Winnebago Via Review (Complaints and Problems)

Winnebago Via






Interior Design







  • Smart Space
  • Studio Loft
  • OnePlace
  • Ultra Leather
  • Flex Bed System


  • Model Discontinued
  • Unreliable Battery

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Winnebago Via is a Class A motorhome that has its name for the simplicity and the luxury that it provides. People love this vehicle as it is equipped with lots of features that are all covered in a 25 ft. long RV coach. This RV comes with various innovative features and people are going crazy for the safety and comfort that it offers to the users.

There is a driver’s side door that is placed in the perfect position to make instant stops and grab some fresh air easily for the driver whereas it also has a good Infotainment Center with GPS to keep you connected. You get various other features like Voice navigation, Bluetooth connectivity along with cruise control, and a rearview camera for a better driving experience.

Winnebago Via

In our Winnebago Via review, we have gathered all the features of this RV along with some problems that are faced by some users and the complaints that have been received. This Winnebago Via review is going to be helpful for those who are seeking to buy new Via from the company for their daily use. So it is recommended to stick to our article and learn more about this luxury RV coach.

Winnebago Via Features

The Winnebago Via is loaded with accessories that are suitable for small family to fill their needs. There is a fine stereo system along with two flat-screen satellite TVs and DVD players for your entertainment. The vehicle is included with luxurious features that we are going to discuss and we will see what problems are with this RV coach for most of the users.

1. Smart Space

The vehicle is equipped with a Smartspace design philosophy that makes the interior exquisitely beautiful and stylish with lots of space for everyone to sit comfortably having hidden storage spaces and a bedroom area with all the drawers and closets. There are flip-up seats and drawer extension slides to experience the luxury along with an extendable sofa in the multi-position lounge. The variety of space makes this RV coach a very comfortable and spacious vehicle.

2. Studio Loft

You can have a secondary bedroom within your Winnebago Via with its amazing studio loft feature that helps to turn the cab into a second bedroom for more sleeping and resting places. In this feature, there is an addition of a large bed that drops down from the ceiling of the roof from the coach and opens up as a sleeping space with a foldable curtain that wraps around it to give you some privacy. The seats are foldable which are folded back into their resting position. When it is folded back up into the ceiling, the chairs automatically raise up to give you some area.

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3. OnePlace

The company offers a One Place feature where you can monitor the systems of your RV and you can also control the key systems by sitting at your place. You don’t have to walk to each component or an area in the RV to do certain tasks such as switching the generator or using the lights. You get all the activities to be handled in one spot and there is a digital panel that shows all the stats that makes it easy to operate in the comfort of your home. It’s a conventional system that gives a plus point to this RV.

4. Flex Bed System

There is a flex bed system in this RV that meets your sleeping needs as you can convert the bed into a living area configuration. This bed can be folded back to form a bedroom area for sleeping and resting. There are twin beds included with this option that can be turned into a one queen size bed. There is an additional dinette and a sofa included in the floorplans of this RV. The flex bed system can be converted into a lower bunk bed for providing a better sleeping arrangement that can be converted back to its original form in the morning.

5. Ultra Leather

There is a premium quality finishing of the interior with leathered seats, sofa, and other things that are of high quality, and they last long with the build quality of this RV. The softness and comfort provided with the ultra leather used in this RV are unmatchable to give you the comfort of luxury and reliability to relax on a day off. This makes it more suitable to clean and wipe any unusual particles off giving it back a clean and elegant look to your motorhome. Now you won’t feel any bumps and hurdles on your journey with the soft and comfortable seats and sofa made from the best leather inside this RV.

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6. Super Structure

The outer construction of this beautiful RV coach is marvelous. It’s a decent-looking van that is fitted with all the luxurious features and each of the features has its own separate place for appraisal. Steel is used in most parts of the construction of this RV and the windshield is protected with non-hardening sealants. The overall results and the structure of the RV gives a perfect shape and home-like feeling to accommodate a small family with luxury living.

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7. Kitchen Area

The kitchen area in this Winnebago Via has all the useful appliances including a microwave oven along with a refrigerator and a freezer unit. There are burner stoves and a sink to wash the dishes and prepare the food. For electric hookup, there is liquid propane that powers a 3200w generator to power up every electronic in your RV to help you work comfortably without stopping.

After discussing the features that this RV has to offer to the users, now we take a look at the problems that are faced by the users.

Winnebago Via Problems and Complaints

Now we know that each vehicle, no matter how good it is, always has some flaws and there are always some customers that expect more from the vehicle when they get it. The same cases are observed here that we have shared in our Winnebago Via Review.

1. Tough First Experience

For those who haven’t had previous experience with any RV coaches, this coach has been found to be intimidating with this 24 ft long RV that is hard to maneuver on the roads and park in some side spots. The cornering skills of this RV are beautiful but getting used to it was a problem for most of the new customers who haven’t had any previous experience with any RV coach.

2. Battery

Most of the components in this RV are electronically controlled for ease of access for a user. Some users have experienced battery issues as the battery almost died for them or was weak enough that wasn’t working well with the electronics such as the electrical seats stopped rotating or it was not able to move those seats up electrically. Some had to experience bad winter’s cold morning start where their RV failed to start in the morning due to some reasons.

For such a situation, a mechanic is required to adjust the seats and make them move manually. Otherwise, it’s not possible to do anything with those electronically controlled seats. The other solution is getting the replacement of the battery instantly and using a bigger and more powerful battery that won’t be dead for years when you use it with your RV.

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Other than this, there were no problems found from the users and no complaints have been heard that showed genuine issues with this RV. It is a classic and luxury Class A motorhome that provides great comfort to the user. The chassis and body construction of this RV makes it a reliable option for the price that it is offered for having almost zero defects which makes it a suitable RV that one would want having no problems that can ruin a family trip.

Winnebago Via Floorplans

1. Winnebago Via 25P

Winnebago Via 25P


Length 25’5″
Exterior Height 10’10”
Exterior Width 7’6″
Exterior Storage 70
Awning Length 16′
Interior Height 6’5″
Interior Width 7’3″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 29
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) Continuous
GVWR (lbs.) 11,030

2. Winnebago Via 25T

Winnebago Via 25T


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Length 25’5″
Exterior Height 10’10”
Exterior Width 7’6″
Exterior Storage 92
Awning Length 16′
Interior Height 6’5″
Interior Width 7’3″
Freshwater Tank Capacity (gal.) 28
Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 6
GVWR (lbs.) 11,030


This was Winnebago Via Review in which we discussed the trailer that has all the luxury and useful features to comfort a family. This is a quality-for-value vehicle offering all the necessities in a single place. We also discussed some problems which were observed by few users and we showed how users can get rid of such a situation. This was all about Winnebago Via, for more info, visit the Winnebago official website for help.


Who makes the VIA motorhome?

The VIA motorhomes are manufactured by the Winnebago RV industry that provides classy and stylish RV over the years to the customers with power-packed features and long coaches having Mercedes chassis for stability and durability.

How much does an average Winnebago RV cost?

An average Winnebago Class C motorhomes are not very expensive as compared to the other models and they may cost between $70,000 to $200,000. The other versions that are Class B and Class A motorhomes offer more luxury and comfort and they range above this price tag having more space and features in them.

Is Winnebago the best RV company?

Winnebago has been named as the best RV manufacturer for a long time as they provide each type of RV and travel trailers in all ranges with necessary and comfortable features. Their vehicles are reliable too.

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