7 Amazing Dispersed Camping Near Tucson, Arizona

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Tucson is a beautiful area that is surrounded by a lot of greenery which is best for camping.

People who travel in their RVs and trailers around the country are always looking for good spots to find the perfect area where they can make a camp and stay the night while enjoying the stars in the open sky.

There are many dispersed camping spots spread around Tucson that may not be available directly through the road, but they can be accessed by choosing an alternate path.

In case you are eager to know about the best dispersed camping near Tucson, Arizona, then we have found the greatest spots where you can stay and camp.

Dispersed Camping Near Tucson, Arizona
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Here are some dispersed camping spots which can be very helpful for travelers who are hoping to stay near Tucson.

What are the Best Dispersed Camping Near Tucson, Arizona?

1. Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson Mountain Park

The best dispersed area for camping near Tucson is the Gilbert Ray Campground.

It is located in Tucson Mountain Park, where there are a number of hikers throughout the world who come to camp and hike for an adventure.

All the campsites in this area are covered by Saguaro, and you will also find the cactus plants around in the dry area.

You can enjoy some great views from here in the distant valley.

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It is 13 miles away from Tucson, and you can get here through the west area of Saguaro National park.

You will most probably find about 130 camping sites in this location with some basic facilities for RVers such as electric charging stations and more.

You can also get tents and shades for your vehicle too.

There is a limit set for everyone, which means every person or family that visits this campground must stay for seven days at most.

After that, they need to evacuate the spot.

2. General Hitchcock Campground

The next best campground that you can find near Tucson is the General Hitchcock campground.

It is a camping spot found near the Molino Basin campground. You will find some beautiful sites on this camping spot with all of its pines and alpine trees that add more beauty to the forest.

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You will get 12 tents here only for the campsites.

This means only a limited amount of campers are allowed here.

The services here are first-come, first-serve.

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The view that you get on these campsites includes the natural beauty along with the fire pit and standing barbecue for the campers.

There are large boulders everywhere that give you a movie-like feel.

Unfortunately, you won’t find fresh water here, and there are only pit toilets available for the people as well.

You will get natural views of the highway beyond this campground, and there is also a green mountain trail that is a great source of entertainment for the bikers and hikers.

The road and tracks are clear in this area, but they may get narrow at some points in some places.

3. Colossal Cave Mountain Park Campground

One more campsite with a delightful setting on the southeastern edge of Tucson is the Colossal Cave Mountain Park camping area.

The camping area has 30 sites for camping and is fundamentally intended for tent setting up camp; however, it can also adjust the number of RVs here.

This is a crude camping area with no electrical systems and restricted bathrooms and water.

It is a great spot with noteworthy views and surroundings.

The campgrounds here are set among big saguaro desert flora and mesquite trees.

In the area, you have tables and grill barbecues. Destinations are accessible on first-come, first-served premises, check in at the Cave Shop first.

The fundamental park door is locked every evening, so no entry or exit is permitted later specific hours.

This park is covered all around, and it is only 11 miles south of Saguaro National Park, on Old Spanish Trail.

4. Campsites A and B, Catalina State Park

Campsites A and B are two dispersed camping regions for you near Tucson.

Both of these camping areas are practically neighboring one another, and both deal with exceptional perspectives of Mount Lemmon and unbelievable natural sightings.

You can hope to see vermillion flycatchers, hear owls hooting around evening time, conceivably spot a lot of wildlife, and nearly stumble over grassland canines wherever in the camping area.

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Only 15 miles from the core of downtown Tucson, on the northern edge of the city, Catalina State Park offers some astounding setting up a camp location for everyone.

Two of the most well-known climbing trails in the Tucson region leave from this locale of the recreation area and are only a five-minute drive from the campsites.

All destinations are reservable for as long as 14 days and ought to be reserved well ahead of time. You can make your own reservation through the web or by phone.

This is an amazingly well-known camping area.

Each site has an outdoor table, but there is no shade. You will find a lot of crowds here. Little trees offer some security and draw in birds that will entertain you through the evening time.

The best thing about this campsite is that you can get water services as well as a power source in the area with free Wi-Fi and restrooms that incorporates showers, bathrooms, and a dump station.

5. Saguaro National Park

The next point for dispersed camping near Tucson is the Saguaro National Park.

There are about 21 dispersed camping areas inside 6 campsites all through the recreation area. You’ll need to walk a few miles (4-10 miles relying upon the path) to get to them, so be certain you’re ready with sufficient food and water to make the trip.

This region, for the most part, never gets more smoking than 85 degrees because of its height of over 8,000 feet. Consumable water is quite often accessible here, as well.

Boondock camping in this area requires a forest license. You can get the license 2 months early or get the permissions on your way up the path.

Access to this route is given after 12 PM and is $8 per campground each night.

This camping area is amazingly advantageous to shops and services. Basically, anything you want is within three miles, including supermarkets, caf├ęs, and shopping areas.

For the most detached campsite, look at Spud Rock which is near to this place.

Simply over 7,000 feet, you’ll track down 3 dispersed campsites and generally 5.3 miles from the closest trailhead.

For the ideal setup, you can fit your shelter under aspens and pines confronting toward the east for the best view to have the dreamy camping experience that you ever wanted.

6. Rose Canyon Lake Campground

Rose Canyon Lake Campground is a superb campground to choose for camping.

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Assume that you are searching for a speedy end of the week setting up a camp escape from Tucson.

Not a long way from Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley, this camping area is revolved around grand Rose Canyon Lake.

At the height of around 7,000 feet, the region has a genuinely snow-capped feel, with stands of immense ponderosa pines and Gambel oak.

While it appears to be a world away from the city, it is just 22 miles from Tucson.

The campsite has 70 campsites and is the most evolved of the five or six camping areas nearby. Camps are a blend of first-come, and first-served and they are also reservable.

Bathrooms are restricted to pit toilets and focal water taps.

The campgrounds are back from the lake; however, all around spread out, with a lot of room at each site.

7. Spencer Canyon Campground

The Spencer Canyon camping area is also one of the very impressive locations near Tucson.

It is situated close to Summerhaven, having 66 camping spots. You will see a lot of pine trees in this area which will give a great spot for you to camp for the night.

Set at the height of 8,000 feet, the camping area is charmingly cool, even in the summers.

Each site has an outdoor table, fire ring, bear box, and grill. Water is accessible, and you can find a bathroom with pit latrines.

It might appear to be peculiar, yet the night perspectives on the city lights down the ravine towards Tucson are very breathtaking.

The camping area has size limitations: no trailers or RVs north of 22 feet are permitted. All locales are first-come, first-served.

If you are near Payson, then check out these dispersed camping sites near Payson, Arizona


This was a guide on some dispersed camping locations found near the Tucson area.

We have shared the information about some great campgrounds for travelers where they can spend their vacations or make a stop during their long trips.


Where can I disperse camp in Arizona?

The following places are best for dispersed camping in Arizona.

  • Schnebly Hill Road
  • Coconino Rim Road
  • Edge of the World
  • Peralta Canyon
  • Pinery Canyon Road
  • Saddle Mountain Overlook
  • Mogollon Rim Road
  • Palm Canyon Road

Is camping near Tucson safe?

There are a lot of camping spots near Tucson that are perfectly safe. You will find great views and a natural environment in these areas. Make sure you pack well for a great camping experience here.

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