9 Amazing Travel Trailers Under 6000 lbs

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When you are tired of searching for big trailers for your camping needs, you would want to look out for all the categories of travel trailers under different sizes and weight options.

Depending upon the type of SUV you are using and the area that you live in, you may want to choose a travel trailer accordingly.

In case you live in open and vast lands, then a big camper with a weight under 6000 lbs would be an ideal pick.

Limiting your capacity of weight under 6000 lbs will allow you to choose a trailer that would be easy to tow and won’t be high on fuel consumption.

This is why we have shared some best travel trailers under 6000 lbs of weight that you need to see and pick for your long trips in the wild.

Here is every single one of them explained.

Name Weight
Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB 3360 lbs
Airstream Sport 2860 lbs
Coleman Lantern 202RDWE 4315 lbs
Lance 1685 3805 lbs
Airstream Caravel 20FB 3975 lbs
Palomino Puma XLE Lite 27RBQC 5933 lbs
Dutchmen Aspen Trail LE 25BH 4785 lbs
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 3135 lbs
Starcraft Satellite 18MK 3464 lbs

Winnebago Micro MinnieWinnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB
Airstream SportAirstream Sport
Coleman Lantern 202RDWEColeman Lantern 202RDWE
Lance 2185Lance 1685
Airstream CaravelAirstream Caravel 20FB
Palomino Puma XLE LitePalomino Puma XLE Lite 27RBQC
Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel TrailerDutchmen Aspen Trail LE 25BH
Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel TrailerJayco Jay Flight SLX
Starcraft SatelliteStarcraft Satellite 18MK

What are the Best Campers under 6000 lbs?

1. Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

Winnebago Micro Minnie

Winnebago has a travel trailer called the Micro Minnie 1708FB that comes under a weight of 6000 lbs which delivers a lot of notable features inside.

It is around the weight of 3000 pounds, and at this weight, you might actually tow the trailer with a vehicle or any lightweight pickup, contingent upon the vehicle’s towing limit.


Since this is one of the lightweight travel trailers under 6000 lbs, the Minnie has all that you’d expect, incorporating a full restroom with a shower, kitchenette, dinette, and a regular bed.

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One special element, however, is the expansion of cross-air windows.

Assuming you like to camp throughout the late spring, this plan will assist you with remaining cool around evening time. Simply ensure that you use screens to keep the bugs under control.

Another component to like in this camper is the expansion of outside speakers. They permit you to have some amusement when sitting outside and unwinding by your RV.

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

2. Airstream Sport

Airstream Sport

The Airstream Sport is a lightweight travel trailer with 3,500 to 4,500 lbs of weight. It is a bit expensive option for its size, but it is a very comfortable option to consider.

The Airstream organization has been fabricating RVs since the thirties.

All in all, Airstream Sport is done by one of the most established and most experienced manufacturers.


Like the numerous RV models Airstream has fabricated throughout the long term, this trailer is in vogue, though, and incredibly excellent, having less weight than 6000 lbs.

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The RV weighs only 2,860 pounds, so it tends to be effortlessly towed by many sorts of vehicles. In spite of being small, it still has a superb floorplan that makes it ideal to sleep and rest four individuals inside.

The plan incorporates a room region, a sitting/feasting region, a restroom, and a kitchen. The room includes a sovereign-size RV froth bedding that can serenely rest two people.

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It has incredible windows surrounding it, so it can bend over as a comfortable region when you are laying off for a while to enjoy the outside views.

The sitting/feasting region is very open. Indeed, even four grown-ups can sit easily nearby. The region can be changed into an open resting region for two PM.

Something to really love in this camper is its restroom. It is a genuine washroom with a porcelain latrine, a stand-up shower, and a sink. It is additionally very extensive.

The kitchen in this Airstream is additionally something. It accompanies a burner, a sink, and a nice counter.

Airstream Sport 16RB Floorplan

3. Coleman Lantern 202RDWE

Coleman Lantern 202RDWE

The Lantern 202RDWE is a travel trailer with a weight of 4,315 lbs which means it’s way less than 6000 lbs.

Coleman is one of the most established RV makers in the United States. This trailer is probably the best camper at any point made by the organization.

It is an open floorplan trailer that is roomy and fabulous for family or gathering voyaging. It provides sleeping space for four individuals.


Like most travel trailers, it incorporates a room region, a sitting region, a kitchen, and a washroom. The room region has a sovereign size RV bed that is separated for protection.

So in case you are going with kids or with companions in a Lantern 202RDWE, you can generally have a touch of private time at whatever point you need.

It has a feasting region and a different sitting region. There are windows around the feasting region for enjoying the environmental elements. You can change over this space into a resting region for two.

The sitting region has a comfortable seat that is situated inverse to the feasting region.

The kitchen includes a few conveniences, including a major sink and a burner. Ultimately, the restroom is a decent size washroom highlighting a shower, a sink, and a latrine.

Coleman Lantern 202RDWE

4. Lance 1685


Lance 1685 is a camper under 6000 lbs with a slideout. In case you haven’t had a past experience with slideout trailers, this one permits you to slide a part of the divider out to make more space inside.

Regularly, slide-outs are utilized for the eating region, despite the fact that they can house the couch.

It is a small trailer to consider for your family with ideal features.


In case you’re searching for huge loads of additional elements and facilities, Lance has made the 1685’s inside both comfortable and jazzy with a number of features to find.

The kitchenette accompanies artificial rock ledges, providing you with the vibe of being in a regular kitchen. The wood is additionally finished to make it look even tough.

