8 Must See Dispersed Camping Near Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder is a great place in Colorado where you can experience a whole new life while camping on some of the spots available near this location.

The free campsites near Boulder are a terrific mix of hidden treasures and popular getaway spots for a quick weekend trip.

There are enough people to grab some cool drinks along the route, despite the fact that some lovely sites find a part of the city’s serenity and attraction.

All of the areas are free for camping around Boulder, however, you might desire a straight pass before going on your explorations.

This accomplishment has been recognized throughout the national parks and many other management sites, including the Brainard Recreation Area.

Dispersed Camping Near Boulder, Colorado

If you seek the best dispersed camping near Boulder, Colorado, then here is a list of the best spots.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Boulder?

1. Kingston Peak Road

Colorado inhabitants and guests can experience camping on the Kingston Peak Road near Boulder. This spot is nearest to the glacier of Colorado.

The nearest spot to camp is along Kingston Peak Road in Arapahoe National Forest.

In case you climb up to the lake, carry your sled to glissade down the mountainside, which is generally canvassed in snow. Assuming you need a greater experience, you can get to James Peak easily from here.

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It may be surprising for some that St. Mary’s Glacier is really not a glacier by any means. All things considered, it’s a semi-super durable snowfield, which basically implies it doesn’t move or shape the scene as a glacier does. You can have a good camping experience here during the summer.

It’s not suitable for you to camp here during winters.

2. Gross Reservoir Campground

This snow-capped lake is the best spot near Boulder, with the expectation of a complimentary camping experience close to services and the city area. It may just be a little ways from Boulder, but you will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to arrive at the campgrounds.

It’s really crude here: no toilet and no water, so make certain to carry a lot to drink (and possibly a water channel) with you.

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Assuming you’re not happy with being away from services, you can go to the close by Forsythe Canyon trailhead to track down a vault toilet. But you should be having your own tissue just to deal with cleaning.

Forsythe Canyon Trailhead is the beginning of numerous incredible climbs, including one to a cascade. You will love the wild experience here once you make a camp at this spot.

3. Buckingham Campground

Another spot for dispersed camping near Boulder, CA, is the Buckingham campground. There are just ten tent-just camps at Buckingham Campground.

However, this camp region has the best admittance to every one of the paths taking off from the Fourth of July Trailhead in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

You can get to the absolute best climbs Colorado brings to the table starting here.

The Arapahoe Pass and Lake Dorothy Trail are a top picks for gigantic perspectives and high elevated lakes.

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You can also visit other places like South Arapaho Peak or “Old Baldy” from this area. Because of the ubiquity of the Fourth of July trailhead, these destinations top off quickly on the ends of the week, so the suggestion is to go during the week.

Not at all like most Forest Service land where you can camp for quite some time, here, you are allowed to camp for up to four continuous evenings.

4. West Magnolia Trailhead

There are 22 assigned scattered campgrounds set apart by number in the West Magnolia which is a place near Boulder. You can’t camp elsewhere outside of those assigned spots to ensure the scene.

To get to this brilliant, dispersed camp region, take the picturesque Peak-to-Peak Pass. Travelers from around the different areas head up here during harvest time to get a look at the stunning brilliant ocean of aspens.

They can also get amazing sights from the tent when camping in West Magnolia.

Assuming you choose to make a beeline for this campground before June, you may see that the way to the campgrounds is shut because of snow. But you don’t have to worry as you can in any case, stroll into the campgrounds if you want to go.

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Your vehicle camp outing can be challenging but one if you decide to go to this point.

5. Caribou Townsite

The genuine motivation to camp near Boulder in the campgrounds of Caribou is to visit the town of Caribou, which is very close to all the services and essentials.

There are not many people living in this town, but they have all kinds of facilities available here.

High ground clearance and 4WD vehicles are enthusiastically prescribed to get to these destinations for an off-the-beaten free camp experience close to Boulder.

Setting up camp is just permitted at the 11 assigned camping areas along Forest Road 505.

A considerably more fun reality is that this road once housed a recording studio called Caribou Ranch.

There are several historic places and spots in this town and near the campground that you would love to explore once you reach this spot.

6. Forest Road 192.1 & 252.1

Forests Roads provide easy access to dispersed campgrounds near Boulder. While every other person is going up Route 103 to the highest point, Mount Evans, you can switch off on US Forest Road 192.1.

There are a few scattered camp regions along this road, in addition to all the more further up on US Forest Road 252.1.

These roads give incredible access to the absolute best preparing climbs for any RVers that love to visit the high place. Both Squaw Mountain and Chief Mountain are the most loved climbs with local people, in spite of the fact that these roads have a lot of crowds, you should find your ideal spot for camping on this ground.

7. Gordon Gulch Dispersed Camping Area

Gordon Gulch is five miles north of Nederland, National Forest System Road (NFSR) 226. This place has well-dispersed campground regions that switch east off of Colorado Highway 72.

There are 15 assigned camping areas dissipated along the road within 1.5 miles east of Highway 72.

Setting up camp is allowed in these camping areas to accommodate all types of travelers.

NFSR 226 converges other forest streets: NFSR 314, 228, 233 and their off-shoots. You can see National Forest System (NFS) maps to check for courses open to vehicle travel and those that are accessible on the web and at the Boulder Ranger District office.

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Take care when driving around here because snow and mud can be in high quantity here through the year.

8. Sherwood Creek Quaint Treehouse

Sherwood Creek has a Quaint Treehouse for the visitors that are camping near Boulder. This forested site is situated on an occasional spring 2 miles from Nederland, Colorado.

The treehouse is in a brook bed in closeness to a lovely small house on the property. There are 2 stepping stools to get to this interesting resting place so visitors can get comfortable.

The site incorporates a glamping treehouse that sleeps 2 visitors and a set-up tent site for 2 extra visitors. The property rears up to unlimited path and forest admittance to the Indian Peaks Wilderness region.

Youngsters should be 6 or more elderly to remain in the treehouse. There are no pets allowed on this property. Travelers will get climbing, trekking, and mountain fun experience around this area. There is a space for camper vans too.

Here you will get a few sites having up to 4 visitors for each site. There is no wheelchair access, and parking is only allowed at the posting. Pit fires are allowed here, and you get direct access to the latrine.

There are no pets allowed in this region, and you get clean drinkable water along with Wifi services.

About Pit fire Safety

Before you go for dispersed camping somewhere far off, you need to check for present status fire limitations and Boulder County fire restrictions.

Keep your open-air fire little, away from vegetation and in a fire ring, if accessible. Furthermore, never leave your open-air fire unattended.

To totally stifle your open-air fire, dismiss the fire with water and mix with your digging tool. Keep the fire all out when you are not getting yourself warm.


This was a guide on the best dispersed camping near Boulder, Colorado.

We have briefed you on all the nearby locations that you can find easily to make your camp and enjoy the sights.


What are the best dispersed campgrounds near Boulder?

The best of all the dispersed campgrounds near Boulder for all the travelers and campers are

  • Gordon Gulch Dispersed Area.
  • Sawmill Hiker Campground.
  • Gold Lake Area.
  • Winiger Ridge at Gross Reservoir.
  • Forsythe Canyon Trailhead Forest Service Road 357
  • Standley Lake Regional Park.
  • Deer Creek – Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

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