8 Amazing Class B RV With Slide Out

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Finding a class B RV with slide out may be a tricky thing for you. This requires time and patience in order to find the right RV for your use.

Attempt to envision the sort of highlights you will focus on and how you will frequently utilize the Class B RV.

In case you and your family prefer to do a considerable measure of boondocking off the matrix, then, at that point, you may focus on Class B RV with slide outs and enormous freshwater storage tanks.

This is the reason we have created a list of class B RV with slide outs that will be offering the luxurious features you need.

Assuming you are the sort of individual who likes to camp in the mountains, you should focus on a Class B RV with slide-outs that have gained notoriety and respect over the years.

So here are the best motorhomes in the class B category with slide-outs.

Name Length Price
Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite 24.75 ft $235,714
RoadTrek Zion 20.75 ft $139,860
Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5255 28.58 ft $88,781
Winnebago Era 70A 24.25 ft $173,709
Roadtrek SS-Ideal 19.42 ft $142,518
Coach House Platinum 272XL FD 26.83 ft $186,986
Nexus Viper 25V 24.67 ft $122,400
Renegade Villagio 24.92 ft $164,900

Airstream AtlasAirstream Atlas Murphy Suite
Roadtrek Zion SRTRoadTrek Zion
Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5245Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5255
Winnebago EraWinnebago Era 70A
Roadtrek SS-IdealRoadtrek SS-Ideal
Coach House Platinum 272XLCoach House Platinum 272XL FD
Nexus ViperNexus Viper 25V
Maverick VillagioRenegade Villagio

The Best Class B RV with Slide Out are

1. Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite

Airstream Atlas

Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite is the best motorhome to get in the class B category with Slide outs.

Airstream is one of the most notable, respectable RV producers in the business. Thus, it should come as little amazement that they would offer a great Class B RV with slideouts.

One of the pleasant things you notice about this RV is that the slideout withdraws flawlessly into the body of the RV when you are driving not too far off.


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The Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite acquires the body from the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van and explicitly satisfies all the security guidelines set up by them.

When you are stopped at a camp, the slideout area extends easily with the touch of a button. This gives you huge loads of room to relax on the love seat or on your bed with a lot of additional room.

One more pleasant part of the Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite is the 3-piece private-style restroom that genuinely causes you to feel like you are comfortable.

This RV provides smooth dealing with just as long-haul toughness. You can believe that this Class B RV won’t stall on you while being adequately agile to explore even the narrowest streets.

It is well upheld by a 23-gallon freshwater tank, 23-gallon black water tank, and an amazingly enormous 31-gallon gray water tank, which are all designed to keep the focal point of gravity low in the Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite while as yet having the ability to let you boondock off the area for two or even three days.

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Airstream Atlas Floor Plan

2. RoadTrek Zion

Roadtrek Zion SRT

The Zion is an RV with a slideout that carries its usefulness to the center as it can rest three individuals easily.

It accompanies a wet shower combo which is served by a freshwater holding tank that can hold 37 gallons.

This is a delightfully assembled Class B RV that has an agreeable format. The plan in the format implies that it very well may be comfortable enough while additionally being practical.

It has fine finishing.


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At 20.9 feet long and very nearly 7 feet wide, the Roadtrek Zion is adequately huge to keep with such countless conveniences.

This component list doesn’t influence its weight, as it has a dry load of 1,250 pounds.

This sumptuous Class B offers various highlights, for example, a slideout compartment, a propane oven, a sink, 5 cubit ft fridge, and a ledge reasonable for feast planning.

At the rear of the RV, you get 2 couch beds that can be used as twin beds. They can be collapsed down to frame a jumbo bed. It is an ideal class B RV for a full-time living.

RoadTrek Zion

3. Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5255

Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5245

This BT Cruiser is an astounding class B RV that has a kitchen inside, which is completely outfitted with a broiler, microwave, an oven, and a full shower.

The front of the RV appears to be ordinary with the necessary driver and front seat.

Notwithstanding, it has an extra element that others don’t have, and that is the divider-mounted television simply over the traveler and driver’s seat.


Inverse to the extra seat is another seating region. Contingent upon the floorplan, you could have a theater-style seat or a dinette formed like a U.

It is a motorhome with a slideout, and it provides a kitchen across the dinette, which has alone sink on the right side, a broiler, an oven, and a mounted microwave.

Inverse to this kitchen region is the refrigerator that empowers consistent availability while cooking.

It is uncommon to have stoves in a Class B RV, so this is an extraordinary choice.

Arranged behind the kitchenette is a room that comprises 2 twin beds. The room offers sufficient overhead storage compartments.

There is an entryway right close to the back of the van, and that prompts the full shower. You get a line rack simply over the latrine space just as a vanity area.

Gulf Stream BT Cruiser 5255

4. Winnebago Era 70A

Winnebago Era

The Winnebago Era 70A is a motorhome that can give you the features like a slideout. It was designed on the Sprinter Van Chassis by Mercedes Benz.

This motorhome has a discretionary 4-wheel drive model for individuals who like to travel where the landscape can be somewhat difficult. It has the heart of a V6 diesel engine that produces 188 hp.

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It has a solitary huge power-retractable slideout area that houses an agreeable king-size murphy bed. This gives it solid execution, just as tough agility that makes it a happy to visit the camper for a couple that loves to go in style.

The inside is well selected in top-notch Ultraleather, with snazzy Corian ledges, just as vinyl flooring in the kitchen region, and delicate covering in the essential living space.

