Best Class B RV Manufacturers

Class B Motorhomes are a great solution as a small RV with reduced size and cost. Usually, any Class A motorhome will cost a lot as the size is big and there are lots of features for a family, which puts up the extra price. This also makes it difficult for the owners to park them or take them to every place.

On the other side, the Class B RVs are the best solution as a traveling source with the best luxuries in one place.

There are several RV manufacturers that are working on making the best class B RV vehicles for their customers. Each of them can have different features for its model, but all of them have various benefits for the customers. The first is reducing the size, with more individuals needing to get into something somewhat more maneuverable and easy to handle.

The Class B RV is additionally alluded to as a camper van. They have become so famous that they have produced a development called “Van Life.”

The second large factor behind the development of the Class B RV vehicle is technology. Lithium batteries, solar chargers, and more connectivity and other electric features now make it conceivable to interface with the world as you’re driving and, indeed, work from any place.

They are flexible, and they can be utilized as secondary vehicles that are very much adjusted to get extraordinary fuel mileage and comfort on long trips.

Manufacturer Name Quality Ratings
Airstream 10/10
Coachmen 9.5/10
Coach House 9/10
Roadtrek 9/10
Pleasure Way 8/10
LogoManufacturer Name
Coach HouseCoach House
Pleasure WayPleasure Way

1. Airstream


Airstream is one of the top Class B RV manufacturers that also has its roots in Class A and Class B Motorhomes. It produces all types of travel trailers as well as RVs for the customers, and they are of the best quality for a good price.

Best Class B RV Manufacturers and Brands

As you would expect, a cheap vehicle doesn’t last long, which is why Airstream vehicles have a good and long-lasting life span. They are an incredible demonstration of their quality. The bit advantageous proof is that these RV’s hold their worth obviously superior to a large portion of models on top of any other RV organization.

They’ve been manufacturing RVs and trailers for a long time, and they are famous to the point that they have experienced issues satisfying the need. Somewhat recently, they have seen in excess of a reasonable bit of development in their lacking sides. Now the company is leading with the best manufacturing plant.

You can understand the class of this manufacturing company by looking at the details of one of its best models as Class B RV called the Airstream Interstate.

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Airstream Interstate

Airstream Interstate 19

The Interstate is one of the Best Class B Motorhome which makes your adventure more fun. The absolute first time you take a peek inside the Interstate, you’ll see that the team at Airstream has considered everything to make your experience the best in all with this vehicle, from technology to get some rest.

The organization says it’s that sort of thought that is made the Interstate the top-of-the-line Class B diesel RV. So despite the fact that it’s a bit bulky, it’s no big surprise that it can cover all the features in one place.

The Airstream Interstate has the base structure chassis of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 van. That implies it has the 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel Engine and 7-Speed Transmission. The Interstate is 24’6″ long, with tallness of 9’8″ for the two-wheel-drive model and 9’11” for the four-wheel-drive variant. Its tank limits are 27 gallons for freshwater, 21 gallons for light, and 13 gallons for blackwater.

2. Coachmen


Coachmen are known for their luxurious RV trailers in the big models like travel trailers and fifth wheels, along with some Class A motorhomes. But it also has one of the best Class B RV Manufacturers as well. This brand has been putting RVs out and about for more than fifty years, and this has seen them sell hundreds of thousands of RVs.

Their rule is basic that has seen them flourish in the competitive market for a solid rivalry. One of the finest models of RVs can be found by Coachmen. They center around usefulness while keeping their plans straightforward. The best model in Class B RV by Coachmen is the Coachmen Galleria.

Coachmen Galleria

Coachmen Galleria

Galleria is the top model in Class B by Coachmen that is based on the 3500 Mercedes Sprinter structure. It is one of the best running super diesel “Blue TEC” engines with 325 ft. lb. torque along with good fuel efficiency for long journeys. Coachmen and Mercedes have joined their decade of involvement to present Galleria, a Class B Motorhome that offers the most extreme strength in quality, style, and its worth.

Galleria utilizes top-of-the-line parts like the Trauma Combi heater/water warmer, Onan generator, and maple cabinetry that is handmade. There are delicate doors on this RV with good inside looks. You get drawers and custom trim. It is accessible in four floorplans.

