5 Excellent Teardrop Camper for Family of 4

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If you have been taking your family out for a while, but you are not comfortable in your vehicle traveling to places and finding accommodations from hotels and lodges, then you can consider getting a teardrop camper for your family.

It will be easy for you if you have a small family and you buy a teardrop camper for a family of 4, which will allow you and your family to make the best of your trips.

This is the reason we have listed some of the best teardrop camper for family of 4 to find for your small family that has the basic accommodation of a camper along with the comfort you would need for your family.

So we have explained the features and details for the best teardrop campers to find for a family that will allow you to enjoy and explore the wild camp spots at ease.

Name Weight Max Sleeping Count Price
Colorado Teardrops Summit 1,750 lbs 4 $29,700
Happier Camper Traveler 1,800 lbs 4 $68,950
Homegrown Trailers Timberline 4,250 lbs 5 $60,000
Taxa Outdoors Cricket 1,753 lbs 4 $32,439
Forest River R-Pod RP-193 3,654 lbs 6 $33,995

Colorado Teardrops SummitColorado Teardrops Summit
Happier Camper TravelerHappier Camper Traveler
Timberline by HomeGrownHomegrown Trailers Timberline
TAXA Outdoors CricketTaxa Outdoors Cricket
Forest River R-PodForest River R-Pod RP-193

What are the Best Teardrop Camper for Family of 4?

1. Colorado Teardrops Summit

Colorado Teardrops Summit

When you want a teardrop trailer for a family of 4, you can consider getting the Colorado Teardrops Summit trailer.

This is one of the best teardrop campers for you, which comes in a modest size, allowing you to tow the trailer behind your vehicle.

With this teardrop camper for a group of four, you can move up to a 12-gallon freshwater tank, so you don’t need to carry water with you.


Normally, you’ll see that they have restricted size choices and conveniences. In this way, you need to design in a like manner.

The essential selling points of this trailer are its solidness and development.

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The outside has an aluminum covering to assist with safeguarding the trailer from the components.

The whole unit has double-layered protection so you can camp in chilly climate conditions without getting excessively freezing inside.

One issue that you’ll find with these trailers is that they don’t come all the time with a washroom, and it’s really uncommon to have a shower implicit.

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At long last, these trailers have rough terrain tires, presenting to a length of 20 inches, so you can travel for all intents and purposes anyplace.

Overall, this teardrop trailer is dependable, and it will assist you with roaming the world freely.

2. Happier Camper Traveler

Happier Camper Traveler

The next one is Happier Camper Traveler. This is a people’s choice teardrop camper which has an inside eating region that can be changed over into a bed with the goal that you can rest around evening time.

This arrangement is amazing for a group of four as it permits you to move areas as you see fit, regardless of whether to set aside more space for resting or to make the interior more advantageous.


The Happier Camper Traveler makes things a stride further by offering a semi-measured inside.

Full kitchenette, full washroom, 17-gallon fresh and black water tanks included and chilly climate protection, simple to-clean surfaces, and a lot more can be found inside this trailer.

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Another component to like with regards to the Traveler teardrop trailer for a group of four is that the surfaces are really simple to clean.

RVs will generally gather soil, grime, and different components over the long journey.

The best part is that not exclusively would you be able to wipe everything down rapidly, but you can easily eliminate segments and clean under them.

There is also honeycomb flooring. You simply need to detach a piece and snap it into another segment at whatever point you like.

A few components can’t be moved, but the capacity to revamp your trailer makes it a lot simpler to live out and about.

Besides, the Traveler has a full kitchenette to make your suppers and washroom with the accessibility that you can get the basic accommodations.

All of this comes with a hefty price tag.

Happier Camper Traveler Floorplan

3. Homegrown Trailers Timberline

Timberline by HomeGrown

The Homegrown Trailers Timberline is a wooden body teardrop trailer with greater size than ordinary campers, which has a wet restroom, full kitchenette, a big 23-gallon freshwater tank, and a seven-foot inside stature, solar chargers, and a lot more to impress a user.

It is one of the best teardrop campers for a family of 4.

