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Converting a short bus into a living region by adding beneficial equipment and extras can help you a lot in living your life the easy way. A short bus is big enough to equal a room space, and you can set up a lot of things inside it if you want to convert it into something more attractive and easy for living. The space can be utilized as your living region, and a lot of extras can be added for fun.

We have listed some Best Short Bus Conversions that will take your mind off of the other things and make you want one for yourself. In case you are interested to know about these cool conversions from people from different places, then here is a complete set of short bus conversions that may surprise you with innovative ideas.

So here are some cool short bus conversions that you need to see,

1. Baby Blue Bus

Baby Blue Bus

The baby blue bus by Lexi is an amazing short bus RV conversion that you may have always wanted to see. It’s made with a homely interior that would never make you feel like you live inside a bus. The interior is just designed like a proper room in a house. This adorable transformation was based on a 1989 GMC Short School Bus.

Baby Blue Bus Interior

This change utilizes a ton of shading and delicate outfitting for an unattractive and female touch. Lexi fostered her adoration for setting up camp from the journeys she would take with her mom as a youngster. Her mom additionally proceeded to change over a school transport herself, so Lexi took in a lot from that.

2. Fern The Bus

Fern The Bus

Ben and Mande are the genius behind this amazing short bus conversion. Fern The Bus is an attractive bus that is finished with simplicity and beauty. The Michigan locals that needed to encounter an easier life, voyaging west, designed this masterpiece that catches the heart of anyone who looks at it.

Fern The Bus Interiors

A school transport change was the best approach, and the owners are hoping for a condition of nonstop change for this amazing conversion. The transport’s kitchen highlights uncovered wood, white cabinetry, and loads of normal light. Also, it appears as though Penny, the puppy, wouldn’t fret a little sunbathing. The room is situated at the rear of the transport and uses the space above for capacity.

3. 1999 GMC Short School Bus

GMC Short Bus Conversion

There is another cool short school bus conversion on the GMC Bus from 1999. It’s a school bus with a 6.5-liter engine and is recorded in brilliant condition. The bus conversion is added with a lot of cushioning on the inside, along with real red bedding and curtains.

For an independent camper conversion, this is prepared to take off immediately with all the extras and equipment added to it. It sits on big wheels, and the vast majority of the transport has been left unblemished; the inside is essentially gutted and refitted.

The outside has a layer of khaki paint for adding a fresh look, and there are bigger windows installed on the sides. There is vinyl for additional decoration and a lot more.

4. The Blue Ridge Mountain Bus

Blue Ridge Conversions Interior

Stacie Jameson and her family have converted a short bus into a cool camper in North Carolina. The Blue Ridge Mountain Bus is a project that the family took and spent months in its conversion for a perfect ride for long trips and living.

They’ve constructed a deck that is connected to the side of the transport, offering a seal and a decent spot to make the morning coffee. The kitchen highlights wood flooring, blue cabinetry, and bunches of capacity region for dishes.

Another thought that will fit best for the owners is the inside plan comprising of couch and lounge chairs with HDTV in the middle compartment. You can add calfskin furniture in the transport around the dividers and add some LED lighting inside.

Other than that, the storage compartment at the back allows more room for adding equipment and clothes along with gear that will assist you with trips when you go out with your friends or your family.

5. 1959 Chevrolet Viking Short Bus

1959 Chevrolet Viking Short Bus

Taking an old option here on the list of cool short bus conversions is the 1959 Chevrolet Viking Short Bus. This is a bus that stands alone for how it looks, and it’s easier to drive as well. The owner has spent well on this bus that has been changed over to a lovely camper. It has a decent layout made with pressed wood boards in a U shape, encompassing the back of the transport.

At the back door, the bed is situated across the transport, with a large rack area for storage. The exit has been left practical, which is a smart thought to keep up with health and to have the option to get to space under the bed without any problem. The design is basic yet tough and could undoubtedly be dressed out with some trim and additional features.

The kitchen is a vintage-styled cupboard, combined with pressed wood stockpiling workspaces and an unpleasant compressed wood ledge. Effortlessness is the way into these love seats, with enormous body pads filling in as a portable backrest and straightforward texture avoiding along the front edge. The open casing under leaves a lot of space for huge capacity.

6. Bright & Compact Bus Conversion

GMC 1989 short bus

The next conversion is on GMC 1989 short bus, where reduced size seems perfect with the bright decals and simple interior layout. The bus is not as much modified, but there are cool modification ideas like to make a cool short transport RV, you can utilize something with a greater engine.

