Top 12 Best RV Transport Companies

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It may be expensive to keep an RV gassed upon a lengthy journey. This is most likely the driving force behind your decision to choose an RV transport company.

Traveling in an RV can become a frustrating experience. It presents particular issues due to the extensive range of shapes and sizes across RVs, which can be costly. Without question, it all boils down to making the proper decision.

 There are a plethora of RV transportation companies all around the world. Many of them provide excellent service; to assist you in sifting through the available options.

We’ve compiled a list of the Best RV Transport Companies so that you may easily consider one. Rest assured, they are seasoned transport companies who will treat your RVs with respect.

Bargain Auto TransportBargain Auto Transport
Easy Auto ShipEasy Auto Ship
RoadRunner Auto TransportRoadRunner Auto Transport
Budget TransportBudget Transport
eShip TransporteShip Transport
Ship Your Car NowShip Your Car Now
Horizon TransportHorizon Transport
Nationwide United Auto TransportNationwide United Auto Transport
Heavy HaulersHeavy Haulers

What are the Best RV Transport Companies?

1. Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain Auto Transport

Bargain Auto Transport is an FMCSA-registered transportation company offering skilled drivers, reasonable rates, and friendly employees.

It maintains absolute consumer transparency and provides simple transportation by sourcing the lowest prices, reducing both time and cash on the side.

A Bargain Auto Transport agent will give customers a reasonable price; the customer may negotiate a lesser price if it is too high.

The agent negotiates the customer’s budget with drivers, and they can change it as long as a driver accepts the fee.

The customer need not pay Bargain Auto Transport unless they secure a transportation deal.

ConsumerAffairs has given Bargain Auto Transport its seal of approval as a cost-effective transportation solution.

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Bargain Auto Transport maintains a careful eye on your vehicle’s whereabouts, so you may call the company at any moment for an update.

Furthermore, if your vehicle is damaged upon arrival, you should notify them as soon as possible to begin the claim procedure.

2. Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship has plenty of expertise in the RV transportation industry.

When it comes to transportation, it provides a wide range of options. The business offers access to highly-trained, dependable drivers who can carry any sort of RV safely.

It is suggested that RVs be moved using a fifth wheel. Easy Auto Ship can move your RV to and from airports as well as shipping facilities and also manage international shipping.

Every Easy Auto Ship order is unique, as shipping rates are determined by RV model, dimensions, state, mileage, as well as a variety of other criteria.

To obtain an online estimate, simply input the information requested, and the price will be revealed instantly. You may schedule your shipment over the phone or internet.

Follow-up emails and SMS will be sent to you shortly. These prices include taxes and are valid for 30 days.

3. RoadRunner Auto Transport

RoadRunner Auto Transport

Clients rank RoadRunner Auto Transport as the most trustworthy transportation company. The team organizers provide fully insured RV transportation without requiring a payment.

Clients may access the customer support system at any time to stay informed. Customers can also use a live online car monitoring service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can fill out the quotation form or call them straight for an estimate.

Roadrunner transportation options also include door-to-door delivery, shipping antique, and unusable automobiles, and all kinds of RV transport.

4. Budget Transport

Budget Transport

Budget Transport strives tirelessly to find the finest services at the best prices in the shortest time possible. The company guarantees that the client has a stress-free experience free from any hidden fees.

As a dealer, the organization may connect you with a community of operators who suit your transportation needs. Budget Transport is a licensed, certified, and insured company.

When you use Budget Transport for transportation, you will be assigned a personal contact who will engage with you during the procedure.

The RV shipping firm sends vehicles throughout the country or state, and you can follow your RV at any moment, thanks to the auto-tracking option.

Transportation costs vary from $600 and $1,300. The overall cost depends on the pick-up and drop-off sites, the kind of transportation, the period of the year including a number of other variables.

Clients are not charged until they are connected with a transporter.

5. eShip Transport

eShip Transport

Craig Giganti established eShip ten years ago in Florida. Its main purpose is to link consumers with reliable transporters to transfer their vehicles.

It is open 24/7 to deliver the best possible client service and conducts over 3,000 vehicle moves each year.

Furthermore, there are no concealed expenses with eShip. Every deal features a Platinum Protection Plan at no additional cost.

This coverage covers up to $300 in insurance to compensate for any losses, as well as up to $300 in the rental refund if your RV is delayed.

More significantly, eShip provides secure, on-time transportation services from every place in the United States. Customized crating, loading, unloading, transportation, and waste disposal are among the transport choices.

They also offer affordable prices on all services.

Furthermore, the BBB-accredited company has received over a hundred favorable reviews on several review websites.

eShip has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, based on 25 good ratings, 3 critical comments, one neutral comment, and a couple of complaints.

6. AmeriFreight


AmeriFreight coordinates safe and efficient shipment while providing complete insurance coverage to complement operator insurance policies.

The agents work with the leading 5% of over 11,000 organizations to bargain pricing and associate with carriers with a 96% quality score minimum.

AmeriFreight started in 2004 and has since grown into a full-service market competitor in the global vehicle transportation sector.

They are now the government’s primary vehicle transporter, with head office in Peachtree, Georgia.

AmeriFreight assists clients with long-distance vehicle transportation inside the United States and provides international logistics services through collaborations with reputable shippers.

AmeriFreight also guarantees that no one uses your vehicle without your permission.

The expense of shipping an RV varies depending on the vehicle’s kind, dimensions, and state. In the American continent, AmeriFreight prices vary from $460 to $2,100.

