7 Best Class B+ RV Motorhomes

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Technically, the B “plus” label is largely a marketing ploy. When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Class B+ RVs are designed in a similar way as class C motorhomes, with one notable exception.

The cabover sleeping space is not available in Class B+ RVs. Due to the lack of a front overhang, class B plus RVs resemble camper vans, despite the fact that they are normally much larger.

Overall, you must switch to a B+ motorhome if you enjoy the notion of a camper van but prefer additional facilities within your RV.

If you require more sleeping room for more than 2 persons, you’ll have to upgrade to a class C.

In this article, the Best Class B+ RV will be discussed.

Name Chassis Price
NeXus Viper 25V Ford E350 $122,400
Thor Motor Coach Gemini AWD 23TE Ford Transit $116,925
Airstream Atlas Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $235,714
Winnebago Ekko Ford Transit $163,662
Phoenix USA Cruiser 2910D Ford E450 $69,500
Leisure Travel Vans Wonder Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 $121,420
Coachmen Cross Trek 21XG Ford Transit $112,574

Nexus ViperNeXus Viper 25V
Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TEThor Motor Coach Gemini AWD 23TE
Airstream AtlasAirstream Atlas
Winnebago Ekko 22AWinnebago Ekko
Phoenix USA CruiserPhoenix USA Cruiser 2910D
Leisure Vans Wonder MBLeisure Travel Vans Wonder
Coachmen Cross Trek 22XGCoachmen Cross Trek 21XG

What are the Best Class B+ RV?

1. NeXus Viper 25V

Nexus Viper

Travel in luxury alongside your partner or family to explore new areas and visit family and friends in another region. The vehicle’s cabin is as pleasant to drive as it is to dine, rest, and relax.

Each space is big thanks to the complete wall slide, which contains a foldable queen bed and a full bathroom featuring a shower having a flexible nozzle shower head, a bath skylight, as well as a vinyl door.

Storage is available in the wardrobe, overhead closets, as well as throughout the exterior. During those heavy rains, the front entertainment unit with 32-inch LED television will come in useful.

Other amenities you’ll like to include are a 4.0 Onan generator for times you want to go off the grid, an LP fast disconnects, as well as a 7,500 pounds hitch for towing your toys and other gear.

Featuring a Soft Touch driver and passenger chairs, a touch screen radio with USB, a backup camera, as well as Bluetooth and Sirius options, you can cherish the journey as much as the destination in any Nexus Viper Class B+ gas RV.

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The improved flooring is stylish and simple to clean, and the superior innerspring mattress provides all-night relaxation.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet 7 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 8 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet
Gross Weight 12,500 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 40 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Price $139,322

Nexus Viper 25V

2. Thor Motor Coach Gemini AWD 23TE

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE

This Gemini AWD Class B+ RV is just what you and your partner require for your next holiday! You can’t really go wrong with this Class B Plus RV because it has the proper balance of space and amenities.

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Rather than taking up valuable internal living space with a bulky bed, you’ll appreciate the convenience of the 60″ x 74″ Murphy bed, which can be folded away throughout the day to make room for a couch.

You will always have a private bathroom as well as a 24″ x 36″ shower to keep you tidy anywhere you go, so you won’t have to stop for public facilities along the route.

Thanks to the 2-burner gas stove and convection microwave in the kitchen, you can even make your own meals while on the road.

Prepare to go to new places in a Thor Gemini AWD gas RV. A

quality one-piece TPO rooftop, as well as a one-piece fiberglass front cap featuring integrated wing walls, can be seen on the outside.

Additional camping goods may be kept in the light-up Rotocast storage chambers, and a motorized patio awning with inbuilt LED lights will let you stay out a little later each night.

With its household vinyl flooring, Euro-style closet doors, and pressed laminate counters, the Gemini’s internal d├ęcor is sleek and elegant.

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Key Specifications

Height 11 feet
Exterior Length 23 feet 7 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 11,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 37 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 19 Gallons
Price $124,381

Thor Motor Coach Gemini 23TE Floor Plan

3. Airstream Atlas

Airstream Atlas

A Twinkie-shaped trailer comes to mind when you think about Airstream RVs. The company also builds RVs, such as this class B+ RV.

The Atlas only comes in one layout, but it’s a lot bigger than you may think.

The bathroom takes up the entire rear portion, so you won’t feel like you’re in a tin can while using the bathroom.

The Atlas has a Murphy bed for sleeping options. The entire procedure may appear complicated at first, but it will become second nature after a few repetitions.

The dining table must be removed, and the sofa must be relocated.

Because this part is also a slide-out, you’ll need to activate it to make space for the entire bed.

You can even sleep on the folding sofa if you’re extremely exhausted (and traveling alone).

Key Specifications

Height 11 feet
Exterior Length 24 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width 8 feet 3 inches
Gross Weight 11,030 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 23 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 31 Gallons
Price $239,261

Airstream Atlas Floor Plan

4. Winnebago Ekko

Winnebago Ekko 22A

Winnebago, like Airstream, is a name that is associated with RVing. In addition, the Ekko, like the Atlas, has only one layout (so far).

Despite the fact that Winnebago claims this motorhome can sleep four people, we don’t suggest it unless you already have young children.

Putting a mattress over the two twin beds is the only solution to get everyone within. It’s generally more bother than it’s worth, though.

The spinning toilet wall is a unique feature of the Ekko. The toilet doubles as a sink when you use it.

It rolls out to provide you with more area when you require to take a bath. That means the sink is in the shower, but it’s not an issue because it’s waterproof.

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Also, bear in consideration that this setup lacks a black water tank for unknown reasons.

