Keystone Passport Travel Trailer Reviews

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

$36,000 - $50,000





Interior Design







  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Bunk beds
  • Tons of Options
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable


  • Fragile Exterior

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Keystone trailers are comfortable and offer great convenience for travelers who love to live in travel trailers with complete accommodation for families. These trailers are also very fuel-efficient, making them an ideal choice for vacations. The Keystone Passport is one of the travel trailers that comes under the category of useful trailers packed with comfort, style, and safety features to improve a camping standard.

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

Keystone Passport

The Keystone Passport travel trailer offers comfort and solace in an ultra-soft tourist trailer. With the call for clients to get light recreational vehicles, green fuel at a high level, the Passport is the desire to maximize efficiency but keep all the amenities of an RV full features with more style, greater comfort, and bigger technology.

There is a wide variety of modes to choose from, many practical designs for couples or families, and whether you are looking for a comfort trailer or a first-class trailer, the Passport is your ideal pick. Some of Keystone’s exclusive in each Passport model consists of the colored coded united wiring standard, hyperdow floors, and 4G LTE.

Some common features in this travel trailer are

Exterior Features

  • Dexter E-Z lube axles with four-wheel electric brakes
  • Frontpage painted glass fiber (GT series)
  • Outside Comfort Center (selected models)
  • 80% Glass Protection
  • Outdoor kitchen with a variety of 2 burners and mini reference
  • Load equal suspension gadget (Select range GT models)
  • Fully transition roof
  • Protection Tinted
  • Design especially for each ground plan
  • Kragtong Jack
  • Digicam Pep Friends (GT series)
  • Outside of seamless reef, laminate, and gel.
  • Ball recognizes slideout cable gadget with annulation of the guide
  • One-piece underbelly polypropylene
  • Power Stabilizer Jacks
  • 26 “x 74” front door with Deadbolt
  • Solar preparation/inverter (GT range SL)
  • Double access steps at the main door (SL series)
  • Access to steps Morryde step forward (GT series)
  • Outside bath with warm and cold.
  • Mass additional 30 “x 20” bags doors with motion sensor lighting accessories in pass-by
  • Disengagement of the battery (GT range) (SL series selection models)
  • Fresh, 38 gals.

Gray and 38 Gal. Black (GT selects models series)

  • Gray and 38 Gal. Black (GT selects models series)
  • Fresh, 30 gals. Gray and 30 gals. Black (choose models)
  • 50 Ampera service (GT series choose models)
  • Sugar of power (GT series)
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Inside Features

  • Teca Artic Wood Grain Cabinets
  • Updated residential window
  • Long-lasting residential vinyl floors
  • Nagluxury Shades
  • Seats in Sofa Theater IPO Threefold (selected models)
  • Nighting stones (GT range of selection models )
  • Learning-based accessories updated with foldable triple sofa (selected models)
  • Chimney (Selected models)
  • 81 “vaulted ceiling in the roof (GT series)

Extra Features Of Keystone Passport Travel Trailer

Besides all the features listed above, there are some other exceptional features that make the Passport travel trailers very interesting.

Wide Kitchen

The Passport models are equipped with a big kitchen area in which the creation of splendid dishes goes smoothly. It seems to be realistic and designed to be properly designed for the family. A 6 cubic foot or 8 cubic foot refrigerator (relying on a stylish shaker-style cabinet from the 0 series, on top of which is a microwave and a three-port stove to gently heat the leftovers.

The interesting features of the kitchen also include:

  • 3 burners, output range too high (N / A 175BH)
  • Exhaust hood
  • 6 cubes. 2-door RV refrigerator (SL series only)
  • 8 cubes. RV refrigerator (GT series only)
  • Bin storage (some models)
  • Glass stove
  • Seamless counter
  • Excessive push-up metal taps
  • Microwave with carousel
  • Fashion shaker wooden cabinet
  • Gas oven (N / A 175BH)
  • Metal stainless steel sink with hinge tap

Large Bedroom

The bedroom area is also wide. From queen-sized to full-sized storage, you can find your comfort in these travel trailers. The bedroom is open enough for a couple to easily relax and enjoy their time together inside the trailer.

