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  • Private Bedroom
  • Bunk Beds
  • Outdoor TV

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Venture RV is a manufacturer of travel trailers and campers with some exquisite features that place them in the competitive market for luxury campers. This manufacturer earns respect for its famous Sporttrek RV trailer models. This is an informational article in case you want to read Venture RV Sporttrek Review in detail to understand every feature that it offers and different floorplans that amuse the users.

About Venture RV Sporttrek

Venture RV Sporttrek

The Venture RV SportTrek Lightweight Travel Trailer inspires users with a functional living kitchen and ample space for storage inside. The unique era of LevelMate Pro phones reduces the time it takes to set up and level the unit, allowing you to play the mode you need. It’s an innovative travel trailer with various functions to entertain the users.

The bedroom has a full-time wardrobe with a CPAP-sized StorMore bedside table, and the dining room has its own removable garage bath under the seat. Stable foldable stairs provide secure protection to help you get in and out of the unit. With the RV Airflow A/C system, the amount of airflow is increased by about 40%, the cooling case is accelerated, and noise is reduced. The outdoor “Campfire Cafe” offers incredible outdoor and indoor comfort.

There are some incredible features that come as standard in these travel trailers, and they are listed below.

Expedition Package 1.3 Features

  • New Modern Farmhouse.
  • Power tongue jack.
  • Barn-style passage doors.
  • Venture cutting board.
  • 60″ x 80″ Memory Foam Serta mattress.
  • 5,000 BTU frameless fireplace.
  • 10 CU FT double-door refrigerator.
  • Entry door w/clear-view window.
  • Dish drying sink cover.
  • WIFI prep.
  • Exterior docking station.
  • HDMI/DVD Stereo and a 5.1 USB charger.
  • Tucked bumper w/2″ accessory hitch.
  • Large single-bowl under-mount stainless steel kitchen sink.
  • Western pine board accent walls.
  • 40″ TV w/swing arm.
  • Venture LevelMate PRO.
  • White & heirloom maple-glazed cabinet doors.
  • Rear backup lighting.
  • Venture command board.
  • High-polished aluminum rims with w/black accents.
  • Slam latch baggage doors with w/magnetic catches.
  • Go Power roof-mounted solar prep.
  • Closeable A/C vents.

Weather-Shield Package Features

  • Azdel Onboard composite panels.
  • Enclosed gate valves.
  • 360-degree residential fiberglass insulation.
  • Forced air heated underbelly.
  • Radiant foil-wrapped tanks.
  • 360-degree radiant foil insulation.
  • Reflective PVC roof membrane with a 20-year warranty.
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Additional Options

  • 15,000 BTU A/C IPO 13,500 BTU A/C
  • 8 CU FT Gas/electric refrigerator
  • 100W panel & controller
  • USB ports (STD 312)
  • Swing-away bumper-mount griddle
  • Aluminum rims
  • (4) power stabilizer jacks
  • 50AMP service with 2nd A/C prep
  • LevelMate PRO leveling system
  • Table & chairs IPO booth (N/A 241VMS)
  • Upgraded Serta mattress
  • Tri-fold sofa
  • Theater seating with heat, massage
  • Lighted power tongue jack
  • King-U sofa (N/A 241VMS, 251VFK)
  • 3/4 fiberglass front cap w/window
  • Furrion backup camera.

Venture RV Sporttrek Floorplans

To understand the features of Venture RV Sporttrek better, there are some quality floorplans offered by the manufacturer that shows great value to these trailers.

1. Venture RV SportTrek ST252VRD

Venture RV SportTrek ST252VRD

The best example of the features by Venture RV can be observed in the Sporttrek ST252VRD. This is a floorplan with a mass storage area and a full-time living space. The dinner area of the kitchen is at a great spot, and the home team, while making food at the same time, can have a good time. There is a great area for playing games and resting while taking a day off from work. You will like the Queen’s closed sleeper bed with the master room that is a non-public bedroom that consists of the second port to the restroom.

With any Sporttrek trailer, you get an NXG-Huck bolt body, as it offers a robust and light base. You can make endless trips to your favorite destinations once you have this travel trailer in your garage.

