8 Best RV with Office Space (RV Office with Desk)

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RV with office space can be the best choice for your long camping trips. They are useful if you are an entrepreneur or a person with regular work and meetings for which he needs to stay connected to the work no matter what.

For this reason, choosing the best RV with office space is a smart choice.

An RV with an office space has all the useful tools that are normally needed in an actual office, like a separate table and chair along with a door for privacy.

There are cabinets to store your files and documents, and there are also various other office tools that can be used according to the need.

So here are a few RVs that offer the best office space for customers.

Name Weight Price
Keystone Bullet 287QBS 5,837 lbs $35,070
Jayco Eagle 340DROK 11,375 lbs $59,678
Jayco Jay Flight 32TSBH 8,615 lbs $40,755
Forest River Salem 36VBDS 8,533 lbs $54,575
Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office 6,757 lbs $107,500
Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS 8,750 lbs $42,174
KZ Connect 292RDK 7,250 lbs $58,490
Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 314RLS 10,685 lbs $74,003

Keystone BulletKeystone Bullet 287QBS
Jayco EagleJayco Eagle 340DROK
Jayco Jay Flight ReviewJayco Jay Flight 32TSBH
Forest River SalemForest River Salem 36VBDS
Airstream Flying CloudAirstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office
Jayco Jay Flight ReviewJayco Jay Flight 33RBTS
KZ-RV ConnectKZ Connect 292RDK
Highland Ridge Mesa RidgeHighland Ridge Mesa Ridge 314RLS

What are the Best RV with Office Space?

1. Keystone Bullet 287QBS

Keystone Bullet

The Keystone Bullet 287QBS is the best travel trailer with a floorplan that permits you to have a total RV office in the back bunkhouse area.

You will get huge loads of capacity and still have a resting plan for four individuals.

The finishing inside this travel trailer is great, with the wide range of various useful elements fitting into its space.


The workplace area has a door for complete protection when you want some privacy and stay hidden inside your office.

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You will get a dinette work area to use your PC or laptop and bunches of cupboards to keep your work supplies arranged and protected in the drawls.

In case two individuals need to work, there is a lot of room and capacity at the enormous dinette to make another office.

You can decide to modify the space further to create more storage or extend the work area size by removing the beds.

The pass-through outside storage compartment and open-air kitchen bring additional camp advantages that you may not expect on such a reasonable RV.

Keystone Bullet 287QBS

2. Jayco Eagle 340DROK

Jayco Eagle

The Jayco Eagle 340DROK is the next best RV with office space. It is best suited for small families or couples.

The whole space at the front of the trailer incorporates a sizeable work area, lounge chair, and a lot of capacity for office supplies.

The couch folds out for really resting space for visitors or children.


At the point when you complete work for the afternoon, you can use the living region next to the office to refresh yourself.

There you can kick back on the colossal 9.5-foot love seat to watch your show on the 50″ Smart LED TV in the center of the entertainment area and enjoy great food by making it in a stylish kitchen.

The master suite in this Eagle travel trailer has a full washroom, and three slides for increasing the inside space drastically.

You will enjoy a comfortable day living inside a travel trailer where you can spend time finishing up your work inside a private office without any disturbance.

There is a door close to the office room next to both the living space and the half-shower.

Jayco Eagle 340DROK

3. Jayco Jay Flight 32TSBH

Jayco Jay Flight Review

The Jayco Jay Flight 32TSBH travel trailer is the one option that packs lots of features, including office space for a couple.

The inside space of this travel trailer is huge, which means you will find more resting space for a big family yet still gives office space in the back bunkhouse.

You will be able to keep your things private and safe in the office and also take care of your records too.


The double slides in the back room make this space colossal, and in case you needn’t bother with the sleeping limit, you can take out the beds to make a wide RV office on wheels.

There is a way to the workplace for more protection, and the single bathroom is right outside the space for easy access. You will be using your office without any interference.

The living space area has a very useful and practical kitchen for making your food with a colossal U-shape dinette, sofa, and entertainment features to have a good time when preparing fresh food.

You will also find an outside kitchen in the Jay Flight and a wide canopy for open-air comfort that will keep you under a shade when you cook food.

Jayco Jay Flight 32TSBH Floorplans

4. Forest River Salem 36VBDS

Forest River Salem

The next best travel trailer with office space is the Forest River Salem 36VBDS.

This is a reasonable choice as a lightweight travel trailer for your camping needs.

It has a private front bunkhouse that can be transformed into a committed portable office so you can work remotely in any place you wish.

