21 Amazing Off Road Camper Trailers

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Camper trailers are always useful for long trips and adventurous journeys when you want to leave out and about for days with your friends.

Having a camper for roads is a good thing but having a proper off-road camper trailer is even a better thought because these trailers are rugged and strong to take on any path and roads without stopping.

They are properly equipped to take on any weather and road conditions.

In this discussion, we have listed some best off road camper trailers that you would ever want.

Name Weight
Turtleback Adventure 1,160 lbs
Airstream Basecamp X 2,635 lbs
Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland 1,978 lbs
Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3 650 lbs
Kakadu Bushranger 200 XT 1,100 lbs
Black Series Travel Trailers 6,482 lbs
Colorado Camp Works Nomadic System One 1,750 lbs
MOAB Trailers Fort XL 1,350 lbs
Eagle Camper Trailers Tomahawk 5,511 lbs
Taxa Outdoors Wooly Bear 1,270 lbs
Australian Off-Road Sierra ZR 1,873 lbs
Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper 600 lbs
Manley ORV Explore 775 lbs
Opus Camper OP-4 2,870 lbs
Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit 1,763 lbs
Escapade Backcountry 3,500 lbs
TC Teardrop 5×9 750 lbs
Boreas Campers Boreas-XT 2,200 lbs
Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe 2,000 lbs
Schutt X VENTURE XV-2 1,200 lbs
North America Conqueror UEV-310 Extreme 1,800 lbs

Turtleback AdventureTurtleback Adventure
Airstream Basecamp X
Taxa Outdoors Cricket OverlandTaxa Outdoors Cricket Overland
Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3
Kakadu Bushranger 200 XTKakadu Bushranger 200 XT
Black Series Travel TrailersBlack Series Travel Trailers
Colorado Camp Works Nomadic System OneColorado Camp Works Nomadic System One
MOAB Trailers Fort XLMOAB Trailers Fort XL
Eagle Camper Trailers TomahawkEagle Camper Trailers Tomahawk
Taxa Outdoors Wooly BearTaxa Outdoors Wooly Bear
Australian Off-Road Sierra ZRAustralian Off-Road Sierra ZR
Sunnyside Offroad Boony StomperSunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper
Manley ORV ExploreManley ORV Explore
Opus Camper OP-4Opus Camper OP-4
Smittybilt Scout Trailer KitSmittybilt Scout Trailer Kit
Escapade BackcountryEscapade Backcountry
TC Teardrop 5×9TC Teardrop 5×9
Boreas Campers Boreas-XTBoreas Campers Boreas-XT
Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road DeluxeHiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe
North America Conqueror UEV-310 ExtremeNorth America Conqueror UEV-310 Extreme

What are the Best Off Road Camper Trailers

Setting up camp trailers such as an off-road trailer is an amazing thing to do. These are tough RV trailers that are designed to tackle rough terrain, unlike other overland-prepared vehicles.

These are normally made with strong materials, raised suspensions, and hard rough terrain tires. The rough terrain redesigns make it simpler for audacious campers to take their equipment to distant areas that may require rock crawling, water fording, or mudding to get over the tough territory.

Since it’s not generally imaginable to get a normal trailer or RV to more devastated regions, rough terrain or off-road campers can be of great help.

These trailers have everything to be special about them. Here are some of the top off-road camping trailers that we recommend.

1. Turtleback Adventure

Turtleback Adventure

Turtleback campers are the best off-road choice that you would want. They are basically manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona. Each part of these trailers is hand-built through the labor force.

It covers every one of your rudiment’s inconsistent style. It is pretty easy to tow, and the standard model has a 200 sq. ft. waterproof tent and sovereign size sleeping cushion.

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This Turtleback trailer is also very reasonably priced for its features.

2. Airstream Basecamp X

Airstream Basecamp X

The Airstream Basecamp X is also one of the best off road trailers you would want to consider.

The Basecamp X has a lifted suspension, bigger rough terrain tires, rock guards, and rooftop top sunlight-powered chargers, making this little extravagance Airstream the ideal rough terrain camper to improvise in the wild without truly improvising by any means.

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The back incubates and the convertible bed help open-air sweethearts carry trail-blazing bicycles, kayaks, and other outside stuff to the most detached amusement regions.

The greater thing about this camper is that you get a wet shower, propane radiator, and warmed tanks for your wintertime boondocking activities.

3. Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland

The Cricket Overland is another choice to consider for the off-the-network purpose. It is easy to tow and allows easy crossing throughout the countryside as well as hard and rough surfaces.

