8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Ouray, Colorado

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When you want to find a dispersed camping site near Colorado, you may get a lot of options as there are vast lands in the area in which some are under BLM while the others are public lands.

Some places may have boulders and rocks, while some have deep green forests where travelers can camp and enjoy their stay.

In case you want to know the best dispersed camping areas near Ouray, Co, then we have found many.

To get to these areas, you must be fully prepared as some campgrounds may not have any amenities at all, while some campgrounds have basic services to accommodate the campers and travelers.

So to know all this, we have to get deep into each of the camp spots to know what they are offering.

Dispersed Camping Near Ouray, Colorado
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What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Ouray Co?

1. Black Burro Ranch

Black Burro Ranch is a great place to start in case you want a dispersed camping area near Ouray.

It is a 5 section of land property strategically placed among Montrose and Ridgway, Colorado.

It is a place with average wildlife, and you will love the calm and peaceful environment around here.

A stack of info with significant data will be left on the outdoor table for you.

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You can wander around this area according to your will. A very clean toilet is accessible, just as a sun-based shower tent, 2 star-looking chaise lounges, food prep table, little outdoor table, sun-oriented lights, 2 five-gallon water containers, cleanser, and hand sanitizer.

The fire pit is accessible only when there is a whole group of yours willing to camping here.

2. Basecamp GLAMP at Ridgway in Forest

Basecamp permits you to partake in the smartest possible solution to find the best campsites near Ouray and all that the Ridgway and southwest Colorado area bring to the table.

At Basecamp, you get everything you want to play.

It is near a forested snow-capped setting, which means it will be dry and a bit cold to camp here.

It is located in a private glamping site with 8 sections of land of forested exemplary snow-capped mountain land.

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You may find deer and elk in this region that may lift up your mood and bring joy in case you love the wildlife around you.

There are a number of facilities for RV campers here like you can get a K-Z Sportsmen Classic 181BH camper for camping here.

It will provide A/C and a heating system along with electric, water, and WiFi system, a huge refrigerator, and cooler, along with a shower and latrine.

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You will also get a 14′ power overhang with Bluetooth speakers and an outside mat.

For entertainment, you get a 19″ LCD TV with Roku Streaming (YouTube TV, Netflix, Prime, and so on).

There is a kitchen for you with a cookroom for making your Basecamp meal.

You also get new clothes hanging tight for you and a Keurig Single-mug coffee maker and espresso cases.

There is an outside eating table and camp seats with a cooking table. You will also get a compact fire ring, headlamps, and spotlights, along with many other features to list here.

3. Slumgullion Earth and Sky Center

The next best dispersed camping spot that you can find near Ouray is Slumgullion Earth and Sky Discovery Center.

This place has some great camping spots in its area. This aspen and tidy tent campground is ensured as a result of its extraordinary geologic and ecologic highlights.

You will find some great sites 2 miles south of Lake City. To arrive at this spot, switch south off of Highway 149 at the Woodlake RV Parkside road; however, don’t enter the Woodlake RV Park.

All things considered, veer left on the 2-track street past the impasse sign before you enter the RV Park. The objective is straight ahead.

This campsite fills in as the headquarters for the Lake Fork Valley Conservancy LFVC) to run programs both on-location and off-site.

Program subjects incorporate stargazing, geography, environment, and more stuff in case you are into that kind of interest.

4. Blue Bird Lane

Blue Bird Lane is a good campground with less wildlife around it. You can love the calm nation living, sun-filled skies during the day and heavenly skies around evening time.

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Strategically placed among Montrose and Ridgway, Colorado, you will find this area simply off CR1/CR22, west of Colona.

Here you can get full hookup conveniences (30A electric, city water, and sewer system). Relax on the 16′ X 25′ pressed rock RV cushion.

You are allowed to camp here with your pets, but you have to be careful about their well-being.

You will also get WiFi services here.

5. Mountain Rustic Log Home Vacation

This is another wonderful area for camping, but you will have to stay here for rent.

This is a home rental spot with some fabulous perspectives on the Cimarron and the San Juan Mountains.

It is a completely outfitted mountain retreat with all the great views and surrounding area that gives you the feeling of harmony and peace.

You will get it near Ouray where you can camp with your best friends or family.

Here, facilities like pit fires are available. You get an accessible latrine with clean water, but no pets are allowed in this area. You will also get consumable water and a kitchen to cook your food.

You can get showers to get fresh and start your day by eating your meal at the outdoor table. Services like Wifi are accessible.

There are also Canisters and Clothing present here too.

6. Elk Ridge

Elk Ridge area is another beautiful spot that wins the heart of many campers.

This is a place where you will be encircled by other similar outdoorsy people and camp at your favorite spots to have some memorable moments with your friends.

You’ll approach endless climbing and trekking trails, moving slopes for really exceptional horseback riding, and a supply for those blistering late spring days that request a plunge in the water.

There is a vast camping area region in this spot where you can bring your own tents, vans and truck campers, trailers, and RVs.

There are about 102 sites for camping here, and about 6 campers can be accommodated at every site.

There are parking spots for your RVs near the posting, and you will get latrine access here too. Pit fires are allowed here, and you are also allowed to take your pets with you.

Here you will also get clean, consumable water. To get fresh, you have showers accessible and an outdoor table for eating your meal.

7. Woods Lake Campground

Woods Lake Campground is a dispersed camping area near Ouray where you will get a lot of outdoor activity and fun.

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You can follow tracks here through bicycle, trailblazing bicycle, horseback ride, or ride a vehicle, rucksack, or get away with your away.

Close to the Lizard Head Wilderness, you will get a lot of trails for a wide range of motion, with ample campgrounds and corrals close to the trails.

It will be a great camping experience at Woods Lake, where you will find trout for fishing.

There is a vast campground region where you can bring your own tents, vans and truck campers, trailers, and also RVs.

You will find about 46 destinations for camping around this area.

Pit fires are permitted here, and you will also get access to the toilet.

8. South Rim Campground

The South Rim Campground is the last camping spot that we will suggest to you for stopping by. It is a spot where you will find some congested areas covered with mountains, and you will have your security and privacy.

The Rim Rock Nature trail is right inside the grounds, and you can get through this route to witness amazing sites around you.

This spot has conveniences to get lost in, but you’ll get to dwell in the little local area feel of this campsite.

There are about 57 camping spots in this region where you can bring your own tents, vans and truck campers, trailers, and also RVs.

The spots are allowed with up to 8 visitors for each site, and the vehicles can be parked at posting.

There is no wheelchair access, pets are permitted, the latrine is accessible, and you can also get pit fires here.

An outer table for eating is available, along with clean drinking water.

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The best dispersed camping near Ouray, Colorado has been listed here with their specific features and details.

All these spots have great value because of the environment and surrounding they have for camping.


Where is dispersed camping permitted in Colorado?

Dispersed camping is permitted in the Bureau of Land Management regions and public backwoods. Once in a while, setting up camp is permitted in Wildlife Management regions and state backwoods. You can look for forest signs and service streets to track down setting up camp spots. Most regions normally have signed in case setting up camp isn’t permitted.

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