6 Excellent 4WD 4×4 Camper Van

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Camper vans are tough and built for a small family to take tours and trips to places out in the wild. These vans can be more fun if they have a 4WD drive, which means they can use a 4×4 drive, making them suitable to be used even on rough terrain.

Having good ground clearance with the power of 4 wheels, these camper vans can be an absolute monster on the tracks to make your trips easier without letting you stop at any point.

When you search for a useful camper van, you may be thinking about a 4WD option so that your countryside journeys can be fun.

So we have made this list of the best 4×4 camper vans that have 4wd drive to run through any surface and make you keep going.

Name Chassis Price
Winnebago Revel Mercedes Sprinter $196,506
Sportsmobile Classic 4X4 Ford Cutaway $175,000
Oasis Sienna Toyota Sienna $8,500 (Just Build)
Vandoit Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4 Ford Transit $120,000
Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear L400 Mitsubishi Delica $9,836 (Just Build)
Toyota HiAce H100 Toyota HiAce $5,000 (Just Build)

Winnebago RevelWinnebago Revel
Sportsmobile Classic 4X4Sportsmobile Classic 4X4
Oasis SiennaOasis Sienna
Vandoit Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4Vandoit Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4
Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear L400Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear L400
Toyota HiAce H100Toyota HiAce H100

What are the Best 4×4 Camper Van?

1. Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Our top selection for this list is the Winnebago Revel. This is a 4WD camper van that is based on Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The engine is a diesel engine with a 3-liter capacity and a turbo.

This is the absolute best option because it has good ground clearance and enough power to make you go through any harsh path easily.

There are several features in this model,


It comes with a wet shower, a full kitchen with a solitary burner, removable platform table, cab racking, fridge, storage room, and drawers that fill the remainder of the inside. A non-slide vinyl flooring makes cleaning up simple.

A 21-gallon black water tank handles wastewater from the wet shower and kitchen. There is a tape latrine for simplicity of unloading and water protection. One more gesture to saving water is a transient switch that should be initiated to deplete the kitchen sink. All the water lines are inside to avoid freezing.

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An on-request water radiator and Espar diesel air warmer keep things warm, while a 2.5 cubic-foot fridge keeps things cold. A 13,500 BTU, climate control system is an accessible choice. There are solar chargers to keep the two lithium-particle batteries charged off-system.

There is a big 79″ by 49″ bed on a power lift at the back of the van with some space underneath. Slideouts where the windows dwell and a controlled rooftop vent ventilates the region.

An outside stepping stool is usable on both the back and driver’s side of the van. The running sheets and fueled canopy have lighting.

Other smart provisions incorporate a controlled vent intended to dry stuff, removable capacity racking in the wet shower, an external shower outlet, bug netting with attractive auto terminations, and an open-air table.

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Winnebago picked the short-wheelbase body for the best ground clearance. They rerouted the exhaust to further develop the excretion point.

Winnebago Revel 44E

2. Sportsmobile Classic 4X4

Sportsmobile Classic 4X4

One of the comfortable and classy look 4WD camper vans is the Sportsmobile Classic 4×4. This is a good offroading vehicle that can take you to several places.

It is based on the Ford E-350 Cutaway body, having a steel-reinforced fiberglass shell with an inside penthouse pop-top.

There is all the luxury present in this vehicle, starting from cabinetry, toilet, water, kitchen, refrigerator, air heater, solar, and other options are available.


There are lots of features in this camper van, starting from its amazing floorplan. With full custom floor plans, you can choose your options. There is also an engine choice for the customers to choose from a 6.2 liters Triton V8 or the 6.8-liter Triton V-10.

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It has an amazing suspension for offroading with a dependable driveline. It is equipped with Dynatrac Pro-Roc 60 front Axle, Advance Adapter Atlas II gear-driven transfer case, and a Dana 60 back axle with a lot more on the inside as well.

The steering wheel is really smooth and comfortable to handle, which makes driving this vehicle on the off-roads pretty simple and easy.

There is an additional front sway bar with quick disconnects and classic 4×4 springs along with brake rotors from the F550. This van has the differentials to suit every off-road condition.

Sportsmobile has one of the most capable four-wheel-drive camper vans compared to others. It is high with 16.5-inches of ground clearance, and the engine has a 10,000-pound towing capacity making it easier to go through any path.

3. Oasis Sienna

Oasis Sienna

Oasis is a company that produces specialized vans and campers. The Sienna camper van by Oasis is based on the chassis of the Toyota Sienna AWD. It is a very reliable vehicle in the category. For a very friendly and reliable choice, it is one of the 4WD camper vans that you should consider in the first place.

There are a lot of features equipped in this vehicle,


This model of the camper van has a living area complete with a Lagun table, laminate floors from hardwood, 12 cubic feet of drawer space, along with a foldable chair. That chair also becomes part of a full-size bed, suitable for two.

There is a kitchen at the back of this vehicle with a sink, drawers, shelves, running water, and a sizeable countertop. You additionally get a fold-up table that makes it pretty useful on some models. The interior is beautifully decorated with curtains on all sides.

Cupboards are developed from oak, or baltic birch compressed wood and got a great finishing with water-based polyurethane. The Oasis company can make minor plan changes for free of cost, while critical oversights or options cause a rebate or added expense.

Oasis Sienna Interior

4. Vandoit Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4

Vandoit Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4

Another famous model in the rundown of camper vans with 4WD is the Vandoit Ford Transit which has great adjustable alternatives and measured plans. This is a decent bundle for trip sweethearts since it can go going mud romping without making you stop anytime.

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You get a lot of features to see in this camper van.


