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Hi-Lo campers have become very rare over the past few years. It’s one of the oldest Camper companies in the business, and people remember their names and products for their quality and style. These trailers used to get noticed easily on the roads due to their beautiful and unique looks. What’s old is fresh again when it comes to Hi-Lo campers.

For decades, you’ve seen them on the highways and in the forests, and now a modern version is bringing them to the attention of a new generation. At first impression, a Hi-Lo camper resembles a pop-up camper when traveling, but closer inspection reveals some major differences. One of them is a one-of-a-kind hydraulic lift system that raises and lowers the camper’s top. Furthermore, a Hi-Lo camper uses fiberglass walls rather than canvas or other lightweight materials.

These camper travel trailers have made a great name in history, but the company was shut down. We will provide a brief history of this organization.

Hi-Lo Camper

A Brief History of Hi-Lo Camper

Hi-Los exists and has been respected since 1959. They closed the door in 2010 for the economy of the time. However, because of its iconic design, the Pennsylvania-based Kerora Group has acquired the Hi-Lo brand, design, and intellectual property, says Kerora Campers owner Bill Kerora. Increase. Bill met with Snyder.

“It was a pleasure and an honor to meet the legend of the camp. HiLo was not just a brand for him. It was a once-in-a-lifetime passion. Opportunities have been opened, and an agreement has been reached,” recalls Kerora.

The beginning of Hi-Lo is very interesting in harmony with one of the founder’s sons. Chuck Snyder, on the Snyder Family Circle Records website, talks about the early compassionate pleasures of his own family circle going camping in a camper in Michigan. At night they heard the sounds of things around them, and his mother began screaming that they had been attacked by animals, and he had nothing to stop them from eating it.

His father came across and noticed that he had just turned into a group of raccoons looking for their food. However, his father decided to design a travel trailer with a stretchable design to provide superior comfort and safety. He made it, and after the came, the crowd came to see it, and he started thinking about marketing it. The record still talks about the well-known Hi-Lo that appeared in “The Price is Right.”

Snyder writes: “To date, I’m looking for a Hi-Lo trailer as soon as I arrive at the interstate. As soon as I see the trailer, my heart beats, and I’m happy with the little things I’ve done so far and achieved them, I did.”

Hi-Lo Trailer Models

The Hi-Lo trailer has wanderer RB (rear mattress) and wanderer SD (aspect dining room) modes. The commonly found model is the Wanderer RB with a rear bed. The Hi-Lo trailer has the necessary features that you would need. You can lift things with electric pressure hydraulic system. Raise Ante through Top Raise Media, and the kitchen area is next to the front. This trailer includes a stove with a burner to prepare a top dinner and a small sink.

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The basin is supplied through a 10-liter water tank and drained out of the camper. It is easy to drain the sewer from this camper trailer. There is a small three-way refrigerator on the side of the wall. This allows you to keep your items cold while you’re on the go, thanks to the power of cooling from the fridge. The mattress covers the back of the small trailer and its side, and of course, there is a storage space underneath.

Next to the feet of the mattress is a wall with a folding desk. This is the place to eat. VIN addition to adequate sleep and food, there is also a cassette toilet on the back wall of the trailer that looks like a camp. The users can spend their time comfortably in these travel trailers.

Hi-Lo Campers Cost

A Hi-Lo camper may effortlessly cost twice as much as other travel trailers of a similar size. Vintage ones are sought after, particularly in case they are looking great, and can cost somewhere in the range of $11,000 to $15,000 or more. The current form has a beginning retail cost of $21,000, with a canopy costing an extra $750 and an extra tire costing an additional $270, as indicated by the organization’s site.

Hi-Lo Camper Trailer Weight

Weight is a big difference between pop-ups and Hi-Lo, which can be quite heavy when compared. There are few unique floor plans, such as those with queen mattresses and those with dining areas that expand into queen mattresses and 2D mattresses.

One has a dry weight of 2,348 pounds. The tongue weighs 303 pounds. The slightly heavier ones have a dry weight of 2,362 pounds. The tongue weighs 323 pounds.

Benefits of the Hi-Lo Travel Trailers

  • They are pretty safe. When the hydraulic mechanism stops moving up and down, the top closes tightly in that area. The isolated and difficult side provides a heavier layer of security, even against the cold.
  • Lowering it lowers the aerodynamic profile and makes it easier to tow. Much lighter than many different tourist trailers, you can move between regions with a small tow vehicle.
  • They are clean, modern, and have all the modern conveniences while being kept smooth enough to be towed with the help of a regular SUV.
  • Using a hydraulic elevator significantly improves fuel economy compared to towing a trailer.

The Positive Side of Hi-Lo Travel Trailers

There are a number of positive features that we need to look around in Hi-Lo camper travel trailers. These features make these trailers very special.

1. Easier To Tow

Hi-Lo camper travel trailers are pretty easy to tow. They have a streamlined design that reduces wind drag and makes it simple to tow the Hi-Lo trailer. In addition, Hi-Lo campers have a better front design than most of the other campers. Lowering the average gravity of the Hi-Lo trailer improves the balance and stability of the camper on the roads.

2. Easy to Set Up

The Hi-Lo trailers are less difficult to set up than any other type of foldable trailer. To set the camper, the owner must press a button. This button can be used later to lower the caravan again. This makes things pretty simple to set up and pretty fast as well.

3. Easy to Store

Hi-Lo campers have small sizes, which makes it easy to store them in any garage or car porch. This is essential for people living in neighborhoods who can’t keep their trailers in the yard or driveway.

Hi-Lo Trailer Problems

In addition to several features that the Hi-Lo camper trailers offer to the customers, there are several problems found with these trailers too.

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1. Expensive

An 18-foot Hi-Lo camper costs twice as much as a normal travel trailer of the same size. Besides, they have much more value than the preferred canvas pop-up trailer. These high prices are not worth what you are spending on because the company is no longer in business.

2. Heavy

Hi-Lo campers are more aerodynamic than any other camper, but they also weigh a lot. In fact, they are often heavier than the preferred camper. One of the purposes of this is that the drive that carries the trailer up and down also puts weight on the trailer. It is often heavier than other campers due to the fact that it is made of fiberglass panels around the body.

Fiberglass provides weight relief, but the body ensures that it does not reach the lightweight of traditional fiberglass campers like Casita and Camp.

3. Electrical Wiring Problems

Some Hi-Lo Camper owners complained about wiring problems. Their cables were clogged. If the tow cable gets damaged, it can prevent the camper from lifting, and you can quickly destroy the vehicle in your tent. Fortunately, this doesn’t occur on a regular basis, and there are steps that homeowners can take to avoid it.


This was Hi-Lo Review with its features and problems found in common travel trailer models. We discussed all the details for this trailer.


Why did Hilo RV go out of business?

Hi-Lo’s have been around and regarded beginning around 1959. They shut their production in 2010 because of the economy at that point.

What is a Hi-Lo camper worth?

You can undoubtedly spend twice as much on a Hi-Lo camper than other travel trailers of a similar size. As per the organization’s site, the most recent form has a beginning retail cost of $20,999, with a shade valued at an extra $700 and an extra tire an extra $270.

Where is the first Hilo camper made?

Hi-Lo Trailers Worldwide is an organization worked and developed by William Kerola, President of The Kerola Group. It is a family-claimed and manufactured RV showroom and maker situated in Transfer, Pennsylvania.

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