5 Best Gas Mileage Class B RV (Most Efficient Class B RV)

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Class B RVs are normally 15 to 23 feet in length, and their price starts from $60,000. This is the best category of motorhomes for a wide range of gas mileage.

The best Class B MPG is around 18 to 25 miles for each gallon. This mileage is superior to numerous huge diesel trucks.

Assuming you needn’t bother with a great deal of room and you, for the most part, move away from your RV, the Class B RV is the ideal choice for significant distance travel.

There are diesel motorhomes in the class B category that perform even better than gas.

Contingent upon the shape and weight, it covers the most extreme distance with one liter of gas.

The clearly planned front has a streaming shape to the rooftop that doesn’t produce wind friction or oppose the wind current.

This makes it simpler to travel in class B than any other motorhome. These are the lightest RVs which is why they have good mileage.

The engine uses less energy to drive a light vehicle and hence less gas to move. These convertible vans are big enough so that they can have extra resting and cooking capacities.

To discuss the best gas mileage in class B RVs, we have listed the top choices here.

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Name Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Price
Winnebago Travato 59G 18 to 22 MPG $116,177
Winnebago Rialta 22QD 20 to 23 MPG $38,900
Roadtrek RS Adventurous 19 to 24 MPG $56,899
Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT 18+ MPG $145,997
Midwest Passage 170 MDP4 14 to 16 MPG $177,495

Winnebago TravatoWinnebago Travato 59G
Winnebago RialtaWinnebago Rialta 22QD
Roadtrek RS AdventurousRoadtrek RS Adventurous
Airstream Interstate Grand Tour ExtAirstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT
Midwest Passage 170 Ext MDP4Midwest Passage 170 MDP4

What are the Best Gas Mileage Class B RV?

1. Winnebago Travato 59G

Winnebago Travato

Starting the topic with the best gas mileage RV in the class B category, the Winnebago Travato 59G is one of the best planned and designed motorhomes.

Travato 59G is a valuable thought as this model is smaller in size and is easy to handle as well.

This is probably the best gas mileage RV choice in the Class B classification.

This RV will go around 20 MPG without any restrictions on fuel usage.

Winnebago is one of the most renowned and most seasoned Class B RV producers in the US. Other than being an energy-productive RV, its rundown of highlights makes it the top-selling Camper Van in North America.

With the 59G, you get a wet shower and toilet, a king bed for two, and a kitchenette for cooking.

Furthermore, standard elements incorporate protected floors, four seats with safety belts, and a rearview camera.

Regardless of how extreme the climate or the street is, a Travato will continue moving without causing you to feel relaxed on your journey.

This camper is constructed out of the Ram Promaster body and uses the Promaster V6.

The motor makes 280hp giving you enough push to go through an area without stopping. It’s a camper van that has everything, except one significant disadvantage is the cost.

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It is a bit more expensive than most of the other class B RVs. Highlights like above-floor waterlines, warmed tanks, rooftop and sidewall protection, eco-friendly Truma Combi Eco Plus warming, and double sheet acrylic protected windows make it an amazing choice to consider.

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Winnebago Travato 59G

2. Winnebago Rialta 22QD

Winnebago Rialta

Another one of the top RVs to provide a good gas mileage is the Winnebago Rialta.

The 22QD model provides around 18 to 22 miles for each gallon on the expressway.

One thing to note about the Rialta is that it’s marginally bigger than the Travato, at 22ft long. That is the reason there’s a little more space for seven travelers rather than four and arrangements that will rest every one of the eight individuals.

It additionally has an extendable wet shower and kitchenette, fitted with both a microwave and a cooler.

This RV was shut down a long time ago, which is why you may get it in used condition. Still, the Winnebago Rialta offers two distinct engine options having a 140hp and a 304hp choice.

Both of these RVs were designed by Volkswagen, yet which of these is more productive is muddled. All things considered, the 140hp engine gives better mileage at long distances.

You may be able to find this RV at a very low price compared to most of the other class B motorhomes.

As there’s actually no such thing as a modest RV, it’s still a great thought to consider a motorhome that costs less for the same features as compared to other RVs.

Furthermore, with such an astute inside, utilizing the space, that value feels perfect. This is really an eco-friendly choice. You can easily tow a small car or vehicle behind your RV too.

Winnebago Rialta 22QD

3. Roadtrek RS Adventurous

Roadtrek RS Adventurous

The Roadtrek RS Adventurous is our next suggestion for you.

This class b motorhome gives an incredible mileage on the fuel. For most of the users, it had 21 – 24 mpg on their trips.

This is not a very heavy option which allows it to be a little bit better on average. There is space for 91 cu. ft. of storage inside this motorhome which is an exceptionally excellent unhampered perspective generally through the camper.

There is a long-lasting restroom in addition to a lengthy cookroom that has your kitchen and seats. When booking one of these, you have the decision to pick the ideal floorplan intended to suit your own taste.

It comes in 4 unique tones, selenite gray, dark white, silver ice, and gray-white. There are various highlights that you will enjoy in this motorhome.

Some of the most well-known features of this RV include the lights that can sparkle all through this RV because of the huge frameless windows.

There is a simple entry to both back doors due to the underside spare tire storage, and you also have a propane warming framework (Automatic), plentiful capacity, and a fridge.