Galleria is 24′ 3″ long and 9′ 9″ in tallness. The Galleria incorporates a seven-speed transmission, sensitive side path assist sensor, electronic dependability program, back-up camera, 5,000-lb. Tow hitch with a seven-pin wiring connector and more.

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3. Coach House

Coach House

When you want a Class B RV with a great construction out of fiberglass body and lightweight frame chassis, you will know that Coach House is the best manufacturer for such models. The external shell of the vehicles produced by Coach House is a solitary piece of fiberglass. These RVs are more costly than a portion of their competition, yet they also give more features over the competition.

The enthusiasts of this little assembling organization situated in Lantana, FL, can get to buy these coaches directly at the plant. They have no dealers and sell directly to the buyer. They are limited to the Class B models and provides the best and top features at a high price which is why the quality is never compromised. The best model by Coach House is the Coach House Arriva that has a luxurious feel.

Coach House Arriva

Coach House Arriva V24

The Arriva is a Class B RV dependent on the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter van. The Arriva has highlights that are not generally found in Class B RVs, including a different latrine and shower, a 6-cubic-foot three-way fridge cooler, a convection/microwave, a storage space, twin beds that can be switched into a bed, and a ventilated cooling system.

Two HD TVs are incorporated, one confronting the beds, another that can be enjoyed on the outside. Coach House says it is innovative, reduced in size with features at its best. Components include Cherry, Maple, or Teak insides, Granite or White Exterior, 15,000 BTU ducted rooftop cooling w/heat siphon, 19,000 BTU heater, Generator, 6 cu ft 3-way cooler, and other extras.

The outside of Arriva incorporates a durable trailer hitch, polished steel wheel test systems, power shade with LED lights, an external shower with hot and cold water, 110v electrical storage, digital TV, and a simple to-utilize utility compartment. There is also a disguised and ensured 55 lb. propane tank.

The inside of this class B RV is an awesome format with twin beds that are convertible into a big bed, a private washroom with discrete shower and toilet, an enormous cookroom with sink, oven, storage room, huge cooler, rotating front seats, strong surface ledges, MCD day/night lighting system that offers delicate light by day, and good protection around evening time, and USB ports.

4. Roadtrek


Roadtrek is owned by the Erwin Hymer Group that works pretty well with German engineering and North American technologies. This manufacturing company has useful models in the Class B RV category. You can get diesel models as well as gas models according to your ease of use.

The technology that they use includes a Voltstart system found in most of their RV models that will automatically start the vehicle to make sure that the stored power doesn’t fall below the threshold. One of the best models by Roadtrek is the Roadtrek Zion SRT.

Roadtrek Zion SRT

Roadtrek Zion SRT

The Zion SRT is one of the top models by Roadtrek. It is small in size however strong in its contributions. Based on the Ram ProMaster frame, the Zion SRT is the best option for those longing to see the sights at far-off places by traveling to different destinations without having the desire to drive a huge RV.

This RV offers every one of the common luxuries of home, incorporating a full kitchen with abundant extra room, including a huge pot cabinet and a slide-out storage space, an encased washroom with a shower, and a back couch that effectively changes into an enormous jumbo bed.

The Zion SRT is based on the trendy Ram ProMaster suspension, giving you a rough and refined outside style mix. The smooth lines and excellent huge windows make the RV appealing in the looks with its numerous outside features and extras. It makes life simpler so you can partake in the sights and views that you witness on your way somewhere.

Behind the driver’s seat, you’ll find a foldable table that can be used for playing games or enjoying a meal, and even working. Looking forward to the kitchen, you’ll have the option to set up your feast on your 2-burner propane oven and keep your basic foods in your 5 cu. ft. cooler. You’ll have the capacity in the kitchen, including a draw-out storage area and a pot cabinet.

You will also find an agreeable and roomy, super durable washroom with a shower, and there is a toilet too. You also get a couch that can be folded into two twin beds.

5. Pleasure Way

Pleasure Way

Pleasure Way is an RV manufacturer that hails from Canada. This Class B RV manufacturer has some special case models. It may not be the best manufacturer, but it is better than most of the other RV manufacturers.

