6 Best Van for Camper Conversion

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A van can be of great use when a user wants to convert it into a useful vehicle that is equipped with all the features that are required for living.

A lot of people convert their vans by adding some extra accessories and features on the inside to make their living easy and relax their minds for their lifetime.

Regardless of whether you’re keen on changing over to a campervan for end-of-the-week trips or long-haul travel around the U.S., there are a few vans that are superior to others for a van transformation.

Small vans are simpler to move and drive and are likewise regularly less expensive than a new van.

Nonetheless, medium-size vans offer the smartest possible solution, with a lot of room inside for a camper transformation and mobility out and about.

So we have chosen some of the vans from all categories that suit best for conversion into the camper, and we have discussed them in this article.

Here is the list of best vans for camper conversion.

Name Fuel Type Price
RAM ProMaster Gasoline $32,990
Ford Transit Gasoline $39,970
Nissan NV Cargo Gasoline $30,640
Volkswagon Bus Gasoline $40,000
Volkswagen Crafter Electric $53,090
Renault Trafic Diesel $37,690

RAM ProMasterRAM ProMaster
Ford TransitFord Transit
Nissan NV CargoNissan NV Cargo
VW BusVolkswagon Bus
Volkswagen CrafterVolkswagen Crafter
Renault TraficRenault Trafic

What are the Best Van for Camper Conversion?

1. RAM ProMaster

RAM ProMaster

The RAM ProMaster is a useful van that runs on a powerful engine and allows you to make your trips to distant places for long hours. You can enhance this van by converting it into a complete camper based on its size and length.

It’s the greatest van accessible, permitting individuals up to 6 feet tall to rest side to side. Full-time van lifers like this enormous space-saving benefit. Since the ProMaster is just accessible in front-wheel drive, there’s no driveshaft to the back tires, permitting it to guarantee the least floor tallness.

Do-It-Yourself lovers can go for various ideas on this van to convert and modify the sidewalls for improving on the change format. The interior is completely changeable.

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The ProMaster is somewhat flexible in metropolitan regions in spite of its width, with a turning range like that of a standard-sized vehicle.

Dealers are always looking for a van that can go through any place at any point; this is what it is. In case you’re searching for a base vehicle that is not difficult to deal with and brags a ton inside space, the Ram ProMaster possesses all the necessary qualities.

  • You can’t change the ProMaster over to 4×4.
  • It has less ground clearance.
  • Its resale esteem is not exactly those of other vans.

2. Ford Transit

Ford Transit

Ford Transit is a commercially successful van that is cherished among van lifers. It may not be the best van, but it’s a great choice that you can select for camper conversion. Part of the interesting points of this vehicle is the various choices for length and width.

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The Transit offers the most elevated floor-to-roof tallness available, making it ideal for tall van-lifers.

Nonetheless, there are some plan viewpoints that make it more trying for a custom form, for example, the luxurious and wide freight space and thickness of the dividers.

In case you are hoping to purchase new, the latest model will get a total upgrade, including new choices for AWD with different engine choices.

There are other innovative elements. So you’ll probably be seeing more Transits getting changed over into campervans with time. You get the highest rooftop accessible of its group in vans, and it is also American-made, which means it is commonly less expensive and easy to find support and parts.

It can be hard to track down quality utilized models with lower mileage like this while having a 3.5L Eco-Boost engine running with 20 mpg.

The customers have the option to change the Transit over to a 4×4 drive, while the 2020 models will have the inherent choice.

  • This van has the longest nose, contrasted with equivalent length vans
  • There is less inside space
  • The dividers are extremely thick
  • Curves on the rooftop can demonstrate precarious for some custom forms
  • The extended version of Transit has the longest back overhang, which is a problem in descending slopes, and carports

3. Nissan NV Cargo

Nissan NV Cargo

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Nissan is a well-known manufacturer of vehicles, and the NV Cargo is what you will consider for a weekend time off with your family to a beautiful spot. The Nissan NV is constructed more like a truck than a van.

This is an extraordinary choice for an independent van-lifer who doesn’t require as much inside space yet needs to take their van for a spin.

The NV has a long nose and a more modest inside space region; however, that is ideal for the necessities of a single person. There is an option for 4×4 transformation and bigger tires without altering the wheel which makes it the best rough terrain van life vehicle.

Since it’s somewhat more modest than other vans, your conversion will be worth it.

There are secondary selling choices to change over to 4×4, in addition to space for bigger tires. The 8-cylinder engine choice offers a great deal of force; with the 4×4 capabilities, Nissan’s 5-year/100,000-mile guarantee is what you get in return for spending your money.

This van is a fantasy because of the tremendous measure of starter packs and parts available. Dealers report the diesel engine flaunts great efficiency going from the high to low miles like 20s mpg. Additionally, Nissan keeps up with its resale esteem better compared to practically identical choices.

