6 Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler

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Fifth wheel toy haulers are big bulky campers to pull along. These toy haulers are a house on wheels with all the luxuries and commodities in one place for a family to enjoy the best of their time.

The benefits of owning a fifth wheel toy hauler are that you can just relax and sit in your own space and do activities like watching TV, or rest and even the office work and wash your clothes as well.

The fifth wheel toy haulers have simply all that a person may need, and it makes life simpler and easier as you don’t have to rush here and there for things. You have your own home with wheels.

Your adventure can be fun if you know which toy hauler would be the best for your journey, which is why this article has the information for the best 5th wheel toy haulers that you can buy today.

Name Weight Length
Jayco Seismic 20,695 lbs 45.58 ft
Palomino Puma Unleashed 383DSS 10,758 lbs 39.10 ft
Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTH 14,190 lbs 41.08 ft
Jayco Talon 16,000 lbs 41.33 ft
Forest River Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12 19,500 lbs 42.10 ft
Forest River XLR Thunderbolt 16,280 lbs 43.2 ft

Jayco SeismicJayco Seismic
Palomino Puma Unleashed 383DSSPalomino Puma Unleashed 383DSS
Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTHCedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTH
Jayco TalonJayco Talon
Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12Forest River Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12
Forest River XLR ThunderboltForest River XLR Thunderbolt

What are the Best 5th Wheel Toy Hauler?

1. Jayco Seismic

Jayco Seismic

The best fifth wheel toy hauler is the Jayco Seismic which was factory-made in 2020. This can be a tremendous option to consider. There are eight-floor plans on the market for this toy hauler.

Though their characteristics are terribly similar within the bases, the most distinction between them is the size of the freight compartment and that’s what interests us most today.

There are a lot of the options that this toy hauler has, and they are as.


The variability of garage sizes is sort of wide, starting from 11’4 “to 16”. It goes while not spoken communication that the larger the garage, the smaller the elbow room can be.

So, once selecting a floor plan, patrons got to grasp what they needed so as to urge the model with the proper combination of comfort carrying capacity.

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However, overall it can’t be aforesaid that the garage leaves insufficient space within the living compartment, even with floor plans that have larger garages.

Interiors still seem to be quite spacious, most likely because of are quite large. However, that’s not all. The baggage compartments of this series of motorhomes are equipped with collapsable and removable hinged furniture.

When you’re not exploiting the rear luggage compartment, you’ll be able to use the free house to create a motorhome lot comfortable. This sounds like a good feature for folks that don’t continuously travel with their toys.

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The trunk doesn’t become a waste of space once you don’t have your quad with you. Some floor plans even have 2 toilets, that is another issue we tend to like regarding this model line quite well.

They are available with the necessary basics sort of a 40,000 British thermal unit oven, three burner range, tank bypass system, stainless-steel oven, and more.

Things like an AC unit or a refrigerator don’t seem to be on the market, however. These are enclosed within the client price package offered by the corporate will embrace extra choices.

Different things like 50A service, a 5.5kW generator, half-dozen purpose leveling systems, a Residential microwave oven, and a number of light-emitting diode TVs are additionally associated with this set.

Jayco Seismic Floorplan

2. Palomino Puma Unleashed 383DSS

Palomino Puma Unleashed 383DSS

The next best toy hauler fifth wheel is the PUMA 383DSS which comes with a large living area and an exquisite interior. It’s clean and created with perfection from each inch.

For those that love a luxurious traveling lifestyle with comfort and style, this is the last word possibility as a toy hauler.

Having a lightweight themed interior and comfy cushioning, it’s a tremendous choice for the customers.

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A large room awaits once you step through the door of this implausibly cheap and sturdy PUMA fifth wheel toy hauler trailer. It’s one of the nation’s most affordable choices. A U-shaped dinette can well accommodate your whole family, and there are 2 opposing slides within the living room.

Even one ½ rest room awaits you. Don’t stand up with only one bathroom. There’s a decent-sized double bed within the main bedroom at the front of this toy hauler.

The garage is thirteen ‘¼ “long and is prepared for your toys. Get out there and have a reasonable journey in your horse cougar 383DSS fifth wheel toy.

Palomino Puma Unleashed 383DSS Floorplan

3. Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTH

Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTH

The Silverback Edition 37RTH is one of the foremost luxurious toy haulers you will ever encounter. Everything concerning them is simply beautiful.

All models of the Silverback Edition are designed with superstructure, which makes them very versatile and ready to face up to extreme terrains and temperatures.


It has an advanced and spacious floor compared to alternative silverback models. It will withstand very significant loads. The front of this silverback unit is a room that is incredibly spacious.

2 of the 5 slippery doors are set here and type a settee with 3 doors on each side.

There is a big screen, and slightly below the screen space may be a 36-inch electrical furnace to heat the vehicle. Ahead of the hearth and also the entertainment area is 2 electric theatre chairs with cup holders.

When a person steps from the front room, there’s an outsized room with an island. The kitchen is large enough to contain a mid-size refrigerator, cupboard, pantry, and a four-seater board with chairs.

The toilet of this unit may be a bit big than in most five-wheel toy haulers. It’s a restroom with a shower, toilet, sink, cupboard, and a decent size washer and dryer.

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The rear of the unit is a large garage which might be born-again into the main bedroom, and also the house is large enough to accommodate a king or queen bed in contrast to several 5-wheeled vehicles, this silver-backed model has an of doors room and diversion area.

