they are for store safety and not you.

I’ve come across cases where Walmart stores weren’t eager to share tapes to assist local authorities in criminal investigations.

One more thing to remember is if you have got an unexpected visitor on your door at midnight when you’re in a parking lot, never ever answer it unless you see a police car around. They either want to sell you something, ask for money, or cause trouble.

However, it is generally very safe to use Walmart overnight RV parking. If you see a number of other RVs already parked, it is indicated that the place is safe, and you can park your RV.

Where Should I Park My RV at a Walmart Overnight Parking?

It entirely depends on the location and area you are at, as all the Walmart stores are different. Before parking your RV, you should look around to locate where other RVs are parked. However, it would be helpful if you go inside and ask the store manager.

All the Walmart stores have their own information about where you should park your RV. They don’t allow you to park your RV close to the front of the store, and you may find the Walmart overnight RV parking lot as far as possible from the store.

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But again, before parking, you should go inside the store to get more information.

What are the Rules for Walmart Overnight Stay?

It doesn’t mean that if Walmart allows a free overnight stay, you can park your RV anywhere and without anyone’s permission.

There are rules and instructions that you have to follow before using Walmart overnight parking.

Here are the rules of Walmart overnight stay that nearly all (if not all) Walmart asks you to follow,

  • You cannot stay more than a night at Walmart’s overnight RV parking lot.
  • Before using Walmart overnight Parking lot to park your RV, you have to take permission from the store manager or any other qualified individual.
  • You may see a board with all the regulations regarding Walmart overnight RV parking that you have to follow.
  • You cannot use awnings, barbeque grills, or lawn chairs.
  • Avoid using hydraulic jacks on soft spots/surfaces.
  • Avoid littering the Walmart overnight RV parking lot and make sure you leave the place clean.
  • Make sure to park your RV professionally and adequately. Make sure you don’t occupy space more than you required.
  • Do not unhitch your RV.
  • If your vehicle has slides, try not to use them at all or if it is necessary, use the ones that are required to get in your vehicle. Try to park your RV at a place where the slide goes over the island to avoid occupying more than necessary space.
  • Make sure not to disturb other travelers around by running your generator all night. Moreover, do not start your vehicle in the middle of the night, or you might disrupt your sleeping neighbors.

So, these are some common sense points that you should take care of when using a Walmart overnight RV parking lot. After all, you are not camping there but staying for one night only.

It is not a spot where you start replacing your brakes, having a party or gathering, draining your tanks, or staying more than what they allow.

It is a place to provide you convenience so you can travel to hit your destination early the next morning.

Benefits of Using a Walmart Overnight RV Parking

Convenience aside, there are various other benefits of using Walmart overnight RV parking.

Here are some of them;

  • The biggest benefit of using a Walmart overnight RV parking is that it is totally free for people following a tight budget. You don’t have to pay dollars to park your RV there. While on the other end, campgrounds charge you per night.
  • Walmart overnight RV parking offers maintenance and service facilities. You will have the opportunity to get your trailer services, recharge batteries, get new tires, and more.
  • Walmart is an outstanding place to shop and offers almost anything you want. You can get all the necessary items while parking your RV. Some of the Walmart stores also offer gasoline and propane, which is a bonus point.
  • Unlike campgrounds, where you are required to make a reservation first to park your TV, Walmart overnight parking doesn’t have such a requirement. You can park there anytime any day. However, you have to talk to the store manager or a qualified person before parking.

Best Practices for Walmart Overnight RV Parking

Of course, Walmart overnight parking is not your final destination, but you may want a place to take some rest after driving the whole day, that too for free. So, what are the best practices to use Walmart overnight RV parking lots?

Being a representative of the RVing community, you should use your best practices to make sure this incredible and convenient resource remains available. Here are a few practices that you should follow while using a Walmart overnight RV parking;

1. Ask for Permission and Follow the Rules

When at a Walmart RV parking, make sure to speak with the store manager before parking your RV. In some areas, city laws prohibit overnight stays at parking lots, even if Walmart allows you to park your RV. So to make sure you are parking legally, ask for permission and city laws about overnight stays. After you are permitted, make sure to follow all the rules of Walmart RV parking.

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2. Keep it Quiet

Another thing to take care of while using a Walmart overnight RV parking is not to disturb your neighbors by playing loud music, running a generator all night, or inviting all of your friends for a gathering. You are there just because you can take some rest and sleep. So, stick to sleeping only.

3. Keep it Compact

Don’t behave like you are parking your RV at a campground. If your rig is huge and requires more space to get parked, you should find a less obstructive space. You can use the lot’s outer edges if they are available or try RV or truck parking spots if you think there is enough parking space available.

4. Keep it Short

You are at a Walmart RV parking lot for only one night, so make sure to keep it that short. You cannot park there for weeks because it is free. However, if you want to stay for a week at parking lots, keep moving rather than using only one retailer’s space.

5. Keep it Clean

Walmart overnight RV parking lots are lifesavers for RVers and travelers. You should make sure not to litter the place. Just like any paid campground, make sure to keep your area clean.

6. Show Some Gratitude

As a retailer, Walmart doesn’t offer overnight RV parking as a charity. They see you as their potential customer. Make sure that when using a Walmart overnight parking lot, you thank them by shopping at their store.

Buy groceries, a gift, or a meal, which will keep both parties happy.

Wrapping Up

Walmart overnight RV parking is a great resource for the RVing community and travelers, offering them a free one-night stay. However, it doesn’t mean that all the Walmart stores permit overnight stays.

This is for a few reasons, such as small parking lots that cannot accommodate RVs, city laws, user abuses, crime, RV parks and or campgrounds in the vicinity, and more.

However, the majority of Walmart stores do offer overnight stays for free, where you can spend a night and then carry on your travel. To keep these convenient and amazing resources going and be a representative of the RVing community, you should follow the best RV parking practices and rules and regulations.

Above, I’ve elaborated everything in detail regarding Walmart overnight RV parking that you need to know. So, good luck and a safe journey!


Does Walmart overnight RV parking is permitted in Canada?

Just like the United States, where most of the Walmart stores permit overnight stays, Walmart stores in Canada also allow overnight stays. However, it would be great to speak to a store manager before you park your RV.

Why do some Walmart stores don't allow overnight parking?

Some Walmart stores don’t allow overnight stays, and there are various reasons why. It may be because of the city laws, they don’t have enough RV parking space, user abuse, crimes, etc.

Do Walmart overnight parking locations offer maintenance services?

Yes, most of the Walmart stores that permit overnight stays offer vehicle maintenance services. You can get your vehicle services, change brakes, get new tires, and more.

Is it safe to park your RV at a Walmart overnight parking lot?

Generally, it is safe to park your RV at a Walmart overnight parking lot. However, it would be best if you looked around the neighborhood, make sure overnight parking is legal, and there are enough stores and shops around.

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