How to Stop Travel Trailer from Rocking and Stabilize it?

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Does your travel trailer shakes when you are walking in it? Do you want to know how to stabilize a shaking travel trailer? If you have answered yes, read the below article to learn how to stop a travel trailer from rocking and stabilize it!

Before I discuss how to stop a travel trailer from rocking, it is essential to know the reason(s) causing your travel trailer to rock. It is because finding the exact cause is the key to properly solve the issue. Moreover, knowing the exact cause will help you to take the proper steps to address the issue.

However, a travel trailer’s shakiness and rockiness is a common problem and can be fixed easily. So, you don’t have to worry much. You should also accept the fact the travel trailers are meant to wiggle.

This is because your travel trailer comes with a set of tires in the middle that tends to carry a lot of weight of the entire trailer, as well as the weight of everything you have packed in it, including passengers. Tires have air in them, which makes them incredibly flexible, which is why a travel trailer rocks when walking in it.

How to Stop Travel Trailer from Rocking and Stabilize it?

Moreover, since travel trailers use suspension springs, which is awesome for flexibility, it offers nothing but a wiggly ride when it comes to a smooth ride. So, what we have to do now is to work on those flexible parts to try to create a connection between the trailer and the ground. In this regard, you have to take basic measures to stabilize the trailer.

It includes setting up stabilizers as soon as you hit the campground. Although this is what experienced RVers do, but it would help for those new to RVing. So, now what you need to know is the necessary steps to properly stabilizing a trailer.

How to Stabilize a Travel Trailer?

Below are a number of things you have to go through when stabilizing a travel trailer,

  • Ensure the tightness of your travel trailer’s tire lugs. In this regard, having a lug wrench is a useful tool.
  • Ensure that the tires have optimum air pressure in them. You should use a digital tire gauge for this. If you think that the tire’s pressure is not up to the mark, you should make use of a portable air compressor. Moreover, make sure to use an extension cord as well for the air compressor.
  • The next thing is to make sure to park your trailer on leveling blocks. They are tending to be distributed to ensure the vehicle’s level. (Check our article on How to Level a Travel Trailer for more in-depth info)
  • Ensure the trailer is perfectly level using a graduated level.
  • Make sure to place the wheel chocks in their respective places.
  • Extending the RV stabilizer jack also helps to stabilize a travel trailer. In this regard, you will need four stabilizer jacks.

These are some simple steps to stop a travel trailer from rocking by stabilizing it. However, if your travel trailer is still rocking and shaking its hips like Shakira, there is another way to address the issue.

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How to Stop Travel Trailer from Rocking?

If you’ve followed all the above steps and your trailer is still rocking, here is what you can do.

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1. Use X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers

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Using X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers would help to stop the travel trailer from rocking by stabilizing it. However, it would be great to use X-Chock stabilizers if your vehicle is rocking from the center.

2. Use Slide Out Stabilizers

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If you notice that the trailer is rocking from the slide-out portion, the best you can do is to use slide-out stabilizers.

3. Use Scissor Jacks

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If you think your trailer is wiggling because you haven’t used enough stabilizing jacks, you should go for the scissor jacks.

4. Use Stabilizers for the Entrance and Bumper

If the wobble only occurs when you enter inside the RV or if it is coming from the back of the vehicle, use at least two of them to entrance or bumper stabilizing jacks.

Note: If you have applied all the tips but cannot stop the travel trailer from rocking, make sure that you have parked your RV on a solid surface. If the surface is too soft, no matter how many little helpers you add to address the issue, they all will wiggle to make your trailer keep rocking.

So, the remedy here is if the ground is too soft, you can use wooden blocks that you will place under the stabilizer jacks. Moreover, make sure to use wooden blocks that are long enough and even. Although it all means to carry more stuff with you, they are worth it to help you in situations like this.

I sincerely hope to use the above tips, you will be able to stop your travel trailer from rocking. Now, let’s talk about some best stabilizer jacks that will help you to stop a travel trailer from rocking and stabilize it.

Best Stabilizer Jacks to Stabilizer Travel Trailer

1. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

[amazon box=B002XLHUQG]

Since the first step you have to go through to stabilize a travel trailer is to make sure that the tires can’t move, this cannot be achieved using wheel chocks only as they might reduce the rocking, but the tires will still be free to move. This is where you want to have X-Chock Wheel Stabilizers.

They come as pair along with a wrench tool that helps to install them between tires. They can be used for fifth-wheels and RVs as well. They are popular among RVers and are considered the best starters for stabilizing a travel trailer.

Moreover, they are portable and weigh only 11.2 lbs. They are also an excellent option to install between tires for those who have never stabilized a travel trailer before. When it comes to their durability, they have a rust inhibitive coating as a protection from the weather, along with a handle to make them easy to carry.

