Safari Trek RV Review and Problems

Safari Trek RV






Interior Design







  • Aluminum Roof
  • Huge Rear Bathroom
  • Back-Up Camera System


  • Inadequate Customer Support
  • Steering Issues
  • High MPG

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Safari Motor Coach is a company that was started a long time ago, in 1986. Although this company is not in the competitive market for top-class manufacturing RVs, it still has some of the famous old models that deliver a great many features to their customers. These great performing motorhomes have always won the hearts of the customers with their exceptional value.

We are discussing information about Safari Motor company and also discussing some models of Safari Trek. This is a discussion of Safari Trek Review and Problems where you will understand and learn a lot of information about some basic features offered by this company and some famous models with their design and layout. So let’s get started.

Safari Trek RV

Basic Features of Safari Trek

  • Aluminum Roof
  • Patio Awning
  • Power Step
  • Laminated Aluminium sidewalls
  • Hydraulic Leveling Jacks
  • Middle Kitchen
  • Huge Rear Bathroom
  • Back-Up Camera System
  • Sleeper Sofa
  • Trailer Hitch
  • Onan Generator
  • Queen Size “Magic Bed”

Additional Features

  • Back-Up Camera
  • 4 Burner Stove
  • Double door refrigerator
  • 5KW Generator
  • Convection/Microwave Oven
  • AM/FM/Cassette Stereo
  • Center Kitchen
  • Hydraulic Jacks

Safari Trek RV Floorplans

Here are some common models from Safari Trek that can help to explain better the quality and features being offered by the company.

1. Safari Trek 28RB2

Safari Trek 28RB2

The 28RB2 is a common and famous model in Safari Trek RV that delivers all the fine features required by a customer. There is a lot to count about this RV. You can expect the Electro Magic Mattress that descends down from the ceiling with the movement, providing a full-sized double with ample headroom. This innovation allowed Safari to “lose” the back bedroom, known in almost every American version of this elegant RV, without sacrificing a sofa, large kitchen, or dining table.

The dimensions of the storage in this RV are larger than the dimensions of the most elegant European vehicles. But with fewer slide segments, it can be used in many campgrounds. When it comes to trekking, the gas inlet isn’t as steep as you might think (about 12-14 mpg), but it’s all equipped. It doesn’t matter how long the trip is, you will do just fine with everything in your control.

You get an amazing outside view from the armchair-shaped cabin seats through the window for ultimate satisfaction. In addition to the rear-view camera, each wing has a camera that warns the RV when it points, allowing you to see any cyclists, motorcyclists, and various dangers from sides or behind. The hydraulic leveling device robotizes the on-site service, and the generator generates electricity.

Even when connected, the converter controls component consumption, so the generator and dual batteries are activated when there is a chance of exceeding the maximum current of the grid power supply. The bathroom has a standing porcelain bath, a huge shower, and a sturdy cupboard with a linen cupboard door next to it. The bathtub is the same length as the sewage tank.

Safari has a large, medium-sized body and is expensive, but it’s not always much more expensive than the other RVs in this category, but it does provide an independent class that most Europeans wipe out. The kitchen is homemade in length and quality. There is a convection microwave, and the refrigerator is big by home standards. Overall it’s everything that you ever need.

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2. Safari Trek 30

Safari Trek 30

Another great model of RV by Safari Trek is model 30. Referred to as Safari Trek 30, this model has an engine that runs on gasoline fuel with a body with good quality material mostly found in Bronze color. This is also a great RV for camping with its 21-30 gallons of water holding capacity. It also comes with its own leveling jacks as standard.

On the inside, you get an amazing layout that has light wood trim with tan, and it gives you a retro vintage touch to catch your interest. You can expect to have 2 slideouts and 2 awnings with this RV, along with several other conveniences. This shows what Safari Trek offers to customers at a diverse range.

Safari Trek Problems

After talking about the basic features and some common models with good sides, now it’s time to take a look at the bad side with Safari Trek RVs.

Here are some common problems with Safari Trek RV.

1. Steering Issues

One of the biggest issues that people have with Safari Trek is stiff steering. Alternatively, some customers can use it free of charge. If you notice that Steerage should respond but not, be sure to check it. Driving a vehicle at some point is dangerous and can even cause your device to fail.

Balance and stiffness issues are usually caused by car tires. If you drive with a little air, you will find that the wheels stop responding. That’s why you need to know how many tires are split. This problem has occurred for several users, and they were frustrated by the problem. It is dangerous in the case of traveling on curved roads where steering failure can lead to major disasters.

To avoid these steering issues, the users have to repair and adjust the steering within limits provided with the help of the manufacturer. The pressure of all tires should be balanced and kept the same at all costs. This allows the RV to run smoothly even when anyone is driving at extreme speeds.

2. Higher Fuel Consumption

Another major problem found in the Safari Trek RV is the consumption of fuel. These old model RVs consume a lot of fuel, and they need to be checked by an authorized dealer. The problem is, it’s not easy to overcome this problem. It’s a manufacturing problem that is common in all models of Safari Trek due to which they consume more fuel than other RVs.

Overdose of gasoline is a major problem for most RV campers and travelers, due to which they have to face other consequences as well. It’s best to get the vehicle to a workshop that should have the ability to test your RV very well and let you know what’s wrong with it.

You can then ask to fix the problem. However, if you have a Safari Trek RV that is still under warranty, then access the manufacturer and claim the warranty. They will probably be able to provide you with free maintenance and replacement parts. However, you need to make a suggestion in advance.

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The company offers a list of warranty offers for its products. You cannot change the whole system in your RV, but you can make replacements to see if that works out for you.

3. Engine Oil

These RVs consume more fuel, and hence they also put a lot of pressure on the engine when used for long drives. Keeping the engine in good condition is important for which engine oil should be replaced on time. A common problem for these RVs is that their engines grow weaker after a few years of use. This is due to the engine oil not being changed on time.

It’s important to change engine oil on time. Because these RVs have less oil running capacity than other RV models. Normally, engine oil should be updated regularly. It gets thicker year by year and may require replacements. Enterprises provide customers with a mileage limit that they can view.

Once obtained, remove the oil from the engine and refill it with new oil. Keep in mind that driving old petrol around the car can damage the engine. It also describes why you may need to make a complete change. Buying a new engine can be very expensive, so looking for it early can be much more expensive.

4. Customer Service

A big issue for Safari Trek RVs is the customer service. As this company is not in the competitive market anymore, it’s hard to find customer services for the repairing of the RV or for maintenance. The service is very poor, which leads to unreliable vehicles after a few years. Users must be careful about these problems.

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This was an informative article on Safari Trek RV Review and Problems. We highlighted details for Safari RVs, and we listed their basic features along with some common interior features as well. The common problems have also been listed in this discussion. 


Is the Safari Trek a good RV?

Safari trek is an incredible RV, simple to drive a move in close places. It can stop nearly anywhere. It is entirely OK with an extraordinary floorplan. Enormous washroom region with a standard-size stroll-in shower. Very much assembled and a ton of force.

Is Safari RV still in business?

Safari Motorcoach Partnership is an old American motorhome producing organization that was situated in Oregon. The Safari Trek brand name was bought by Monaco in 2002, but the Safari Trek name was done being utilized in 2009.

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