How Tall is a Travel Trailer? (Average Travel Trailer Height)

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Travel trailers are beautiful creatures. They are great for people who are just getting started with RVing and cannot afford enormous luxurious RVs. They are also a perfect choice for people who have a standard full-size SUV or a pickup truck as a tow vehicle. However, some travel trailers are incredibly light and can be towed by small SUVs as well.

Travel trailers come in different sizes, and the most prominent concern people often worry about is height. A travel trailer with perfect height means you will have plenty of headroom inside your recreational vehicle. Moreover, you’ll also have peace of mind when going under the overpasses.

So, one of the most common questions regarding travel trailers that RVers often ask is about the average travel trailer height. It is also crucial because most of the US states have rules regarding average travel trailers’ height to make sure they can travel safely on highways.

Average Travel Trailer Height

The average travel trailer height between 9 to 11 feet. Maximum is 12 feet. The height of the travel trailers varies from state to state based on the local laws. 

That is why I have decided to write this post to outline and answer all the queries you have in your mind.

How Tall is a Travel Trailer?

So, let’s get started!

Average Travel Trailer Height

Travel Trailer Height

Average travel trailer height varies depending on the state laws since different states have different rules and regulations regarding the trailer’s average height. However, the maximum height of a travel trailer is no more than 12 feet (13 feet rarely).

Average Exterior Height of a Travel Trailer

All the travel trailer models available around today, the average exterior height of trailers varies depending on what model you have or you want to have. However, most travel trailers average height runs between 11 to 12 feet. Generally, the larger a travel trailer is, the higher the roof will be.

Since the average height of travel trailers is 11 feet, they can easily go under the overpasses and bridges. That said, knowing the exact height of your trailer is what you should pay attention to when passing under bridges or overpasses.

The average height of the garage door is 7 feet, but some are higher than that. Since both SUVs and travel trailers are gaining more height, people now prefer to install taller garage doors. That said, if you have a 10 feet garage door, it will be unable to fit the trailer regardless, even if the length fits perfectly.

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So, it is essential to know that travel trailers have antennas, air conditioning units, racks, etc. placed on the roof. It means you cannot rely on the manufacturer’s height since it may not be accurate. So, it would be great to measure the height from the trailer’s tallest point before setting off.

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Average Interior Height of a Travel Trailer

Unlike RV types with higher ceilings, travel trailers have lower ceilings. Most of them come with six to six-and-half feet ceilings, but not all the models. RV manufacturers are aware that people like trailers with a higher ceiling, so you can easily find one with up to seven feet.

Although, even some travel trailer models of up to 6.10 feet or higher, you should know that slide’s ceilings won’t be as high. However, some manufacturers are smart enough and make the slides larger. But, it shouldn’t be a concern since most of the time, slides are used for the seating (chairs or sofas), so you don’t need much of a headroom.

Average Dimensions of a Travel Trailer

Cricket Trailer Dimensions
Cricket Trailer Dimensions

You should take into account that the average length of a travel trailer is about 25 feet, while an enormous model can be stretched up to 30 feet. This also means the longer a travel trailer is, the taller it will be. However, the average height of a travel trailer doesn’t surpass 11 feet.

Moreover, people often overlook the height added by installed equipment, such as an air conditioning unit and other safety tools. In that case, you will get yourself fined for violating the rules or hit a bridge when traveling.

Limits to How Tall a Travel Trailer Can Be (State Wise)

If you have a travel trailer taller than that, you might be unable to travel safely beneath certain highways with low clearance and overpasses. So, it would be helpful to check the laws for the state you are considering to travel in. It would help you to rearrange your plans in advance rather than shelling out a serious amount of dollars to repair the damage caused to your trailer because of a bridge or underpass.

Below, I have outlined the list of US states and their laws for a maximum height of travel trailers, which will make things easier for you;

13.6 feet is the maximum height of a travel trailer in the following US states:

  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Illinois
  • Washington DC
  • Iowa
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Delaware
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Kentucky
  • Rhode Island
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • West Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Michigan
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Arizona
  • Louisiana
  • Puerto Rico

14 feet is the maximum height of a travel trailer in the following US states:

  • Wyoming
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Kansas
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Montana
  • Hawaii
  • Texas
  • South Dakota.

14.6 and 15 feet is the maximum height of a travel trailer in the following US states:

  • Nebraska
  • Colorado
  • Alaska

Unlike RVs and fifth-wheels with a cabin area and living space, travel trailers are specifically designed for towing behind a vehicle. Although the classification is expandable, the average height of a travel trailer is 11 feet. It means a travel trailer is ideal for traveling legally from state to state while staying within the national standard for maximum trailer height.

