5 Amazing Motorcycle Teardrop Camper

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When you had a day riding, getting throbbing arms and a painful back is common. In such a situation, there is nothing better compared to sleeping in a good bed after a long trip that is covered by shading in a pleasant open-air environment.

For such a condition, getting a motorcycle teardrop camper can be the ultimate choice that you would make.

The reason behind this is that they are very lightweight, and they provide storage and sleeping space for your long rides. With regards to your trips about setting up camp on a bike, you would be happier than ever when you have a motorcycle teardrop camper.

Motorcycle campers are light to the point of being towed by motorbikes.

Their width is viable with standard size handlebars, so you can, in any case, utilize your back mirrors.

They are conservative and low, so they don’t put much weight and pressure on the performance of your motorcycle.

If you are searching for the best motorcycle teardrop camper to tow with your motorcycle, then here are some of the best accessible choices for you.

Name Weight Price
Easy Rider Teardrop Camper 640 lbs $5,195
Little Guy MyPod 840 lbs $6,915
Vintage Overland Tuco Trailer 600 lbs $18,000
Vistabule Trailer 1330 lbs $22,995
Hütte Hut 850 lbs $63,900

Easy Rider Teardrop Camper for MotorcycleEasy Rider Teardrop Camper
Go Little Guy - MyPodLittle Guy MyPod
Vintage OverlandVintage Overland Tuco Trailer
VistabuleVistabule Trailer
Hütte HutHütte Hut

What are the Best Motorcycle Teardrop Camper?

1. Easy Rider Teardrop Camper

Easy Rider Teardrop Camper for Motorcycle
Credit: RV.com

The Easy Rider Teardrop trailer is the best option you have for towing with your motorcycle. This cruiser camper includes an independent, 12-volt electrical framework with a 110-volt converter system for your electrical needs.

This enables you to charge your significant hardware, and it gives the capacity to the trailer’s AM/FM sound system and DVD player.


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This six-foot teardrop trailer reduces your campground setup time by basically permitting you to open the door and move in for rest.

That huge back passage additionally includes a safe deadbolt lock so you can feel certain leaving the trailer set up at a site and taking off for an experience for the afternoon.

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While it doesn’t come basic on this trailer, you will have the choice of having electric brakes introduced on yours to begin towing it.

This will make it a lot more secure, towing for your trailer with your bike.

There’s additionally a wrench-down stabilizer to keep the camper consistent when it’s not attached to your bike.

It is additionally accessible in a 7-foot size.

It also comes with an entertainment region where you get a 7-inch screen for watching DVDs, and storage cupboards, and there are two bay windows, outside LED lights, vinyl dividers, and surprisingly exclusive window shades.

2. Little Guy MyPod

Go Little Guy - MyPod

Another best motorcycle teardrop camper that you can choose for camping is the Little Guy MyPod.

It is a bit of an expensive option on this list because it is a little bigger than most of the other options, and it provides essential features for setting up camp.

The advantage of having MyPod on your trips is that it gives roomier areas inside with unique facilities than most of the other motorcycle teardrop trailers.

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The MyPod is planned pretty well for your resting needs as a kind of cruiser camper since it does exclude sufficient inside space for standing or hanging garments.

In any case, it includes an inside amusement place that permits you to kill time on blustery days watching pictures or movies and getting up to speed with your beloved streaming network shows.

This setting-up camp trailer additionally incorporates its own 12-volt electrical framework with a 110-volt converter for charging hardware and powering its inside parts.

You will get a sleeping pad inside with a size of 52″ wide by 76″ long that gives most grown-ups space to sit up easily.

It additionally has a three-speed roof fan and an introduced A/C unit to assist you with staying more comfortable and safe in the hotness, which settles on it an incredible decision for towing it behind your bike in case you are going for long bike trips.

Go Little Guy MyPod Interiors

3. Vintage Overland Tuco Trailer

Vintage Overland

The next option as a teardrop trailer for motorcycles is the Tuco Teardrop trailer.

It is a hand-crafted trailer with an amazing design made to resist harsh weather conditions.

