5 Amazing Class A Toy Haulers

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A toy hauler is an RV with every one of the standard facilities with carport space for moving and placing the toys inside.

Mostly you will find toy haulers to be either travel trailers or fifth-wheel trailers, but there are also some rare Class A toy haulers that come as standard Class A RVs with a slope in the back that prompts the carport.

With Class A RVs, you are getting a genuine home (with an engine) that moves. These models compare 45 feet in length and are planned with generally similar conveniences found in currently manufactured motorhomes.

Class A RVs additionally incorporate standard size kitchens with every advanced machine and huge rooms, washrooms, and even carports when you consider a toy hauler.

Towable toy haulers accompany different carport sizes. Nonetheless, Class A toy haulers are commonly furnished with 10-foot carports.

These are sufficiently enormous to fit a couple of bikes or a golf truck. One prominent contrast between toy haulers contrasted with other Class A units is the absence of diesel ones.

The carport and slope consume the space where a back diesel engine normally runs.

In case you want to find out about the Best Class A Toy Haulers, then you first need to understand some interesting points about these toy haulers before making a decision to choose from.

Name Length Price
Thor Outlaw 38MB 39.75 ft $227,550
Newmar Canyon Star 3927 39.92 ft $239,372
Thor Outlaw 38KB 39.75 ft $228,450
Winnebago Sightseer 34.33 ft $174,413
Thor Motor Coach Axis 25.5 ft $116,925

Thor Outlaw 38MBThor Outlaw 38MB
Newmar Canyon Star 3927Newmar Canyon Star 3927
Thor Outlaw 38KBThor Outlaw 38KB
Winnebago SightseerWinnebago Sightseer
Thor Motor Coach AxisThor Motor Coach Axis

Important Things to Consider in a Class A Toy Hauler

There are various significant elements to remember while looking for and buying a Class A RV with a toy hauler.

Contingent upon your particular conditions, and wants, these contemplations might shift somewhat concerning their general significance for your situation.

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1. Garage Space Requirement

Most toy haulers have a real implicit carport. They are regularly situated on the back of the RV.

Contingent upon the model, the size of these carports goes from spaces adequately enormous to fit a couple of bicycles, or ATV, to extensive units huge enough for a standard vehicle and even kayaks or boats.

Thinking about this element and exactly how much space you really require is a pivotal initial step when looking for a Class A RV with a toy hauler.

2. Maximum Weight Capacity

Notwithstanding the actual components of the carport in the toy hauler, one more basic inquiry to investigate is how much weight the unit upholds. Many carport units in RVs with toy haulers range from 1,500 lbs. to 2,500 lbs.

All things considered, some RVs are equipped for supporting 3,000 lbs or more. Ensure you know how much your toys gauge and how much any potential RV and toy hauler is fit for towing before making a buy.

3. Engine

The contrast between a diesel engine and a gas engine is very big and different based on customer reviews.

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The customers observe various advantages and disadvantages related to both of them; similarly, as with the acquisition of essentially any vehicle, whether or not it burns gas or diesel fuel is a good thought to consider before making the buy.

Gas is less expensive, performs like diesel, and requires more support over the long run. Diesel will cost a little more than gas; however, it gives a smoother and more predictable degree of execution, just as not needing as much maintenance.

4. Sleeping Space

It ought to go nearly without saying that how much resting space any potential RV motorhome gives is really significant.

In case you travel solo, as a team, or collectively, the measure of sleeping spots in the floorplans of chosen RV must be kept in mind.

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All things considered, a solo-RVer, or a couple, will do well with pretty much any RV, to the extent sleeping spaces go.

Nonetheless, those with families or gatherings will need to put resources into an RV that offers extra couch beds, rooms, or other option short-term resting surfaces.

5. Extra Storage

Additional extra room is one more significant issue to consider prior to finding yourself mixed up with an RV toy hauler that you can’t retreat from.

Also, let’s be honest, all RVs are not made similarly, which means your decision is significant and won’t incorporate all that you need.

This is why you need to be sure that the RV you choose must have sufficient storage to fulfill your needs.

What are the Best Class A Toy Haulers?

1. Thor Outlaw 38MB

Thor Outlaw 38MB

The Thor Outlaw 38MB is the best Class A motorhome toy hauler that can fit your toys and provide you with enough space to make your trips more fun.

The Outlaw models are useful toy haulers while as yet being appealing to Class A RVs.

The main element that doesn’t appear to be so ideal is the sliding glass entryways that differentiate the main sleeper room from the carport.

These doors might be advantageous.


The Outlaw has free freight space for capacity. You can store bulkier things like camp seats in the carport and save the pass-through freight space for riding stuff and devices for your toys.

The outside is additionally furnished with a powering station to gas up your toys. This considers more space and less danger than when delivering fuel canisters in your carport.

There’s additionally a helper LP line with a quick connection for a propane barbecue.

The Onan 5500 generator draws its fuel from the camper’s fuel tank and gives power when you’re boondocking. What’s more, the converter is outfitted with hard-wired flood insurance for when you’re onshore power.

There is no good tank capacity which means it’s not ideal for boondocking.

Outlaw models just give 40 gallons each to black and gray tanks.

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This is by all accounts at chance with the inconceivable resting limit: a king bed over the cockpit, convertible couch and kitchen dinette, king bed, and two additional spots in the carport.

