8 Most Cheapest and Affordable Camper Vans

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If you need to explore the world without using expensive RVs and vans to save cost, then you can go for cheap and affordable camper vans that can do the work just fine.

There are a lot of camper van models available at an affordable price, and there are some companies that modify these vans for you to convert them into affordable campers with the amenities you choose.

So if you really want an affordable camper van, we have found some great options as the best affordable and cheap camper vans that can be used for traveling to different places.

This would help in saving the cost of buying premium quality camper vans and also lets you enjoy your trips in a van that will do anything you want and go anywhere you like to.

Here are our top picks for the cheapest and affordable camper vans.

Name Chassis Price
Caravan Outfitter’s Free Bird Ford Transit Connect Wagon $37,165
Van Craft Sprinter Mercedes Sprinter $40,000
Airstream Interstate 19 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 $191,125
Oasis Campervans Toyota Sienna $42,000
Winnebago Solis RAM ProMaster $95,736
VanDOit LIV Ford Transit $70,000
Winnebago Rialta VW Eurovan $35,999
Pleasure-Way Excel Dodge B3500 $59,400

The Free BirdCaravan Outfitter’s Free Bird
Van Craft SprinterVan Craft Sprinter
Airstream Interstate 19Airstream Interstate 19
Oasis CampervansOasis Campervans
Winnebago SolisWinnebago Solis
Winnebago RialtaWinnebago Rialta
Pleasure-Way Excel TS FORDPleasure-Way Excel

What are the Most Affordable Camper Vans?

1. Caravan Outfitter’s Free Bird

The Free Bird

The best cheapest and most affordable camper van that you can get for your money is the Caravan Outfitters Free Bird.

This is an amazing van based on the Nissan NV200 structure, which gives a decent blend of usefulness and worth.

You will save a lot of costs by choosing this camper van to explore out in the wild.


With adequate room to fit two individuals, the Free Bird is a multi-utilitarian camper intended for ordinary use.

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It comes loaded with Caravan Outfitter’s Slide and Glide floor, which allows you to set up your van quickly.

This makes it very useful as you can take out extra things when not required to get more space inside to fit anything necessary.

The inside area has an extensive dinette region that changes over into a standard bed around evening time for sleeping purposes.

To the extent that reasonableness goes, the Free Bird comes furnished with full electrical wiring, including LED lighting, USB charging ports, and a cooler.

There is a convenient butane oven and a lot of extra room in the kitchen to give you the ideal spot to prepare your dinner.

The side windows in the Free Bird have screen nets, so you can open them up to get fresh air when you are traveling somewhere with your family.

This also stops any bugs or birds from getting into the car.

Discretionary additional items incorporate a Batwing canopy for adequate outside living space and a roof storage case for all your open-air gear.

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2. Van Craft Sprinter

Van Craft Sprinter

The next choice that you have as an affordable camper van is the Van Craft Sprinter.

The reason this camper is listed here is that you will get a lot of space and moderate features inside this one at a very affordable price for full-time living.

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This camper van is furnished with vinyl ground surface and maple roofs for a comfortable and modern look.

Every Van Craft Sprinter model has a redesigned sound system, a charging station, and turn cab seats.

The company has an option for Mercedes Sprinter 144″ van model chassis, which can rest up to 3 people inside.

Inside the van, you get a Wilsonart cover framing that looks smooth and delightful in your living space.

The vehicle accompanies a full kitchenette with an oven, sink, and cooler, as well as oak butcher square ledges.

Whenever your van’s sliding doors are open, you can approach a flip-down table for open-air eating.

There’s additionally plentiful capacity inside the van because of its larger than usual kitchen drawers, worked-in cupboards, and under-bed extra room.

Van Craft additionally figured out how to fit a regular adaptive padding bed inside their vehicles for added solace.

To guarantee that you get the most use out of your vehicle as could be expected, all Van Craft vans have Airtronic diesel radiators and rooftop vent fans to keep your living space completely environment controlled, as well as the entire season tires for winter use.

3. Airstream Interstate 19

Airstream Interstate 19

Airstream’s Interstate 19 is a great camper van that has the coolest features inside for the living area.

It may be a bit pricier than most of the options listed in this list, but it is worth the money.

It is based on a Mercedes Sprinter, which means it is wide enough from the inside to provide a space for four and the rest of 2 grown-ups, making it an adaptable choice for individuals that need only one vehicle that can do everything.


This van is equipped with a Trauma heater and water radiator, which gives limitless high temp water for your needs.

You can wash dishes or clean up yourself because it has a full, extensive restroom that incorporates a shower, latrine, sink, and a clothesline for the most extreme solace.

Inside the Interstate, you get two full-turn taxi seats, as well as four seating seats, which are all covered in premium cowhide.

Airstream fabricated this van with its exemplary wood features, which incorporate a kitchenette with tempered steel tools. For relaxation and entertainment, the Interstate additionally has a screen TV, a sound system, and an instinctive control system.

This system allows you to rapidly change lighting, blinds, and the power canopy just with the buttons.

The Interstate has a big couch that can be shifted into an enormous bed with the press of a button.

The front seats can convert into an additional resting space with Airstream’s “Cockpit Bed Kit” in case you’re out and about with friends.

