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Thor industries have made their name popular in the RV world with their famous Class A and Class C motorhomes. This manufacturer also produces some quality travel trailers and campers for their customers. They have earned people’s trust over the years with their amazing vehicles that serve well to the users in terms of use and features. One of the great lineups is the Thor Majestic Four Winds series.

The Thor Motor Coach Four Winds C-Class is an ideal choice for weekend vacations, long trips, or perhaps a month’s trip. The Ford E-Series chassis delivers 350 horsepower to this Class C motorhome at 468 lb-ft. Of torque. Each model is built on the features of a welded tubular aluminum roof and cage structure on the sidewalls, a laminated vacuum roof, block foam insulation partitions and floors, a one-piece fiberglass front hood, and an illuminated rotocast storage cubicle for additional space.

Increasing capacity will increase depending on the version selected. Inside, you can enjoy a variety of modern features that provide comfort and convenience, as well as simple, soft, and extraordinary residential vinyl floors, kitchen facilities, and onboard entertainment for those traveling with pets.

There are some great features and use of Thor Majestic motorhome that we have listed below in our Thor Majestic Review.

Thor Motor Coach Majestic 19G

Standard Features

  • Chassis of the E Ford – 7.3L V8 series, the torque of 350hp 468 lb with TPMS
  • FAKU binding, laminated ceiling, walls, and floors with block foam isolation
  • Outside compartment of mega storage
  • Automatic levels with touchpad controls
  • Premium outer ceiling of one piece
  • Trailer hitch
  • SmoothTech Suspension System
  • Portable table in Mega Storage compartment
  • Tubular aluminum roof soldier and side construction
  • Frontpage of a piece of fiberglass
  • Slick fiberglass outside with the standard graphic package
  • Access door with Deadbolt Block
  • Electric stabilization system.
  • Windows framed black
  • Partial painting with the graphic package.
  • Enlightened Rotocast storage compartments
  • Empty mounting radius compartment doors
  • Energy Point Sugar with Integrated LED Lighting.
  • Drizzle stairs walk in with light accents in step in the separation
  • Handle outside grip
  • Windows without frame
  • Outside kitchen with iron and fridge 12V.

Thor Majestic Features Explained

There are some common and amazing features that make Thor Four Winds Majestic Class C RV very interesting and loveable by customers.

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1. Fifteen Floor Plans

Fifteen distinctive floor plans permit your family to enjoy amazing trips with the floor plan of your choice. Simple to drive and simple to adore, you’ll need to search through your trip in general or even live full-time in your Four Winds Majestic with a suitable floorplan. The living conveniences, accessible in select floor plans, incorporate washer and dryer prep, lofts and seating choices, and other extras.

2. SmoothTECH Suspension

These Class C Majestic 31-foot models have the SmoothTECH ride improvement by MORryde. This suspension bundle is a similar framework utilized in ambulances to give a smooth ride to each model of the RV. Just turn on journey control and let the Four Breezes take you there.

3. Radio

Four Breezes includes a 7-inch touchscreen dash radio with a reinforcement screen for the inward feeling of harmony when stopping with a trailer joined to the 8,000-pound hitch. Other conveniences vary by floor plan. 31-foot models, with the exception of V-Series floor plans, include Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Models under 31-foot and V-Series have attachment and-play screen mirroring.

4. Inside Plan

It has amazing inside designs. Each model has private vinyl flooring that is not difficult to perfect and incredible for those that move with pets. You will fret blustery days in this Class C RV on account of the diversion, dozing, and stylistic theme choices.

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5. Fantasy Dinette

Incredible seating choices are an unquestionable requirement, so you’ll be satisfied with how the Majestic actually looks at the dinettes. The entire family can accumulate around the Fantasy Dinette, snicker, and recount tales about the most amazing aspect of the day’s experience. Recount to stories to and fro until your friends and family nod off, which is wonderful as the dinette makes into a bed.