Vandoit has a capacity for about 11 individuals, or the additional seats can be eliminated to make a serious living or work area. Panduit offers Quigley 4×4 for Transit vans, which helpfully doesn’t invalidate the Ford Transit Factory guarantee.

They offer some fascinating provisions, for example, a water-driven bed lift, removable murphy beds, collapsing bed leaf, a stuffed slide carport, a skeleton track mounting system, etc.

Their transformations are magnificent, assuming you need to once in a while travel in your van yet, in addition, use it for pulling individuals, as a versatile cabin.

These vans can be modified for full-time van travel. Vandoit vans are a smidgen more barebones than the past choices on this rundown; however, in some cases, that is all you need.

This is an affordable option with the modular plan, and it can be used for a longer duration of time. You get custom features on your request in this van.

5. Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear L400

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear L400

Mitsubishi has a great vehicle as to the best 4WD camper van for offroading and traveling called the Delica Space Gear L400. This is an old vehicle from 1994 to 2006. This idiosyncratic van requests Japanese Domestic Market fans and DYI hobbyists as a base for a reason constructed 4WD camper van.

It comes with some features that will catch your interest instantly.


There are some amazing features introduced in the L400 with additional upgrades. It has disc brakes, and back loop springs helped take care of while all the more remarkable gas and diesel motors multiplied the accessible pulling power.

The most famous engines were the 2.8-liter super diesel (140 hp, 232 lb. ft. torque) and a 3.0-liter fuel V6 (185 hp, 195 lb. ft torque).

The L400 acquired the rough terrain ability of the L300. Delica vans, with their key position leeway, sufficient methodology and flight points, genuine trade cases, and access restricted slip differentials, can step into regions where different vans dread.

The more up-to-date L400 added the choice of a further developed Super Select version. This offered every one of the standard driving modes, in addition to a high and low 4WD through its locked focus differential.

The best component of this specific Delica, which makes it a satisfactory camper van in stock structure, is the seating’s extraordinary capacity.

The center two seats slide ahead and in reverse on tracks, turn 180 degrees, and withdraw to overlay facing the front two skipper’s seats. The two-piece back seat leans back, then, at that point, folds up a level against the sides of the vehicle.

Furthermore, in case that wasn’t sufficient for you to call this a camper van, each seat can be opened up to a level for getting a sleeping place.

Also, the back windows open for venting, and a few models have mechanized drapes. The Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear 400 is prepared for setting up camp; simply add vehicle setting up camp fundamentals.

But at the same time, it’s an incredible stage to construct a camper van for those leaned to keep and keep up with this JDM pearl.

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6. Toyota HiAce H100

Toyota HiAce H100

Toyota has always produced reliable and most comfortable vehicles. The HiAce H100 is a camper van with 4WD that can take you to places where you wouldn’t have imagined.

Toyota delivered the fourth-era HiAce from 1989 to 2004. Making it an extraordinary beginning spot for a DYI campervan for the Japanese Domestic Market lovers.


There are some great features accessible in this vehicle, starting from a 2.4 to a 3.0-liter diesel engine or a 2.0 to 3.4-liter fuel engine option. Toyota offered two wheelbase lengths, just as high rooftop versions.

Both low maintenance and full-time 4WD were accessible. The HiAce models of this age included many imparted parts to the Toyota Hilux pickup and 4Runner of a similar time.

This sharing of parts drastically grows the rundown of accessible parts for retrofitting and modifications well known for 4WD fitting. Restricted slip or locking back differentials are instances of choices fit for moving over to the HiAce in possession of skilled specialists.

Toyota is eminent for dependability, and the HiAce acquired that quality and insight, making it a profoundly pursued beginning stage for more modest camper vans just as a claim to fame change looks for Japanese Domestic Market imports.

Benefits of a 4×4 Camper Van

There are two major benefits of owning a camper van with a 4×4 drivetrain. One is improved traction, and the other is improved offroading.

1. Improves Traction

Having good traction in a camper van would mean it can use 4WD power to step on all the seasons without stopping at a spot. It doesn’t matter if it’s muddy or slippery or a rough path; the van would just go through it without any assault.

2. Good Offroading

Improved offroading abilities make a camper van even more fun to go out in the world. This allows the van to use the power from all 4 wheels to step on and go through any path that may include rocks or dust and even mud in some cases.

Now we take a look at the best 4WD camper vans option according to our list.


This discussion article adds information on the best 4×4 camper vans for camping and offroading.

All details and complete descriptions for their features have been shared, where you can get all data related to camping and traveling vehicles in depth.


Which is the best 4WD camper van?

Here is the list of the best 4WD camper vans,

  • Vandoit Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4.
  • Sportsmobile Ford Transit with Quigley 4×4.
  • Storyteller Overland MODE Series 4×4 Sprinter.
  • Outside Van Custom 4×4 Sprinter.
  • Off-Highway Van 4×4 Sprinter.
  • TouRig Custom 4×4 Sprinter.
  • Winnebago Revel 4×4.
  • Colorado Camper Van with 4×4 Conversion.

What is the best 4x4 motorhome?

Following are some of the best 4×4 motorhomes,

  • EarthRoamer XV-HD. Off-road motorhome
  • Suncamper Sherwood 4×4 Conqueror.
  • AAV 4×4 Global Xplorer.
  • Trakka Jabiru J2M AWD.

What are 4x4 vans available in Australia?
  • Toyota Townace SBV KR42R Manual Van.
  • Hyundai iLOAD TQ Turbo Diesel Automatic Van.
  • Renault Kangoo Automatic Van.
  • Toyota HiAce LWB KDH201R Turbo Diesel Automatic Van.
  • Renault Kangoo Automatic Van.

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