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Thor Motor Coach brand has a series of RVs and motorhomes in their production line for each category of RVs, such as Class A, B, and C motorhomes. Each model differs from the other because each of the RV has its specified size and features inside. The same is the case with Thor Freedom Elite. It’s one of the best-selling Thor motorhomes that provide enough space for a small family and useful functions at suitable prices.

This model is based on Ford chassis from the E-series. There are only 5 floorplans available for this motorhome, and users can choose according to their best interest. The length can range from 24 ft to 32 ft with bunkhouse and slides. There is a lot to discover inside the Thor Freedom Elite, which is why we have shared its features below in detail.

Thor Freedom Elite

Thor Freedom Elite Features

1. Bedroom

The bedroom inside the Freedom Elite has a wall to the bathroom and, at some point, has a queen-size bed, can be closed with a privacy curtain to facilitate access to the bathroom. The three large upper shelves have a bulky storage area, but you’ll have to kneel next to the mattress to get there. The rear window, which is the same size as the mattress, and all other large sliding side windows allow plenty of sunlight.

2. Cabinet and Storage

The 23H features a very bright and dark Brazilian cherry flat panel cabinet door that can darken the interior but is a short distance from the large house windows and overhead vents that receive light from the environment. Darkwood blends well with Bayside II’s light-colored decorative furniture, residential vinyl floors, and laminated counters. The cupboard door opens to a 7-foot-high ceiling through a clean fuel post and is at best out of the reach of a tall person.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is effectively designed with a 6 cubic foot Norcold refrigerator throughout the house, equipped with 3 different burners, an oven, and a microwave. There is minimal tabletop space between the varieties and the stainless steel double sink with pull-off spray, but there is plenty of space for small bowls, bottles, and small coffee pots. A variety of swingout extensions provide a setup area and do not block the area at all, even if miles are near the access door.

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4. Vents

The air holes on the mattress are also exposed to light. The 19,000 Btu Airxcel Oven Thermostat is seamlessly placed on the wall next to the mattress, so you don’t have to step down from under the blanket to regulate the temperature on a cold morning. The Coleman-Mach air conditioner mounted on the 13,500 Btu roof turned on most of the time can help you in leaving the room comfortable.

5. Cabover Bunk

Children of all ages can climb a spacious 54 x 96-inch gnome stack through a sturdy ladder. The roof narrows, the front flaps bend down, and headroom is enough. There are two cup holders in this motorhome on the front dash, and thin edges go beyond the bunk bed for children to play with their stuff.

6. Lounge

The floor space of the RV can be a bit stiff for people with multiple children, but the spacious dining room with vinyl benches can easily seat four people and has barrel chairs in the fabric of the entire dining room. It contains the perfect area for tired people in the lounge. The 40-inch LED TV sits on a swivel rail that lays flat against the passenger seat side cabin wall when it is no longer in use. The TV is complemented by a Sony DVD player housed in an adjacent closet.

7. Toilet

The bathroom (and mattress) is a 5-inch walk from the kitchen, which is an efficient and diffuse way to separate the two from the living area. In the morning, you can slide it to the front door of the mattress to access and reach the sink. The bathrooms are spacious, and the plastic toilets diagonally from the corners maximize floor space. The mirror has a medicine cabinet and the plastic basin cabinet of a single basin that have plenty of space to put the essentials.

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8. LED Lights

There are LED lights in this Thor Freedom Elite that provide an exquisite look after the evening to the camper. Another feature that gets the overmark is an electric canopy with LED lighting that works pretty well for dim light conditions. This adds more to the beauty of this model with its extra accessories and additional lighting to brighten up the motorhome for you.

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9. External Storage

It provides additional extra storage on the outside compartments. You can equip all your luggage and camping gear in one place with its huge storage outside. On the back of the 23H, you can access the large compartment, one from the curb, one from the back, and an external door. Inside is a 2-foot portable table that is protected with the help of 2-foot use. This is a unique feature of the 23H. The additional storage space can also save you the trouble of storing any guest’s luggage.

Thor Freedom Elite Floorplans

There are a few models that are very common for campers, and these models will help to explain the features better, as discussed above.

1. Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 22FE

Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 22FE

With the help of the 22FE Freedom Elite model by Thor, you can get a vast space for a family of 5 to live inside peacefully. In this model, above the cabin is a bunk bed area with a 54 “x 96” deep sleeping area and a 40 “LED TV with a swivel arm that allows you to watch TV from almost any area in the front of the cabin version. You can easily enjoy your meal at Dream Dynet. At night, you can easily turn this area into an additional area for a good night’s rest.

Kitchen facilities are on the left side of the door. There’s a pull-out top, a large sink, an overhead cupboard, an array of 3 burners, a microwave on the ceiling, and a staircase that looks a lot like a refrigerator. On the other side of the fridge is a pantry in a can.

There is a toilet on the far left. Here you can find a washbasin with a medicine rack, a toilet, and a 24 “x36” shower. In the opposite corner of the toilet, there is a privacy curtain in the sleeping area. Here you will also find a queen sliding mattress with a top closet and a closet, and more.

2. Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 29FE

Thor Motor Coach Freedom Elite 29FE

When you’re ready to step into comfort and style, this Freedom Elite 29FE is the best choice. Throughout this model, you’ll find a deep sleeping area for 6 people, an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor TV, and more. As you enter this motorhome, you may find yourself in a combination of kitchen and living area.

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This is a roadside slide with a 71-inch dream dining room and a 40-inch LED TV upstairs, a large sink, overhead cabinets, and a 3-burner array with a microwave upstairs, next to the slides. Fresh food can be stored in a refrigerator. To the right of the door is a 68-inch razor bench with an upper cabinet. Above the cabin, there is a bunk bed above the cabin, a 54″x96″ deep sleeping area, and an overhead cupboard unit. On the way to the back of this version, the sidewalk toilet is on the left.

You get a washbasin, plenty of counter areas, an upper cupboard, a toilet, and a 24 “x36” shower. Heading to the back bedroom, you may find a sliding queen-sized mattress with an overhead closet and bedside cabinets along the way. There is a wardrobe in front of the mattress.

Even if you spend more time outdoors with your own circle of family, enjoy the benefits of an outdoor kitchen that cleans it to get your food back. There is also a 32-inch LED TV that allows you to watch movies under the stars.

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This was Thor Freedom Elite Review, in which we shared beneficial features of the Freedom Elite in detail. We discussed why this model is loved by the customers and what are the famous models and common floorplans used in this amazing motorhome.


Are Thor RVs any good?

Thor is one of the biggest RV organizations on the planet. They offer nice quality RVs, a lot of extravagances, and a guarantee you could possibly live with. Shockingly, you’re definitely not going to find a decent RV guarantee anyplace, so that is not special to Thor.

Who makes Thor Freedom Elite?

In light of the Ford E-Series suspension, the Freedom Elite class line is made by Thor and is presented in five floorplans going from 24 feet to a 32-foot-2-inch bunkhouse model with two slides.

Is Thor RV still in business?

Since opening up to the world in 1984, THOR has become both naturally and through essential acquisitions in both RVs and trailers. Today, the THOR Group of Organizations is one of the world’s biggest producers of RVs.

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