10 Best Used RV for Sale Under $5,000

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One of the buyers’ concerns while purchasing an RV is the price tag. The market for RVs is booming. With a pandemic, people were looking for ways to travel far away from the busy and stressed life in cities.

Today, some overseas trips are still uncertain, and families are looking for ways to have great adventures in a domestic style. 

However, campers, different motorhomes, and RVs can be insanely expensive. Most RVs come with a lofty price tag ranging somewhere from $30,000 to $300,000 depending on the features they provide.

A typical Class A RV is a classic 25 – 45 feet in size that can cost starting from $55,000 to buy a new one, with formidable navigation and fuel cost challenges.

Even travel trailers, which can be towed to your vehicle, cost an average of $15,000 on a scaled-down model. While it might sound reasonable to spend more on a car that offers the experience and comfort of a home during vacations, considering a used RV can make you save some bucks for them to be spent along the trip that you have been planning for a while.

In terms of cost, a used RV is a much wiser and more efficient choice if you don’t care how fresh the RV looks and feels. It doesn’t make sense to buy a new RV unless you have specific needs that a used RV can’t meet.

Used RVs under the price tag of $5000 are just perfect for tours that are low on budget. Used RV under $5000 can be found on various RV trading websites.

In this article, we will be discussing thoroughly the Best Used RV for sale under $5000.

Let us go through the list.

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Name RV Type Year Price
Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS 5th Wheel 2002 $4,500
Heartland Cyclone 4012 5th Wheel 2008 $3500
Dutchmen Royal 30RK 5th Wheel 1996 $4000
Georgie Boy Pursuit MTRH Class A RV 1997 $5000
Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30 Class C RV 1983 $2,999
Fleetwood Pace Arrow 32′ Class A RV 1982 $3,995
Winnebago 20′ Class C RV 1973 $2,792
Road Ranger 22′ Class C RV 1979 $1,944
Dodge 3500 RoadTrek Class B RV 1993 $4,750
Winnebago Chieftain Class A RV 1987 $4,999

2002 Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFSSunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS
2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012Heartland Cyclone 4012
1996 Dutchmen Royal 30RKDutchmen Royal 30RK
1997 Georgie Boy Pursuit MTRHGeorgie Boy Pursuit MTRH
1983 Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30
1982 Pace Arrow 32'Fleetwood Pace Arrow 32′
1973 Winnebago 20'Winnebago 20′
1979 Road Ranger 22'Road Ranger 22′
1993 Dodge 3500 RoadTrekDodge 3500 RoadTrek
1987 Winnebago ChieftainWinnebago Chieftain

What are the Best Used RV for Sale Under $5,000?

1. 2002 Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS

2002 Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS Used RV for Sale Under $5000

Despite being tagged low on price, Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS comes with plenty of space.

It is a 5th Wheel Camper with ample space for a kitchen, a bedroom, and an awning. It does not come with a warranty because it is an old RV, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is any kind of problem with the RV.

There are windows around the entire unit, which provides you with a nice view of the outside no matter where you are in the unit. Also, a sofa can be used as a bed when needed, offering extra space for sleeping.

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There are closets and numerous cabinets within the bedroom and dining unit, providing storage space for your clothes, books, and other belongings.

In addition to a three-burner stove and fridge, the kitchen area is equipped with a microwave and an oven which is a bonus.

An AM/FM radio and speakers are mounted on the woody cabinets inside the kitchen. The bathroom is spacious with a toilet seat, a sink, a medicine closet, and two cabinets for storage.

The price tag for this Fifth Wheel is $4,500.

Key Specifications

Year 2002
Gross Weight 6,280 lbs
Sleeping Capacity 4
Length 25 feet
Slide Outs 1
Awnings 1
Price $4500

2002 Sunnybrook Lite 24 CKFS floorplan

2. 2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012

2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012 Used RV for Sale Under $5000

With a 5500 Watts generator, 2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012 is equipped with sufficient power for your trip. It has a universal docking central and 6-gallon gas electric water heater.

