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  • Twin Bed
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Lithium Battery BMS
  • Spacious Bathrooms


  • Expensive

Winnebago Travato is one of the camper vans that have found their place well in the market for several reasons. The Travato by Winnebago is a top-selling Camper Van that comes with lots of features due to which it is loved by many people. Travato is energy and fuel-efficient vehicle that provides a luxurious and comfortable feel on smooth roads with its streamlined design and structure.

Winnebago Travato

This camper van is 21 feet long, having a V6 engine to pull its body. The chassis of Travato is taken from Dodge Ram ProMaster, which makes it a very strong vehicle. It can tow a good capacity of weight at 3500 lbs. It runs on a 2,800-watt Cummins Onan gas generator, and it comes with different floorplans offering different features.

Winnebago Travato Features

Winnebago Travato is one of the camper vans that have floorplans option for the customers, and they include lots of features for the customers from which they can decide to choose specific layout and custom features for themselves.

Some features of this camper van are,

1. Twin Bed

There is a twin bed layout included in the floorplans of Winnebago Travato. It has 4 floorplans from which two of them (59K & KL) offer twin bed option at 49-inch size. These floorplans include the bathroom at the back of the van, where there are double doors accessible to it. There is also a closet for the wardrobe and storage drawers right next to the twin beds.

2. Bathroom

Winnebago Travato also has a bathroom that makes it easier for you to live in this trailer as you don’t have to go outside or search for public toilets to relax. You can get a shower in the bathroom as it has a showerhead along with a wall surround and a curtain. There is a mirror in the bathroom and a medicine cabinet with a fold-down sink. Additional items can be included in the bathroom if you choose a floorplan of a different layout, such as 59G or 59 GL.

3. Bedroom

The bedroom area is beautiful and spacious, and it gives good sleep for the night’s rest along with comfort with a soft mattress on the bed. There is a lot of storage space with the side cabinets, and there is cushioning around the bed. You can easily recharge yourself by getting relaxed in the bedroom and use the wardrobe to change your clothes as well.

There is a storage area below the mattress cover that gives you space for storing your extra equipment or items. You get to choose a twin bed or double bed option according to the floorplan that you choose, along with a flex bed kit for comfort and ease.

New Winnebago Travato 2021 Features

The new Winnebago Travato comes with a variety of features that are very amusing for the customers. These features include sumo air springs that are kept as standard, which provide a very comfortable and smooth ride. It comes with a Deluxe FROLI Sleep System and Flexbed in two of its floorplans. It has energy efficient Truma Combi Eco Plus Heating System for both hot water and furnace along with Coleman-Mach 10 NDQ AC to provide good air conditioning.

Users can choose a floorplan according to their choice in which they can get 2 deep cycles of group 31 AGM batteries for power and an amplified jack with a digital TV antenna. Users get an optional Bike Rack for additional charges, along with Luggage Rack, Movable Ladder, and a heated drainage system. There is a 24″ HDTV addition with a Coach stereo system for good surround in the van and an AM/FM radio, Bluetooth, the player with a CD/DVD player.

The interior of the latest Winnebago Travato has LED ceiling lights with blackout cassette shades along with some soft vinyl ceilings. The windows in this van are tinted coach windows. There is an addition of a powered roof vent for the bath and a ventilator fan for the galley.

Travato G and Travato K Models

The G and GL models of Travato are the camper vans that have lots of storage under their murphy bed to store your extra gears and equipment. There is a dinette area that provides good space for sitting, and 4 people can sit there easily. These models don’t have wardrobe closets like in K and KL models. K and KL models have easy access to beds, and it’s easy to get out of them too.

Both the K and KL model of this van has twin beds as standard, and they are equipped with a good size closet for storing extra things. There is a wardrobe with drawers, and they have a double bed conversion feature too. The problem is that when the conversion happens, it may be a bit hard to get to the bathroom through the bed.

Other than these features, the K and KL models also give two of the flip-up counter-tops that provide a good area for keeping your food and accessories like a laptop. But one more thing to understand about K and KL models is that they are set up to legally carry only two passengers at the front that includes the driver and rider.

Lithium Battery Electrical System for GL and KL models

The Travato by Winnebago has its own lithium-ion batteries and their management system, which is what they call the Pure 3. In addition to this, these models come with solar panels of 215 watts as a standard model feature. The L models that are GL and KL have an additional option for a second under hood alternator for replacing a standard Onan generator that comes in the basic model.

These models are powered by energy pack heating systems, and with the support of lithium-ion batteries, it’s easy and more suitable to power off the batteries that includes the functioning of AC as well. The combination of solar panels makes both of these models perfect for camping.

Winnebago Travato Floorplans

There are two floorplans for Travato that are 59G and 59K. Both of these floor plans have an L option for additional accessories that cost more. For the G models, the dinette is set at the front of the cabin, along with the seating. There is a great width space for the bench spaces so that people can sit easily in that. It does have a murphy bed for 2 people to sleep comfortably, but a little bit of problem with that bed is the foot space and room for going to the bathroom.

The mattress is very thick and reliable, which helps in relaxation and sleep for the users. The bed is foldable, and users can fold it up, and it allows additional storage space to place any bags and luggage or toys and bikes of your kids. There is an extension unit with a slide-out for the dinette, making suitable space for a small family.

The pantry of 59G is narrow, and it has narrow closets with a vertical style storage place to put your accessories and items. There is also an extension added for the kitchen counter to make it easier to cook food, along with a refrigerator for cooling having a separate freezer.

For K models, there is a layout for Twin beds on both sides with a flex bed. There Is a wet bath and wardrobe at the end of the van that has double doors to access from outside. From the bedroom, it has access through a sliding door. The kitchen area is next to the bedroom, having a refrigerator below the counter along with an adjustable table mount and a pull-out extension for keeping things. At the front, there is a wide lounge area with 2 sofa sets.

The problem with the K models is that it doesn’t come with a multimedia system like a TV and other entertainment at basic. Users have to buy the upgraded plan or pay extra charges to include these things in the van.

1. Winnebago Travato 59G

Winnebago Travato 59G

2. Winnebago Travato 59GL

1. Winnebago Travato 59G

3. Winnebago Travato 59K

Winnebago Travato 59K

4. Winnebago Travato 59KL

Winnebago Travato 59KL


This was a discussion for Winnebago Travato review and problems where we discussed its features and the problems that users may be able to find with the use of this trailer. For more details, the Winnebago website offers complete details on their vehicles and products, and it’s easier to get info about each and everything by contacting their customer support.


What is the Winnebago Travato built on?

The Winnebago Travato is a camper van having luxury features and great quality that is built on the chassis of Dodge RAM ProMaster. This gives it a more sturdy, durable, and quality frame for better grip and performance. The chassis is also very fuel-efficient, and it brought a revolution in the camper van world with its launch.

Is Travato a 4×4?

Winnebago Travato has lots of features that make it an amazing vehicle which also includes its 4×4 system. This gives the van more power and better performance even on rough and hard terrains.

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