There is additionally LED lighting that adds to the inside atmosphere. Toward the back, you will track down a full shower, toilet, and sink with an amazing measure of capacity.

However, in case there is one grievance here, it is the generally little 8-gallon dark water storage tank.

While it will positively uphold you for a little while of boondocking off the matrix, it’s not actually enormous enough to accommodate a couple for seven days.

Winnebago Era 70A

5. Roadtrek SS-Ideal

Roadtrek SS-Ideal

The Roadtrek SS-Ideal is another Class B RV that has a slideout area to provide inside space when you are not going out.

This is helpful as you don’t wind up compromising a significant part of the van’s inside space or changing the outside lines of the vehicle as you do with a ton of opposite side slideout segments.

The Roadtrek SS-Ideal depends on the suspension of a Dodge Sprinter 2500 and a V6 Mercedes turbodiesel engine with 154hp.


The inside of the Roadtrek SS-Ideal can situate up to four individuals and might possibly rest up to four; however, a few groups are more practical when the backslide out is conveyed.

It is combined with a Five-speed auto transmission which provides a great 5,000-pound towing limit.

This implies you could plausibly tow a boat or much one more little trailer behind the Roadtrek SS-Ideal.

The inside of the Roadtrek SS-Ideal is seemingly somewhat confined without a side slideout when you have two individuals who need to move from the front to the back simultaneously.

However, the return for this is that you get a very much named inside with a lot of solace and tools to use.

Roadtrek SS-Ideal Floorplan

6. Coach House Platinum 272XL FD

Coach House Platinum 272XL

The next Class B RV with a slideout is the 272XL FD Platinum by Coach House.

It is a sumptuous Class B RV that gas an inside area that looks just too roomy to even consider.

Right at the back of the RV is a king-size bed that accompanies an end table that has an under-capacity compartment.

Across the bed, you have a bedroom set and a closet. A step away from the room, you have a little washroom.


You get overhead stockpiling compartments, collapsing rack, a sink, a toilet, and an independent shower.

Apparently, the originators needed to guarantee there is no squandered space and for that, you get a great deal in a Class B RV which is why inverse to the washroom is a kitchenette that houses a microwave, covered sink, and 3 burner oven complete with cover.

Any extra space is used for a dinette that can likewise serve as a bed. This dinette has extra under capacity compartments, a mounted TV, and a turning chair to provide a sitting place for your comfort.

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Coach House Platinum 272XL FD

7. Nexus Viper 25V

Nexus Viper

The Nexus Viper 25V is based on the exceptionally effective Ford E350 body that is made with a slideout on one side.

This motorhome runs on a V8 engine. The single enormous power-retractable slideout of the Nexus Viper 25V Class B RV grows out to furnish you with an amazingly huge back main room with a genuine king-size bed.


The slideout segment additionally gives an abundant measure of closet space while giving you space to loosen up in the dinette region.

This makes an interpretation of sufficient room to serenely rest a couple with sufficient dozing space in the dinette for a youngster or teen.

This Class B RV additionally has 7,000 pounds towing limit, which allows you commandingly to tow a boat or trailer with you on your RV trip.

You will be dazzled with the inside components of the Nexus Viper 25V. This Class B RV highlights coated maple private raised board hardwood cabinetry and smart window medicines just as energy-productive LED lighting.

The kitchen has flawlessly overlaid ledges and excellent tools. There’s even a treated steel under-mount bowl for the kitchen sink.

The water has a shower and a flushing toilet. Both the kitchen and restroom are upheld by huge freshwater tanks, grey water tanks, and black water stockpiling tanks.

However, assuming there is one in number protest about the inside of the Nexus Viper 25V, it’s that it doesn’t have an entirely usable inside when the slideout isn’t sent.

Nexus Viper 25V

8. Renegade Villagio

Maverick Villagio

The last best class B motorhome with a slideout is the Villagio.

It is amazingly open for a Class B RV, and it accompanies 4 changing floorplans to choose from.

Situated at the back of the RV is a king-size bed that is right close to a restroom, complete with its own independent latrine and shower.

This RV was planned to be feature-rich.


Just external the washroom entryway, you get a little storeroom space for capacity and a sink.

The kitchenette offers a comfortable twofold burner and a freezer. What makes this Class B RV useful for living is the way that it has a twofold sink total with a cover.

Inverse the kitchenette, and you have a dinette that could serenely hold a place for 4 individuals.

This means you could have enough space inside to accommodate your friends or guests inside this RV and have a good time.

Maverick Villagio Floorplan


Which is the best Class B RV that has slide-outs?

The Airstream Atlas is a Class B RV, and it is the most lavish visiting camper RV that they have made to date. One of the most notable elements of this RV is the power slideout Murphy Suite. At the point when you are driving out and about, the slideout is withdrawn to consistently squeeze into the body style of the RV.

What is the best class B for the money?
  • Airstream Interstate 19
  • Winnebago Revel
  • Leisure Travel Vans Unity
  • Fleetwood RV Irok
  • Coachmen RV Galleria 24A
  • Pleasure-Way Tofino
  • Winnebago Travato

What Class B motorhomes have slideouts?

Here are some best-class B motorhomes offering slideouts

  • Airstream Atlas Murphy Suite
  • Nexus Viper 25V 
  • Roadtrek SS-Ideal
  • Winnebago Era 70A

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