Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

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Trailers can provide additional space for adding stuff for camping and include something that can add more to the design. These trailers are of different sizes based on their manufacturing to fit well with a vehicle or a motorcycle. In case you have a motorcycle, and you want to add a trailer to it, then we may have some best suggestions for you.

So let’s take a look at the best motorcycle camper trailers that you can get.

Kompact Kamp Mini MateKompact Kamp Mini Mate
Aspen Quality TrailersAspen Quality Trailers Classic
Sky Lite TrailerEasy Rider Camper Sky Lite Trailer
Time Out Trailers DeluxeTime Out Trailers Deluxe
Roll-A-HomeRoll-A-Home Standard Pop Up Camper
Double Duty Utility Motorcycle CamperDouble Duty Utility Motorcycle Camper
Kwik Kamp IIKwik Kamp II Motorcycle Tent Trailer
Roadman CampersRoadman Motorcycle Trailer
Go Little Guy - MyPodLittle Guy MyPod
Lees-ure Lite ExcelLees-ure Lite Excel Motorcycle Tent Trailer

1. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

The best motorcycle camper trailer, according to our list, is the Kompact Kamp Mini Mate. This is a small motorcycle camper that is easy to tow on roads with its 90″L x 40″W x 37″H measurements. The Mini Mate Kompact Kamp has huge loads of additional discretionary items to its design and interior. These incorporate an additional room and overhang for huge loads of room and comfort.

This camper for motorbikes has headspace at its tallest of 6’4″ to give adequate room inside with quality development made from fiberglass body and top. It comes with a UV and water-safe material tent, and it has suitable space for two grown-ups to let them rest completely on the inside.


  • Weight: 260 lbs
  • Tongue 25 lbs
  • Height 6’4″

2. Aspen Quality Trailers Classic

Aspen Quality Trailers

There is another camper for a motorcycle called the Aspen Quality Trailers Classic. This is a strong plan camper for cruiser bikes, making it best suitable for a single bike rider. It has fiberglass and steel body construction, making it a very durable option in the list that also has very good resistance to the weather.

There is a sleeping area with a froth cloth and a removable cover that makes it very simple to toss in a clothes washer to clean after or between trips. There is additionally a zippered storm fold that is intended to cover the tent in a blustery climate that serves as a shelter cover for shade and sun protection.

The Aspen Quality Trailers Classic Camper is made with high-quality materials that maintain the temperature inside. This setting up camp trailer for bikes even accompanies its own tough travel cover to protect the rooftop and body of the actual tent from any damage while you’re moving from camping area to camping area.


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  • Length: 6′
  • Width: 47″
  • Weight: 350 pounds

3. Easy Rider Camper Sky Lite Trailer

Sky Lite Trailer

This is a six-foot camper trailer as your next option in case you want the best motorcycle camper trailer. It can fill all your needs for camping by giving you enough space with its smart door. There is a resting spot inside, and you can lock the door for your ease and comfort to sleep peacefully.

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There are features that you can add as an alternative, such as electric brakes introduced on yours before you connect it to your cruiser to begin towing. This will consider a lot more secure towing, and it will improve your riding experience. The weight is not much, which is why it will save your fuel too.

This camper additionally includes an independent, 12-volt electrical system with a 110-volt converter system. This enables you to charge your significant hardware, and it gives the capacity to the trailer’s AM/FM sound system and DVD player.


  • Length: 6′
  • Width: 44″

4. Time Out Trailers Deluxe

Time Out Trailers Deluxe

The Deluxe is the next suggestion that may catch your interest. This is a motorcycle camper trailer with the benefits of easy control. It can be folded and open back into its shape. It’s an incredible alternative for independent motorcyclists. It sets up in under three minutes by basically collapsing it open and sliding the extendable posts in, and afterward adjusting them properly.

This camper is additionally intended to give you a covered haven and a lot of additional room to store the entirety of your camper gear. Altogether, it offers around 23 cubic feet of extra room, which is sufficient room to give space for three bigger gym bags, a pneumatic bed, a seat, and a camp table.

The bed has a good size for sleeping and a collapsing table with enough space to eat food to assist you with getting delightful ready setting up camp dinners. You can add custom options for valuable components with unique features and extras like an A/C stand, retractable shade, electric brakes, light bar, etc.


  • Length: 8’8″
  • Width: 43″

5. Roll-A-Home Standard Pop Up Camper


This stylish pop-up camper for your motorcycle has a very cool plan on the grounds that, when it’s completely set up, it incorporates a resting area and good height on the inside for providing sufficient room. It can be zipped totally shut for extra security.

The actual tent is built from a breathable texture that is sufficiently waterproof to keep you dry through stormy nights. Furthermore, it includes an oval-style plan that holds water back from leaking in around the base creases as long as the water profundity stays under five inches.

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It includes in excess of 18 cubic feet of extra room for your stuff, and a rack on top of the trailer permits you to add extra stuff for safety and storage. Furthermore, that additional extra room stays available whether the tent and changing area are set up or collapsed down.

Roll-A-Home Full


  • Length: 6’6″
  • Width: 48″

6. Double Duty Utility Motorcycle Camper

Double Duty Utility Motorcycle Camper

The Double Duty Utility Trailer for a motorcycle is a small trailer with a very reasonable price. It has a great inside floorplan for design among conservative cruiser campers available nowadays. This settles on it for couples going on one cruiser together in light of the fact that the living space will not feel very confined in case that you both need to sleep inside to get away from harsh weather.

