6 Excellent Travel Trailers With Slide Out (Camper with Pop Outs)

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Travel trailers can come under different brand names for different purposes that include a lot of unique features like Slide outs.

Having more features in a trailer makes them more exciting and useful as a family using such trailers will have more comfort and live a happy life even when they are going to far-off places for having fun.

If you love making trips and playing around with your companions or family outside, then, at that point, travel trailers with slideouts are an ideal partner on your whole excursion to add an interesting experience to your life.

As many travel trailers with a lot of features are available, you can look at some best options to choose from. 

Name Number of Slideouts Power Retractable Slideout
Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 3 Yes
Keystone Hideout 1 Yes
Prime Time LaCrosse 3 Yes
Coachmen Catalina 1 Yes
Keystone Outback 2 Yes
KZ Sportsmen Classic 151RB 1 Yes

Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super LiteForest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite
Keystone HideoutKeystone Hideout
Prime Time RV LaCrossePrime Time LaCrosse
Coachmen Catalina Summit Series 172BHSCoachmen Catalina
Keystone OutbackKeystone Outback
KZ Sportsmen Classic 151RBKZ Sportsmen Classic 151RB

What is the Best Camper with Pop Outs?

1. Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite

Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite

Starting the list of travel trailers with slideouts in the Flagstaff Classic Super Lite. This trailer has a good room space, and it can rest up to 10 people easily inside.

It’s roomy, and it can brag up to 4 slides. There are different floorplans available in this travel trailer that users can choose from. There are different options on each of the floorplan for the customers.

Key Features

  • Available in 10 floorplans to meet your requirements.
  • Serta Mattress Upgrade for additional solace.
  • Carpet and an Engineered Resistant Floor Covering.
  • LED lighting.
  • Power Awning with Adjustable Rain Dump.
  • 12 cubic-foot-fridge to store new food.
  • Flush Mount Stone Cast Sinks and Lift-Off Kitchen Faucets.
  • Theater seating for entertainment and TV.
  • 5 Star Rating.
  • Available mods for Diamond and Platinum bundles.

A portion of the other incredible components in these models incorporate bunkhouses for the children, open-air kitchens, and two side entryways.

There are accessible options and alternatives that put the Classic Super Lite aside from the rest. These choices incorporate good kitchen features along with a chimney for warm nights during the winter season.

Strong maple coat completed cupboard doors and good couch and seating for your family.

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Forest River Flagstaff Classic Super Lite Floorplan

2. Keystone Hideout

Keystone Hideout 32RDDS

The Keystone Hideout travel trailer is the next travel trailer with a slideout. There is great comfort in this trailer with its soft, warm feeling on the inside.

It gives a lot of storage capacity for the entirety of your stuff and comforts your family in multiple ways. Users can add an accessible slide or two combined with the 81″ inside roof height, and you will sit like you are in your home.

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The floorplans of this trailer that include slideouts are the Hideout 31RBDSWE, Hideout 31RBTS, and the Hideout 32BHTS.

Key Features

  • HD LED TV for having a good time watching TV and movies.
  • 6 cubic foot fridge to keep your food.
  • Private cabinetry all through.
  • It is available in more than 19 floorplans.
  • There are good speakers inside for entertainment.
  • 81″ inside stature for a large vibe.
  • 4-star rating.
  • Optional bunk rooms for the children

There are countless elements that add to the fun of camping with this travel trailer. At the point when you incorporate the bunkhouse, the outside kitchen, and a u-shape dinette, you get a lot of space for your family to enjoy your meal as well as have a quality time with them with gossip and chatting.

There are even models with two sections and a backspace that is incredible for occupied families.

Keystone Hideout 32RDDS Floorplan

3. Prime Time LaCrosse

Prime Time RV LaCrosse

LaCrosse Travel trailer is our best recommendation that you can buy for your family so that they can have fun all in one place in a trailer that has a slideout.

The inside of this travel trailer is dreamy, and it will open your eyes to the beauty and comfort that it has to give to the owner.

The LaCrosse gives premium space, storage, and style in all categories of the best travel trailers.

Key Features

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  • 87″ King U-Shaped Dinette for incredible dinners or game evenings.
  • 82″ high roofs for an open vibe.
  • There are 14 floorplans to meet your requirements.
  • LG strong surface ledges.
  • Large twofold doors fridge.
  • Evergreen Froth Bedding for rest.
  • 18 gal tank for water and radiator, so nobody needs to clean up.
  • 4-star rating.
  • Other accessible options for extra charges.

With choices for up to 3 slides and an 82″ roof size, you can feel the additional room with this trailer. It has slideouts in the following floorplans: LaCrosse 324RST, LaCrosse 326BFW, and the LaCrosse 329BHT.

The LaCrosse offers some good features for a family, including bunkhouses, u-shaped dinettes, and washrooms with shower/tub combos. With fun alternatives for theater setups, including huge screen TVs, it can provide a lot of entertainment.

Prime Time RV LaCrosse Floorplan

4. Coachmen Catalina

Catalina Legacy Edition

The Coachmen Catalina would be an amazing choice to consider because Coachmen always manufacture an RV trailer that has good comfort and luxury for a family. Clients never complain about a trailer that is manufactured by Coachmen because everything is set in a place where it should be with these trailers.

The RV Catalina has a slideout for your comfort and experience along with various other features, unlike other trailers.