Thor Outlaw 38MB

2. Newmar Canyon Star 3927

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

The Canyon Star 3927 is one of the best Class A motorhome toy haulers that will give you the comfort you need.

Newmar Canyon Star 3927 has considerably lots of features for which it is chosen, including that it’s intended for hardcore uses just as being a rich RV with a toy hauler overall.

In case you’re looking for an extraordinary RV with a toy hauler that is truly open to, obliging in the right regions, and simple to work, you might have hit the jackpot with the Canyon Star 3927.


It accompanies an eight ft. wide by 10 ft. long toy-pulling carport space.

Its payload limit is around 4375 lbs. The RV and toy hauler mix estimates an incredible 39.92 ft. long and rests up to 10 individuals in its space.

There are a few beds in the camper. This incorporates an agreeable king size that is in the main room.

There are a few couch beds all through the vehicle for resting the individuals peacefully.

The outside of the RV and the front cap are secured by top-of-the-line paint and finish.

This incorporates Full-Paint Masterpiece Finish, clear coat finish, and DuraShield Protection too. That implies the outside will safeguard its quality and tasteful worth far longer than other RVs.

The Newmar Canyon Star 3927 is similarly just about as amazing from the inside as the outside.

The living region of the RV incorporates all that you’d expect in a top-of-the-line model that includes LED TVs, DVD players, BOSE sound system, kitchen space, an agreeable latrine, and considerably more.

Newmar Canyon Star 3927

3. Thor Outlaw 38KB

Thor Outlaw 38KB

Thor has another Outlaw motorhome as a 38KB model, which is also a very useful motorhome toy hauler in the Class A category.

It is an amazing choice with its redesigned sleepers.

You will find the use of every component in every way with this RV for your camping needs, and you also get enough space for storing your toys.


The main room comes standard with a slanting jumbo bed. Some portion of this is a comfort to give you a leaning-back king bed.

The other explanation is a need in light of the fact that the bed needs to overlap up when the room slide is in.

The back sleeper is an intriguing element. The “Sky Bunk” space stays set up whether the lower space is set up as a dinette, and the king-size sleeper couch can be stowed up above when the carport when is being used.

The Sky Bunk space is a more agreeable sleeper than most of the others. It includes a charging station for cell phones and a full view of the back entertainment place.

Other than the distinctive sleeper features, the 38KB units have large numbers of useful highlights, including two gas oven burners and one cook surface, a private refrigerator, a Zero-G simple lift slope entryway, and 1 100-pound propane tank, and a porch party incline.

This RV motorhome gives a 9000-pound towing limit, a discretionary tankless on-request water warmer, and hardened steel apparatus capacity for storage in the carport.

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What’s more, the room wardrobes are prepared for a washer/dryer.

Thor Outlaw 38KB

4. Winnebago Sightseer

Winnebago Sightseer

The Winnebago Sightseer is one of the best built toy haulers that is based on Ford chassis.

It has an auto water-powered leveling framework. You will find some useful features on this RV as it has two heating siphons that are primarily applied in cooling.

With a 5.5KW gas generator, you are certain that you won’t ever run out of power.


This motorhome has gas and an electric water heater that you can use for warming the water.

Furthermore, it has corridor storage, an electric deck shelter, an open-air shower, a black tank wash framework, and an outside fun place that you can utilize when you are resting out in the forest.

For heat directing, the RV has a fiberglass roof that is associated with a reflector and stepping stool.

Ultimately, it has a big kitchen worktop with a sink that you can use to wash your utensils.

For incredible cooking, you will have a microwave that has three burner broilers that are associated with a glass entryway shower.

For outrageous extravagance, you have a venue with seats loaded with three-level screen TVs for your entertainment.

Winnebago Sightseer 33C

5. Thor Motor Coach Axis

Thor Motor Coach Axis

The last Class A motorhome toy hauler that we would recommend to you is the Thor Motor Coach Axis.

It has a top hood with a TV in the room and a sliding board.

The body includes the new Ford E-Class structure that runs on a V8 Engine.

You will have enough with this RV to make the best of your trips out with your family.


This RV has a six-speed transmission framework that is automatic and exceptionally productive.

This RV highlights warmed lock cupboards that have an electric locking framework. The driving cabin is made incredibly, hence interfacing it with an electronic driver seat for the greatest solace.

The center point brags a great number of standard highlights, including WiFi, customizable rack mount, battery detach switch, windshield security, tankless water warmer, and route radio and contact screen with the route.

To give you the greatest security for your records, the TV has another screen, with extra frameless windows, and much more.

If you are interested then check out Best 5th Wheel Toy Haulers or Best Pop Up Campers with Toy Haulers.


This was discussed on Best Class A Toy Haulers in which we have listed the top models of toy haulers in the Class A category, which are already very rare to find.


Is there a class A toy hauler?

Class A toy haulers are very rare, but they are still made for the customers. The normal Class A RVs with a slope in the back that prompts the carport. So, Class A toy haulers are ordinarily outfitted with 10-foot carports. These are adequately huge to fit a couple of cruisers or a golf truck.

Are there RVs with toy haulers?

There are RVs like Outlaw models by Thor Motor Coach that are accessible in Class A RVs and Class C RVs, with special and adaptable floor plans. You can find more motorhome toy haulers in these categories from various manufacturers.

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