It also has outside storage in the form of a sled-out tub that slides out on both sides of the vehicle.

With an eight feel laminated ramp door in the rare, you can easily transport heavy and bulky luggage in the vehicle provided enough care. It also has solar reflecting glass on the mirrors, which gives privacy.

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The floorplan has dual opposing seating with cabinets on the roof above the sofas providing extra storage space. The master bedroom is equipped with a queen-size bed.

The kitchen contains a microwave, an oven, a three-burner stove, and a two-door fridge. It also has a roof air conditioning system.

The price range for a used 2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012 is $2800 to $3500.

Key Specifications

Year 2008
Gross Weight 7,000 lbs
Sleeping Capacity 5
Air Conditioners 1
Awnings Available
Length 23 feet
Water Capacity 60 Gallons
Price $2800 – $3500

2008 Heartland Cyclone 4012 floorplan

3. 1996 Dutchmen Royal 30RK

1996 Dutchmen Royal 30RK Used RV for Sale Under $5000

Dutchmen Royal 30 RK comes within an affordable price range of $3400 to $4000. It is a long 31 feet vehicle with plenty of space inside. It has a sleeping capacity of 6, a seating sofa, and a dining area.

The inside of this RV is equipped with cabinets all around the unit, providing that extra space everyone looks for.

A queen-sized bed is all you need for a comfortable sleep, and this RV doesn’t miss out on this.

The kitchen has a two-door fridge, an oven, a microwave, and a sink. The shimmering and shiny wood used in furniture gives the interior a stylish and classic look.

Numerous windows present all around the unit provide proper ventilation to the travelers.

The bathroom is spacious and has a dedicated shower area.

Key Specifications

Year 1996
Gross Weight 7,840 lbs
Sleeping Capacity 6
Length 31 feet
Slide Outs 1
Price $3400 – $4000

4. 1997 Georgie Boy Pursuit MTRH

1997 Georgie Boy Pursuit MTRH Used RV for Sale Under $5000

This Class A RV is available for sale on rvtrader.com for a price of $5000 only. Class A RVs are known for their comfort among all classes of RVs, and Georgie Boy Pursuit MTRH is no exception.

Considering the low price for which it is available, spending on this vehicle will be a wise choice.

There is a sofa in the unit which can be used as sleeping space when required. A microwave and an oven come with the vehicle, which otherwise can cost a few bucks you can spend on something else along the trip.

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A bedroom is present at the back of the vehicle.

Key Specifications

Year 1997
RV Type Class A
Price $5000

5. 1983 Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30

1983 Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30

1983 Chevrolet G-SERIES VAN G30 is a Class C RV and is on sale for a price tag of $2,999 on rvtrader.com.

Its small size makes it a perfect vehicle for couples ready to explore places in the comfort of home.

It comes with a sofa and a dining area with two seats. The kitchen has an oven, a sink, and a burner stove.

Key Specifications

Year 1983
RV Type Class C
Price $2,999

6. 1982 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 32′

1982 Pace Arrow 32'

1982 Pace Arrow 32′ is a Class A RV available on rvtrader.com for a low price of $3,995. It is an old vehicle; however, it will intrigue classic RV lowers for its classic look.

With the low price of only $3,995, it will be a good buy for RV lovers who are willing to spend more on the renovation of this vehicle.

One can modify the vehicle per one’s wish and preferences.

Key Specifications

Year 1982
RV Type Class A
Price $3,995

1982 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 32'7. 1973 Winnebago 20′

1973 Winnebago 20'

1973 Winnebago 20′ is another classic vehicle listed for sale at a considerably low price of $2,792 on rvtrader.com. A personal touch can be given to this RV per one’s preferences.

A renovated vehicle has its luxury, which only true RV lovers can understand.

Key Specifications

Year 1973
RV Type Class C
Price $2,792

8. 1979 Road Ranger 22′

1979 Road Ranger 22'

1979 Road Ranger 22′ is a Class C RV meaning that it might not be that spacious; however, it has the advantage of going around heavy traffic and being parked almost anywhere.