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It has special pricing for students, retirees, emergency responders, and army members.

7. Ship Your Car Now

Ship Your Car Now

Ship Your Car Now has successfully provided transportation services from its headquarters in FL for the past eight years.

They stand out due to their ability to work in synchronization with the client’s schedule and provide door-to-door servicing in all 50 states.

It provides services for both regional and abroad shipping.

You can anticipate transparent and affordable costs with no added costs, quick and easy online quotations, and a complete money-back policy.

Ship Your Car Now provides enclosed shipping for your vehicle if you want it to be more protected. If you don’t need the extra protection, transporting your RV on an uncovered truck is a good alternative in case you have an enormous vehicle.

Ship Your Car Now is a company that provides secure local and global automobile shipping services. You can also use the internet to monitor your automobile at any moment.

Within 3 to 5 business days, the organization can provide a driver for local transportation. Because of state rules and the quantity of documentation involved, overseas transportation requires a little extra time.

8. uShip


Because each cargo is unique, uShip does not offer exact rates on its site. On the other hand, shippers can use an estimation tool to receive a number.

The program takes advantage of weight, dimension, and distance data from previous shipments.

uShip keeps track of fresh transportation listings to help consumers keep track of current pricing. Yet, if their vehicle differs from those listed in the original listing, their transportation costs may vary.

You should anticipate spending service fees in addition to the transportation fee, which will be communicated at the time of payment. You can acquire insurance which is defined by the quantity of cover needed for an extra fee.

Customers’ reviews are displayed on uShip to assist transporters in choosing among quotations. To get answers to your questions, one can simply approach the service providers directly.

The Better Business Bureau has given them an A+ rating, and ConsumerAffairs has given it a seal of approval. A total of 91 percent of the 9,500 ratings are favorable.

9. Horizon Transport

Horizon Transport

Horizon Transport, based in Wakarusa, Ind, is among the major RV movers in North America. They provide three distinct modes of transportation: the Tow-way, in which the drivers link your vehicle to their pick-up trucks and haul it anywhere you choose, one at a time, throughout the nation.

The other type is flatbed, in which operators utilize bigger trucks having flatbed trailers to transport multiple RVs or vehicles at once.

Drive-Away is the third option, in which Horizon Transport drivers will transport your RV to your desired location.

Horizon Transport will deliver your RV to the place of your choice in the United States and Canada.

Horizon began with ten carriers in 1984 and currently employs approximately 1,600 independent contractors who transport about 81,000 automobiles per year.

To access services like online bids or make an order, you’ll need to set up an account on their webpage. Most of the information you’ll need will be available immediately after signing in.

10. Nationwide United Auto Transport

Nationwide United Auto Transport

Lacking drive-away options, Nationwide United Auto Transport provides a similar type of camper van, RV, or camper towing as the others we have featured.

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One major distinction is that, when feasible, they provide accelerated transportation, such as next-day or same-day services.

They offer 24/7 help and assistance over the phone. Their site also has a section wherein you can choose the state you are traveling from or to and get complete information on any state’s transportation requirements.

You must meet the operators of Nationwide United Auto Transport alongside your vehicle in a space large enough to accommodate your vehicle’s simple and secure loading.

They give immediate, precise, and simple estimates by contacting their assistance desk. All of the costs will be mentioned in your proposal.

Once you book a vehicle pick-up, there are no further charges.

11. Shiply


Shiply is a worldwide network of about a quarter-million shipping firms. Shiply collects your data and generates quotations through their network of firms.

They also provide past customer feedback to assist you in choosing between the organizations that offer you bids.

Shiply may present you with direct contact details for any company that provide you a quotation so that you can contact them if you have any concerns.

There is an extra charge for remote places if Shiply has to visit n order to fetch your item.

Since they connect you to shipment firms, ensure to complete your own research, as described above, with any suggested firm prior to your contract with the firm.

We suggest, at least, inquiring if they’ve ever transported an RV previously. Their website has a section dedicated to assisting you in preparing your vehicle for delivery, as well as basic FAQs.

12. Heavy Haulers

Heavy Haulers

All of the classes of RVs as well as campers may all be hauled or shipped by Heavy Haulers, an RV transportation company having more than ten years of experience.

They also provide RV drive-away and motorhome hauling options.

They take care of almost everything such as documentation, licenses, the best prices, and trip organizing. They provide pick-up and drop-off services throughout the country.

Free canceling, 24/7 customer support, door-to-door transportation, and disaster insurance will be provided by this company.

Heavy Haulers offers something that we have not yet seen other companies doing: they offer images and profiles of their whole crew on their webpage, from administration to transport professionals.

This feature provides the firm a more personable feel as well as a bit extra peacefulness by allowing you to learn about the males or females who will be taking good care of your RV while it is being shipped.


This article has tried to incorporate maximum information regarding the best RV Transport companies that you may choose from for required and relevant services.

All of the companies discussed in this article are reliable and widely trusted by RV owners.

We hope that this article has assisted with the purpose mentioned.


What are the best RV transport companies?

These are some of the best RV transport companies trusted by many RV owners:

  • Bargain Auto Transport
  • Easy Auto-Ship
  • RoadRunner Auto Transport
  • Budget Transport
  • e Ship Transport
  • AmeriFreight
  • Horizon Transport
  • Shiply

How much does it cost for RV transportation?

The price of moving an RV is determined by the distance, automobile dimensions, and travel time. RV transportation under hundred miles costs $3 per mile on average. However, RV transportation under 1000 miles will cost you $1 a mile.

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