There are musings that you can add an overhang to the transport for asylum and sun secure screen. The window glasses can be added with a colored and ensured covering. A stage passage can be added for a simple passageway and offer to style to the transport, making it resemble a sumptuous RV.

There are concealing tones to apply to give it a cutting edge feel and set aside a room for kitchen, love seat and TV relax region. A washroom can likewise prove to be useful as fundamental. You can add a cooler and a fridge in the middle for simple access through your family room, and a table can be set up close to the front side for contemplating or sitting.

7. Ford Ecoline 350 Short Bus

Ford Ecoline 350 Short Bus

Lacey Leonard took a 1988 Ford Econoline 350 short bus and converted it into something that you would want to copy. This is a beautiful Ford that took on a lot of craftsmanship with very well-finished sidewalls and interior. There is a thought of changing and adding more with such a conversion. You can construct a kitchen district with a pretty backsplash alongside the workspace locale that can be kept as incredibly respectable, having the two inverse sides seats or couch.

Adding more things to the design will additionally work on the appearance of the transport to change over it into an RV. A cubic little wood broiler can be set near the kitchen toward the front of the vehicle. This is a savvy thought. At the beginning of the colder season, you can add a stack to keep your RV transport warm subsequent to consuming the coal inside it.

You can add delicate inside planning with blinds and wraps for agreeable rest and rest. There is an RV warmer that can be purchased and introduced on your short transport to transform it into a cool RV with warm cooling alongside a resting space where you can easily sit and invest your energy watching films. It sure would be agreeable to have a fire straightforwardly near your working space.

8. Skoolie for Six By Gabriel and Debbie Mayes

Skoolie for Six By Gabriel and Debbie Mayes

This is a bus RV conversion by Gabriel and Debbie Mayes that has been cut down to a 250-square-foot skoolie. This makes it lightweight as compared to an ordinary bus, and everything inside is desired for a proper living. With an unbiased shading plan and warm wood complements, the home-on-wheels feel enormous and familiar.

Considering a short bus RV conversion like this can be costly, but in the end, it’s worth it. A format with resting quarters toward the back and the living, feasting, and kitchen regions in the front gives this space definition and a smart stream. This makes your living life a lot easier and simpler.

9. The Spencer Family’s Skoolie

The Spencer Family's Skoolie

A couple decided to convert and design a skoolie for themselves. They decided to make a cool short bus that would be enough for them as well as their baby for years to drive to various places. The front of the transport has an open-idea design with the living, kitchen, and feasting regions all streaming together.

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You get to see a lot of things like there is an auto shut-off door toward the rear of the transport, and you’ll discover comfortable dozing regions, a restroom, a storage area, and a standing work area for remote working.

10. Mans Converted Bus

In case you are a person who lives alone all by himself, then this short bus RV conversion is going to be the best option for you. It’s a one-sided design for your short bus to convert it into an RV with the essentials. You can use a sink and change the way how one side of the transport is totally open. That causes the short bus to feel significantly more open for an individual.

Such a floorplan can have everything such as a standard kitchen, a lounge chair, a wardrobe, even a washer/dryer combo under the bed. That would be exceptionally ideal to do clothing on the bus as well. It can easily be converted into an RV if you add an outside shower and a water tank to store some freshwater.

Benefits of Short Bus Conversion

1. Simple to Customize

These short buses have great space within, and you can design your entire floorplan likewise. It becomes easy to modify this is on the grounds that no particular estimations or specialized changes are required. You can start by changing the floor to the walls and the ceiling and designing a bus for your living.

2. Simple Living Space

The size inside your bus will impact your living which is why you need to choose a bus that gives you an adequate size according to your necessities. Having a size big enough to add all your needs, like a bed and a couch with a table, you should be okay with the things that you want to include. To make a transport like an RV, living space is an unquestionable requirement.

3. Extended Safety

The short bus that you would want to convert will be your home, and it will be your safety. You can sleep in it, travel in it, or take a shower in it without worrying about anything in your life. Your family can have their own separate space as well. It will allow you to live a normal and balanced life with a daily routine setup once.


This was an informal discussion on short bus RV conversions that added some great short bus conversions by people from different areas. These ideas are innovative and helpful In case you want to own a short bus and try a conversion for yourself too.


Is it cheap to buy an RV or convert a bus?

Many individuals select to do their own transport changes over purchasing an all-around remodeled one available to be purchased. In case that you want to buy an RV, you should rather convert it to a bus that will cost a lot less.

What is the best transport from the convert’s perspective?

The best transport for conversion is a short transport like Thomas MinoTour Ford E-450, which offers greater mobility, simpler driving, and stopping, and preferable gas mileage over its bigger partners.

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