  • These vans aren’t as normal, so it’ll be harder to find quality utilized models.
  • This van has the longest nose on the van, contrasted with equivalent length (and surprisingly more limited) vans you’ll get less inside length.
  • Only accessible in Rear Wheel Drive except if you don’t add the custom conversion.
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4. Volkswagon Bus

VW Bus

Volkswagon Minibus is somewhat a different and small van that can be a great option for conversion. These vans have always been the center of attention due to their simplicity and beautiful looks.

Some of the time referred to or mentioned as “the first campervan,” these vehicles have for some time been adored since they previously hit the market during the 1970s.

People who have been familiar with the vans for a long time know this specific minibus very well, and it’s a sweetheart for everyone. It will be hard to find a good minibus now as they are not in production anymore, but in case you find it, you will be lucky.

The uplifting news is, that there is a huge local area to help with the upkeep of these vehicles. A lot of resellers exchange their parts and also do the trading for vans in these models.

The positive side of owning this van for conversion is that a large group of people offer secondary selling parts and alteration choices for them.

There are even organizations that will supplant standard VW transport engines with 100% electric choices to transform your transport into an eco-accommodating camper, making it the ultimate van that you always wanted.

  • Old models might have high mileage as well as need heaps of fixes.
  • These vans are rear-wheel drive, which can be tricky in some conditions.
  • Not exactly ideal for setting up camps.
  • Not as much headroom.
  • Old models are at this point not underway, so parts can be costly and elusive.
  • VW Minibus has lots of windows around due to which it’s hard to stop lights coming inside during summers.

5. Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter

Volkswagen Crafter is another van by the company in our list of the best van for camper conversion. This option as a van catches the eyes of people around with its old touch and decent look on the outside.

The Volkswagen Crafter is planned more like a cargo van, with higher rooftops and inside roofs and, to a greater extent, an advanced body style.

The Crafter van comes in three distinct lengths and statures, so you can pick the model that suits your requirements best.

The company has additionally made preparations models flawlessly for work and van conversions, with the beautiful layout for the floor, inside rooftop rack, and lashing rails on the two dividers.

In the lodge, you’ll see that you will not actually have to roll out any improvements to make driving agreeable, with properly set up the interior.

There are water and espresso cup holders, shades, and much more than a driver needs. You can add a lot more to your living by doing some mods with it.

  • It is hard to find but when you find it, the expenses can be quite high.
  • Purchasing directly from the company will cost more.
  • Not much space to complete more modifications.
  • Hard to find replacements for some parts.

6. Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic is a big van that would be best suitable in case you want to convert the van into a living region with all of your necessities. This van is big and bulky, but it is worth the features that it offers.

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You can do a lot of custom conversions with its spacious inside layout. It’s planned like a traveler van, so you may need to eliminate a few seats for your change.

An advantage of the Renault Trafic is that the van has gained notoriety for dependability, so you shouldn’t have to do much as far as upkeep and fixes. Notwithstanding, the inside space is prepared for a change, with a lot of room and a secluded plan to make you fabricate simpler.

That is significant since it’s a European vehicle, and auto shops in the more rustic spaces of the U.S. probably won’t be prepared to do a lot to help in case you run into trouble.

The Renault Trafic additionally has a high-range 1.6-liter diesel engine that is appraised profoundly effective, just as amazing, with smooth driving.

The Renault Trafic’s cab has a phenomenal capacity for your gadgets and individual assets, and you can decide to add more features like a table in the back region that assists with reducing your expenses to change over the other things and buy new ones.

It is also very reasonably priced. You could possibly track down a more upgraded or new version for your conversion that can fit well with your budget.

  • It is big and heavy.
  • You cant take it everywhere since it has parking issues.
  • The fuel mileage gets low with conversion and modifications added.
  • The build quality is not as reliable as other vans on the list.

Van Conversion Requirements

Following are some of the requirements to help you understand how vans should be converted and what important factors are to be considered.

  • Cab storage and systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Lighting
  • Access doors (side and/or rear)
  • Mileage
  • Wheelbase and length
  • Interior height


This was discussed on the best van for camper conversion, and we shared a whole list of the best vans that you can find.

All of the vans have special features of their own along with some downsides.

We hope you find your suitable camper conversion van from this article.


Is it worth converting a van to a camper?

Purchasing a van and changing over it ought to be a lot less expensive than purchasing a new campervan. It merits thinking that you convert your van to an elevated expectation; it very well may be an incredible experience as it’s probably not going to lose you much cash.

What is the most dependable camper van?

The most dependable campervans are from brands like Coachmen, Newmar, or Winnebago. In case you are purchasing a pre-owned van, it is a smart thought to have the van examined. Low mileage doesn’t ensure dependability since vans that are not driven enough can break down precisely and rust too.

Is a van conversion awesome?

A camper van is a lot worth having, assuming you need more out of life. In case you are the sort that looks for a new journey and needs to appreciate living while you are on this planet, then they are worth it.

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