8 Best Teardrop Trailers Under $10,000

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The purchase of a teardrop trailer is an investment in adventure. The perfect teardrop trailer can take your outdoor experience to a whole new level, whether you’re in the suburbs or in a run-down warehouse.

Days of outdoor adventure, nights beneath the stars, and access to some of civilization’s most basic amenities are just a few of the benefits of a perfect camper.

Small campers like teardrop trailers make camping more fun when you know what you are doing.

For very cost-effective and fuel-saving trips, we have found the smallest and cheapest Teardrop trailers that you can get under $10,000 to have all the fun of your vacation at a very reasonable cost.

You can save big cash with these teardrop campers, which we have listed below.

So check out all of the best teardrop trailers under $10,000 listed below with their details to make your decision now.

Name Weight Price
Oregon Trailer Do Drop 550 lbs $6,150
TCTeardrops Overland Trailer 800 lbs $7,400
Riverside Retro 509 1,050 lbs $10,000
Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 1,900 lbs $9,600
Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD 1,080 lbs $9,400
Helio RV HE3S 456 lbs $8,650
nuCamp Tag XL 1,486lbs $9,100
Sunset Park Sunray 129 3,500 lbs $10,000

Oregon Trailer Do DropOregon Trailer Do Drop
TCTeardrops Overland TrailerTCTeardrops Overland Trailer
Riverside Retro 509Riverside Retro 509
Braxton Creek BushwhackerBraxton Creek Bushwhacker
Coachman Viking Express 9.0TDCoachmen Viking Express 9.0TD
Helio HE3Helio RV HE3S
nuCamp Tag XLnuCamp Tag XL
Sunset Park Sunray 129Sunset Park Sunray 129

What are the Best Teardrop Trailers under $10,000?

1. Oregon Trailer Do Drop

Oregon Trailer Do Drop

The Do Drop by Oregon Trailer is a great and reasonable model that fills the need of having a camper that could just go to the places you ever wished for.

The Do-Drop is produced using high-grade materials and sits on a steel tube outline, yet it’s light enough (550 pounds) to be handily towed by practically any little vehicle or SUV.

This means you can take this trailer even at the tough tracks without worrying.

The trailer’s body aspects are 4 feet wide, 3.5 feet tall, and 7 feet in length. It offers a lot of dozing room with a bed inside and an inside width of 47 inches for you and your partner to stay comfortable.

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Among the numerous choices accessible, the Do-Drop can be furnished with a throw box/camp kitchen, making it an agreeable small lodge on wheels for a comfortable end-of-the-week trip.

2. TCTeardrops Overland Trailer

TCTeardrops Overland Trailer

TCTeardrops Trailers is one of the brands that create a few models that are current adaptations of the work of art trailers from the past.

These trailers are simple to tow, and one of the best models produced by this company as a teardrop trailer is the Overland which comes in five sizes.

You can get from the littlest version at 4×8 feet to the biggest model at 5×10 feet.

Ordinary elements on the TCTeardrops’ Overland are resting space for two 12V charging outlets, LED lighting, and a front storage section.

You will also find a back cookroom with racks and a slide-out table and a lodge storage cabinet with a slide-out table as well.

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3. Riverside Retro 509

Riverside Retro 509 Best Teardrop Trailers Under $10000

The Riverside RV is a brand that has an entire line of Retro tear trailers for the people who need to refresh the moments of old days while investigating nature.

One of the mark components of a Retro Travel Trailer is the checkerboard plan on the floor.

When you get inside these trailers, you’ll feel like you’re in a 50’s-period coffee shop; besides, there are no servers and no jukebox.

The 509 is the littlest choice to get, which is also very cheap at a price, but you still have a choice to move up to a greater version assuming that you want more space.

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On account of the 509’s minimal size, it just incorporates a big bed, some storage compartments, and a little kitchenette toward the back.

This is one best teardrop trailers that you can get for under $10,000, assuming that you’re taking off for the end of the week.

The Retro 509 can stop for all intents and purposes anyplace for added accommodation. This will make your trips more fun and energizing.

4. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Best Teardrop Trailers Under $10000

The Bushwhacker from Braxton Creek is just somewhat greater than most of the other teardrop trailers mentioned here with a very reasonable price.

You get many conveniences in such a little trailer, despite the fact that there still isn’t a latrine, so plan accordingly.

This is a teardrop to get under $10,000 if you are traveling alone to your favorite places.

The Bushwhacker functions admirably in blistering environments because of its amazing A/C unit and rooftop fan. Try not to stress over getting excessively hot around evening time inside this trailer.

You will get an outside kitchenette w/cooler, balancing outback jacks, vortex rooftop vent, Bluetooth sound system, and rooftop rack.

In any case, you get a bed, TV mount, Bluetooth sound system, and a rooftop-mounted stuff rack.

One more supportive component in this best travel trailer is the back-mounted stabilizer.

Little trailers like this can shake to and fro more effectively on the grounds that they just utilize a solitary pivot.

On account of its two extendable feet, jiggling on the roads is not an issue with the Bushwhacker.

Regardless of where you post up for the evening, you’ll have a real sense of reassurance and security inside this camper.

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10FB

5. Coachmen Viking Express 9.0TD

Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD

The next teardrop camper is the Viking Express 9.0TD.

It is an extraordinary trailer for individuals that need to go with their life partners.

It is somewhat above $10,000; however, it compensates for that reality by being marginally bigger.

Along these lines, while the resting limit is still only two, you will have somewhat more space to move around. This will make your outing more agreeable, and you will feel like you are in, to a greater extent a home rather than a camper tent.