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It is wide inside, giving you more room. The advantage of having such a lot of additional room is that you don’t need to crush in however much you do with other, more modest models.

Indeed, this trailer can rest up to five individuals with one of the floorplans, which has a wide bed and two cots.

As you’ll see by taking a look at all the teardrop campers, this is the biggest teardrop trailer for a group of four.

At 23 feet in length, it actually falls into the “travel trailer” classification, but since it has a teardrop configuration, it is in.

The camper provides a full kitchenette and a wet washroom to help you get refreshed at the moment.

The kitchenette has a counter fridge, and you get a 23-gallon freshwater tank to assist with cooking and washing.

Another component of this teardrop trailer for a group of four is the inside stature.

Normally, teardrop trailers are not great for taller individuals since they’re very small in size on the inside.

But, the Timberline has seven feet of room tallness, so essentially, everybody can feel good while moving around in this trailer.

4. Taxa Outdoors Cricket

TAXA Outdoors Cricket

Taxa Outdoors Cricket is a lightweight teardrop that is loved by almost everyone because of its compact size and easy to tow.

This can be your best choice as a teardrop camper for a small family having just a couple and two youngsters.

Anybody who owns this camper gets the best use out of it due to its ability to go to any place and any terrain without difficulty.


This trailer has a convenient toilet and a standard freshwater tank, so you don’t need to stress a lot over where you will do your business.

It’s additionally outfitted with a blend heater/heated water storage so you can utilize water while cooking.

The heater is additionally useful while setting up camp in a chilly climate so you can remain warm.

Luckily, the Cricket has the setup for summer RVing too.

You will get a 5,000 BTU climate control system making it one of the ideal teardrop campers to take out for family gatherings.

TAXA Cricket Camper Floorplan

5. Forest River R-Pod RP-193

Forest River r-pod

The Forest River R-Pod RP-193 is a modest-size camper that is almost towable with any vehicle at all.

You will get all the useful features like a slide-out closet, double lofts, standard size washroom with shower, convertible Murphy bed, go-through capacity, six cubic foot fridge, and a lot more just inside this teardrop camper for living and camping.

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This teardrop trailer for a group of four rides the line between a teardrop model or a standard travel trailer. To the extent of inside highlights, this camper has all that you and your family need for a long safe trip.

Double bunks are ideally suited for sleeping the children and offering some security.

The washroom has a different shower with the objective that you don’t need to get all that wet while cleaning yourself.

The kitchenette has a double burner, sink, and a six-cubic-foot ice chest.

It is 9 feet tall inside, and you can get enough space to move around inside the camper freely. There is also a lot of room inside to move around and hang out.

While other teardrop models are too minimized to even consider burning through the majority of your day inside (particularly with kids), this trailer is really extensive.

Furthermore, since it has a slide-out segment, you can extend the inside to be considered really obliging for the individuals who are taking long trips and want to rest and breathe in an open interior space.

Forest River R-Pod 193


This was a discussion about the best teardrop camper for a family of 4 in which we listed the most useful and best campers for towing behind a small vehicle and camping at different locations.

All of these teardrop campers are easy to take on to your favorite spots with the goal that you and your small family can rest and enjoy a beautiful, peaceful day.


How much does a teardrop trailer cost?

Teardrop campers can range in the price from $5,000 to more than $20,000, contingent upon their size and conveniences. All things considered, small campers are from $5,000-$10,000, moderate-sized campers are between $11,000 to $16,000, and bigger trailers start at $116,000 and go up from that point.

Do teardrop campers have toilets?

Teardrop campers have restrooms. Indeed, numerous teardrop campers don’t enable campers to stand up in them. Nonetheless, there are a few producers making teardrop campers with a standing room as well as washroom offices.

This makes it easier for the user to take a look inside this camper. Here are the Best Teardrop Trailers with Toilets

Are teardrop trailers worth the effort?

For the individuals who love the outside but need a portion of the conveniences of home, a little camper may be the ideal decision.

Teardrop campers are more agreeable than resting or living in a tent and more straightforward to set up at a camp spot than any huge RV.

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