5 Excellent Teardrop Trailers with Bunk Beds

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The teardrop trailer has a lot going for it. Even the smallest teardrops generally have elegant classic lines, a compact and effective design, and a decent price tag that appears to be rather low in comparison to other teardrop trailers with bunk beds.

If there’s one disadvantage to teardrop trailers, it’s that sleeping a family may be difficult. The primary cabin of most teardrops sleeps four people.

However, some include a rooftop tent to accommodate a few extra.

But what are the options for a family that has two small children?

Well, there are some teardrop campers that feature bunk beds providing extra sleeping space to accommodate the kids.

In this article, the best teardrop trailers with bunk beds will be discussed.

Name Weight Price
Winnebago Winnie Drop WD170K 3,500 pounds $22,722
Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17 BH 3,320 pounds $20,110
Colorado Teardrops Summit 1,750 pounds $31,200
Diamond in the Rough Teardrop Trailer 882 pounds $15,000
Camp-Inn Raindrop 560 1,430 pounds $24,919

Winnebago Winnie DropWinnebago Winnie Drop WD170K
Braxton Creek Bushwhacker PlusBraxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17 BH
Colorado Teardrops SummitColorado Teardrops Summit
Diamond in the Rough Teardrop TrailerDiamond in the Rough Teardrop Trailer
Camp-Inn 560 RaindropCamp-Inn Raindrop 560

What are the Best Teardrop Trailer with Bunk Beds?

1. Winnebago Winnie Drop WD170K

Winnebago Winnie Drop

Consider buying the Winnie Drop WD170K layout in case you are accompanied by kids or are traveling with a larger group. Instead of a queen-sized bed, this one features 30-inch by 74-inch bunk beds.

There’s a toilet as well as a shower in the bathroom, along with a Television cab. More people may eat at the table with the 58-inch by 74-inch U-shaped dinette.

You might not have thought that you could fit a queen-sized mattress inside a teardrop camper.

If you buy a Winnie Drop camper from Winnebago, you can. A 60-inch by 74-inch queen-sized mattress with incorporated storage is available in the WD1710 layout.

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A micro-fridge can also be added to the small kitchen. A sink, as well as a cooktop cooker with overhead storage, are also included in the same kitchen.

In the bathroom, you will also get ample room for a toilet and a sink. In the little living area, you’ll discover sliding chairs and a Television mount if you look about.

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Do you require extra space? EVER/ above is included in the WD170S layout but with a significantly larger bathroom. You will get a toilet, a sink, as well as a shower in there.

Behind the bathroom, you’ll find a closet and pantry. You may store all of your belongings aboard because of the overhead room in the dinette and kitchen.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 3 inches
Exterior Length 18 feet 4 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet
Gross Weight 3,500 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 25 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 25 Gallons
Price $22,722

Winnebago Winnie Drop WD170K

2. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17 BH

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus

This Bushwacker Plus teardrop camper demonstrates that big things might come in tiny packages.

You’ll have all you need for a wonderful camping trip, but the greatest feature is that you will not have to be concerned about the huge size of an RV.

With its four-person sleeping capacity, 2-burner stove, enlarged wet bath with incorporated shower/toilet enclosure, plus Bluetooth-ready audio with loudspeakers, this small camper hits hard.

All you are supposed to do now is pack your possessions and get on the road!

Featuring over-sized, robust radial tires, alloy aluminum sport rims, and a high-clearance, independent axle, the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus teardrop camper lets you explore the undiscovered.

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Within, you’ll find a kitchen sink with an inbuilt faucet beside a stove, as well as a 12V fridge that runs on batteries or solar power.

Key Specifications

Height 8 feet 8 inches
Exterior Length 18 feet
Exterior Width 6 feet 9 inches
Gross Weight 3,320 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 24 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 18 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 17 Gallons
Price $20,110

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17 BH

3. Colorado Teardrops Summit

Colorado Teardrops Summit

The Summit from Colorado Teardrops is 5 ft by 10.5 ft and weighs around 1630 lbs dry. For a woodsy, warm atmosphere, the completely insulated camper has an anodized aluminum body and lightweight maple plywood across the interior.

The Summit’s bedroom arrangements are the most interesting: the trailer cabin has bunk beds for two kids and a sofa that converts into a queen-size mattress for two adults.

The cabin can be employed for working or eating while not being used for sleeping due to a retractable table. Storage racks, two reading lamps, a central cabin light, a wide skylight, as well as a pop-up vent for air circulation are all included.