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Its exemplary teardrop shape and vintage taillights give an ageless vibe, and it accompanies an adaptive padding bedding for some additional solace.


You will get a Solid lodge, solar charger, fan, inside LED lights, hardwood inside, and adaptable padding bedding for a comfortable journey.

This is a little expensive, yet it’s potentially the coolest smaller than normal cruiser teardrop trailer out there.

It includes a big door than the MyPod and a more extravagant inside, with Baltic Birch dividers.

The solar chargers are connected to power the inside and outside lights, even on your long trips.

This little teardrop trailer was made in view of country roads and trails and had a lot of room to add additional racks for more storage.

In case all that wasn’t sufficient, there is additionally great ventilation with a fan and rooftop vent.

This bike teardrop trailer is prepared for getting off-network because of its solar charger and LED inside lighting.

The Tuco has a delicate, agreeable adaptable padding sleeping pad installed for great comfort and living style.

4. Vistabule Trailer


If you are not satisfied with the above-listed motorcycle teardrop campers, then there is another lightweight teardrop camper for certain inventive highlights available for you.

The custom Vistabule teardrop trailer is an option for you that offers extravagant and luxury features with a wooden touch.

There are lots of things to love about this teardrop for motorcycles.


You will find a big front window in this teardrop trailer, making it easy for you to enjoy natural surroundings when you are out and about.

There is a slot between the cookroom and the lodge that permits you to pass food to individuals at the table or to the bed.

You will find four windows and two windows, go-through shades with a sliding screen, vent, an open-air kitchen, under-bed storage, and a folding couch table.

These remarkable highlights enliven the standard Vistabule teardrop trailer that making it a good choice for your bike rides and camping.

Inside this motorcycle teardrop camper, you will find a bed that can be changed into a couch for your ease so that you can enjoy a calm day when you are not traveling anywhere.

5. Hütte Hut

Hütte Hut

If you can go on a little big size than average teardrop trailers, then the Hutte Hut teardrop is another good choice that you can tow with your motorcycle on long trips and rides.

It is an all-wooden teardrop trailer made with clean finishing and exquisite vintage design giving you a proper feel of the 90s.

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In this trailer, each piece of wood looks shocking, and the excellent development is obvious in everything that is available inside.

The inside space is extremely attractive, with simply a bedding and a couple of racks for capacity.

There are no extra equipment or features to disturb your comfort and complicate your camping trip.

All-wood development, open arrangement moderate inside will keep you totally warm inside when you camp at a spot.

There are two big doors on this teardrop offering great perspectives on your environmental view from the bed.

It has the capacity for two individuals easily and can fit up to three if necessary.

Why Choose a Motorcycle Teardrop Trailer?

There are a few reasons for which you can consider choosing a teardrop trailer for your motorcycle.

1. Saves Traveling Cost

Bike teardrop trailers are among the least expensive method for traveling. With a teardrop camper, you don’t need to stress over staying charges in the hotel or lodges.

It’s less expensive in a way that you won’t have to stay at a campground or book anyplace to sleep.

2. Mobility

Teardrop trailers are the small trailer on the lookout.

They are minimal and lightweight, making them super towable.

Their little size additionally makes it more straightforward to find a parking space for your bike as well as the trailer.

Teardrop camper trailers are so light; that it’s feasible to attach or detach them at the camp spots.

3. Sufficient Storage Space

Bikes or Motorcycles don’t usually have adequate space on them, which is why a teardrop trailer can provide sufficient storage space and a spot for sleeping.

Going for a trip with a motorbike restricts how much stuff you can carry on your trip.

Notwithstanding, with a teardrop camper trailer, you can convey a couple of basic essentials on your trip.


This was a guide on the best motorcycle teardrop camper in which we have seen some of the common teardrop campers that can be hooked with a motorcycle for setting up camp at beautiful spots.

We explained their features and essentials, and for more details, you can contact us.


Is it easy to fit a motorcycle teardrop camper in your home garage?

Motorcycle teardrop trailers can undoubtedly fit in your carport, making them simple and modest to store. With motorcycle teardrop trailers, there is no compelling reason to pay charges at any camp spots.

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