Key Features

  • Double entryway fridge with reversible supplement.
  • Easy-View big size window at the dinette.
  • Available in 25 floorplans.
  • 1-3 Slideouts option for additional living space.
  • Grace Cherry finished wood cupboards.
  • Jack blade convertible couch with couch cushions.
  • 4-star rating.
  • Available with mods and extra packages lie an external shower and open-air kitchen.
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The Catalina furnishes you with an open living region and ample rooms and bunkhouses. Additional room is furnished with extra slides that are accessible in the living and room regions.

Models with three slides include Catalina 333BHKS, Catalina 323TSQB, and Catalina 333RETS.

The additional features to check in the Catalina are what make this trailer an exceptional choice. The chimney in the living region and accessible chimney in the main room makes it certain to keep you hot warm.

81″ size roof guarantees the roomy inclination and comfortable finishing with glass front cupboards and a lot more.

Coachmen Catalina floorplan

5. Keystone Outback

Keystone Outback

Another trailer by the Keystone is the Outback which is a very lightweight yet complex and open travel trailer where you’ll discover the extraordinary features inside the vehicle with a slideout too.

With redesigned furniture, vaulted roofs, and an up-to-date style, you will feel totally at ease in the Outback.

The floorplans of the Outback that provide slideouts are Outback 325BH, Outback 322BH, and Outback 328RL.

Key Features

  • Available in 18 floorplans to meet your requirements.
  • 36″ flush floor slides.
  • 8″ cubic foot private cooler.
  • 4 out of 5-star rating.
  • Deluxe sleeper couch with arm supports.
  • Beautiful hand-coated maple cabinetry.
  • Deluxe bedding for comfortable sleep.
  • Available in Comfort bundles.

The good thing about the Outback trailer is that you can always choose a custom floorplan for your additional equipment in the package to add more to your comfort.

Outback is generally the decision you have where you can get a bunkhouse for the children, an open-air kitchen for your cooking, and surprisingly a decision of an enormous back entertainment area to enjoy and relax.

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 210URS

6. KZ Sportsmen Classic 151RB

KZ Sportsmen Classic 151RB

There is a small size travel trailer also available in case you want a slideout but in a compact size trailer. The Classic 151RB trailer is a good choice.

It has a good storage room, and you can get maximum comfort and features in this useful travel trailer.

Key Features

  • 17 feet in size.
  • Lightweight body frame and easily towable.
  • Good floorplan design with straightforward slideout.
  • Small in size to fit practically any parking spot.
  • Ultimate features for the comfort of 2 individuals.
  • Good and agreeable room region.

This trailer incorporates every one of the essential necessities like room space, TV, and a couch to take a load off. It is exceptionally lightweight, which is the reason you get stunning mileage on your long trips.

It has slide-outs that are made in an exceptionally straightforward and respectable plan to sit well on your requirements.

You cannot fit a lot of things in this trailer, but you get a good comfort zone and a lightweight trailer that will keep you protected inside.

This little travel trailer also has a standard bed and sofa for small family accommodation.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 151RB Floorplan

What is a Slide Out?

Slideouts are exceptionally well known in RVs, which add more space for the voyagers. It is essentially an extra room in the RV without having any entrance point.

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These slide-outs come in two kinds; one is electric, and the other one is hydraulic pressure-driven, yet the two of them have a similar capacity. These slide-outs make it simpler as a space to broaden and withdraw without covering any of the space in your RV trailer.

For a large portion of the slide-outs, they stretch out up to 2-3 feet outside of your trailer. The pressure power ones are a bit interesting in light of the fact that they incorporate siphons and engine stuff, while the electric slideouts are extremely straightforward as they run on the power of the RV.

They can be greater or bigger, relying upon the custom decision of the client. You can pick what type you need, yet you should remember everything related to your RV about what you require and what not.

Factors to Consider for Travel Trailers with Slideout

There are some factors that you should know and remember before getting yourself a trailer with a slideout. We have listed the useful factors that you should keep in mind before making a selection for a travel trailer with a slideout.

1. Weight

Weight should be considered as a travel trailer with more weight cannot be fuel-efficient, and it will be tough for you to take such a trailer everywhere. Make sure it’s a light trailer but has a good capacity to carry more weight in it.

This will allow you to easily pull along the travel trailer with your truck or SUV to make long journeys much simpler and better.

2. Storage

As you will have a travel trailer for your family to travel to places for a long time, you will need storage space for your equipment and extras. You need to be sure that your trailer can have enough storage room to fit all your essential accessories and items.

In case you have a little camper trailer, you should be extremely cautious as slideouts are difficult to fit in each model.

3. Size

Size plays an important role in travel trailers. A bigger travel trailer would mean a bigger size, and it will be hard for you to find a parking slot for such a trailer.

In some cases, if you want to carry bikes or ATVs along with yourself, you will need a bigger toy hauler trailer or a fifth-wheel trailer to easily fit your toys. So make sure to decide properly on what size you are choosing.

Bigger travel trailers can have many features, including slideouts. But having a slideout is not everything that you will need to consider.

Here are a few extras that are essential in travel trailers, on the basis of which we made a selection of the best travel trailers with slideouts in this list.

  • Full-sized shower or tub
  • Double-door fridge
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Upgrade packages
  • Fireplace
  • Extra seating
  • LED lighting
  • A tasteful mix of carpet and hardwood
  • Double sink
  • Kitchen Island
  • Two bathrooms


This was a discussion article on best travel trailers with slideouts that include some of the top models in the trailers today.


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