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The kitchen, as with most teardrop trailers, is entered from the back. The kitchen of the Summit is large, with a wide countertop separating an ice refrigerator, water tank, and storage for the camp burner.

Owing to bungee cord mesh, three spacious sections behind the counter provide space to store groceries, and two lamps brighten the whole kitchen.

Key Specifications

Height 7 feet 2 inches
Exterior Length 14 feet 5 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 4 inches
Gross Weight 1,750 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 12 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $31,200

4. Diamond in the Rough Teardrop Trailer

Diamond in the Rough Teardrop Trailer

The Teardrop Trailer’s biggest product is The Diamond in the Rough. It’s just about five by eight feet, so it’s not enormous, but it’s lavish. Did you really believe it was dubbed the “Diamond in the Rough” without any reason?

Diamond-plated top, lateral diamond-plated checker-plating across 4 inches of the trailer’s bottom, front diamond plate box, plus 9-inch diamond plate bumpers give it its title.

You can add bunk beds to the layout, but it comes as optional. Blinds and a mattress are included, and a 3,000 W inverter as well as two deep cycle marine batteries. This camper is nearly self-sufficient, thanks to solar panels.

Because the Diamond is among the tiniest campers, storage can be a serious issue. For instance, a large panel pulls out to present your retractable kitchen, which has two racks.

The one on top includes a tiny wooden barrier to keep your glassware, dishes, plates, mugs, and utensils safe. Suspend wine glasses and store plates or other kitchen items on the second level.

A paper napkin rack, a pull-out microwave, and room for a mini-fridge or cooler are also included.

The Teardrop Trailer’s Diamond, like several teardrop campers from local manufacturers, is totally customizable.

Key Specifications

Height 7 feet 2 inches
Exterior Length 8 feet
Exterior Width 5 feet
Gross Weight 882 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $15,000

5. Camp-Inn Raindrop 560

Camp-Inn 560 Raindrop

Camp-Inn is renowned for two versions of teardrop campers, the largest of which is the 560 Raindrop. It’s among the heaviest teardrop trailers on our list, with a width of 10 feet.

Based on what you put in it, it may weigh anywhere from 1,030 to 1,430 lbs.

For such a little trailer, there are lots of facilities. Bunk beds or a pull-out sofa are available. For securing your goods and equipment, there are twin cabin doors.

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The elegant spherical form and front windows with amazing views are also strong selling factors. Hauling and parking are more simple than ever before, thanks to wheel support blocks, a fold-up hitch lift, level stabilizers, and a 2-inch ball hook.

A propane cylinder, an 8-gallon greywater tank, as well as an 8-gallon freshwater tank featuring a water tank monitor are all incorporated in this trailer.

These containers will increase the trailer’s total weight.

A utensil cabinet and attractive kitchen cupboards made of strong birchwood are included in the kitchen, which extends outdoors.

A 2-burner cooktop and a stainless steel sink featuring a sprayer hose are also included. All of your kitchenware may be stored conveniently beneath the counter. 

Storage space beneath the floor, a Fabulous Fan on the rooftop, lined drapes, screened lateral windows, cabin clothing hooks, drink holders, as well as a front storage cupboard, are just a few of the little but important features.

You will receive a foam mattress with a cover, as well as the option of bunk beds. You may even pick a couch that converts to bunk beds with certain layouts.

Key Specifications

Height 5 feet 1 inch
Exterior Length 13 feet 11 inches
Exterior Width 6 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 1,430 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity NA
Grey Water Capacity NA
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $24,919


In this article, the best teardrop trailers with bunk beds have been enlisted and discussed so that you may conveniently choose the most suitable teardrop camper that can accommodate the needs of your entire family.

We hope this article has been able to assist with the purpose mentioned.


What is the best teardrop trailer with bunk beds?

These are the best teardrop trailers with bunk beds

  • Winnebago’s Winnie Drop
  • Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17 BH
  • Summit by Colorado Teardrops
  • Diamond in the Rough Teardrop Trailer
  • Camp-Inn 560 Raindrop

Can you sleep in a teardrop trailer?

Due to their small size, they can conveniently sleep with either one or two persons. Teardrops are ideal for empty nesters, couples having one small kid or families with self-sufficient kids who are mature enough to sleep in an additional tent outside.

How many can sleep in a teardrop camper?

Often these teardrops campers sleep two persons in the main cabin due to their small size, though several introduce a rooftop tent to sleep a couple more people.

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