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This trailer doesn’t provide enough room or space for a big family but is ideal for single RVers or couples.

You can choose to change the internal layout according to your own wish.

Lance 1685

5. Airstream Caravel 20FB

Airstream Caravel

This Airstream RV has another great trailer that we included in our list of best travel trailers under 6000 lbs.

This trailer provides you with all the advantages of a greater trailer yet without the weight and length. At only 20 feet in length, this camper looks more like a tear trailer than an ordinary travel trailer. Nonetheless, inside it is a fantasy.

Since Airstream has been around beginning around 1931, the organization has been at the cutting edge of creating RV facilities with great features.


With this travel camper, you get a lot of extra room, and every component is fabricated strong, so it will endure through tough paths and tracks.

The floor plan of the Caravel is additionally a smooth and present day, giving the impression of a little lodging unit. This is spacious enough from the inside to provide sufficient space in order to sleep four individuals easily.

On account of the convertible dinette table, sleeping space is not a problem. In any case, despite the fact that four individuals can rest in the Caravel, you may feel confused while remaining inside this trailer which is why you may want to spend your days staying alive on the outside to enjoy the environment.

Airstream Caravel 20FB

6. Palomino Puma XLE Lite 27RBQC

Palomino Puma XLE Lite

The XLE Lite 27RBQC is a heavy travel trailer that has a weight of about 5,933 lbs having a bunkhouse inside.

It has got 2 single beds in a loft design. The two beds have protection drapes, which implies your children or guests can rest in them in security even while the remainder of the trailer is being used.

Much of the time, children or guests generally need to hang tight till night for the sitting/eating region to be changed over into a resting spot.


With its two lofts, this camper accompanies a somewhat enormous room for living. The room has an enormous bed and an unrivaled quality sleeping cushion.

The kitchen space of this Puma XLE Lite RV is stunning. It accompanies an enormous storeroom, a huge counter, a fridge, a sink, and a burner.

There is a lot of room for you to set up supper for your family.

This trailer has an all-around planned open-air kitchen for getting ready suppers outside. The open-air kitchen compartment has a capacity cabinet for keeping utensils.

The feasting region in this room has one of the most incredible planned dinettes with a great deal of room for a considerable length of time to situate easily and partake in a supper.

Palomino Puma XLE Lite

7. Dutchmen Aspen Trail LE 25BH

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Travel Trailer

The Aspen Trail LE 25BH is a bunkhouse camper under 6000 lbs. Dutchmen can give various elements and components without expanding the weight of their RV excessively.

The Aspen Trail is more than 28 feet in length, and it weighs around 4700 lbs. You will be able to find a number of features inside this trailer with its luxury.

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Since there is more inside space, it accompanies two lofts, the main room, and a convertible couch. Along these lines, you might actually rest up to six or eight individuals easily, given that they know one another.

Much more noteworthy is that you get every one of the typical refinements without fusing a slide-out area.

One more element to like is the consideration of pass-through capacity windows. These components permit you to move gear all through the trailer without utilizing the entryway and steps without fail.

They are a number of latest and innovative devices and features in this trailer too.

Dutchmen Aspen Trail Floorplan

8. Jayco Jay Flight SLX

Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer

The Jay Flight SLX is a camper trailer having a weight of between 2,380 to 3,210 lbs for different floorplans and additional features.

This is a generally little lightweight travel trailer made by Jayco. The organization has been making quality travel trailers for quite a long time and is presently viewed as one of the most incredible RV makers.

The best thing about this camper is the way that it is ideal for camping.


The Jay Flight SLX has an astounding open floor plan that is ideal for engaging even a huge group of 6 or 8 individuals.

This sitting region can be changed over into an enormous resting region for generally happy with resting and sleeping around evening time.

The trailer additionally accompanies a generally huge open cooking region. The cooking region includes a sink, a burner, a microwave, and a good fridge.

Its design is ideal for little families and for sporadically engaging bigger groups during get-aways.

The Jayco Jay Flight SLX lightweight trailer additionally incorporates a washroom with a shower and a latrine. Maybe the best thing about its restroom is that it has a tub. Relatively few lightweight travel trailers have a tub.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 154BH Floorplans

9. Starcraft Satellite 18MK

Starcraft Satellite

The last travel trailer under 6000 lbs, according to our suggestion, is the Starcraft Satellite 18MK which comes with only 3,950 lbs of weight. This makes it an ideal trailer for towing on your long trips.

The Starcraft Satellite 18MK is one of the most mind-blowing lightweight RV models made by the organization. It incorporates a kitchen/eating region, a dozing region, and a restroom.


Having a number of features, this camper has a kitchen that incorporates a microwave, a sink, and a burner. It also accompanies a lot of extra room. The washroom is very much made.

It incorporates a shower and a latrine. It is shockingly extensive, notwithstanding the size of the trailer.

Most likely, the best thing about this trailer (and the justification for why I say it is the best lightweight trailer) is its resting space.

This RV has an extensive resting region that fits an enormous sovereign RV bedding. Its eating region can likewise be changed over into a resting region.

Starcraft Satellite 18MK


This was a guide on travel trailers that weigh under 6000 lbs, and we have shared details on these models for ease of a user.

For more details, check our FAQ section.


What travel trailers are under 5000 lbs?

The travel trailers that weigh under 5000 lbs of weight are

  • Starcraft Satellite 18MK.
  • Keystone Passport
  • Airstream Sport.
  • KZ Sportsmen Classic
  • Coachmen Clipper Ultra-Lite
  • Forest River R-Pod

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