4 Excellent Open Deck Toy Haulers

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Toy haulers are useful trailers that can load your vehicle or toys easily. These are the types of trailers that provide useful features of a camper along with additional space for a garage.

They are more expensive than ordinary travel trailers, and they require bigger space than simple travel trailers but the reason to love them is that they provide a lot of accommodation for all the RV campers in a place.

If you want to know about the best open deck toy haulers, then there are some options that provide the carport as an open deck to load your vehicles or toys into the toy hauler.

The best open deck toy haulers are bigger and wider, which means they have more inside space and loading capacity.

To know more about these open deck toy haulers, here is everything you need to know.

Name Weight
Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS 9,900 lbs
Heartland Road Warrior 4275RW 20,000 lbs
Forest River Work And Play 29SS 12,500 lbs
Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 16,565 lbs

What are the Best Open Deck Toy Haulers?

1. Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS

Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS

The best open deck toy hauler we have here is the Eclipse Stellar Pro-Lite 27FS. In spite of the relative number of features to notice in this RV toy hauler, you would be happy that you have put your investment in the right place.

This toy hauler is great for any individual who needs a toy hauler with an open deck but has predominant protection and sturdy development highlights.


The 27FS has a length of 32 feet and 9 inches, with a GVWR of 9,900 pounds, making it a very heavy option.

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The dry weight of this open deck toy hauler is 7,740 pounds, while the hitch weight is 1,087 pounds.

There are features like an LED-lit deck canopy, calfskin seats, open-air speakers, a double entryway refrigerator, a completely encased shower, a total stroll around a wide bed, a cooling system, and a huge heater.

The construction of this toy hauler is very sturdy. The quality of the overall trailer is very impressive.

This unit has fiberglass outside and is worked with aluminum outlining, making it one step lighter than most of the other toy haulers.

In spite of the fact that it is on the heavier side for a typical toy hauler, you will far-fetched have any issues towing it, assuming you have a vehicle like a half-ton truck.

If you are willing to go somewhere off the network and camp there without resources, then you will find its solar chargers to be very useful.

There is also a 4000-watt Onan generator. Also, assuming you intend to camp in far-off areas frequently, you will appreciate that this model has a huge fuel capacity.

Other than the development and dry setting up camp conveniences, there are numerous advanced cutting-edge highlights present in this unit that makes us choose this trailer as the best open deck toy hauler.

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2. Heartland Road Warrior 4275RW

Heartland Road Warrior 4275RW

The next option as the best open deck toy hauler is the Heartland Road Warrior 4275RW.

It is a very expensive model with some of the most useful highlights.

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In this model, you are paying for extravagance, dependability, toughness, and flexibility.

The 4275RW model has the most highlights and the most amazing open deck available anywhere.


This fifth-wheel toy hauler is outfitted with a zero-gravity incline entryway that has a porch unit. This unit permits you to change your slope entryway into an enormous outside the sitting region.

Furthermore, this unit is 45 feet and 8 inches long with a tallness of 13 feet and 3 inches.

It additionally expands your 13-foot freight region, which implies you can welcome more individuals to have a seat and chit-chat with everyone.

The Warrior 4275RW has a GVWR of 20,000 pounds and a hitch weight of 3,525 pounds. It has a dry load of 15,729 pounds and a freight limit of 4,223 pounds.

It is basic to note weight and stature evaluations with fifth wheels as you want to guarantee your towing vehicle is competent.

This present model’s top inside highlights incorporate a JBL howdy fi framework, a 13,500 BTU cooling framework, a tub in the private room, and a chimney.

There are various other things to note about this open deck toy hauler, which includes some useful features like a 20-watt solar charger with an inverter that can be useful for camping off the network.

There is a lockable 30-gallon fuel capacity with a siphon and meter, and the entire unit has frameless colored protection windows.

All of these features are worth what it is priced at by the manufacturer.

3. Forest River Work And Play 29SS

Work and Play 29SS

If you like to wander around and travel in your trailer, then Forest River Work And Play 29SS can be your traveling partner.

This open deck toy hauler can assist you with loading your toys like an ATV, bike, motorcycle, and more.

All things considered, you really want a toy hauler that is fit for giving solace and freight space. It comes outfitted with an incline entryway party unit that changes your toy hauler by changing your slope entryway into an open deck.


The Work And Play 29SS model has a very nearly 16-foot long freight region, 30-gallon fuel storage, a solar bundle, and a 5.5k generator. Also, it has alumicage development.

This adjusted region gives you an all-out entertainment zone.

You will also find an aluminum-built-up walkable rooftop and vacuum-reinforced dividers with Azdel composite boards.

These elements make this toy hauler unquestionably hard-core and ideal for rough terrains.

Inside the Work And Play 29SS, you will get a completely prepared restroom that has a shower with a lookout window, a porcelain flush toilet, and a medication cabinet.

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The kitchen has every one of the fundamental private conveniences required, including a microwave, oven, fridge, and a kitchen sink with a faucet.

This model is 36 feet in length, has one slide-out, and can rest up to six individuals.