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Airstream Interstate 19 Floorplan

4. Oasis Campervans

Oasis Campervans

The Oasis Campervans is another camper van to fulfill your camping needs if you are just a couple traveling to places or you have a kid with you.

This all-wheel-drive camper van is based on a Toyota Sienna minivan.

You will be happy with this cheap and affordable camper van to take out on your long trips.


Oasis Campervan transformations incorporate a lounge with takeout drawers, a vinyl floor, and a moveable table for working or eating.

One of the most creative pieces of the plan is a foldable seat that changes into part of the bed with an accommodating backrest to provide a space for anyone to sleep or rest easily.

This van’s back region gets to a little kitchen with a sink, running water, drawers and racks, and an enormous ledge.

Dinner is made simple because of an overlay-up kitchen table, and in specific van designs, the kitchen can fit a slide-out cabinet that fits a cooler or fridge.

This van will save a big amount of cash as compared to choosing any other van on the list, so it’s an ideal pick for you.

5. Winnebago Solis

Winnebago Solis

The Winnebago Solis is a popular camper van with its usefulness.

This camper van is based on a RAM Promaster by Dodge. It is an accommodating camper van option offering a lot of space inside and useful amenities to the campers.

The van has 19’9″ in length and can rest up to 4 individuals easily inside its space.


Inside the van, you get a pop-top bed region, in addition to either a Murphy bed or couch bed that can rest two extra campers.

It incorporates a wet shower, which is one of a kind among camper vans. Other incredible elements in the Solis incorporate a full kitchenette and adequate under-floor storage.

For added decency, the Solis accompanies an extensive family room with two agreeable calfskin seats.

The back door of the van accompanies a cross-section bug net so you can keep the entryways open for wind current without permitting the bugs inside.

These calfskin seats additionally have safety belts, so they can be utilized to ship loved ones.

The front seats can turn in reverse to make a lounge area region around the foldable table.

It may be a little more expensive than the cheap and affordable camper vans with no features at all; still, it is the value worth the money as a decent choice for setting up camp families and others that need a completely wild experience for long trips and journeys to the camping spots.

Winnebago Solis 59PX Floorplan

6. VanDOit LIV


VanDOit is another company that modifies van parts and camper features. The LIV is an extraordinary camper van to choose from because of its reasonableness and the quality features being offered with it.

This van is offered in two bundles: the LIV and the DO.

You can choose which one suits the best for your needs.


The LIV is especially extraordinary for open-air experiences since it has a totally adjusted plan that permits it to be utilized as a standard 8-traveler van around or as a completely kitted camper when you’re outgoing for a trip.

One of the most remarkable highlights of this model is its water-powered bed lift.

With the press of a button, you can change the tallness of your sovereign measured bed to make more stuff stockpiling under.

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All of the LIV vans have a rooftop rack, shade, and a solar power off-network system.

The organization offers a list of additional parts, like storage cupboards, kitchenettes, and heaters.

You can decide to add on a shower system for longer outings out and about.

It is an incredible decision for individuals who need a van that can deal with everyday errands at home while being utilitarian enough to go out for long travels and trips.

You will be saving a lot of costs while choosing this camper for living and traveling.

7. Winnebago Rialta

Winnebago Rialta

In case you haven’t been impressed by the other camper vans listed above, then Winnebago Rialta may be the one that you need.

This is a reasonable campervan with somewhat more space.

Created somewhere from 1995 to 2005, Rialtas is still a favorite to many as a more modest and flexible option.

There are 4 floorplans, the biggest of which can rest 4 individuals easily.


Assuming you’re searching for a few home solaces in your camper van, the Rialta will be the answer you need. Standard elements in this best spending plan campervan incorporate heated water, a washroom with a shower, and a microwave.

The Rialta has an ageless, streamlined plan and decent looks on the outside.

Individuals love its size, dependable Volkswagen V6 engine, and efficiency. It is good on mileage, and you can get them will all the exciting entertainment features like DVD players and a sound system.

Look for this van in used condition because it is not available as new now.

This is an incredibly reasonable campervan in case you’re searching for a smooth, prudent ride with a hint of extravagance.

Winnebago Rialta 22QD

8. Pleasure-Way Excel

Pleasure-Way Excel TS FORD

Pleasure-Way is offering a cheap camper van called Excel. If you have been looking for a van in used condition from the 2000s, then this van should be your next choice.


The Excel was based on a Dodge 3500 chassis with a workhorse engine from Dodge.

The inside highlights finished wood cabinetry, extravagant covering, and a full wet shower.

You can have a nice and delicate bath inside the shower to get refreshed when traveling long distances.

You will have all that you want to feel good and comfortable, including a generator, heated water tank, and other basic features to provide you with what you actually need.

If you can’t find any other affordable camper van, go for this cheap van option.


This was a guide on the best cheap and affordable camper vans that can be brought and used for traveling and living.

These vans save up your cost and provide the basic features of a camper van.


What is the cheapest camper van to buy?

The cheapest camper van that you can get for your money is the Caravan Outfitters Free Bird. This is an amazing van based on the Nissan NV200 structure, which gives a decent blend of usefulness and worth.

You will save a lot of costs by choosing this camper van to explore out in the wild.

What is the most reliable camper van?

The best and most reliable camper van option is the Winnebago Revel 4×4 and Airstream Interstate 19.

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