10 Best Off Road Camper Trailer Under $10,000

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RV parks have a lot of amenities to make your vacation more enjoyable. On the other hand, camping outdoors has a certain allure that you won’t find at a typical RV park.

Having said that, not every RV will be suited for off-roading and camping in a remote location.

You’ll require something a little more powerful than a typical recreational vehicle.

When you combine rugged appeal with a dash of comfort and a mouthful of practicality, what do you get? An off-road camper trailer!

But are off-road camper trailers actually available for less than $10,000?

Fortunately, the answer is YES!

Because they’re becoming more difficult to come by, especially in recent years due to supply chain problems, many off-road trailers that were under $10,000 a year or two ago have increased in price and did not make it to our list.

But don’t be sad; there are still a few left!

Here are the Best Off Road Camper Trailer under $10,000,

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Name Weight Price
Oregon Trailer Do Drop 700 lbs $6,750
Hiker Extreme Off-Road Deluxe 800 lbs $5,950
TAXA Woolly Bear 1700 lbs $9,300
Mirror Lake Base Camp 1,495 lbs $10,000
Highland Expedition Outfitters T3 2,200 lbs $8,700
Big Franks Outdoors XTR Trailer 3,500 lbs $9,695
TenTrax Ascend 2,600 lbs $7,500
Kakadu BushRanger 200XT 3,000 lbs $9,900
Manley Orv Explore 775 lbs $9,400
Moab Trailers Fort 1,250 lbs $8,800

Oregon Trailer Do DropOregon Trailer Do Drop
Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road DeluxeHiker Extreme Off-Road Deluxe
Taxa Outdoors Woolly BearTAXA Woolly Bear
Mirror Lake Base CampMirror Lake Base Camp
Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3Highland Expedition Outfitters T3
Big Franks Outdoors XTR TrailerBig Franks Outdoors XTR Trailer
TenTrax AscendTenTrax Ascend
Kakadu Bushranger 200 XTKakadu BushRanger 200XT
Manley ORV ExploreManley Orv Explore
MOAB Trailers Fort XLMoab Trailers Fort

What are the Best Off Road Camper Trailer Under $10,000

1. Oregon Trailer Do Drop

Oregon Trailer Do Drop

The Oregon Trailer Do Drop is easy to use, lightweight (beginning with 550 pounds), and inexpensive.

The base model is tough enough for some dirt road soft off-roading.

Off-road wheels and tires can be added for $460. For an extra $1500, you can add off-road suspension and a more robust chassis system for improved off-road performance.

You’re still under $10,000 even with those extras!

If you want an exceptionally capable off-roading teardrop and are prepared to spend a little more than $10,000, the Do Drop Alpha is the way to go.

It’s their most competent off-road camper trailer.

Key Specifications

Height 3 feet 6 inches
Exterior Length 7 feet
Overall Width 4 feet
Gross Weight 700 pounds
Price $6,750

2. Hiker Extreme Off-Road Deluxe

Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe

Hiker’s extreme Off-Road Deluxe camper is one of a kind. It’s not because it’s a rigid-body camper, though that would be surprising at this price.

The Off-Road Deluxe’s distinctive feature is its customizability.

Simply go to the trailer’s website to see what we’re talking about. You are presented with plenty of options, starting with the basics like exterior color and progressing to extra doors, cupboards, trays, racks, awnings, road showers, propane tanks, heating and cooling, and so on.

The rigid-body design of this off-road camper is a significant feature, as it is more protected and perhaps cozier than a tent.

This item should be able to handle a wide range of weather conditions, mainly because it can be installed with a furnace or an air conditioner.

Key Specifications

Height 3 feet 9 inches
Exterior Length 8 feet
Overall Width 4 feet
Gross Weight 800 lbs
Price $5,950

3. TAXA Woolly Bear

Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear

If you have $10,000 and are looking for a camper trailer right now, the TAXA Woolly Bear is a good alternative for shorter excursions or if you already have a tent.

The problem is that the camper’s standard price of $9,200 does not include a rooftop tent; you’ll have to spend an extra $1,149 for one.

However, if you’re searching for a camper that doesn’t require a tent, the Woolly Bear might be a good choice.