Other than a toy hauler’s development and outside highlights, it’s essential to note what inside highlights it has.

You would rather not put resources into a unit that will make you feel uncomfortable.

In any case, the best highlights are most certainly the camera prep, HD rubber treated oil, gas, satellite prep, dampness-safe deck, and auto-start heater that has a divider-mounted indoor regulator.

4. Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack

The Cherokee Wolf Pack is one of the toy haulers with an open deck and space for the users to put their toys and load their vehicles on the carport.

The Cherokee Wolf Pack is a toy hauler that converts to a bunkhouse very quickly. The Wolf Pack isn’t generally a toy hauler or a bunkhouse.

It is whatever you really want it to be for the outing you are going to take.


Assuming your family prefers to take ATVs, bikes, golf trucks, kayaks, barbecues, kindling, and the wide range of various setting up camp staples, then the loading space on this one is enough to accommodate you.

It is a flexible option for you, giving you an open deck freight space to convert it according to your necessities.

You also get a bunkhouse area inside this toy hauler. It is huge in size, which means there are a lot of conveniences and features that you can notice on the inside.

You can also modify a lot of things and add extra according to your own choice inside this toy hauler.

Other Toy Haulers With a Deck

There are also a lot of toy haulers that have a deck with covering that saves your toys or vehicles from environmental changes.

The best ones according to our opinion are.

1. Forest River No Boundaries 19.1

Forest River No Boundaries 19.1

Forest River No Boundaries 19.1 is a toy hauler with having 24 ft 11-inch length packing a lot of features.

This little travel trailer weighs under 4,500 lbs and has a hitch weight of 720 lbs. With the addition of 30-gallon tanks, you’ll have a lot of room for fresh, gray, and dark water in your trailer.

This little toy hauler includes a wide bed, a dry shower, and a full kitchen.

The 10.5 ft carport region has a lot of space for a golf truck or cruiser, and you can also load your toys like ATVs, bikes, and more.

Since you have a small toy hauler, it means you can tow it with a more modest vehicle on your long trips easily.

2. InTech Flyer

InTech Explorer Flyer XLT

The inTech Flyer is another small toy hauler with a deck. It is 13 ft 9 inches long which makes it a very modest option on the list, having a weight under 2,020 lbs.

The completely welded confine structure is sufficiently able to deal with taking it off a cleared path. You’ll have the option to take this toy hauler anywhere and explore new places.

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This unquestionably lightweight aluminum outline implies most fair-size SUVs will have no issues towing this little toy hauler.

You might accept the InTech Flyer can rest an individual or two easily.

Moving up to an extra tip-out on the curbside of the trailer gives dozing space to 4-6 grown-ups.

It also has an overhead compartment and a front-mounted capacity holder giving a lot of room for provisions.

What is a Toy Hauler Camper?

Toy hauler RVs have a carport-like space toward the back.

A huge slope entryway that turns into simple storage and loading space that fills in as a deck. You’ll most normally track down toy haulers in fifth wheels or travel trailers, and the reason behind it is that they provide more space and features altogether in one place.

The carport in a toy hauler fills in as a multi-reason space with apparently limitless potential. Numerous RVing families frequently utilize the carport space as a room for the children.

Some RVers work from their RV and convert this space into a workspace. You can utilize your creative mind to track down innovative ways of utilizing this space.

The open deck toy haulers are the same as other RV campers, but they don’t have a roof or any covering around them. The carport hangs at the back of the trailer.

This additional space can be utilized according to the user’s choice. Now we take a look at some of the best open deck toy haulers.

Benefits of a Toy Hauler With an Open Deck

Other than the outstanding advantage of broadening the space of your toy hauler, an open deck has a couple of extraordinary advantages you ought to know about.

Here they are.

  • When setting up camp on a slope or close to a water source, having an open deck will give you a superior view and permit you to enjoy the environmental elements.
  • An open deck permits you to have an outside region with breakfast or supper out in the open yet at the same time securely off the ground.
  • Open decks are an incredible expansion for the people who are energetic with regard to engaging visitors and family. They give the extra space frequently expected to have a beautiful outside party space.
  • Enclosed open decks give you an agreeable space to securely enjoy or think in nature without dreading annoying bugs and wild creatures.


This was the best open deck toy haulers review in which we have shared info on the top toy haulers providing a lot of space with their open decks along with other features.

For more, visit our site.


What are the top-rated toy haulers?

Here is a list of some top-rated toy haulers in our list

  • Winnebago Scorpion 4014.
  • Keystone Raptor 355TS.
  • Jayco Seismic 4250.
  • LANCE CAMPER Lance TH 2612.
  • Evergreen RV Tesla T3950.
  • KZ-RV Venom 3911.
  • FOREST RIVER Fury 2912X – Prime Time RV.
  • Winnebago Spyder 24FQ.

Who makes the most reliable toy hauler?

Following manufacturers make the most reliable toy haulers in the world.

  • Grand Design
  • Eclipse
  • Forest River
  • Dutchmen 
  • Heartland
  • Keystone
  • Weekend Warrior

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