The supporting structure and frame raised ground clearance and great suspension add to the all-around lightweight and sturdy trailer outfitted with a significant number of the features that a camper needs like a pop-up, tent-side rooftop, and a hanging child’s billet.

Taxa Outdoors Cricket Overland Floorplan

4. Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3

Highland Expedition Outfitters (HEO) T3

One of the lightest camper trailers on this list is the T3 by HEO, with only 700 pounds of weight. The bordering customized tent is not difficult to set up and is prepared to rest and cover up to 3 individuals.

There’s no compelling reason to look for utilized camper or climber trailers available to be purchased when you can get this one for under a very reasonably priced as compared to others on the list.

5. Kakadu Bushranger 200 XT

Kakadu Bushranger 200 XT

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The Bushranger 200XT by Kakadu is also an amazing camper with its durability for all types of climates as well as compatibility with rough terrain.

This camper finds some kind of harmony between strength, flexibility, and usefulness.

It highlights a hubless suspension, mounts, double hitches, and a bordering 200 sq. ft. material tent and shade for a perfect camp while off-roading.

6. Black Series Travel Trailers

Black Series Travel Trailers

The Black series is an Australian brand that makes off-road trailers with seriously high and tough quality.

You can now have your fun on the rough tracks with this trailer made with a compressed steel protective layer, autonomous suspension, and a 360-degree-turning hitch.

It has the comfort you would ever want alongside its pop-top and full stature.

7. Colorado Camp Works Nomadic System One

Colorado Camp Works Nomadic System One

When you care about a lot of fuel for power, and you need the ideal trailer for your camping trips, then Nomadic System One is an amazing choice.

It gives a warming and comfortable feel to your trips. Colorado Camp works have settled an example with their new Nomadic System One, which is 100% solar fueled, yet at the same time offers each of the conveniences one would anticipate from a trailer, including off-road cruising capacity.

8. MOAB Trailers Fort XL

MOAB Trailers Fort XL

The Fort XL is an economical camper trailer that you would want to take out on your trips.

With its amazing features to count, the MOAB Fort XL conveys inside storage at a limit of 40.9 cubic feet. You can get a rooftop tent and a sound range of potential additional items.

It is one of the choices that can add something more to your journeys with less money.

9. Eagle Camper Trailers Tomahawk

Eagle Camper Trailers Tomahawk

The Tomahawk by Eagle Campers is highlighted rich off-road camper having an outside shower, homegrown converse A/C system, outside kitchen, heated water tank, primary tent, and kill switch.

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It has an inside layout with two sovereign beds on one or the flip side of the camper and a huge dinette that can be transformed into a twofold bed.

You can take its anyplace and raise five others along for the experience.

10. Taxa Outdoors Wooly Bear

Taxa Outdoors Wooly Bear

The Taxa Outdoors Wooly Bear trailer is a small camper trailer for off-roading.

It has a lightweight, rough terrain prepared development and can be towed by a stock SUV or mini wagons.

It’s adaptable, obliging a full setting up the camp kitchen, adequate stuff capacity for storage, and a roof tent make it an extraordinary choice for off-roads.

11. Australian Off-Road Sierra ZR

Australian Off-Road Sierra ZR

One of the best off-road camper trailers is also the Australian Off-road Sierra ZR which has great flexibility in terms of useful features.

It helps you to transform it into anything you desire to take out onto the roads trips through any terrain.

It tends to be a completely furnished versatile camper with a tent system, an exceptional kitchen, a refrigerator and grill system, a canopy, and even a shower.

12. Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

The Nevada-based Sunnyside Offroad is a camper we would like you to see.

It has a lot that comes packed with it while it only weighs 586 pounds, which is quite less, even more than the lightest trailers on the list.

You can tow it with almost any vehicle because of the very little weight on the durable body. It is designed to take on harsh and tough terrains with a great suspension and the addition of off-road tires.

13. Manley ORV Explore

Manley ORV Explore

The Manley ORV Explore is one of the finest off-road camper trailers that you would see on the roads.

It will take you to the uttermost corners of the inhabitable earth without stopping and making errors in your journey.

This is a truly outstanding rough terrain camper that comes at a very suitable price tag. You get 31″ A/T tires, an aluminum top, a trailer rack, and a roof tent.

It is perfectly packed for your off-roading trips in all weather conditions through any tracks or roads.

14. Opus Camper OP-4

Opus Camper OP-4

The OP-4 is included in the list of best off-road pop up camper trailers because it is light and it’s easier to tow along any path.

