What Size Travel Trailer Can Toyota Tacoma Pull or Tow?

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Toyota Tacoma is an excellent short bed truck that comes packed with a lot of power. The compact build structure of these trucks is a perfect pick for people who don’t have much space to park them. If you have a Toyota Tacoma and wondering what size travel trailer can Toyota Tacoma tow? you are in the right place.

Toyota Tacoma has various models, and all of them have different payloads and towing capacities. It means when you are buying a recreational vehicle that can be towed with your Toyota Tacoma, the situation gets a bit tricky to find the perfect camper.

What Size Travel Trailer Can Toyota Tacoma Pull or Tow

What Size Travel Trailer Can a Toyota Tacoma Pull? 

Toyota Tacoma can tow travel trailers from 3,500 lbs to all the way up to 6,800 lbs, but it can be optimized better with Tacoma TRD Sport Model to tow up to 6,800 lbs.  

Here are some basic stats of different models of Toyota Tacoma and campers that a Toyota Tacoma can pull.

  • Toyota Tacoma SR Models have a dry weight of 3,980 lbs and can tow up to 3,500 lbs, while the payload capacity is 1,620 lbs.
  • Toyota Tacoma SR5 Model is almost similar when it comes to towing and payload capacities. It can also tow up to 3,500 lbs and have a 1,620 payload capacity.
  • Toyota Tacoma Limited Model is significantly powerful than both SR and SR5 models when it comes to towing capacity. It has 4,480 lbs of dry weight, while the towing and payload capacities are 6,400 lbs and 1,120 lbs, respectively.
  • Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Model has 4,180 lbs of dry weight, and its towing and payload capacities are 6,700 lbs and 1,420 lbs, respectively.
  • Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Model has up to 4,060 lbs of weight, and the towing and payload capacities of the model are 6,800 lbs and 1,540 lbs, respectively.
  • The last one is the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Model. It has up to 4,445 lbs of dry weight, while the model’s payload and towing capacities are 1,155 lbs and 6,400 lbs, respectively.

These are only the basic statistics of Tacoma’s base models. You can choose upgrades, special features, and other options within its subclasses. The best way to compare Toyota Tacoma models or to get more information regarding each of its models, you should visit Toyota’s official website.

The pulling capacity is one of the first and most important measurements for campers. However, the payload only matters if you have a fifth-wheel camper. Toyota Tacoma’s pulling capacities run between 3,500 lbs to all the way up to 6,800 lbs. It means Toyota Tacoma towing capacity covers a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types of campers when it comes to towing.

What Must You Consider Before Towing with Toyota Tacoma?

There are some critical factors that you have to consider before towing. Below highlighted guidelines will help you to determine if your trailer can be towed with Tacoma or not. It will also assist you to avoid making a pretty expensive and dangerous mistake.

  • Tongue Weight: Considering the tongue weight before pulling is critical. If you are new and have no clue of towing principles, tongue weight means the pressure hitch is putting on the truck. So, considering the tongue weight helps to ensure the overall stability of both the trailer and tow vehicle.
  • Payload Capacity: The average amount of payload is up to 2,000 lbs. In other words, if the total weight of passengers and your gear is 1,000 lbs, you will have 1,000 lbs of tongue weight. However, this will vary with each truck. It is critical to have a closed look at both tongue weight and payload capacity.
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You can find the exact specs of your trailer (tongue weight and payload capacity) on your trailer’s owner’s manual.

  • Overweight Towing: Towing more weight than the maximum capacity of your tow vehicle is dangerous. It might force your truck brakes to stop working. Moreover, an excessive strain may also damage your transmission. Furthermore, surpassing the maximum weight when towing will also cause the trailer to sway and lack control.

If you are considering getting a camper for Toyota Tacoma, there are plenty of options. However, each camper type has its pros and cons, and certain camper models depend on Toyota Tacoma statistics. Some camper options that you can choose from for your Toyota Tacoma include,

Best Pop Up Trailers for Towing with Toyota Tacoma

Pop up campers are incredibly light and are a smaller version of travel trailers. They can be pulled with almost any vehicle with sufficient enough pulling capacity. They come equipped with a weight-distribution hitch or have ball hitches on the bumpers of the tow vehicle.

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Unlike other enormous luxury models, pop-up trailers are more compact. When you are on the road, you can fold them down smoothly due to their streamlined exterior, and when you are parked, you can fold out the side flaps, which have beds and provide more living space. These campers are nice to have for people who want to enjoy both a travel trailer and a tent camping experience.

When towing a pop-up trailer with Tacoma, make sure to check your car’s towing capacity. In this regard, pick a camper with a towing capacity falling under the limits of your Toyota Tacoma Pulling Capacity.

Some best Toyota Tacoma towing campers that fit nicely into the range include,

1. Flagstaff Tent 208

Forest River Flagstaff 23SCSE

Flagstaff Tent 208 is a perfect Tacoma towing camper. It comes with two beds on either side of the floorplan. In the center, it has a kitchen and dining space that offer sufficient space to fit everyone. Moreover, it also features a 9″ awning installed over the entrance and attachments for the gas grill. The camper’s dry weight is just 1,896 lbs, and the hitch weight is 255 lbs.