This is highly recommended if you are looking for a good pop up teardrop camper

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It can rest 2 individuals, and it has a UVW of 1418 lbs., and GVWR of 2194 lbs, while the hitch weight is 194 lbs.

It’s a good choice to consider when you are camping someplace far off.

Coachman Viking Express 9.0TD floorplan

6. Helio RV HE3S

Helio HE3

Helio is one more addition to our list where the Helio RV HE3S is one of the most incredible teardrop camper trailers that you can get for under $10,000.

What makes this camper trailer exceptional is that it is perhaps the lightest choice accessible to individuals to get from the market.

It has a fiberglass monocoque and a strong aluminum undercarriage, guaranteeing that while it is lightweight, it is still very much protected.

This camper trailer has a resting limit of two individuals, making it an incredible choice to go without help from anyone else or with your companion.

The UVW of this trailer is 456 lbs., and the GVWR is 1400 lbs.

7. nuCamp Tag XL

nuCamp Tag XL Best Teardrop Trailers Under $10000

The next teardrop trailer that we have found under $10,000 is the nuCamp Tag XL.

This is one of the trailer choices to consider with a great tear-style design.

With its style, look, and feel, it can be your new favorite camper to take away on your trips.

You can even alter this tear trailer by picking your shading, and outside illustrations and choosing from one of the two diverse floor plans.

Standard highlights of this trailer incorporate a 19-inch TV, AC system, stargazer window, and surprisingly a Yeti Cooler.

Extra highlights that you can get with the trailer incorporate a Yakima rooftop rack and a Yakima shade.

Alongside fundamental elements like an outside kitchen complete with a sink and two-burner oven, you additionally get awesome additional items in even the essential model.

All models have phenomenal capacity, including an additional extra room under the bed.

The Nu Camp Tag dozes two easily and is ideally suited for the end of the week excursions and, surprisingly, longer setting up camp outings.

8. Sunset Park Sunray 129

Sunset Park Sunray 129 Best Teardrop Trailers Under $10000

Sunset Park Sunray 129 is a great choice for a weekend escape in case you want a cost-effective trailer to do your work.

For under 16 feet long, you will be astounded at what this camper brings to the table. Trekkers, mountain bikers, and outside explorers, all things considered, will see the value in the minimal size and accommodations of this camper.

The camper highlights a dinette that can be switched into a huge bed, alongside a helpful latrine that is conveniently contained in a capacity seat.

Outside, a full open-air kitchen makes preparing a fast feast a breeze. Complete with a two-burner oven, sink, big cooler, storage cupboards, and microwave, this kitchen has everything.

Sunset Park Sunray 129

Should I Rent a Teardrop Trailer Before Buying?

Assuming that you are new to the RV business, you may be enticed to buy one of the most amazing teardrop trailers available immediately.

However, this would not be a great thought. Assuming you have never driven a trailer or RV, you should rent one before you can think of buying a trailer.

This way, you can find out about what is vital to you in a camper.

Distinctive camper trailers like teardrop, pop-up and lightweight travel trailers all have various highlights and keeping in mind that you may think you know what you will like, you can’t know without a doubt until you try out a couple of trailer types.

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By leasing, you will actually want to sort out which camper trailers are best for you when you are prepared to make a buy.

Do Teardrop Trailers Come with Air Conditioning and Heater?

Most of the new teardrop trailers have AC and Heater. But it will be hard for you to find them in small teardrop trailers.

Assuming you buy a more established teardrop trailer, there is a possibility it won’t have a cooling or heating system.

You ought to take note that there are exemptions, so you ought to consistently check to ensure that a trailer you are hoping to buy incorporates every one of the elements you need.

Otherwise, you can include optional features later on.

Can I Negotiate the Price of a Teardrop Camper Trailer?

The amount you can arrange the cost of a teardrop camper trailer relies upon various elements. Initially, it is important who you are purchasing the camper trailer from and where you are getting it.

A seller can generally decline to haggle on the cost, and assuming that is the situation, you should get it at the recorded cost or track down another dealer.

Commonly, assuming you are buying a teardrop camper trailer from an RV vendor, you can get negotiations up to 35 percent relying upon the seller.

Then again, in case you are buying a pre-owned teardrop trailer from an RV seller, you can typically just stay up to 20 percent. But when dealing with a private dealer, you might have the option to arrange 25% or more.

Assuming a private merchant is simply attempting to dump an old teardrop trailer, you could possibly get a great deal for that.

That being said, the amount you can negotiate in all cases generally relies upon who you are purchasing the camper trailer from.

Extended Warranty for Teardrop Campers

You can get an extended warranty for a teardrop camper but not from a showroom. The manufacturers can provide a warranty for their campers, but not all of them do.

Tragically, your chances of experiencing a significant mechanical breakdown go up as time passes.

In view of RV Warranty claims records, more than 3 out of each 10 RVs will require significant fixes in just their second year on the roads.

This increases with time by the end of the fifth year, and so on.


This was a guide on top teardrop trailers that customers can get under $10,000.

We have listed the least expensive trailers to buy for great full-time traveling.

All of them are specially made for long hauls, which means you can pick any of them for your best experience.


Do teardrop campers hold their value?

Teardrop campers will generally hold their worth well much better, relatively, than popup campers or costly RVs and trailers. Indeed, the expanding notoriety of tear campers is something to be thankful for and could help a tear camper hold its worth even better.

Are Teardrop trailers simpler to tow?

Of all the accessible trailers out in the market, the teardrop is the easiest choice to tow. These trailers are simple to tow and move because of their lightweight body and design. It’s significantly less scary to the new RVer.

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