Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailers Review

Jayco Jay Flight

$35,000 - $43,000



Towing Easeability


Interior Design







  • Spacious RV
  • Good LED Lighting
  • Avid interior
  • Privacy-equipped RV
  • 4 stabilizer jacks


  • Poor customer support
  • Repair and damage complaints
  • Expensive

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Isn’t it hard to find trailers for your vacation? Are you tired of listening to your family’s demand over and over again without having any clue where to look for that kind of trailer? 

Well, fear not. Because the Jayco trailers have designed special RV that encompass very floorplan fit and avid for families of every size.

Jayco has a reputation for creating beautiful and innovative RVs that stand up to the reputation and positive feedbacks. With flexible floorplans and outstanding features, Jayco has room for everyone. 

Jayco Jay Flight Review

Jayco Jay Flight Review

The first thing you notice after you’ve chosen a desirable product is its reviews. Jayco’s Jay Flight travel trailers have been highly reviewed by customers for being very spacious and private. The trailers have beautiful and elegant interiors. 

The outdoor work is great. Trailers tend to occupy families of every size. There is also much space to move around comfortably. The trailer is equipped with high-quality components. You will manage to find not only space but everything necessary for a perfect day out. 

Jayco Jay Flight Features

Before diving into what kind of prices these trailers offer, let’s take a look at the exclusive features almost every Jayco Jay Flight comprises of. 

Although all of the trailers have distinct floorplans and multiple different standard features, there are some common grounds possessed by each of the Jayco Jay Flight trailers. 

1. Adjustable Dinettes

One common thing in every RV brand is that their dinettes are never adjustable. It becomes very difficult to make yourself comfortable in that situation. Mostly the dinettes are floor-mounted and the solid table has very little space to sit and move around easily. 

However, the Jayco Jay Flight RVs possess the facility of adjustable dinettes. Now you can easily adjust the table and sofas yourself. This property of the RV lets you customize the space. With this feature, you will feel more in control of your RV and more like home. 

2. Super Slide Models

Another cool feature of Jay Flights is that they have lightning-equipped slide-outs. Slideouts are extra spaces to keep some of the storage secure. But mostly, the slide-outs are in very confined areas where it’s hard to look around for things. 

Jayco Jay Flights have this extra feature of LED lighting equipped slide-outs. Because of that, you can get a pretty good overview of your storage capacity and things. This feature makes the Jay Flight RVs super slide models. 

3. Privacy Features

Most RV brands do not offer bedroom privacy. The bedrooms are often open into the lounges where there’s extra space for people to sleep. Many RV brands have back curtains but there’s always a risk of the curtain falling or tearing apart. 

However, Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailers have ultimate privacy features. There are wooden doors to protect modesty. The bunk beds are separated with doors as well. The bathrooms and everything in the RV is private and protect. Hence, you never have to worry about someone barging in. 

4. Stainless Steel Appliances

Many RVs have steel appliances that tend to rust over the years. The crockery gets ruined with extreme weather conditions. But in the Jayco Jay flight RVs there are some special features. 

The kitchen appliances are all made from steelware that has stainless property. Hence, no amount of weather conditions, dust, or seam can get through them easily. There are proper amends in the RV for keeps appliances secured. 

5. Utility Lightening Systems

RV brands only occupy lighting inside the interior to give out a classier look. The lights inside may be LED but are just a bit too much and extremely pointless because they are all confined in one place. The Jayco Jay Flight travel trailers have LED lighting almost everywhere. The lights not only make the RV look more luminous and gorgeous but also can be utilized in multiple ways. There are lights present on each slideout as mentioned earlier. The bathroom is equipped with lights to give a clearer view of the medicine cabinet. Overall LED lighting system of the RV is very well-managed. 

Jayco Jay Flight Floorplans

1. Jayco Jay Flight 24RBS

Jay Flight 24RBS

A perfect couple’s trailers. The trailers possess a very high-quality bedroom with a comfortable mattress. There is an adjustable dinette in the center, parallel to the kitchen. The bathroom is at the other end, entirely private. There is also excessive storage space to keep goods in. 

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Weight:  5560
Hitch Height:  645
CCC: 1940
Awning:  15’
Length:  28’10’’
Height:  11’0’’
Width: 8’0’’
Freshwater: 76 gals. 

