Winnebago Trend Review

Winnebago Trend

$65,000 - $90,000





Interior Design







  • Super Structure
  • Tons of Storage Space
  • Flex Bed System
  • SmartSpace
  • Studio Loft


  • Low Inventory in the market
  • Less Customization Available

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The Winnebago Trend is a luxurious class C motorhome that is quite popular for those who love camping and go on long drives with their small families. This is a fuel-efficient vehicle with living necessities and accessories and a complete lively home inside. The RV lovers who want a comfortable and smooth driving ride should definitely look upon Winnebago Trend for use in their homes.

Winnebago Trend

This beautiful RV van is built on the chassis of Dodge RAM ProMaster, and it has a very stable road grip with a high-quality frame. To cover all the luxury feels, this van has a beautiful interior design that can accommodate 4 people from a family, and they can enjoy the comfort of their home with this amazing RV van.

There are lots of features that we are going to discuss in this Winnebago Trend Review. Some of them include interior LED lightings, and some of them are like soft leather seats and furniture, etc.

Winnebago Trend Features

Some of the best features that make Winnebago Trend a very useful vehicle are.

1. Super Structure

First of all, the structure that is made of this vehicle is from pure steel, which makes it very durable and solid. This is a long-lasting structure for any environmental condition and also for any weather conditions. The windshields of these vehicles are mounted safely into the steel having a sealant to protect the borders. The back cabin of the vehicle is attached to its body using high-quality material, making it last forever and stick together no what on what surface does this vehicle rides on under any conditions.

2. Storage Space

Storage space is also one of the great features of this vehicle. Winnebago Trend Review is incomplete if we don’t talk about its vast storage space. It has good space in the back for storing luggage and equipment along with the outside capacity to store more of the extra items. There is an entryway on its back where there is sliding storage right next to it after you enter into the van from the back. There are compartments made for different storages which users can utilize to store their

3. MCD Roller Shades

There are roller shades on this RV van which are to protect from strong sunlight, and it conceals the cabin and saves the people inside from the outside environment. These shades come in handy even in daylight or even when it is night to get the ideal light that is required inside the cabin and for security as well. These MCD roller shades are sun-powered, and they add more to the looks of this RV van along with more clean and creases conceals.

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4. SiriusXM

There is a SiriusXM Satellite Radio feature in this RV that is an amazing thing that brings you more than 140 free stations to listen to. These stations are brimming with live games, live traffic, and meteorological forecasts, along with the music stations and the best in the news, talk shows, and amusement. With the benefit of having high-height satellites, it guarantees completely clear programming any place you drive this vehicle to.

5. Flex Bed System

The Flex Bed System is a good addition to this RV van that permits the users to convert the bed into a foldable product providing more room space for the living area in the cabin. The flex bed fits your resting needs, and it can help to get a good sleep and resting area to recover your health after a tiring day.

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The twin beds are added in the room area that can be transformed into a big size bed for resting, and there is a dinette included in the floorplan that provides sitting space for the members of the family. This table is handily made into a bed which makes its design and interior structure very unique and beautiful.

6. Studio Loft

The studio loft addition is a good feature for transforming the cabin of your trailer van into a good and luxurious room for living. There is a drop-down bed included in it that comes down from the roof, giving a lot of space when it is folded.

The addition of blindfolds makes it more secure over the bed that provides good sleep to the users as well at night time. The seats are adjustable, and when this Studio loft goes back into the roof, the seats come back to their original position, and the look of the real living room is returned.

7. SmartSpace

The SmartSpace plan empowers the utilization of imaginative features to make the most effective utilization of the accessible in each area of the van. This gives birth to additions like a full dinette with different compartments to easily adjust a small family. There are flip-up seats in addition to this dinette that provides more room when folded up.

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There are sliding cabinets that provide storage space, but when they are closed, they provide good living smart space too. An extendable and foldable couch that saves the sitting space when folded and a resting area with the whole setup.

8. Ultraleather

Winnebago Trend includes the exclusive leather interior that is covering all the seats and sofa of this van. There is ultra leather texture in this van with its delicateness and the classy feel that you can get in a motorhome to experience the luxury. The interior design has a tough and sturdy finishing with the leather, which means it’s not getting affected by anything any sooner.

Due to this interior design of ultra-leather, it’s also super easy to clean this van from the inside. There are some touches from PVC and stitching fabrications that give some serious textures to its looks that catch the eyes of the owner. Due to this ultra-leather fitting, the interior has prevalent warm solace with the impartial internal heat level.

Winnebago Trend Interior Features

  • LED lighting
  • Vinyl flooring throughout
  • Assist bar
  • USB chargers
  • 24″ HDTV (23L)
  • Skylight with shade
  • MCD blackout roller shades
  • LED accent lighting
  • Ladder (23L)
  • Tinted windows
  • 28″ HDTV (23D)
  • Coach Stereo System
  • AM/FM, CD/DVD player
  • Bluetooth, input jack, and alarm clock
  • Satellite system ready
  • Amplified digital HDTV antenna
  • Systems monitor panel
  • Powered ventilator fan (galley)
  • Vinyl ceiling
  • Studio loft with privacy curtain
  • Mirror

Optional Features

  • 19″ HDTV (23L) (front)
  • Deluxe-powered ventilator fan having a rain cover
  • An electric lift
  • A remote with an LCD screen

Winnebago Trend Floorplans

1. Winnebago Trend 23D

Winnebago Trend 23D

The 23D floorplan is an amazing design of the interior of this Trend. It has an entrance on its rear that opens up to the bathroom, and there is a kitchen placed next to it. There is a big sofa bed at the front of the RV, and there is storage space on the right side of its body, along with a large wardrobe on the left for storing your clothes. There is a studio loft bed and a dinette with flex bed systems to accommodate a small family for resting easily. Users get plenty of space on the back to walk comfortably and enjoy their relaxing time in the spacious backspace of the RV.

2. Winnebago Trend 23L

Winnebago Trend 23L

The other floorplan for Winnebago Trend is the 23L that has a huge rear bed that measures 49″x75″. It has a closet at the front right at the back of the driver’s seat, and there is a bathroom having a good shower inside this van. It is adjacent to the rear bedroom, and there is a sink and range for the kitchen area to cook food, along with a refrigerator with a TV for entertainment. There is a studio loft bed with a flex bed system along with a table and bench seat at the front of this RV.

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Each model of the Winnebago Trend has been built on a ProMaster chassis for good stability and a powerful gas engine. The Winnebago Trend Review shared all the high-end features included in these RVs, such as LED lighting, MCD rollers shades, and the Ultraleather furniture.


This was a discussion of the Winnebago Trend Review, and we reviewed this RV in detail. We shared its unique features all the details that are included in this Class C motorhome. For more info on this RV, watch a video or visit Winnebago’s official source.


What makes the Winnebago Trend special?

The Trend has a Flex Bed system in its model 23D, and there is another floorplan for it which is 23L that gives a StudioLoft bed, and there is a huge space for sleeping and resting to accommodate your travels which is why Winnebago Trend is special. These RVs have a complete kitchen and bath accessories, and they form your small travel vans.

Should I get Winnebago Trend for myself?

Winnebago Trend is a good choice to consider for those who want a luxurious RV van to move around into different places and enjoy the comfort of their home. The RV has a refrigerator and a beautiful interior along with a kitchen, bathroom, sink, and beds to accommodate a small family easily.

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