This makes this unit ideal for accommodating large groups; however, its fresh capability might have to be increased. Sixty-nine gallons of water might not be enough to accommodate a gaggle of quite a half-dozen individuals for more than weeks.

Cedar Creek Silverback Edition 37RTH Floorplan

4. Jayco Talon

Jayco Talon

Another best 5th wheel toy hauler is produced by Jayco called the Talon. This is a vast area of toy hauler with the space you need. This model has a size from 13 ‘to 16’9 “. In fact, solely the 320T plan includes a 16’9” garage.

The garages on the opposite floor plans concern 13 feet long; thus, they’re not that completely different from every other. Other than this, this is a lot to see in this toy hauler.


With this toy hauler, you get a quantity of comfort and free space. Talon toy haulers are shorter so that they can have less headroom than longer toy haulers.

Less space and size are beneficial to reduce the weight because the folks that don’t have powerful towing vehicles can want to use such a toy hauler.

These trailers weigh more than ordinary trailers, and additional packages can even be heavier. All the 2 Jayco toy hauler series are terribly similar.

This implies that consumers of Talon toy haulers can get constant functionality, on a smaller scale as a result of this series being smaller.

For example, you get a lower 35,000 British thermal unit oven, whereas the unstable comes with a 40,000 BTU oven.

Jayco Talon Floorplan

5. Forest River Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12

Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12

A unique and very rare 5th wheel toy hauler to find, Forest River Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12 is a big bulky toy hauler with amazing looks and extreme features.

You can make a great living inside this toy hauler. It comes with a terrace deck that is just like the vehicle balcony, wherever you’ll be able to get a clearer read of your surroundings.

Additionally, there is a lot more to observe about this toy hauler.


This toy hauler comes with a master bedroom that also incorporates a chest of drawers and an inherent wardrobe with shelves and drawers.

However, there is a little problem that it doesn’t have access to the bathroom. The toilet is additionally at the front of this unit; however, the shower bath could be a bit larger in this one.

The shower is outsized and comes with a seat to avoid being jolted once the vehicle is in motion.

The bathroom and sink are full sizes, but the ground setup leaves a lot of room to run into the bathroom. The Unity Center incorporates a lot to do. It has lebensraum that may cause you to feel right at home.

It’s a four-seater theatre seat that slides out and a diversion space against the walls of the master toilet. Most icebox additionally slides with the podium seats.

The room is easy and adjoins the utility bathroom, which may open onto the mezzanine resulting in the main consignment compartment.

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It also borders the slide to the twelve-foot terrace deck; the main storage is cut loose in the front room; however, it is provided with an electrical bed with low sofas.

Vengeance Touring Edition 40D12 Floorplan

6. Forest River XLR Thunderbolt

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt

The last best 5th wheel toy hauler that we would like to suggest is the Forest River XLR Thunderbolt. You can get a great deal of space in this toy hauler, and you can fit your toys pretty well in this too.

There are a lot of restricted choices of garage sizes and lengths available in this model. XLR Thunderbolt contains a colorful and crowd-pleasing appearance, which can be a good thing for a few people. Other than this, there are quite interesting features.


The look has been one of all the explanations why this toy hauler should be considered. At the basics, the layout and instrumentation of XLR Thunderbolt are decent.

The garage is used as a chamber if there aren’t any toys put there. Among the notable variations is that Thunderbolt toy haulers accompany a bigger eighteen cu. ft. refrigerator, which can create these toy haulers higher for long-run journeys.

Thunderbolt RVs still come with things like a digital display TV, a 5.5KW power generator, a 15,000 British thermal unit ducted roof AC, and so forth. A reasonably necessary issue that’s conjointly common between the lines is that some XLR Thunderbolt floorplans have 2 toilets.

Thus, in the end, Forest River XLR Thunderbolt could be a good selection of a flashy toy hauler.

And it’s some sensible comfort and storage capability to offer. The front part of this unit includes the main bedroom and also the bathroom. The bedroom house is massive enough to suit either a queen or king bed with nightstands on either side.

Before the bed is personal access to the toilet, and on the left side of the bathroom wall, there’s a tv to bring some fun even in bed. The chamber contains a slideout that forms an oversized wardrobe.

The toilet for this unit is customary, and also, the main entrance is from the hallway. It options a shower room, toilet, and sink. The center of the unit could be a spacious living space and kitchen.

There’s a 3-seater reclining chair and a lifesize icebox on one side, which forms the second slideout of this unit. The seats face the space that contains a hearth to a lower place.

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt Floorplan


This was a discussion article about the best 5th wheel toy haulers in which we have discussed top toy haulers from different companies.

We hope you find these toy haulers useful and make a selection for your own.


What is the highest-rated 5th wheel toy hauler?

Some of the highest-rated 5th wheel toy haulers are,

  • Forest River XLR Nitro 351.
  • Grand Design Momentum 376TH.
  • Keystone Fuzion 373.
  • Heartland Road Warrior 387.

Which 5th Wheel RV manufacturers are rated best?

Among all the others, the following are the best-rated RV manufacturers for Fifth wheels,

  • Grand Design Reflection.
  • Jayco North Point.
  • Heartland RV Landmark.
  • KZ Durango Half-Ton.
  • Coachmen Chaparral.

What are the worst RV brands?

Here is a list of the worst RV brands with flaws.

  • Fleetwood.
  • Hurricane.
  • Coachmen.
  • Keystone.
  • Winnebago.

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