You will get a convection microwave in the kitchen and a shower in an extensive and long-lasting washroom.

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Roadtrek RS Adventurous

4. Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour Ext

The Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT is a Class B Mercedes motorhome that is made on a strong chassis having a V6 engine to pull along all the weight.

It is one of the best gas mileage motorhomes because of its chassis and body construction. Every component of this motorhome is well-organized and put in a proper format so that customers love the drive of this motorhome.

The essential and organized interior guarantees safety and offer a great inside layout for living.

There is a rooftop finishing that comes under 2 years of guarantee for any leakage. The suspension is amazing to take your RV to go through any path at all.

It gives a mileage of about 18 miles which is not the best but still as good as most of the class B motorhomes.

Airstream Interstate 24GT

5. Midwest Passage 170 MDP4

Midwest Passage 170 Ext MDP4

The 170 Ext is another motorhome that is ideal in size and provides inside space for 2. A couple can use this RV which gives good mileage for long trips.

Essentially imagine loosening up on the back of the RV and relaxing while setting up the camp at a beautiful location to enjoy your day. There is a shower inside this RV that helps to get fresh each morning.

You have the choice to incorporate a discretionary drop-down power space bed in this RV to add more comfort. Normally, you will get 18+ miles per gallon using this RV when you are on the freeway or on the open roads.

The mileage depends on how you drive this motorhome. You will find a back Lounge Bed, a wet bath, and also comfortable seats inside this motorhome. There is a closet, removable table and a TV for entertainment.

You will find DVD Player to watch your favorite movies and a back video camera while taking reverse into a parking spot. There is vinyl flooring and Power Retractable Entry Steps too.

Midwest Passage 170 Ext MDP4 Floorplan

Factors that Impact the Gas Mileage MPG in Class B RV

There can be several reasons why an RV gives a different gas mileage. Based on weight, chassis, and type of engine being used, you will observe differences in mileage for various RVs.

Some common and highlighted factors that impact the mileage of an RV are.

1. RV Weight

Since RVs are big motorhomes having a lot of features in them, they weigh in the range of 12,000 to 45,000 pounds, including every one of the body parts.

Only the engine in an RV can weigh from 500 to 2500 pounds. The engine determines how much weight it can carry and pull along, which affects the gas mileage too.

2. RV Size

The size of an RV is one more contributing component to the normal mpg for an RV.

The bigger the size of an RV, means it carries more features and objects inside, which also means that it’s going to impact the mileage of your vehicle.

It additionally adds more to the weight, which is why the engine will have to use more power to pull the RV.

How to Improve Gas Mileage in Class B RV?

Here are a few guiding tips that will assist you with getting the most elevated mileage from your RV, regardless of the class it has a place with:

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1. Smooth Drive

For the best gas mileage, attempt to drive the RV around 60 mph. Going over that breaking point will require more fuel. Other than high speed, unpleasant driving adds to terrible gas mileage.

Passing through a rough street or rough terrain, stunning street, and surprisingly awful climate conditions will wind up giving a bad gas mileage.

2. Use Cruise Control

The cruise control is the ideal method for holding the RV speed in line, which can save up a lot of fuel for you.

It additionally assists with staying away from steady speed changes that result in more terrible gas mileage.

3. Limited Use of Air Conditioning

Normally, an AC costs around one mpg from the all-out mileage of the fuel. It’s best for you that you turn off the AC when not recorded, especially in normal weather conditions.

When the weather is too hot, only then use the AC, which will most likely increase the gas mileage for you.

4. Switch Off RV When Not Driving

When you have stopped at a point, or you are going to take a break for a while, it’s best that you switch off your vehicle. This will allow you to save fuel. It impacts the general gas utilization over the long period of the journey.

5. Keep Regular Maintenance

By standard upkeep of the RV, it is feasible to keep the gas mileage at the ideal level. Attempt to keep a regular maintenance schedule for your RV.

In case your RV demands an upgrade or modification for the engine, then do it as soon as possible.

Things to Know

Class B RVs have power and water pipes that can be associated with the camp.

You can have a more extended undercarriage and a window for more headroom or a slider for more floor space. Extravagance features, for example, screen TVs, wet baths, warmed seats, and remote-controlled shelters, can be introduced in very good quality units.

Class B RVs are simpler to drive than Class A models or any big motorhome.

Factors that affect the mileage for RVs are weight, engine, vehicle age, and driving propensities.

Normally you will get gas mileage in the range of 10 and 25 mpg from the RV.

Remember that a few models with Class B motors just charge six or seven miles for every gallon, and 25 miles for each gallon is about the top efficiency.

Pulling a trailer, for example, a toy truck or a Class B vehicle or boat will influence your mileage.


This was discussed on best gas mileage class B RVs where we listed some motorhomes that provide a good mileage with great inside features.

All of the class B motorhomes mentioned here are unique in their own case, so you can make a decision wisely.


What sort of RV gets the best gas mileage?

Class B RVs get the best mileage out of each of the three sorts of RVs. This is a result of the shape and weight of the vehicle. Class B RVs have an exceptionally smooth form, and the front finish of the vehicle (hood and window) is skewed with smooth progress to the top of the vehicle.

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