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This is also the standard reason why most RVers and outdoor enthusiasts prefer having a travel trailer for their traveling needs.

So, what are the benefits of a travel trailer?

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Travel Trailer Styles and Sizes

If you’re a solo road adventurer or a couple who are looking to buy a compact and short-in-length travel trailer, one that measures 10 feet would be a great pick for you. Moreover, as an added benefit means you will be able to easily tow it by a crossover or small SUV.

However, for larger families, you have to consider a trailer with generous living space. It means a trailer running 20 feet in length would be a great pick. You should also thoroughly examine the configuration of the unit before buying it.

Moreover, while buying a trailer, you should ask yourself some important questions to make sure you don’t throw your money away;

Is there sufficient sleeping space for everyone?

Does it have a bathroom facility?

Does it offer electricity hookups if you plan on boondocking?

Taller is Better – Is It True?

Ok, so do you really need a taller travel trailer? The answer to this depends on multiple factors.

Firstly, if your family has the tallest member, you have to find a higher ceiling trailer to accommodate them. You should keep in mind that generally, a trailer’s measurements refer to the trailer’s exterior height, which will obviously be higher than the ceiling. You should take a look at its interior specs to make sure every member of your family can move around freely.

Secondly, it is also crucial to take this number into consideration to determine if your garage has sufficient clearance and if it complies with the rules for the state you are going to travel to. However, it isn’t a big issue as a travel trailer’s average interior height doesn’t exceed seven feet. However, higher ceilings can also be found if required.

Thirdly, determining whether a taller trailer is good for you is to consider your skills to tow larger loads. Travel trailer higher in length means they will be long and hard to maneuver. So, a travel trailer with low height (low clearance) might be a perfect fit for those with less experience.

How to Measure a Travel Trailer?

If you are in doubt regarding your travel trailer height, measuring it by yourself is easy. While measuring a trailer, you should do it twice – when it is unhitched and hooked up. It is because attaching the trailer to a hitch will eventually increase its height.

Travel Trailer Base Height Measurement

Before measuring your trailer’s base height, make sure it is parked on an even surface. If one of its ends is higher than the other, you won’t get an accurate measurement. You can use the tape measure to mark the highest point of the trailer (roof) to the lowest point (tires) touching the ground.

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Moreover, if your trailer has antennas, AC units, vents, etc. include them in your assessment.

Travel Trailer Hooked Up Measurement

Once you have the base height measurement of your trailer, you are now required to measure it again after you have hooked it up. Once it is properly hooked up, use the tape measure again to mark the highest point (roof’s exterior) to the point touching the ground (tires). If the measurement is well within the industry standards, you are all set to travel.

Benefits and Features of Travel Trailers

A standard travel trailer tends to provide both comfort and luxury of an RV while also delivering a tow vehicle’s convenience. You can drive your second home on wheels to your favorite campsite, unhitch the unit, head out to shop for groceries, supplies, or explore the narrow streets around. This also means you will save a bit of money on fuel by not towing a vehicle behind a recreational vehicle.

Although teardrop and pop-up campers are incredibly compact, lightweight, and you can easily park them even in tighter places, but they have minimum living space. On the other hand, travel trailers offer ample living space and plenty of headroom to keep you comfortable.

Moreover, some travel trailers are also armed with slide-outs, allowing you to expand the living space.

Wrapping Up

Not everyone is able to afford enormous fifth-wheels and RVs. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy the RV lifestyle in a compact, lightweight, and affordable travel trailer. Travel trailers are a perfect option for many RVers because of the versatility, affordability, and conveniences they offer. 

However, before investing in a travel trailer, taking its dimensions into consideration is essential. The biggest concern is height as all the US states have rules and regulations regarding travel trailer’s height. If you are trailer is higher than the industry standard, you will get yourself fined or hit a bridge/overpass when traveling on an open highway. Above, I have outlined the average height of a travel trailer and how you can measure it is. Moreover, I have also listed the maximum height of a travel trailer for different US states to tow it legally. Happy Camping!


Is it possible to measure your travel trailer height by yourself?

If you have doubts about your travel trailer height complies or not with the industry standards, you can measure it by yourself. In this regard, you will need a tape measure. Before measuring the height, make sure that it is parked on an even surface. After that, point to the highest point of the trailer, and then the lowest point touches the ground. If your trailer has equipment installed on the roof, such as antennas, AC units, vents, etc., make sure to include these in your measurement. Moreover, measure the trailer again using the same method when it is hooked up.

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