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It has a vast space inside to sleep six individuals since it highlights two twin-sized bed stages, and the bed of the actual trailer can give a big folding bed. This camper for bike towing is somewhat on the heavier side, so it might expect you to have a ride with a bigger towing limit.

When you have a bigger bike that can tow it, you’ll have the option to get up to 81 square feet of inside living space, a seven-foot tent roof for standing and changing, and a 150-denier polyester climate-safe tent.


  • Length: 7’4″
  • Width: 63″
  • Weight: 800 pounds

7. Kwik Kamp II Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Kwik Kamp II

In case still, you are not happy with the suggestions mentioned above, then you can go for Kamp II. This setting-up camp trailer includes a jumbo bed and a bunk-style bed stage that assists with augmenting the inside space without causing it to feel loaded.

It has good space with 24 cubic feet of under extra room. This gives you the option to appreciate more happy resting facilities; however, you’ll have more space to store any additional stuff or conveniences to assist with making you more satisfied with its features.

The Kwik Kamp II is planned in view of all types of terrains and weather conditions. It includes an A/C port that permits you to allow good cooling into the camper to keep it cool during the more hot weather. Furthermore, it additionally includes tent material that is not affected by strong winds and repulses water to keep you dry if a rainstorm is running suddenly overnight.


  • Length: 10′
  • Width: 47″
  • Weight: 340 pounds

8. Roadman Motorcycle Trailer

Roadman Campers

For those who love traveling to lots of places with open roads on their bike, this Roadman pop-up motorcycle camper trailer is a suitable option. It is a small option with a big sleeping space; however, it’s still speedier and simpler to set up and fold back than an ordinary camping trailer with a tent.

This bike trailer for setting up camp can be set up in around seven to 10 minutes, and it adds four flexible, drop-down camper jacks to assist you with evening out it on the lopsided ground. It gives comfort with its open space and comfortable feeling when you are on long trips.

It has doubled sewed tent creases for added solidness and water resistance. The tent allows to cover the doors and windows from any rain or weather conditions and keeps the person inside safe and protected.


  • Length: 5’2″
  • Width: 38″
  • Weight: 250 pounds

9. Little Guy MyPod

Go Little Guy - MyPod

Little Guy offers MyPod as a camper for motorcycles that is very small and easy to tow with a motorbike. This is a unique option from Little Guy Trailers, which gives roomier facilities than most of the other options on the list. The bedding inside measures 52″ wide by 76″ long, and the 37″ inside measurements gives most grown-ups space to sit up easily.

The MyPod is planned for sleeping all sorts of bikers with different heights since it does exclude sufficient inside space for standing. In any case, it includes an inside entertainment area that permits you to kill time on blustery days watching motion pictures or making up for lost time with your number one streaming network shows.

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It has a 12-volt electrical power system with a 110-volt converter for charging gadgets and controlling its inner parts. It additionally has a three-speed roof fan and an introduced A/C unit to assist you with cooling during the warm season. It’s the best choice if you want to enjoy a long trip of summer with your friends on a bike adventure.


  •   Length: 11’6″
  •   Width: 60″
  •   Weight: 760 pounds

10. Lees-ure Lite Excel Motorcycle Tent Trailer

Lees-are Lite Excel

The last option on this motorcycle camper list is the Lees-ure Lite Excel trailer for a motorcycle. This trailer has a good floor plan that might interest you. It has a bigger bed region that is adequately large to give comfortable sleep to the biker. The bed is 52″ wide by 81″ long for sleeping, two people. It has a tent that offers a shocking 6’4″ height for good headroom.

It implies that most grown-ups will actually want to stand up inside and roam freely, and they can even change their clothes too. There is enough space to store your items and accessories for your trip on the inside. You can squeeze some useful stuff inside it along with your bedside, and you can enjoy free time relaxing on the comfortable bed during a break.

In general, you’ll have the option to enjoy 30 cubic feet of encased extra room, and you’ll have the option to tie extra stuff to the highest point of the trailer utilizing the pre-introduced trailer rooftop rack.


  • Length: 5’6″
  • Width: 54″
  • Weight: 265 pounds

What are Motorcycle Camper Trailers?

Motorcycle camper trailers are trailer rigs that can be connected with a motorbike in order to be pulled behind it. These are lightweight trailers that serve the purpose of small campers with additional storage and sleeping space with them.

The motorcycle camper trailers can be towed by hitching them at the back of a motorbike that should have about a 1000cc engine in order to pull weight. The trailer should have 20% less weight than your motorcycle’s total weight. You should also be careful about the length when choosing a motorcycle camper trailer.


This was a discussion article on the best motorcycle camper trailers where we included the top options for your journey, and we hope you like them. All information was updated for your knowledge, and for more, you can drop a comment.


Can motorcycles pull campers?

Motorbike camper trailers are little campers that are sufficiently lightweight to be pulled by a bike. You’ll require a hitch, and tow hitches are accessible for most motorbikes. However, in case that your motorcycle doesn’t have it, most bikes can be effectively outfitted with a ball hitch.

What amount does a bike camper cost?

However, essential bike camper trailers start as low as about $2,000, and surprisingly premium models can be bought for about $6,000. It’s still a lot but less than a normal travel trailer for a vehicle.

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