Note: Do not use X-Chocks before unhitching and leveling your trailer.

  • They can be installed easily by anybody.
  • They have rust-inhibitive coating as a protection against the weather.
  • They have a handle, which makes them easy to carry.
  • They are not for single axle trailers.


2. Libra Scissors Type Levelers

[amazon box=B00VW7CV7U]

Although most of the trailers come with their own scissor jacks, most of them are not safe to use when you have packed the trailer with a heavy load. That is why RVers prefer to replace them with something that can handle a heavier load, like Libra Scissors.

These levelers are among the best and most popular ones designed to handle heavy-duty loads. Each of them is capable of handling up to 5,000lbs. Moreover, they can also be mount in opposing ways to stabilize the travel trailers as well. Since they are heavier-duty levelers, you can use them for fifth-wheels and enormous RVs as well.

  • They are heavier-duty levelers and can be used for fifth-wheels and other enormous vehicles.
  • They can handle up to 5,000 lbs of weight.
  • They also help to stabilize a travel trailer.
  • They are a bit on the pricey side.


3. Comco Self-Stor Step Support

[amazon box=B0024ECHII]

One of the commons reasons that make a travel trailer rock is when you enter into it using the trailer steps. If your trailer steps are hitting the ground, there is no point in adding support to them to stop a travel trailer from rocking. However, if they are above the ground and feel your trailer rocks every time you enter into the steps, you should use step support. This is where Comco Self-Store Step Support jacks come in.

They will improve the steps. Once you have folded down the steps, put it underneath the steps. You can adjust them from 8.5” to 14” depending on the height of your trailer steps. Once you have installed two of them under the steps, they will help to stop the travel trailer from rocking.

However, they cannot be removed once installed, but you can fold them up when traveling. They are great at stabilizing a travel trailer.

  • They are great to stabilize and level the trailer’s steps.
  • They are adjustable.
  • You can fold them up when traveling.
  • You cannot lock them up when folded down.


4. Valterra 020106 RV Stabilizer

[amazon box=B001UGJPXQ]

Valterra 020106 is another universal product that can be used for fifth-wheels, motorhomes, RVs, toy haulers, Class C motorhomes, and travel trailers to stabilize them. It is portable and can be stored in a bag when you are traveling and don’t need it to stabilize the travel trailer. The product can be set up either along with the frame or on the rear bumper. However, I recommend installing one near the trailer’s steps to stop the travel trailer from rocking that happens when you enter or leave the trailer.

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It comes with three bars – top bar and to each side of the top bar. It also has two feet connected to the sidebars, while the ratchet strap is linked between the feet and tightened. However, depending on how high your travel trailer is, you can adjust the sidebars from 14-28 inches.

The tool is also a go-to option to stop travel trailer from rocking when you walk around or there is high-speed wind. All in all, Valterra 020106 is a great product and easy enough to set up to stabilize a travel trailer.

  • It is a universal product, which means you can use it for Class C motorhomes, RVs, fifth-wheels, toy haulers, travel trailers, etc.
  • You can set the stabilizer height according to your trailer’s height.
  • They are easy enough to set up.
  • They don’t come in pairs.

5. Steady Fast RV Stabilizer System

[amazon box=B00F21KVVA]

One more stabilizer system I want to recommend to stop travel trailers from rocking is the Steady Fast system. The system is a great option for camper trailers with four jacks – two front jacks and two rear jacks. This is because the system is installed on the jacks. Moreover, they are also convenient since they are installed permanently, and you don’t have to set them up every time you arrive at a campsite.

Because of their triangulation design, they form a wide triangle. They go from one to another side on the back and front of the trailer, which makes them a better option than many other stabilizers available out there.

  • They help to prevent the chassis movement.
  • They are capable of heavy-duty handling loads.
  • They have different models depending on your trailer requirements.
  • They are not easy to set up as compared to other stabilizers mentioned on the list.

Wrapping Up

That is how to stop a travel trailer from rocking and stabilize it. The above guide is explaining everything that you need to know to stabilize a travel trailer. Moreover, it includes a list of best stabilizers that help stop a travel trailer from rocking and stabilize it. They can also handle heavy loads and can be used for RVs, fifth-wheels, toy haulers, Class C motorhomes, and travel trailers. Don’t feel shy to post a comment if you have any queries. Happy Travelling.


What is the best way to stabilize a travel trailer?

When you level or stabilize a travel trailer, make sure to park the trailer on a solid surface. If the surface is soft, use wood blocks. Using the level and stabilizer jacks are the best way to stop a trailer from wobbling.

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