2. Jayco Jay Flight 28BHBE

Jay Flight 28BHBE

Do you have a large family waiting to find the perfect trailers where you could all comfortably fit and there’s still space to move around? Well, try the Jayco Jay flight 28BHBE! It has two complete, full bunks at one end. A private master bedroom at the other. And overall there is so much space and storage capacity to enjoy family meals and pack all of the essentials as well. 

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Weight:  6640
Hitch Height:  680
CCC: 2610
Awning:  18’
Length:  33’7’’
Height:  11’2’’
Width: 8’0’’
Freshwater: 76 gals

3. Jayco Jay Flight 28BHS

Jay Flight 28BHS

The bigger the family, the greater the RV! Extra sleeping space on the sofa, two full-sized bunk beds, a private master bedroom, an outdoor kitchen, and much, much more. Pack everything because the 28BHS by Jayco Jay Flight has space enough for everything you need on your favorite vacation and your favorite people. 


Weight:  6765
Hitch Height:  830
CCC: 2085
Awning:  20’
Length:  33’4’’
Height:  11’2’’
Width: 8’0’’
Freshwater: 76 gals

4. Jayco Jay Flight 28RLS

Jay Flight 28RLS

What’s a vacation without friends? Try the new 28RLS by Jayco Jay Flight. The RV is perfect for a vacation in the countryside with your favorite people. There’s a separate sofa for space. The master bedroom is big enough for 3 people to sleep in. the floors are large enough with comfortable moving space. Not to forget the theatre seats at the back to enjoy watching TV in. 


Weight:  6563
Hitch Height:  785
CCC: 2265
Awning:  18’
Length:  32’7’’
Height:  11’2’’
Width: 8’0’’
Freshwater: 76 gals.

5. Jayco Jay Flight 29RKS

Jay Flight 29RKS

Want a perfect trailer to surprise your partner with a perfect vacation? Well, the Jayco Jay Flight 29RKS trailers give you all the accommodations needed for two people to enjoy themselves and the view. The dinette has spacing for two. There’s a two-seater sofa, a master bedroom, and two theatre seats for guests to accompany you on the road. 

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Weight:  6750
Hitch Height:  820
CCC: 2750
Awning:  18’
Length:  33’11’’
Height:  11’2’’
Width: 8’0’’
Freshwater: 80 gals. 

6. Jayco Jay Flight 31MLS

Jayco Jay Flight 31MLS Floorplans

31MLS is one of the finest Jay flight floorplans. There is a 4 seater dinette, a master bedroom, a separate sofa, two theatre seats, and everything else that turns the RV into such a delight. A couple of vacations have never been better than with the 31MLS Jay Flight Travel Trailer. 


Weight:  7975
Hitch Height:  1095
CCC: 2275
Awning:  12’
Length:  35’7’’
Height:  11’2’’
Width: 8’0’’
Freshwater: 80 gals

Jayco Jay Flight Price

The prices of these trailers are a bit high compared to the other ones. The prices range from about $35,000 – $43,000

Jayco Jay Flight Ratings

  • Quality: 8/10
  • Accommodations: 7.5/10
  • Livability: 8.5/10 
  • Driving/towing capacity: 6.5/10
  • Damage while driving: 3.5/10
  • Warranty: 9/10
  • Support: 4/10
  • Repair: 5/10
  • Spacious RV.
  • Good LED lighting.
  • Avid interior.
  • Large exterior.
  • Privacy-equipped RV.
  • Front Door Handle.
  • Front diamond plate.
  • 4 stabilizer jacks.
  • USB ports.
  • Switch systems.
  • LP quick connect.
  • Digital TV antenna.
  • Poor customer support.
  • Repair and damage complaints.
  • Expensive.


Jayco has a very high reputation for creating suitable and comfortable RVs for years. Most of the customers have been connected to the company long-term. They buy and recommend Jayco’s trailers. 

The Jay Flight travel trailer series is very recent. The trailers have avid interiors and the capacity to occupy as many people as desired. The floorplans are all distinct and flexible. Hence, to have a perfect vacation with family, go buy yourself a Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer now! 


1. Are Jayco Trailers any good? 

Jayco has been in the RV business for years and will be for the years to come. The customers love and recommend the trailers for their admirable qualities and functionality. Many of Jayco’s customers are campers who keep coming back for more.

2. Are Jay Flight Trailers lightweight? 

Jay Flight travel trailers have been reviewed for being extremely easy to pull along on very complex road trips. They are a very manageable staying residence. The trailers are not only lightweight but save you a lot of driving damage difficulty.

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