What Size Travel Trailer Can Ford Explorer Tow?

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Ford Explorer is a great SUV and an off-roader that is equipped with lots of features from the company. This SUV is powerful and very efficient in its performance as it has a good towing capacity, and it can be taken to any kind of terrain without worrying about a puncture or a mechanical issue. This is one of the vehicles that Ford claims to be the finest at what it does.

The truck is very luxurious and comfortable on the inside, and it also provides some open space for 6 people and more to sit easily and relax. The truck doesn’t experience any problems because of its powerful engine that manages to withstand all types of conditions. This is why it is a truck that can tow a travel trailer even with a heavyweight.

Ford Explorer

Can Ford Explorer Tow a Travel Trailer?

Yes, Ford Explorer can easily tow a travel trailer. It has an extensive carrier area and a bunch of rooftop rails to assist you with adding the entirety of your luggage, however in case that you travel hard and in style, then you need the latest model of the Ford Explorer that has a higher weight capacity, and that can tow a travel trailer so that you can stack up the entirety of your additional items on a trailer or bring along.

When buying a camper trailer for your ride, there are a couple of new terms that you will hear regularly. A couple of the main terms you ought to comprehend are the max towing limit of your vehicle, the dry load of every camper, just as the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of every camper.

The high trim level of the Ford Explorer has a greatest towing limit of as much as 5,000-pounds and a gross consolidated weight rating of between 9,150 pounds and 10,150 pounds. This puts RVs like teardrop campers, pop up campers, and surprisingly some hard sided travel trailers suitable for the Ford Explorer’s towing capacity.

Ford Explorer Towing Capacity

Model Name Towing Capacity
Ford Explorer 5,300 lbs
Ford Explorer XLT 5,300 lbs
Ford Explorer Limited 5,300 lbs
Ford Explorer Timberline 5,600 lbs
Ford Explorer ST 5,600 lbs
Ford Explorer King Ranch 5,600 lbs
Ford Explorer Platinum 5,300 lbs

The maximum towing capacity is essential to consider before you get a travel trailer to tow with your Ford. The total amount of weight that your Ford can tow is its maximum towing capacity. In case you have a 2015 Ford Explorer, then the maximum towing capacity that you will get from it is 5600 pounds. This is a decent capacity for towing small travel trailers and campers easily without any issue. The towing capacity can be affected by the trailer, cargo, fluid in the tanks, and passengers.

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The towing capacity should never be overlooked. Surpassing the most extreme towing limit can cause harm to your vehicle or the trailer you are towing, along with the people whom you are traveling with. There’s a discretionary 4 wheel drive version of the Ford Explorer that merits considering in the event that you live someplace with unpleasant winter street conditions or you intend to tow your travel trailer on harsh streets. It has a normal towing capacity of 5000 pounds that can be increased with an additional package when applied.

However, you should note there are diverse trim levels and drive train choices for the Ford Explorer that are accessible. Everyone has somewhat unique weight options and their own max towing limit. The 2019 and 2020 Ford Explorers are equipped for towing up to 5,000 or 5,600 pounds. Notwithstanding the genuine measure of weight, your Ford Explorer might rely upon the sort of motor and regardless of whether the vehicle is outfitted with front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

A standard 2019 Ford Explorer comes with a 3.5L V6 engine that can easily tow 10,150 lbs of weight. An upgraded version of the same engine 3.5L EcoBoost V6 has a good towing capacity limit to 10,400 lbs easily.

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Best Travel Trailer that a Ford Explorer Can Tow

With such countless customers that are buying Ford Explorer every day, they require the best travel trailers to fit well with their trucks so that their camping and traveling experience gets even better. There are genuine towing limits of some models of the Explorer, whereas some are still capable of towing big travel trailers.

To completely comprehend the capability of this famous utility vehicle, we will have to focus on and take a look at the best travel trailers for Ford Explorer that it can tow.