Venture RV ST252VRD provides pro-simplified leveling as the major benefit. Inside, you will discover the masses of non-domestic facilities, plus a backhand drawer on the mattress with a USB system to charge cell devices and an area for relaxation. It will even recognize the hidden storage field for additional cargo capacity.

Key Features

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  • Master Suite
  • Island of cooking
  • U-shaped dining room
  • 70″ sofa
  • Opposite slides

2. Venture RV SportTrek ST281VBH

Venture RV SportTrek ST281VBH

This is another floorplan model for the Sporttrek by Venture RV. There are inner storage compartments for a family to fill their luggage easily. Children can double on the set of 51 “x 75” double bunk beds for sleeping, and you can sleep on the mattress with the queen size bed, with the non-public front room with sliding doors for privacy. You will discover the inside of the 40 “TV in a rotating arm in the center lounge area, which also has a hidden pantry of extra storage.

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Everyone will easily be accommodated with the 24 “x 40” bath with the room of the rest of the back corner. Each RV Sporttrek lightweight trailer is built to provide peace of thought and important facilities to travelers. The useful residential kitchens are full of hand-drawn features such as a glass carboline stove for an additional countertop area, a zinc cap to make meals, and dishes that can be displayed in the way for the use of basin and the counters without stopping.

You will be able to put a lot in storage through certain regions, as well, as removable storage compartments that are placed under the seat under the dining table will give additional space too. It has automatic doors for entering and leaving the camper trailer. There is also a warm shield and bath and inspection screen that includes a radiant skin barrier, heat resistance, closed-door valves, and a reflective PVC ceiling area.

Key Features

  • Coat Cabinet
  • Private bedroom
  • Home page
  • Coffee of the campfire
  • Bunk beds
  • Walking storage

3. Venture RV Sporttrek ST332VBH

Venture RV Sporttrek ST332VBH

The Sporttrek ST332VBH is another floorplan model for Sporttrek by Venture RV. In this travel trailer, the rear non-public bunkhouse is sufficient enough for all children or visitors to live with a hard and fast stack, a peak of 28 “x 73” above a 70 “bank with a desktop slide and a cabinet of clothes. The full restroom is now easier to access with this trailer that also has a bath of 30 “x 36” to clean and washup, but also a comfortable, shelter, an entrance/exit door, and a place that is prepared for an Inverted washer and dry.

The kitchen area has a stove with 3 burners, and there is an open range on the inside for the chef to walk freely. There is a 38″ TV to see the entertainment programs or shows while resting on the sofa. Each Sporttrek lightweight travel trailer is built to provide peace of thought and facilities to the customers. A zinc cap is also available to make meals and dishes that can be displayed in the way for the use of basins and counters without stopping.

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You get a storage compartment for bulk storage and some removable storage compartments that are placed under the seat of the dining table. There is a lot more like complete period cabinets for storing additional winter clothes in one place. There are magnetic baggage doors to the open hallway that will keep things easy for you. This travel trailer has a warm shield and bloodless bath and a viewing screen having a radiant skin barrier, the heat tint, the closed-door valves with a reflective PVC ceiling portion.

Key Features

  • U-shaped dining room
  • Double entrance doors
  • Private bedroom
  • Bunkhouse
  • Outside TV
  • Fogo Coffee


This was Venture RV Sporttrek Review. It included details for the features that are available in Venture RV Sporttrek that can attract the users and make their camping fun if they prefer to buy such a travel trailer. We discussed various floorplans in Sporttrek with different design and features so that user also gets the idea about versatile services offered by the company.

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Who makes SportTrek RVs?

The Sporttrek RVs are made by Venture RV. It is an RV manufacturing brand that builds some great travel trailers and RVs for its customers.

Is venture SportTrek a good travel trailer?

Sporttrek is an amazing travel trailer made by Venture RV. This trailer comes in various floorplans so that users can request Venture RV to choose a specific design for their family. You can have the best experience of camping with such travel trailers.

Where are venture trailers made?

They are made in Maryland. Venture RV has a production facility of 114,000 square feet, ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective process for trailers on a variety of motorboats and personal watercraft. In addition, with 20 trucks, boat trailers can be shipped to dealers along the East Coast within weeks.

What is the lightest 2 axle travel trailer?

The lightweight 2 axle trailer models are

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