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Travel Trailers have always found a need of use by a vast community of RV lovers. These big and spacious campers provide usefulness with their comfort and solace. Starcraft is one of the brands that manufacture great motorhomes and travel trailers. One of their models as a travel trailer is the AR-One. The Starcraft organization has since a long time ago laid down a good foundation for itself as an RV producer that gives extraordinary consideration to quality and whose skilled workers are eminent for their tender loving care.

The vast majority of the labor at Starcraft has been working at the assembling office for a really long time. The working offices for Starcraft are situated in Topeka, Indiana, in America. Possessed by Thor Industries, Starcraft boosts cost-viability, using time productively, and the nature of parts by not making custom forms. In any case, the organization has a few diverse floorplans and additional items, which make it simple to get a remarkable plan that clients can feel as though it were specially designed.

Starcraft AR-One Review

Starcraft AR-One

Starcraft AR-One travel trailer is a successful trailer model viewed as the ideal “section level” choice. Its reasonable value, size, weight, and conveniences make it ideal for those individuals who are simply getting along with a new experience with the RV way of life. Besides, with nine unique floorplans, including expandables and slideouts, you can really pick the choice that has whatever you might potentially need.

The developers of the Starcraft AR-One have taken additional consideration on both the inside and the outside to ensure they were putting out a quality item with highlights that improves the life of travelers. For instance, similarly, as with numerous RVs, the water damage issue is most certainly something you should ponder whenever your camper is presented to the components.

Notwithstanding, this trailer accompanies some latest features that assist and improves the water system to avoid any damages. With the AquaShield Aqualon water-repellent tent and rain guttering with trickle spouts, there won’t just be a boundary against the water; however, the camper will control to redirect the water.

There are other great things about this travel trailer that we will further discuss in detail.

Starcraft AR-One Features

The AR-ONE is an amazing travel trailer with a solid design that is towable by most hybrid SUVs and minivans. To keep the unit reasonable and straightforward, all elements are standard gear. This permits clients to have the important conveniences and high worth setting up camp basics without added cost. The center is about a pleasant setting up camp insight with its straightforwardness.

1. Floorplans

It has five floorplans to browse, in which you can rest up to 6, and is accessible in lengths going from 16 feet to a little more than 21 feet. The 15RB and 18FB floorplans have added a dozing limit with an expandable Aqua-Shield Aqualon sectionalized tent, upheld by a seven-year tent guarantee.

2. Construction

AR-ONE elements sturdy development, including wooden divider studs on 16-inch, focuses, delegated rooftop brackets, 3/8-inch rooftop decking, plastic rooftop, a Poly Flex, one-piece underside covering, a one-piece consistent, e5/8-inch primary floor decking, and hardwood screwed style cabinetry.

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3. Inside

The inside of this travel trailer is filled with features like a two-burner range, three cubic-foot three-way gas/electric fridge for the kitchen. There is a 54-inch corner dinette with inside/outside dinette table with collapsing legs, metal roller cabinet guides with a 50-pound limit and full-cabinet expansion, hardwood cabinet entryways, and nickel equipment.

4. Entertainment

The AR-ONE comes standard with satellite TV prep and cable, wrench up HDTV receiving wire with a signal supporter, creased nightshades, alongside the private furniture made by Starcraft, and vinyl flooring all through each model. The inside of this Starcraft will be similarly pretty much as amazing as the outside.

5. Slideouts and Windows

The slideout and expandable segments will assist with making a roomy inside that likewise feels comfortable and agreeable. There will be sure augmentations that simply make things somewhat more pleasant inside, for example, the additional huge window close to the stall dinette. This will permit more normal light and cause the inside to appear to be bigger.

6. Extra Features

Standard hardware incorporates a water warmer detour framework, an 18,000-BTU heater with auto start, either a 5,000 or 8,000-BTU A/C, winterization unit, system screen control, a six-gallon water radiator, back stabilizer jacks, and electric brakes. The Deco stain safe floor covering is another incredible element since it adds solace and style that won’t get messy without any problem.

