7 Amazing Ford Transit RV (RVs Built of Ford Transit Chassis)

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Ford is a well-known manufacturer, and Transit is a successful van that has been used in the RV industry for a very long time.

This van serves really well for the brands to manufacture and convert it into the RVs that people need.

Motorhome manufacturers add more conveniences and features to add a comfortable environment inside the van, along with several other features to make them the best RVs ever made.

This is the reason that today we are going to talk about the best RVs built on Ford Transit chassis that has solid performance and have won the hearts of many.

To learn about them, here are the Best Ford Transit RVs.

Name Chassis Brand and Model Price
Forest River Sunseeker TS2370 Ford Transit $96,037
Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0 Ford Transit $129,805
Orion Traveler T21RS Ford Transit $87,072
Winnebago Ekko Ford Transit $163,662
Winnebago Fuse Ford Transit $127,777
Coachmen Beyond Ford Transit $139,929
Thor Compass AWD 23TW Ford Transit $117,450

Forest River Sunseeker MBS 2400WForest River Sunseeker TS2370
Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.2Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0
Orion Traveler T21RSOrion Traveler T21RS
Winnebago Ekko 22AWinnebago Ekko
Winnebago FuseWinnebago Fuse
Coachmen BeyondCoachmen Beyond
Compass 23TWThor Compass AWD 23TW

What are the Best Ford Transit RV?

1. Forest River Sunseeker TS2370

Sunseeker TS2370

The Sunseeker TS2370 RV by Forest River is one of the best RVs built on a Ford Transit chassis. You will find great headroom inside this RV, along with several other remarkable features that you want as standard.

The elements and conveniences in this RV are very noteworthy, and in case you are naturally cognizant, this RV is probably going to speak to you with its elegance.


The kitchen region in this RV is all around planned and outfitted with a convection broiler, sink with a spigot, and oven.

The ledges are wonderfully done, and the wood completion provides the space with extraordinary shadings and ledges.

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You want not to stress over continually purchasing filtered water either, as this RV has a water filtration framework, and there is a smoke alarm for added security.

This RV has a Trauma Combi water radiator/heater for the colder time of the year. You will have a 13500 BTU roof ducted rooftop air framework and an Onan generator.

The Sunseeker has a useful washroom that comprises a composite latrine, electric rooftop fan, movement sensor lighting, and other such features to make living a breeze.

You can rest serenely on the adaptive padding sleeping cushion and rest after a lengthy drive by watching the 12V TV that is included in the Sunseeker.

Forest River Sunseeker TS2370

2. Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0

Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.2

The next best RV that is built on a Ford Transit Chassis is the Pleasureway Ontour 2.0. This RV is not difficult to stop and move since it is just 19 feet and 8 inches long, which is truly profitable when you are traveling with a small family.

It accompanies a rearview camera that assists you when you are stopping at the camping parks and adjust the vehicle into a parking spot to see what is behind you.

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It comes with a lively 3.5L EcoBoost V6 gas engine, and it is sure to get you where you need to go. Furthermore, it has a 10-speed auto transmission which makes it simple for anybody to drive.

Security has been the first concern with drivers and travelers, which is why it has front-seat side and side drapery airbags. It also has security control, pathfinder, forward crash detector, and other highlights.

The driver and front seats turn and make it easy to go to the front and to the back regions. Planning suppers in the Ontour is a breeze because of the Corian beat counter space and a high circular segment ledge that permits you to wash vegetables and fill pots without any problem.

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You have the choice of adding the one-burner oven or microwave for cooking.

Another component that you will totally adore is the wet shower with a shower. Having your own restroom is a major benefit so that everyone can be at comfort at whatever point they need to go to the bathroom.

There is a practical shower to get you refreshed.

The Ontour 2.0 may be a little RV, but you won’t feel it to be congested when you rest on the wide bed inside.

Pleasure-Way Ontour 2.0

3. Orion Traveler T21RS

Orion Traveler T21RS

The Orion T21RS is also based on a Ford Transit Chassis.

This RV flaunts rich and open insides and is seriously reasonable when contrasted and other C-class RVs. What’s incredible with regards to this RV is the manner in which how it is strong, and you don’t need to quit from eco-friendliness with the 3.6 Liter 280HP V6 engine.


Inside the Orion, the washroom conveniences are all modern and latest to make you feel comfortable at home. You will have an inside shower and outside shower feature.

Within shower has a bent plastic shower door to guarantee your security and is simple to utilize a composite foot flush toilet.

The other features you can hope to get incorporated into this RV are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You may also be able to get LP leak alert system, RVs back camera, and a pre-wired satellite dish to stay up with the latest news on current issues.

For all your mid-year camping season, the Orion has a 13500 AC unit to assist with keeping the inside of the RV cool.

The helpful divider-mounted indoor regulator will allow you effectively sit back and relax with your AC.

The kitchen is open and has every one of the elements you could require while traveling, and is close to the situated living region.

Moving forward to the resting and living regions, the Orion RV takes into consideration an open plan because it is based on a Ford Transit Chassis.

You can anticipate a full-size wide bed that accompanies a bunk stepping stool and protection window covers so you will be able to get an excellent rest.

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Orion Traveler T21RS

4. Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago Ekko 22A

The Winnebago Ekko is a small Class C RV that has many features to impress a new customer. People love this RV because it is based on AWD Transit by Ford with a 3.5 EcoBoost V6 engine.