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The bedroom has the following features.

  • Padded mattress cover
  • Hidden storage (some models)
  • Night study light
  • Large mirror dust cabinet door
  • Bedside power charger with USB port
  • Under mattress storage

Large Bathroom

An additional benefit of the Keystone Passport travel trailer is that it is equipped with a large bathroom that has a lot of features inside.

  • Pedestal toilet with foot flush
  • Radio curtain
  • Bathroom ring with integrated shelves
  • 12V power switch
  • Custom solid wood medicine cabinet with mirror
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After understanding the best features of Keystone Passport travel trailers, there are some floorplans in Passport models that better explain the importance of each feature in detail.

Keystone Passport Travel Trailer Floorplans

1. Keystone Passport 175BH SL Series

Keystone Passport 175BH SL Series

The Passport 175BH SL Series is one of the top floorplans recommended by the company for users. This floorplan has a great design for a family where you can sleep on a queen mattress from the front while children sleep in the bunk beds or dining room. There is also a storage area, and the largest electronic devices can be saved with the removal of the outdoor compartment by the window.

Travel trailers of the Passport SL series using the use of Keystone RV are available with a compact design with pleasant lengths of travel that can be lightweight and clean to drag the back of much smaller crossed SUVs. You will include many residential fashionable abilities that include in the long-term poor vinyl floors, interior residential doors, and updated learning-based furniture.

In addition, there can be a stainless steel sink with a drop-down faucet. The outdoor bath can be very beneficial, as cleaning is required, rather than entering the RV, your pets, or flushing some dishes outside.

This is one of the useful travel trailers that people love to use for their families.

Key Features

  • Storage under the bed
  • Bunk beds
  • Booth-Etette.
  • USB charging ports

2. Keystone Passport 181MK SL Series

Keystone Passport 181MK SL Series

Another amazing travel trailer with a great floorplan to describe the class of Keystone is the Passport 181MK SL Series. You can spend all the time you need in your favorite tenting holiday location without stress about something if you travel on this Passport. The interior can be very practical, as it has a fashionable dining room based on a single slide, so it can have a larger residence space, and the dining room can be an area of ​​food directly into a dream of dream remodel.

Make it a flexible piece of furniture. Murphy Mattress is also simply flexible because you can relax to sit in the afternoon, and it can allow the interior to stay open for foot visitors a few times of the day. The complete rest room gives you all the amenities that you have to keep soft on your journey at some point. And this trailer is no longer better than the best with a full indoor kitchen, but it also has a kitchen from the doors at its front.

Travel trailers of the Passport SL series using the use of Keystone RV are available with a compact design with pleasant lengths of travel that can be lightweight and clean to drag the back of much smaller crossed SUVs. You will discover numerous residential fashion capabilities, including long-term vinyl floors, remedies, and improved windows, and reserve countertops. The outdoor bath with warmth and water can be very beneficial than you clean the earliest cleaning than to enter the RV, your pets, or can flush some dishes.

In addition, the passport now leads to a hyper dip floor machine that is a high-performance waterproof RV site that comes as a forward design of the Keystone Innovation laboratory. These floors are larger resistant, stronger, and lighter than the construction of conventional laminated wood.

Key Features

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • U-shaped dining room
  • Hidden bed
  • Open storage


This was a discussion article on the Keystone Passport travel trailer review. The information listed all the basic features of keystone trailers along with their usefulness for the customers. We discussed various aspects and some floorplans of the Passport travel trailer that explains their best use for a family. For detailed information, see our FAQ section.


Is Keystone Passport a good trailer?

The passport travel trailer is the ultimate travel trailer to use. It’s easy to tow and park, and you have everything you need for convenience. Queen bed, large refrigerator, and freezer, entertainment center, full bath. Besides, there is plenty of storage space.

How suitable is a Keystone trailer?

Keystone is relatively new to the RV market but has grown rapidly and has become one of North America’s most famous towable RV manufacturers. If you’re looking for a spacious, eco-friendly caravan with floor plans that many people often ask, the Keystone may be the way to go.

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