7. Certified Trailer

Moreover, all Starcraft items have been Green Certified by TRA Certification, Inc, an autonomous foreign confirmation office. The AR-ONE acquired a high-level Certification using maintainable materials, harmless to the ecosystem creation strategies, energy-effective parts, and decrease of waste.

Offering everything required for an incredible setting up camp outing, the AR-ONE isn’t simply one more lightweight travel trailer, and it’s an exceptional item that offers the necessities required for a quality setting up camp involvement with a forceful cost.

How Are Starcraft Ar-One Made?

The Starcraft company involves the use of a wide range of products alongside the assembling of mechanical products. Their RVs go through a couple of striking methods contrasted with other RV organizations during the assembling stages.

1. Trademarked Magnum Roofing System

The magnum material framework is special and prominently one of the business’ most specialized RV rooftops. The organization makes its magnum material with a 7-inch header and sturdier vertical studs. They additionally run their material process through a strength test that demonstrates their rooftops are 50 percent stronger than the others.

2. Trademarked Tuffshell Construction

The Tuffshell innovation uses vacuum-reinforced cover joined with fiberglass sidewalls, metal patrons, and welded aluminum outlining on specific RV models. This strategy guarantees a solid RV structure that will endure.

3. Environmentally Safe Materials and Construction

The company also focuses on assembling RV trailers that endure over the extremely long haul as well as delivered with eco-accommodating and sustainable assets and materials.

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Starcraft Ar-One Problems

There are some of the common problems that have been found with the Ar-One model travel trailers over the past few years.

These problems were:


Starcraft travel trailers model 28R that was made on March 1, 2016, to August 5, 2016, was recalled due to tire issues. The impacted vehicles had wrong data on Federal Placard and Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) names, potentially bringing about the vehicle being over-burden. All things considered, these vehicles neglect to conform to the necessities of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 110, “Tire Selection and Rims.”

2. Two Electrical Issues

Starcraft RV reviewed 985 travel trailers in light of the fact that their circuit breakers might have been mislabeled. During the examination on the creation line, it was found that the breakers in a breaker box were mislabeled, or they didn’t have a name by any stretch of the imagination.

With an inaccurately named electrical switch box, somebody might wind down some unacceptable breaker to chip away at the electrical framework and get an electrical shock. The review incorporates specific model year 2015-2016 Launch, Launch Ultra, AR-One, AR-One Maxx, Autumn Ridge, and Travel Star travel.

With an erroneously marked electrical switch box, somebody might wind down some unacceptable breaker to chip away at the electrical framework and get an electrical shock, as per the report. Starcraft informed the dealers and sent proprietors an amended electrical switch box mark. The maker has not yet given a warning timetable.

Affected dealers might contact Starcraft client care at 1-800-945-4787. The organization reviewed 224 Launch Ultra Lite travel trailers, floorplan 28BHS JU from the 2014-16 model years.

  • Good ground clearance.
  • Less Price tag.
  • It makes it simple to take a canine with the company.
  • The heater and forced-air system.
  • Good ventilation.
  • Easily towable.
  • It is bigger than average trailers.
  • The washroom occupies a great deal of room.


This was Starcraft Ar-One review in which we have listed its useful features and highlights alongside some common features. We also discussed some of the Starcraft histories. We hope this information on Ar-One trailers is useful, and you can find more from the FAQ section.


Are Starcraft travel trailers good quality?

Starcraft is an RV organization that spends its time producing quality travel trailers. Its Starcraft Magnum Roof framework has been created to be half more grounded contrasted with the tops of different RVs. Various free tests have shown that Starcraft has a rooftop framework with probably the best out there. These travel trailers are definitely of great quality.

Is Starcraft a decent brand?

Maybe one of the lesser-known yet, at the same time, uncommon long-running RV brands in the RV business is Starcraft. While looking for another RV, there are various makes and models of these travel trailers to pick between. Starcraft is truly outstanding in the business for towable RVs and merits considering.

What is a Starcraft AR One?

The AR-ONE is a travel trailer model by Starcraft that isn’t simply one more lightweight travel trailer, and it’s an exceptional vehicle that offers the necessities required for a quality setting up camp involvement at a decent cost.

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