6. Living Region

With so many floors intended to browse, you’ll find a living region that works for your family. The Majestic living game plans range from folding couches, Murphy bed couch transformations, and theater seating. Every design has a television and a remote phone charger with a USB plug at the dinette tabletop for your benefit.

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7. Exceptional Kitchen

A gas cooktop, twofold entryway cooler, and a hardened steel sink with a draw-down sprayer come standard on this Class C RV in the kitchen area. Some floor plans have extra conveniences and choices, including a flip-up ledge expansion, storage space, popup outlet, and a charging place for hardware.

8. Extensive Camper Washroom

Washrooms in the Majestic models by Thor are extensive enough for the whole family. There’s an enormous shower with a lookout window and counter space encompassing the treated steel sink. The foot-flush porcelain latrine implies never offering a restroom to outsiders while voyaging.

Thor Majestic Floorplans

1. Thor Majestic 28A

Thor Majestic 28A

One of the famous models in the Majestic series is the 28A. This motorhome gives amazing features that make you feel the importance of campers in your life. There are no problems about how away is used in what it is used every day, and if you can or not at night. Simply come from a safe place and experience the convenience of a queen mattress on the back, in addition to the cabin of 54 “x 87” on the mattress on the forehead as children with all the chances of drawing.

Even the couch and the jack-minded dining room can be done in a snack area if necessary. When you wake up, take shifts to prepare for the day, as there can be a full restroom with the bathroom. Enjoy a breakfast that prepares dinner with the kitchen kitchen that is provided, or perhaps just a cup of bright hot espresso and a dough shop, or perhaps the grain before hitting the street. With any four winds Majestic C series, you can experience the benefit of the use and low price.

Inside you can discover residential vinyl floors, high gloss cabinets with nickel-end hardware, and laminated countertops, making it smooth to smooth after a weekend to zoom out or long vacation. Each version also exists in addition to a dream dinette for game video games or tasty meals. The stainless steel toilet sink and the porcelain restroom of feet offer comfort in which it stops.

Key Features

  • 54 “x 87” cabin on the bunk
  • double bed
  • Bathroom divided with the private toilet area
  • 68 “Jack-knife Sofa
  • Sleep eight

2. Thor Majestic 22B

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds 22B Floor plan

Another great model that reflects the elegance of Thor Motorcoach is the Four Winds 22B Majestic motorhome. This is an amazing choice, with the stack of front cabins having an excellent snoozing area for guests. The 39 “TV allows you to look at suggestions while you need a little internal time, and the dreaminess offers you an area for dinner and relaxation. The dinner preparation dinner will love all kitchen services from your fingertips, as well as the countertop extension with flip-up is excellent.

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The Nook rear bedroom gives a queen’s mattress slide for a larger territory, a privacy curtain, and a closet, as well as the total toilet, which is a few steps away. With any Class C, you can use Ford chassis with 350 HP or a Chevrolet chassis with 323 HPL. Both are built with the production of welded silk wall and a welded tubular aluminum roof, a simple fiberglass cover, and consists of a slippery fiber field with an image package agreement for standard and years of entertainment on the open street.

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Inside, you can connect a well-prepared kitchen, spacious bathroom, joining accommodation, and wing guard antenna. Connect 2.0 WiFi/4G/TV that allows you to use extra features.

With many floors plans to choose from and alternatives to add, you can find virtually one that suits the wishes of your family or your friend’s approval.

Key Features

  • Bunks cabin
  • Moveable queen bed
  • Flip-up countertop
  • Double door fridge
  • Bedroom USB Download Center
  • Skyler shower


This was a detailed Thor Majestic Review in which we have listed major features that come as standard in Thor Four Winds Majestic RVs. We also discussed its importance and basic features for a family to explain things better.


Is Thor RV good?

Thor is one of the world’s largest RV manufacturers. They have a good selection of RVs with plenty of amenities and a warranty that you might be able to live with. Unfortunately, you won’t find a good RV warranty anyplace, so Thor isn’t alone in this regard.

What year did Thor purchase the four winds?

Thor purchased Four Winds International in 1992. After which, the production line continued under Thor Motor Coach’s company name.

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