Lance Travel Trailer Reviews – Are They Any Good?

Lance is an RV manufacturing company that delivers excellent quality travel trailers and campers. It was started in 1965, and the company managed to hold its position among the leading manufacturing companies around the world. The business of travel trailers by Lance started in 2009, and they provided top-quality construction and features in their trailers to gain attention from the market.

About Lance

Lance logo

The organization has joined the REV Group, which manufactures a wide variety of powerful vehicles such as buses, ambulances, and home trucks. They are definitely very impressive touring trailers. If not yet, it’s another matter to mean that Lance makes the right touring trailer for you. These touring trailers are worth exploring if you are looking for a touring trailer. It is well made and flat on the ground with available designs and options.

Lance is an award-winning organization. Since this company began manufacturing trailers, the RVDA (National RV Dealer Association) has awarded Lance with eight QC circle awards (to the RV producers who performed best in the Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey).

Lance also received the highest consumer digest rating across the RV and was named “Highest Owner Satisfaction.” Part of your achievements may be to focus on the location of this company to ensure that RV vendors are educated in every use and training to be a valuable resource for their customers.

These amazing travel trailers are sponsored by the organization’s one-year limited warranty and two-year structural warranty. Structural guarantees cover the sidewalls, roofs, floors, front and rear walls, and chassis of the trailers. For Lance, the weight of the trailer (and making sure the trailer fits its position well) is really important.

This way, instead of traversing numerous trailer routes with many customizable names and options, you can search for trailers via trailer counts. Everything about this organization is designed, to be honest, and functional. We discuss some things about Lance manufacturer further in this discussion.

Lance 1475

Why Lance Travel Trailers are Reliable?

Over the years, Lance has been improving its services and working really hard to provide the right quality and services to the customers. There are some basic reasons which make Lance travel trailers very reliable.

1. Use of Azdel

Lance uses an Azdel panel that works great for plywood under construction. Azdel is rot, shape, and water-resistant, 50% lighter than wood, but tougher, three times more insulating than wood, better sound screen, and is resistant to temperature and humidity. Other manufacturers also use it in some products because of its amazing features.

2. Lancelot

Lancelot is Lance’s own machine for creating the RV’s external panel. This technique uses a sticky aluminum extruder to assemble trailer parts like a jigsaw puzzle. This aluminum skeleton makes those RVs fairly sturdy and lightweight. In addition, the lance uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners to hold the layers of the travel trailer together, ensuring that the entire vehicle stays in place for the next few years.

3. Euro-Lite

Eurolight, also known as Lightly, is the focus of Lance’s interior construction. This maintains the durability, electricity, and splendor of the wood. This form of plywood, imported from Europe, is made of poplar. This panel is lighter than traditional wood and plywood cabinets but is laminated to a thickness of five layers. You can also reduce the electricity of this material and apply pitch and tap connections.

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4. Eco-friendly Built

Because it is environmentally friendly, the production equipment itself uses energy-saving functions such as large skylights and metered lighting to reduce energy consumption. But in addition, the products Lance manufactures are made using renewable resources and are completely free of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and mercury.

5. 3D CAD engineering and CNC machine

Lance uses great 3D CAD software to design and version products. The sections of each unit are then processed using a CNC machine. These CNC machines use 3D CAD design records to reduce materials with perfect precision so that each part fits perfectly into the next part.

What common features make Lance trailers special?

There are a lot of reasons that make Lance a very special company. Some common features that are offered in most of their travel trailers are.

1. Sleeping Space

One of the essential features that a user looks at in a travel trailer is a sleeping space. A good sleeping space provides great relaxation and a fresh mind to a user. Fortunately, every Lance Travel Trailer has a comfortable area for every person to sleep.


  • DLX King Innerspring Matters W / Pillowtop & Bet Spread (2465)
  • DLX Queen Innerspring Matters W / Pillow Top & Bet Spread
  • Funky LED and Reading Lights (2185)
  • Bunk of the upper Cabinet (1685)

2. Kitchen Area

Another essential feature required in an RV trailer is the kitchen. This is where users can cook dinner or make their meals wherever they are. Each of the models of the Lance trailer plan comes with an excellent kitchen consisting of all the facilities that are must to satisfy the user’s needs.


  • Scope of 3 stainless steel burners with cover and rear plate
  • Forcing forced air 14, three hundred BTU (1475, 1575)
  • Euro Cabinet designed with lighting LED Accent
  • Fridge (6 cu.ft.) 2 ways with stainless door panels (2375)
  • Propane tanks – 1 Every five liters (1475, 1575, 2375)
  • Magazines and Spice Frames (1685, 2285, 2465)
  • Stainless steel series with light and fan
  • Extension of the Vougalley (1985, 2295)
  • Air conditioner 25,000 BTU (1685, 1985, 1995, 2185, 2295, 2375, 2465)
  • Fridge (5 cu. Ft.) 3 ways (1475, 1575)
  • Refrigerator (7 cu ft) 2 Routes with stainless door panels (1685, 1985, 1995, 2185, 2285, 2295, 2465)
  • Propane tanks – 2 Every five liters (1685, 1985, 1995, 2185, 2285, 2295, 2375, 2465)
  • Single basin sinks with tap and extraction cover

3. Bathroom

When we talk about comfortable and luxurious travel trailers, they include all essential features like a bathroom along with kitchen and sleeping area to meet the needs of a person. These bathrooms In Lance campers and travel trailers include extensive basins that have put the competition to others. From the moment you spend on that stainlessness, you will feel appropriate and domestic and be oriented to relax.