Having a gear garage, under-bed space, cabinets, and a 5.3-cu-ft fridge, you not only have enough storage room for all of your belongings, but you also get a 24″ x 30″ wet shower with a rotating toilet wall so you can remain clean without having to stop at rest stops along the road.

A radio/rearview control system, rotatable cabin chairs, and several driving safety systems are all standard in the cabin.

You can use the rotatable work table for the traveler cab chair or as an extended cooktop in the kitchen because the cab seats can rotate.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 23 feet 2 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 3 inches
Gross Weight 11,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 50 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 51 Gallons
Black Water Capacity NA
Price $179,344

Winnebago Ekko 22A Floor Plan

5. Phoenix USA Cruiser 2910D

Phoenix USA Cruiser

Phoenix USA Cruiser 2910D is one of the largest class B plus RVs available, measuring 30 feet in length.

It is, however, significantly smaller than the other rigs we’ve featured, standing only 6 feet tall rather than ten.

On the other hand, the increased length gives you more space to stretch your legs.

This RV has 2 seating areas, with a sofa on one side and 2 swivel seats on the other. So, if you’re hosting visitors, make sure everyone has a seat.

There is just 1 queen bed, but someone may sleep on the sofa if required.

The Phoenix Cruiser also features a separate shower and toilet, allowing two people to use both without stumbling over one another.

With a Phoenix Cruiser Class B+ gas RV from Phoenix USA, you can start creating memories wherever you go.

The sleek body style and flawless gel-coat fiberglass bodywork with quality graphics package will make heads turn on the highway and at the campsites.

When you return from a muddy trip and require to clean off your boots, the exterior shower is ideal.

Also, the hide-away retractable screen door ensures that clean air can circulate throughout the coach without the risk of animals entering.

The Ford cabin floor offers approximately twice warmth and sound insulation for a peaceful ride, and you’ll like the single-key system as well as keyless entry.

Pick your favorite floorplan right now!

Key Specifications

Height 6 feet 4 inches
Exterior Length 30 feet 10 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 9 inches
Gross Weight 14,500 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 46 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 35 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 19.5 Gallons
Price $179,344

Phoenix USA Cruiser 2910D

6. Leisure Travel Vans Wonder

Leisure Vans Wonder MB

Having a name as Leisure Travel Vans, you know you’ll be able to relax and rest while on the drive. Since it fits a lot into a tiny body, the Wonder is among the best B plus RV models.

You receive a toilet as well as a separate shower, so two people may use them at the same time.

You’ll have plenty of space to stroll around in a vast galley-style kitchen while preparing your next dinner.

There are a few distinct floorplans to select from when it comes to sleeping arrangements.

For starters, a back lounge with a convertible couch bed is available. If you don’t want to make your bed every night, you may choose between two twin beds at the rear or front of the room.

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Lastly, Leisure Travel Vans offers a murphy bed selection to enhance your living area.

Key Specifications

Height 9 feet 11.5 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 9 inches
Exterior Width 7 feet 11 inches
Gross Weight 11,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 33.5 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 26.4 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 35 Gallons
Price $130,000

Leisure Travel Wonder RTB

7. Coachmen Cross Trek 21XG

Coachman Cross Trek 20XG

Coachmen have been a household name in the RV industry since 1968. As the camping lifestyle became more than a trend, this company expanded into the B and B+ categories, demonstrating how a well-known RV manufacturer can produce economical vehicles that attract a wide range of customers.

The capacity to carry toys is a unique feature of the Cross Trek 21XG. A side-fold murphy bed replaces the full-size rear bed.

When the bed is folded up, the broad rear door allows you to store all your expedition toys and other lengthy goods.

The U-shaped dinette doubles as a couch and a guest bed for two when guests arrive.

Key Specifications

Height 10 feet 4 inches
Exterior Length 24 feet 1 inch
Exterior Width 7 feet 7 inches
Gross Weight 11,000 pounds
Fresh Water Capacity 41 Gallons
Grey Water Capacity 59 Gallons
Black Water Capacity 28 Gallons
Price $112,574

Coachmen Cross Trek 21XG

Pros of Class B+ RV

  • Since Class B+ RVs are smaller in size, they are easier to handle and drive around as compared to other Class RVs.
  • They offer more amenities as compared to Class B and A RVs despite having a compact size and lesser price than Class B RVs.

Cons of Class B+ RV

  • Class B+ RVs offer less sleeping space as compared to other Types of RVs. So they are perfect for a single person or couples rather than families.
  • Since Class B+ RVs are pretty similar to Class C RVs, they tend to come for a heftier price than Class A RVs. Also, you will struggle to find used Class B+ motorhomes in the market.


In this article, the best Class B+ RV Motorhomes have been enlisted and discussed so that you may conveniently choose the most suitable Class B+ RV that can accommodate the needs of your entire family while not exceeding your budget.

A Class B plus RV is a good option if a camper van is too tiny and a Class C RV isn’t tempting.

We hope this article has been able to assist with the purpose mentioned.


What is the most reliable Class B+ RV?

These are the best Class B+ RV Motorhomes:

  • NeXus Viper 25V
  • Thor Gemini AWD 23TE
  • Airstream Atlas Class B Plus RV
  • Winnebago EKKO
  • Phoenix USA Cruiser 2910D
  • Leisure Travel Vans Wonder
  • Coachmen Cross Trek 21XG

What is the difference between Class B and B+ RV?

Class B motorhomes, sometimes known as “camper vans,” are among the smallest recreational vehicles on the market. They’re ideal for couples’ coaches or three-person families that want to travel comfortably.

Class B+ RVs are often built on bigger chassis, giving them additional internal storage and sleeping area.

How much does a Class B+ RV cost?

Customers should consider paying somewhere from $150,000 to upwards of $500,000 for a new Class B+ RV, based on the make, design, and manufacturer of the RV.

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