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2. Jay Sport 12UD

Jayco Jay Sport Camping Trailer

Jay Sport 12UD is another best Tacoma towing camper. It offers a set of larges beds on both sides of the layout along with two dinettes inside. The camper also offers more than a sufficient amount of storage, allowing you to carry things conveniently and store them out-of-sight. Moreover, regardless of the compactness, you can also enjoy outdoor cooking since it also features a carryout stove.

Best 5th Wheel Trailer for Toyota Tacoma

When it comes to fifth-wheel campers towing with Toyota Tacoma, the situation gets trickier since these camper’s dry weight runs from 2,400 lbs to up to a whopping 20,000 lbs. However, it also means you will have plenty of options to find the best fifth-wheel trailer for Tacoma. Fifth-wheel offers an array of models, and most of them are designed to be luxury.

Although, when buying a fifth-wheel, you have to consider the towing capacity of the Toyota Tacoma, the most critical aspect to consider is the payload capacity. Some smaller trucks come with a high towing capacity but a low payload capacity. It means they can easily tow a whopping load behind them, but the truck’s bed is not built to handle the hitch load that a fifth-wheel features.

When determining whether your chosen camper is a good choice or not, consider hitch weight since this portion is what will put the load in the truck bed. The maximum payload capacity of a Toyota Tacoma on this list is 1,620 lbs, which means you have limited options.

Check out the campers that are well-suited for both payload and pulling capacities. Some good fits of fifth-wheel campers for Toyota Tacoma include,

1. Escape 5.0 TA

Escape 5.0

Escape 5.0 TA is one of the best Tacoma towing campers that offers all the comfort and amenities you need for a great camping trip. The entire interior has an oak paneling finish while also features a queen-sized bed. It also features a stand-up shower and a fully-equipped kitchen with all the appliances. The storage is also great for carrying things with you. Escape 5.0 TA has 3,810 lbs of weight and 630 lbs of hitch weight.

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2. Scamp 19‘Deluxe Lite

Scamp Trailer

Another best camper for Tacoma is Scamp 19’Deluxe Lite. It’s equipped with a queen-sized bed, a full kitchen, and a dinette. Although it is compact, it has a bathroom, making it a great outdoor living space for couples or solo travelers. The dry and hitch weight of the camper is just 2,400 and 400 lbs, respectively.

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Best Teardrop Campers for Towing with Toyota Tacoma

If you have a sense of adventure with low towing capacity, you should go for a teardrop camper. These trailers are compact, cute, and super-easy to pull with almost any type of vehicle. They are also incredibly lightweight, aerodynamic, and don’t block the rearview mirror.

They come in many different forms. Some offer multiple fold-outs and extensions to provide an outdoor cooking space, while others offer maximum storage and sleeping space. Since they are incredibly light and adaptable, they can fit with almost any tow vehicle.

Another benefit of having a teardrop camper for your Tacoma is you don’t have to worry about towing capacity or payload capacity. Some of my favorite teardrop campers are,

1. Tab 320 CS

Tab 320 CS

The first teardrop trailer for Toyota Tacoma is Tab 310 CS. Although the floorplans are limited, it offers a lot of comfort and amenities. It features two sitting and two sleeping spaces along with a toilet and bath (combined). You will see the storage throughout the camper and a kitchen set up as well. The dry weight and hitch weight of the camper is 1,951 lbs and 157 lbs, respectively.

2. Timberleaf Classic

Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

Timberleaf Classic is the best option for adventure lovers since they have powerful tires and are built for extreme conditions. You will open the back to expose the kitchen and considerable storage space. Inside the camper, you will find an entertainment center and a large bed, allowing you to relax after a day full of adventure. The dry weight and the hitch weight of this amazing Tacoma camper are 1,951 lbs and 157 lbs, respectively.

3. Little Guy Mini Max

The Little Guy Max

Yet another classy and incredibly comfortable trailer for Tacoma is Little Guy Mini Max. On the one end, it features a wrap-around sofa that you can convert into a sleeping space when required. On the other end, you will see a kitchen set up equipped with a full-size refrigerator. Moreover, you will also appreciate a considerable amount of storage and a shower. It has 1,400 lbs of dry weight and 150 lbs of hitch weight.

Wrapping Up

Toyota Tacoma is a great, incredibly popular truck, and rightly so. It’s powerful and has a lot of models to choose from. The Toyota Tacoma’s towing capacity is also impressive and can easily pull up to 6,400 lbs of weight. If you’re looking to buy a camper that you can pull with your Toyota Tacoma, above, I have highlighted Toyota Tacoma pulling capacities that you should consider to take a look at. Moreover, I have also outlined the best travel trailers for Toyota Tacoma to make things easier for you. If you’ve any queries in your mind, do not hesitate to post a comment below. Happy Traveling.


Can I pull a fifth-wheel with Tacoma?

Yes! Tacoma can pull a fifth-wheel trailer. However, there are some considerations about the size and weight when pulling a fifth-wheel trailer with Toyota Tacoma. You have to consider the truck’s payload and towing capacity before pulling.

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