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1. Woodland River Rockwood 1640LTD

Forest River Rockwood 1640LTD

The Rockwood 1640LTD tent camper offers two resting areas, a dinette, a kitchen with a smaller than a normal refrigerator, sink, and oven, an open-air camp oven, and a seven-foot shade.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 12′ 4″ shut, 17′ 2″ open
  • Weight: 1,465 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2 – 4

2. Aliner Classic

Aliner Classic Travel Trailer

The Aliner Classic offers more climate safety and an outside environment with its hard sides. Inside features incorporate the choice of a fixed bed or couch bed in addition to a convertible dinette. A little kitchen incorporates a microwave, in addition to a heater, outside shower, camp oven, double propane tanks, and significantly more come as standard.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 15′
  • Weight: 1,590 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2 – 4

3. Helio HE3

Helio HE3

The Helio HE3 is very light travel that the Explorer will have no issues pulling. The stripped-down plan is great for setting your own pop-up camp, where you intend to invest a large portion of your energy outside. The bed changes over into a couch for more adaptable camp living, and you can even add a discretionary power ventilation system.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 11’2″
  • Weight: 1499 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2

4. Little Guy T@G

Little Guy T@G

The Little Guy T@G is a trailer that includes a 58″ x 78″ bed, a back incubates kitchen with a 12-volt deep freezer, a climate control system, TV option, storage area, and huge bay window. This simple-to-pull camper is the ideal redesign over tent setting up camp.

Key Specifications

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  • Length: 9’8″
  • Weight: 1,046 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2

5. inTech RV Luna Light

inTech RV Luna Light

The Luna Light is little yet offers a bit more extravagance as a little teardrop trailer from the 32″ TV, convertible futons to bed, radiator, power air system, and very much planned kitchen for outside cooking and engaging.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 15’5″
  • Weight: 1,775 – 1,850 lbs.
  • Sleeps: 2

6. Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper HC1

The HC1 is a teardrop camper that permits you to design the floorplan on the fly for any camp situation to fit a little family. The parts are additionally twofold as outside furniture for significantly greater adaptability. Such countless alternatives extend customization, such as including a kitchenette.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 13′
  • Weight: 1,100 lbs.
  • Sleeps: up to 5
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7. Coachmen Clipper Sport 125ST

Coachmen Clipper Sport 125ST

The Clipper Sport 125ST has a lot of dozing and relaxing space, alongside a little kitchen so you can plan food. There is a discretionary restroom bundle to expand the comfort area of your camper.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 17’9″ shut, 23’5″ open
  • Weight: 2,396 lbs.
  • Sleeps: up to 7

8. Jayco Jay Sport 8SD

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

The Jay Sport 8SD gives a roomy area for sleeping to three with significantly more choices by utilizing the convertible dinette or picking the bunk. There is a huge storage capacity limit alongside an outside camp oven, making this conservative camper an extraordinary decision for your Explorer to tow.

Key Specifications

  • Length: 11’7″ shut, 16’2″ open
  • Weight: 1,535 lbs.
  • Sleeps: up to 6

Additional Towing Features in Ford Explorer

There are some features that are making Ford Explorer pretty amazing to tow travel trailers easily.

  • The Equal-I-zer hitch gives you a more secure ride by giving both influence control and weight balancing. This gives better directing, slowing down, and stability control, which assists with driving controls.
  • The tow package is added for strength with a progressive design that helps for good performance.
  • The mods can increase maximum net towing weight capacity to 10,000 lbs.


This was a discussion about Can Ford Explorer tow a travel trailer, where we explained its towing capacity and the ability to perform well on all surface and road conditions while pulling a trailer alongside.


What kind of trailer can a Ford Explorer pull?

Ford Explorer has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, and it can easily pull and tow travel trailers like Teardrop campers, pop-up campers as well as travel trailers too.

Can my 2015 Ford Explorer pull a camper?

It additionally includes an open load area and a bunch of rooftop rails to assist you with pressing the entirety of your assets, yet in case that you travel weighty, you will be certain that the 2015 Ford Explorer towing limit can pull a lot of weight.

Could a 2017 Ford Explorer pull a trailer?

Expect a maximum towing limit of 2,000 pounds related to front-and all-wheel drive. A 365-hp 3.5L super EcoBoost V6 motor is standard on the Sport and Platinum; once more, you can tow as much as 5,000 pounds.

Does my Ford Explorer have a tow package?

The Class III Trailer Tow Package is accessible on all models of the Explorer, even on models outfitted with the standard turbocharged 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-chamber motor.

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