  • Black Tank Rinse
  • Skylar – double panel
  • Adjustable Sliding Bar Shower Head (1985, 2185, 2285, 2295, 2465)
  • High altitude simple lever faucet (1685)
  • Medicine cabinet with mirror door
  • Heating with channels (N / A 1575)
  • Foldable crop extension (2185, 2285)
  • Shower curtain with Tieback (1575)
  • Marine Toilet – Footpedal – Porcelain (N / A 1475, 1575)
  • Residential oval sinks with high-altitude faucet (N / A 1475, 1575)

Lance Travel Trailers Floorplans

1. Lance 2465

Lance 2465

2465 is the ultra-soft flagship version of Lance and the longest line of your fantastic trailers and features to expand the leading living room and rear suite. This version consists of a popular king-size mattress and consists of alternatives to a 170-watt solar panel, fireplace, and a 40-inch TV with electricity.

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Key Specifications

  • Outside Length: 29’5 “
  • Gross dry weight: 5,675 pounds.
  • Loading truck: 1,625 pounds.
  • Sleep Capacity: 5

2. Lance 2295

Lance 2295

The housing region with version 2295 is very spacious with a fantastic slide dining room. But attention in this housing area is the 32-inch LCD TV of the entertainment center that has the housing area to the bedroom containing a queen-size mattress. It’s a version of the back room with the restroom that runs all the width of the trailer. In this way, there is a full bathroom with an expandable bath bar, in addition to a large cloth stricter with placement and chest of drawers.

Key Specifications

  • Outside Length: 27 ‘
  • Gross dry weight: 4,840 pounds.
  • Load capacity: 1,560 pounds.
  • Sleeping ability: 4

3. Lance 2285

Lance 2285

2285 of Lance is a double access design. A door opens in the housing area, which gives access to the bank entrance (which becomes a great mattress), a fantastic slide dining room, and a kitchen. The second door drives without delay in the personal bedroom with a queen-length mattress on foot and cleans the entrance of the restroom.

Key Specifications

  • Outdoor Length: 27′
  • Gross dry Weight: 4,930 pounds
  • Load capacity: 1.470 pounds
  • Sleeping ability: 6 version

4. Lance 1995

Lance 1995

This version consists of a full run mattress, double cabinets with storage, and a restroom with a corner bath. In addition, This version may surprise users because of the fact that even in its low trailer weight, it comes with a fantastic slide dining room. The large windows and roof frames of the house also supply the interior a larger generous sensation of what you would expect.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 23’8″
  • Gross dry weight: 4,265 pounds
  • Load capacity: 1.435 pounds
  • Sleeping ability: 4

5. Lance 1475

Lance 1475

The is also an amazing Lance travel trailer model that is a favorite among several users. The dining room is entirely loveable and ideal for people who choose to live in a small trailer with great features. There are 2 comfortable rotating chairs with a small desktop among themselves. It’s likable in every way.

Key Specifications

  • Outdoor Length: 19’8″
  • Gross dry Weight: 2, 600 hundred pounds
  • Load capacity: 1,100 pounds
  • Sleeping ability: 2 – 3

Customer Reviews – Are They Any Good?

Multiple customers have different opinions about Lance travel trailers. Some had a great experience, while some faced a lot of difficulty in maintaining these trailers. Here we have some common views from customers.

Positive Reviews

Some of the best treats about Lance travel trailers are the huge amount of indoor capacity and storage for trailer life. Customers also admire the comfortable bed interior, which eliminates the need for minor upgrades such as foam mattresses. The kitchen is also small from the customer’s point of view but at the same time feels well designed and usable.


Another favorite is the toilet. This is especially spacious compared to those of various manufacturers of travel trailers of similar size. Users admire the fact that they have full access to the indoor travel trailer while the slider is inside and find that the Lance travel trailer is excellent, top-notch, and very smooth towing.


There is an optional package that consists of a water heater and winter veneer, a heat-insulated hatch cover, a heating tank, and a heat-insulated mattress, combined with common features such as double-glazed house windows and overhead duct heating. This ensures that Lance travel trailers are a good choice to travel in extreme weather conditions, whether on the road, camping, or in the garage.

Negatives Reviews

The biggest problem for many customers is the low quality and response of the Lance services of detailing and finishing guaranteed coatings. While some were angry with the need for documentation, most customers find that the warranty usually covers the paint needed to repair the travel trailer, and Lance’s customer service seems friendly and expensive.


Another issue raised by some clients and many skill clients is dissatisfaction with the limited options for floor plans. It’s true that Lance’s travel trailer floorplans are limited, and sometimes the right format makes a difference.


This was Lance’s travel trailer review in which we have talked about the features offered by Lance in their trailers along with the positive and negative sides found in some of the top models. We hope it’s informational for you and help you in your future decisions.


How long do Lance trailers last?

Fortunately, travel trailers will keep going for around 10 years, made by Lance. 10 years is just the normal future for a trailer. A few trailers will endure longer, and some will have a more limited life expectancy. All things considered, how you deal with keeping up with your trailer is vital.

Is Lance better compared to Jayco?

Lance is a preferred camper over Jayco, development and material insightfulness.

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