It has extreme extravagance alongside an amazing mechanical structure that won’t let it die even on the toughest paths.

There are conveniences, for example, a 40-gallon onboard water tank, just as the air-expanded 8-foot roofs with lookout windows, and the raised suspension and rough terrain tires that make it simple to track through any track and terrain without taking a break.

15. Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit

Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit

When you want to wander outside and investigate the new open world into deep forests and far-off places, try the Smitthbilt Scout Trailer kit. It will give you an advantage in various ways.

You can easily manage and keep your hardware organized.

The Smittybilt Scout Trailer Kit helps outfit your rough terrain camper in minutes. The trailer’s strategic position freedom and 1765-pound pulling limit permit the travelers to get to the spots they need to go just as camped out rapidly.

Simply add your rooftop tent, alongside Tepui’s delicate-sided tent, and you are good to go.

16. Escapade Backcountry

Escapade Backcountry

When you want something for less money with premium quality, try Escapade Backcountry. You have to choose to pick among three distinct sizes, which all come in at a similar low cost (before additional items).

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Standard elements incorporate driver and traveler side entryways and windows, sufficient protection, dark aluminum rock guards, and Timbren hub-less suspension.

You also get a locally available electric battery charger, MaxxAir luxurious vent fan, and much more.

17. TC Teardrop 5×9

TC Teardrop 5×9

Wisconsin’s TC Teardrop is an incredible little camper for off-roading that you can take with your SUV to explore badlands. This terrain tear camper has great quality for its performance.

It comes with an additional Off-Road Expedition Package that makes it the ideal choice for tough paths.

Notwithstanding the base specs, you’ll get decision highlights like extra-huge bumpers, Falken A/T tires, slip plate, outside frill mounts, back hooks, and wire saddle, in addition to other things.

It is one of the best off-road camper trailers.

18. Boreas Campers Boreas-XT

Boreas Campers Boreas-XT

The Boreas XT Camper Trailer is a great choice for off-roading made with a composite fiberglass outside that makes it an ideal trailer to take anywhere.

The camper trailer has a lifted hub-less suspension, every single weather tire, and a regular extra tire for emergency use.

Inside, the sovereign adaptive padding bed, and all-weather fan system make it a simple choice to select.

19. Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe

Hiker Trailers Extreme Off-Road Deluxe

If you want a tough and rugged camper trailer for off-roading, the Extreme Offroad Deluxe by Hiker Trailers is a great fit with its features like a diamond rock guard, two dropdown ledges, 33″ tires, a 3,500-pound pivot, two windows, a backside opening door, along with a manual rooftop vent.

There is also the addition of LED trailer lights, a 110-volt plug extension, and other such components.

In case you want to spend some extra money, you can add more mods.

20. Schutt X VENTURE XV-2


The XV-2 is an extreme-duty camper trailer that you would want. The XV-2 is manufactured using military-grade materials, allows enough space to carry your gear, and makes the best travel campground.

It has the capacity to carry bicycles or a more modest ATV along with it while as yet giving a steady space and spot for your rooftop tent.

At the point when you get to your setting up camp area, light up your trailer with its lighting bundle, and enjoy a good night in a camping experience.

21. North America Conqueror UEV-310 Extreme

North America Conqueror UEV-310 Extreme

The last best off-road camper trailer on our list is the Conquerer UEV-310 extreme. This trailer packs all your stuff at one point.

The Urban Escape Vehicle is lightweight and covers less space having 70 cubic feet of lockable extra room and a 23-gallon low-focus gravity water tank.

This camper trailer can rest up to four individuals and offers conveniences like a water radiator or a compact synthetic latrine.


This was discussed on the best off-road camper trailers in which we have listed top choices and the best trailers all around the world.

These trailers have their own off-road packages and special features.

For more, you can read FAQ.


What is the best off-road camper trailer in Australia?

Following is a list of the best off-road campers from Australia.

  • Track Explorer.
  • Track Tvan Canning.
  • Walkabout Campers.
  • Cub Campers Frontier.
  • Patriot X1.
  • Cub Brumby.
  • Jayco Eagle Outback.

What is the most rugged travel trailer?

Some of the top choices for most rugged travel trailers are.

  • Airstream Basecamp X Off-Road Trailer
  • Opus Air 4 Sleeper
  • inTech Sol Dawn
  • Into the Wild Overland Boreas XT
  • Bruder EXP-4
  • TAXA Mantis
  • Black Series Classic 12
  • Black Series HQ15

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