You will observe that most of their RV models are very fuel-efficient and environment-friendly. They can save a lot of cost for your trips. Obviously, the other thing that individuals love is the capacity to pack basically anyplace as these Class B motorhomes are compact in size. Some common models of this manufacturer are,

  • Plateau TS on the Mercedes Sprint Chassis (Long Wheelbase)
  • Plateau XLMB on the Mercedes Sprint Widebody Chassis (Dual Rear Wheels)
  • Ascent on the Mercedes Sprinter Chassis (Short Wheelbase)
  • Lexor TS on the Dodge Promaster Chassis
  • Plateau Florida on the Mercedes Sprint Chassis (Long Wheelbase)
  • Plateau XLTD on the Mercedes Sprint Widebody Chassis (Dual Rear Wheels)

These RVs require a month and a half to construct.

Pleasure Way Plateau TS

Pleasure Way Plateau TS

The Plateau is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Van Chassis is 22’9″ long with a 9’8′ outside tallness. Within stature is 7′ 1″, and it accompanies four safety belts. This is the best model released by Pleasure Way in the Class B category.

It’s smooth and agreeable and designed in a way that side windows are clear and unhindered. The mix of the complete opening side doors, roll-up screen, and independent 6-foot Corian ledge add beauty to this motorhome. It allows you to quickly get in and out of the motorhome.

In the same way as other Class B’s, the bed on the Plateau is a couch that stretches out into a close to extra large bed with the push of a switch. They are known for their comfort provided, which is accomplished with a base layer of medium thickness froth finish. Additional padding is also involved in the process.

All seating is made of delicate, stain-safe, and rich Ultraleather, including the turning chairs at the front and its center portion. There is also a standard closet and a private wet shower. Flaunting an enormous restroom, six cubic foot fridge, standard size closet, and broadened cookroom region, it is one of the best choices accessible to buy today.

A couple of additional components that this class B RV involves are an inflatable air bed fitted for the cab to rest kids/grandchildren/visitors, MCD power outage roller seals with button, Folding protection/awnings for windshield and entryway windows, hardwood maple entryways, recessed LED lighting under cupboards and along the rooftop, rear 24″ Smart LED TV w/swing out mount and a bose soundbar w/Bluetooth.

You also get a Blu-ray player for back TV, Winegard Rayzar Automatic HDTV receiving wire, large under-mount tempered steel sink w/Corian cover, high curve single-handle spigot w/pull-out sprayer, and full expansion metal roller cabinet.

Understanding the Class B RV Motorhomes

Taking the discussion deeper, there are a lot of things to understand about Class B motorhomes. In case you’re taking a look deeper at Class B, you’re discussing an RV that is based on a business van frame. That incorporates the Mercedes Sprinter skeleton, the Ford Transit body, or the Dodge Ram ProMaster frame.

Regardless of being the littlest of RVs, they actually have sinks, ovens, coolers, holding tanks, latrines, batteries, beds, sitting regions, and even other highlights. With regards to motors, Class B RVs are either gas or diesel. Class Bs, for the most part, get 12-25 miles for every gallon.

They have diverse floor plans, which implies there are different blends of sleeping space, regardless of whether traveling with friends or alone. The diverse floor plans are a major addition for some Class B manufacturers, and they take the work quite seriously.

You may feel the need for capacity and tank limit in the more modest RVs, and it’s true because these motorhomes can have a limited amount of water capacity. In any case, they still have some storage space for your equipment and accessories.

Getting these RVs into more modest camping areas and simpler mobility while getting into or out of any place or visiting a town becomes very easy. Adaptability, indeed, is one of the essential reasons many favor Class B RVs. Large numbers of these RVs have lithium batteries and solar chargers to amplify and expand electrical yield.

Each manufacturer may add a new addition of features with the technology and latest trends, and we are going to see each of the best class B RV manufacturers in detail with their best models in the market in this article. Remember that these Class B and B+ RVs have a lot of features which is why they can be very costly for you too.


This was a discussion about best class C RV manufacturers where we mentioned the top manufacturers and their top model in the Class B RV category.


What is the best Class B RV on the market?

The best Class B RVs are,

  • Airstream Interstate Nineteen
  • Pleasure-Way Tofino Camper Van
  • Hymer Aktiv S
  • Midwest Automotive Designs Passage 144

Is a Class B RV worth the cash?

The Class B RVs might be among the most costly RVs to buy, as indicated by Consumer Reports. However, on account of their fantastic development, solid frame, adaptability, and incredible gas mileage, they keep up with resale esteem better compared to a considerable lot of their bigger models of the RVs.

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