While this camper does not come with a tent, it does come with many other conveniences.

The camp kitchen organizer is possibly the most known of them.

The Woolly Bear does not come with any kitchen appliances by default, but it has enough space to put together a functional and accessible kitchen.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of this camper trailer is its modest weight.

It weighs only 990 pounds when it is empty, and its 1,700-pound GVWR ensures that it won’t weigh more than 1,700 pounds even when fully loaded.

The Woolly Bear is an excellent alternative to consider if you have a tow vehicle with restricted towing capacity.

Key Specifications

Height 4 feet 9 inches
Exterior Length 5 feet 4 inches
Overall Width 4 feet
Gross Weight 1700 pounds
Price $9,300

4. Mirror Lake Base Camp

Mirror Lake Base Camp

Despite costing a bit more than our $10,000 budget, the Mirror Lake Base Camp is a great contender for our list. If you can save a little more money, you might be better off waiting a little longer and getting this camper.

You should know that the base $10,500 package does not have some RV necessities, so you may need to add your own mattress, kitchen equipment, and other items over to begin with.

This camper also lacks features such as a DC power system and a shore connection, which are included in more expensive packages.

As a result, this camper is only appropriate for you if you are willing to spend more money in the long term to make it the ideal camper.

Key Specifications

Height 6 feet 5 inches
Exterior Length 12 feet 4 inches
Overall Width 6 feet 8 inches
Gross Weight 1,495 pounds
Price $10,000

5. Highland Expedition Outfitters T3

Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3

This camper, which is 102 inches in length, is an excellent choice if you have a small garage. It isn’t the lowest or thinnest camper on our list, but that shouldn’t be a problem because it isn’t all that hefty, to begin with.

A unique feature of the T3 camper trailer is that it can be outfitted with a $2,500 hard-shell bi-fold tent.

Although this tent cannot be utilized with the telescopic awning add-on, it will be a wonderful complement to this camper trailer for some people.

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Key Specifications

Height 5 feet
Exterior Length 8 feet 6 inches
Overall Width 5 feet 8 inches
Gross Weight 2,200 pounds
Price $8,700

6. Big Franks Outdoors XTR Trailer

Big Franks Outdoors XTR Trailer

Big Franks Outdoors XTR Trailer costs $9,695. This teardrop trailer is constructed to last and will allow you to camp where no one else can.

These units are available in a variety of sizes and are custom-built to your needs, so they can be kept simple or highly customized.

There is a wide range of possibilities to pick from. Furthermore, this off-road teardrop trailer is not only safe but also pleasant.

Modern amenities can be enjoyed while being in the solitary calm of the great outdoors with the XTR Off-Road Teardrop Trailer. 

Key Specifications

Height 4 feet
Exterior Length 8 feet
Overall Width 4 feet
Gross Weight 3,500 pounds
Price $9,695

7. TenTrax Ascend

TenTrax Ascend

TenTrax Ascend is one of the cheapest off-road trailers under $10,000, with a price tag of $7,500. With the Ascend model, the Ascend brings a truly unique lightweight, and economical off-road trailer choice to market.

TenTrax boasts that these are the most capable off-road trailers on the market and based on appearances, they may be right.

It weighs under 600 pounds and comes equipped with a 48″x96″ bed, a 2000-pound axle, 31-inch tires, a gel coat, and a 2-inch lift, among other things.

Key Specifications

Gross Weight 2,600 pounds
Price $7,500

8. Kakadu BushRanger 200XT

Kakadu Bushranger 200 XT

The BushRanger camper trailer by Kakadu is best for harsh rides thanks to its rugged build, and it is priced pretty close to our budget limit.

Heavy-duty tires with hostile terrain treads and puncture resistance come standard on the BushRanger 200 XT.

Not only that, but because of its heavy-duty structure, hammered finish paint, steel fenders, and other features, this camper trailer has an overall sturdy design.

This camper’s trailer tent is equally impressive. The BushRanger’s tent, which has a reinforced canvas roof and rigid walls, should keep you safe in a variety of situations.