The drive is amazing and pretty smooth with an auto 10-speed gearbox.

One of the outstanding elements it has is the warmed backside carport with entryways on the two sides.


The kitchen inside Ekko accompanies every one of the accommodations you really want in order to prepare suppers out and about.

You also get a 5.3 cubic foot cooler, microwave, and the LP cooktop that gives burners for cooking, a hardened steel sink, and there is even a storage space.

With this RV, you will never again need to sit at home when the climate isn’t great for setting up camp.

Protection in the floor, rooftop, and dividers gives coverage to the cold, and the water lines and tanks are inside the camper over the floor, which is not frozen when it’s a colder time of the year.

The carport is incredible for putting away bikes and different things, and it even has lights, so you don’t need to bungle around any longer in the dark.

A few other choices accessible on the Ekko is the pop-top choice on the 22A and the outside kitchen that offers a two-burner cooktop, cooler, and a folding sink.

Winnebago Ekko 22A Floor Plan

5. Winnebago Fuse

Winnebago Fuse

Another Winnebago RV that is based on a Ford Transit frame is the Fuse.

It has premium quality features to give you every bit of the comfort that you need. It offers extravagance and adaptability to suit any reason, regardless of whether moving towards your destination or cruising through the city roads.

This is a packed RV offering a lot of features to count.


This RV inside is very much spread out with various highlights, and the open interiors give you a perfect hangout spot.

The Winnebago Fuse can serenely rest three with a huge bed and an overlay-out couch bed.

There is a room divider shade that areas off the living region from the room. The living area is open and incorporates a dinette region and a TV room in one.

The cookroom kitchen is planned with all the tools and accessories in place that are ideal for your loved ones to cook their favorite meals. You will have a convection broiler, a two-burner range top oven microwave, and a tempered steel sink with a fixture.

This RV additionally accompanies a storage space to store all your traveling items and equipment. You will also find a heated system for keeping the RV warm during winters.

You shouldn’t stress a lot over cleaning the reasonably measured washroom as they give a retractable self-cleaning shower screen. Furthermore, the adaptable give head and latrine foot flushing instrument make this washroom helpful to utilize.

You will have a ground issue interrupter and a fire douser, so you know you’re protected while in your RV.

Winnebago Fuse 23A

6. Coachmen Beyond

Coachmen Beyond

Coachmen Beyond is one of the RVs that is not very common to find around, but it is based on Ford Transit chassis giving it a stronger and more durable structure.

The Beyond is a definitive RV to begin your next experience with.

Every one of the choices that the Beyond comes in starts with a Ford Transit 350 HD, and it also shares the engine like a 3.5L EcoBoost engine with a 10-speed gearbox.

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The Beyond RV is accessible with lots of choices. You can choose to select a model with rear-wheel drive or an all-wheel-drive variant from Coachmen.

It is an RV having hardwood cabinetry inside that keeps all of your gear and equipment hidden and safe. Another fundamental element is the side screen door that permits air to ventilate, yet it also helps to keep any dust particles and bugs out.

The turning seats at the front offer great comfort, giving you a relaxing drive towards your destination.

Regardless of whether you are taking off for a long end of the week or an extended weekend trip, you will have every one of the conveniences that you really want inside this RV van.

It is ideal to be ready with a few important emergency treatment packs that are also available with it.

Coachmen Beyond 22D

7. Thor Compass AWD 23TW

Compass 23TW

The last RV to suggest based on a Ford Transit chassis is the Compass by Thor. It is a B+ RV model, and it is the place where execution meets extravagance. This RV is more modest than others accessible to buy.

It is something other than an RV, as you can also use it as a utility vehicle. This implies you will have all the delightful solaces of home with you when you are out and about.


Utilizing a Ford Transit Chassis, this RV has a 3.5 Liter V-6 turbo engine with a horsepower of 310hp. This doesn’t mean that you will miss out on the important luxury features.

The Compass’ inside is designed with nonpartisan tone grays and whites to make an advanced stylish look.

The washroom impersonates a conventional house restroom with a flushing toilet and shower.

The Compass has excellent vinyl flooring, euro-style cabinetry, and LED lighting.

You will get a single entryway refrigerator, convection stove, two-burner gas cooktop, and a single treated steel sink with a handling fixture in the kitchen.

Assuming you thought the kitchen was pretty amazing, stand by till you catch wind of the room and restroom regions.

In the room, you will find a euro-style flip-up full-size bed with a reversible sleeping pad. Helpfully, the room has a USB charging place for hardware and a 12V outlet CPAP machine.

Thor Motor Coach Compass RUV 23TW


This was a discussion about the best Ford Transit RV in which we have listed the top brands and their RVs for the pleasure of the customers.

We hope this guide for RVs built on Transit chassis is helpful. For more, see FAQ.


Does a Ford Transit make a decent camper?

The Transit camper vans offer huge loads of room, comfortable seating, and extraordinary mileage. In addition, they handle all around well and are more reasonable than Mercedes Sprinters. With all that said, it’s no big surprise numerous van transformation organizations make beautiful Ford Transit camper vans that are great for full-time living.

Which Ford Transit is best for van life?

There’s not a particular Transit that is “ideal” for camper change. The Transit Cargo Van is reasonable and, as of now, has a ton of room, and offers great features on cost and size.

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