It is an old vehicle and will require some renovation on the inside. Also, the furnishing might require attention and some extra bucks saved on purchasing this used RV.

It is available on rvtrader.com for a tag price of $1,944

Key Specifications

Year 1979
RV Type Class C
Price $1,944

9. 1993 Dodge 3500 RoadTrek

1993 Dodge 3500 RoadTrek

1993 Dodge 3500 RoadTrek is another old RV on the list with a mileage of 68,000 miles. This RV used to be a sweetheart of RV enthusiasts back when it came into the market.

It is a Class B RV with a length of 19 feet and enough space to adjust your needs. A sofa in the unit has cabinets placed above it for that extra space.

The RV provides a space for two people to sleep.

Key Specifications

Year 1993
RV Type Class B
Price $4,750

10. 1987 Winnebago Chieftain

1987 Winnebago Chieftain

1987 Winnebago Chieftain is a Class A RV available for sale on rvt.com for a low price of $4,999. Winnebago is known for its reliability in the RV market.

Despite being an old model, it is a well-kept RV.

It has a bedroom at the back of the RV with an adjacent kitchen space. There are closets and cabinets like an RV buyer will want. The unit is well lit by windows from all around the.

A furnished RV is all you can wish for to save some extra bucks, which this RV fulfills.

Key Specifications

Year 1987
RV Type Class A
Price $4,999
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1987 Winnebago Chieftain Floorplan

Pros and Cons of Buying Used RVs

Buying a camper is like purchasing a villa. When looking for an estate, pay attention to the floor plan, furniture, size of living space, and actual house location.

It is similar to looking for a perfect RV.

Here are some of the pros of buying a used RV:

  • The most significant advantage of buying a used RV is the cost savings.
  • Buying a used RV reduces the depreciation cost of your RV.
  • If the previous RV owner leaves the campground, the deal may include utensils, hoses, cords, leveling jacks, and outdoor furniture.
  • The previous owner will have already taken care of most of the issues.
  • You can easily modify a used RV per your preferences.
  • The unit is not new and will have some wear.
  • Using a former stranger’s mattress or bathroom in many cases might be upsetting.
  • You will have to spend on any damage in the future as there is no warranty.
  • The fuel efficiency might have reduced considerably with the used RV.
  • While you can upgrade the vehicle later, you are left with limited choices regarding floor plans, furniture, etc.
  • There is a high chance that the used RV might have hidden mechanical or maintenance issues.


We have discussed in this article all the options of best used RV under 5000$.

By far, you must have realized that a used RV is not a wrong choice.

You can save some money by buying a used RV for them to be spent on the renovation of the vehicle or anything else that you might need for your next trip, which you are already planning for in the very recently purchased used RV.

With all the options you now have at the ease of your screen, the next step is to finalize your next purchase.

After thorough consideration with your budget in mind, you can easily pick a used RV from the list and make it yours.

What’s next? An adventure in your “new” used RV that you have made yours without spending more than 5000$.


Is buying an old used RV a good idea?

Buying a used RV comes with its own perks. You can save money by buying a used RV in good condition that is already furnished. Used RVs are comparatively a lot cheaper than new RVs. You also dodge the depreciation aspect of buying a new RV by opting for a used one.

Where can I buy used RVs?

You can buy used RVs from local dealerships that deal with the buying and selling of used RVs. Additionally, you can also lookup for used RVs online on different websites that list used RVs along with their details. 

What is good mileage for a used RV?

Although mileage should not be the only concern while buying a used RV, anywhere between 100,000 to 200,000 miles is regarded to be a lot for used RVs.

What should I consider before purchasing a used RV?

There is a considerable risk associated with purchasing a used RV. There can be hidden mechanical issues present in the vehicle that only an expert can point out mostly. Also, you should be able to keenly observe the entire unit while having a tour of the vehicle. Lastly, it would help if you always buy your used RV from a trusted RV seller.

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