Kakadu puts a premium on rain protection, with a roll-edge design that keeps water away and internal window flaps that makes it easy for you to close the windows from within without having to step outside in the rain.

However, the BushRanger does not provide all that an RVer could require. Although the base package includes adequate storage space and basic bedroom furnishings, you’ll have to pay up to $1,150 more than the base price if you insist on having a kitchen.

Key Specifications

Height 4 feet 4 inches
Exterior Length 12 feet
Overall Width 5 feet 10 inches
Gross Weight 3,000 pounds
Price $9,900

9. Manley Orv Explore

Manley ORV Explore

If you don’t require any kitchen equipment in your camper, the Manley Orv Explore camper trailer can be a better choice.

This device doesn’t come with any and doesn’t have any kitchen options, so it’s a decent choice if you prefer to carry your own belongings on the trip.

The Explore’s tent is also quite different — it’s significantly smaller than the BushRanger’s and doesn’t have nearly as much inside space.

If you don’t need sleeping space for more than 4-5 people, the Explore camper’s tent should be sufficient.

Given how close these two campers are in price, this camper’s construction should be just as robust as the BushRanger’s.

The Explore camper’s durable tires, military-tested torsion axle, and rustic style make it a perfect companion in remote locations.

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Key Specifications

Height 23 inches
Exterior Length 9 feet 6 inches
Overall Width 5 feet 6 inches
Gross Weight 775 pounds
Price $9,400

10. Moab Trailers Fort

MOAB Trailers Fort XL

With a base price of $8,800 and a weight of 1250 pounds, Moab Trailers’ Fort model has enough basic features that it may be worth your precious time to take a look.

The Fort, according to Moab Trailers, is a one-of-a-kind utility trailer with a 38.2 cubic foot interior storage capacity having the option of a cargo rack or rooftop tent attached to the trailer’s top.

The Fort trailer actually becomes the “Mother Of All Bivouacs” with the many add-on choices available.

It’s totally self-contained and includes all of the features of a larger travel trailer in a more compact and cheap design.

Key Specifications

Height 4 feet 10 inches
Exterior Length 10 feet 6 inches
Overall Width 6 feet
Gross Weight 1,250 pounds
Price $8,800


Whatever your financial situation, you should be careful about how you spend your money.

However, while working with a limited budget, you must be particularly cautious when selecting an off-road camper.

We’ve seen ten pretty distinct campers up top. They had a variety of designs and weight capacities and a variety of stock equipment.

The TAXA Woolly Bear camper, for example, does not include a tent, although other identical campers do, even though the prices are comparable.

We’d advise you to go with a more expensive off-road camper despite what we’ve just said.

In the long run, a more expensive RV will be a better buy because it will have more space to meet your growing needs, be more sturdy, and be better equipped than its less expensive rivals.

If you can save money, do so. Wait a few months and then upgrade to a more expensive camper.

For an extra $2,500 – 5,000, you can upgrade your camper trailer to a whole new level of comfort and functionality.


What is the best off-road camper trailer?

Choosing the best off-road camper trailer might not be simple because of the multiple factors involved in making a camper trailer stand out.

Some of the best off-road campers are

  • Kakadu BushRanger 200XT
  • Highland Expedition Outfitters T3
  • Airstream Basecamp X
  • TAXA Woolly Bear
  • Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit

Why are off-road trailers so expensive?

They appear to be quite costly, but they are practically handcrafted. They can’t establish economies of scale since there isn’t enough of a market for them to do so. Also, anything designed to be used off-road must be better manufactured and constructed than a standard RV trailer.

Can airstreams go off-road?

Off-road trailers from Airstream, such as the Basecamp 20X and 16X, have just become available. However, they are built to be towed behind other vehicles. Other Airstream camper vans, such as the Interstate 24GT and 24GL, are available, but the Interstate 24X is the first to feature four-wheel drive.

Why are campers so expensive right now?

In 2020, the demand for self-contained travel pushed the RV sector into overdrive, with record numbers of travelers purchasing or renting RVs. The RV sector was affected by pandemic-induced shutdowns, which resulted in supply shortages and price surges. As a result, the cost of RVing in 2021 will remain high.

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