You will have your privacy inside that area where no one else will bother you.


There is a passage door in the trailer that has a double glass slider which makes it feel like a home on wheels giving you access to the living room and kitchen.

About nine people can rest inside this travel trailer with the bunkhouse, but changing that space into an office will reduce the sleeping space to accommodate only four.

Outside, you will find extra room for setting up camp stuff and a wide canopy for shade from downpours and sun.

You can access the backroom by means of the pass-through washroom or from a different external door.

The kitchen and living space is splendid and extensive, with an L-formed counter, sitting chair, storeroom, dinette, and chimney under the TV.

Overall, this camper is best for solo, couple, or little family campers that need a work environment even when they are on camping trips.

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5. Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office

Airstream Flying Cloud

The next option we have here is the Flying Cloud 30FB Office travel trailer.

This trailer has a wide Office that accompanies many highlights for your best experience of use.

While working away from home and office, you can stay connected with your work by using this travel trailer, having its own office space inside.


The Flying Cloud travel trailer has a Convertible dinette, sufficient extra room, kitchen, restroom, and sound biscuit drapery for improved security.

You will find useful features like Wi-Fi, ac front wide bed, and limited bed-convertible office space to enhance your travel experience.

The travel trailer gives a full-standard office space that incorporates the accompanying highlights; numerous USB ports and a popup USB/AC outlet, an office with bounty lights, a sliding cabinet, storage cubbies, and 1000-Watt locally available power inverter, overhead storage cupboards surfaced with dry-eradicate material.

This will offer you the comfort that you need for your daily work routine.

Airstream Flying Cloud 30FB Office

6. Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS

Jayco Jay Flight Review

Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS is a travel trailer with a bunkhouse floor plan.

This travel trailer offers a modern office inside the RV’s living space. You will find great space for resting inside this trailer along with other facilities like a back dinette or couch for daytime use.

The Bunkhouse in this trailer allows the children to have their own space and let everyone maintain their privacy.


This travel trailer has open office space inside where you can set up your laptop and other equipment without a problem.

The Bunkhouse segments give you a space to isolate yourself from the rest of the trailer.

There’s a lot of capacity to hold your equipment and items as a whole and a spot to mount a TV or screen.

In case you have kids, they can utilize the top bunks around evening time without messing with the office.

The bunk over the office folds up for added headroom and, it’s best for the regular RV users to be concerned about their interest and add extra equipment or optional features by them to this travel trailer.

You will be having a comfortable living room where you can spend your time recharging and let your partner make dinner for you in the kitchen.

Jayco Jay Flight 33RBTS Floorplans

7. KZ Connect 292RDK

KZ-RV Connect

KZ Connect 292RDK is a big luxurious travel trailer that is set up with an office for your work routine. The price of this travel trailer is very reasonable compared to other options here.

You will be amazed at what is being offered to all the customers of the brand.

It is a quality travel trailer with an office to keep your files and documents along with your laptop in one place so that you can remain connected to the work.


The large numbers of their inside parts have a lodge-like look inside this travel trailer and weatherproof rooftop that covers to hold dampness and various pollutants back from destroying the RV.

It’s a great choice for camping trips having an enormous storeroom storage space, an extra-large bed, and a full kitchen with an island.

Such a travel trailer is perfect for long trips as you have all the features you need in one place.

In case your work expects you to branch out ahead of schedule, you can set up your morning supper in the RV’s open-air kitchen.

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You can easily cook food inside or make tea and then enjoy it in your office while working.

Coming to the inside of this trailer, the section door drives straight into the dry washroom. You can take off your grimy clothing and clean off whatever you got on you that day.

There is a back living region where you can rest for a while too. Whenever you’ve tracked down your most ideal choices and extra features to be added to this travel trailer, you can request changes from the brand.

KZ Connect 292RDK

8. Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 314RLS

Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge

The last best camper with office space that we would suggest to you is Highland Ridge Mesa Ride.

Assuming that you are searching for a bigger travel trailer option that offers an office inside the floorplan, then you can go for this one.

This is the Best 5th Wheel RV with Office Space

It has a lot of space inside the living region, and you also get a separate room as an office where you can keep your work going.


This travel trailer has huge space with a number of accommodations and features for everyone. The office area imparts its space to the kitchen and is near the section door.

There is overhead cabinetry in the office, and the storage drawls are also present in it.

You will be able to do your work inside this office quietly in your own private space.

In case your needs include a wardrobe and a closet and you also desire a stackable washer and dryer, then this travel trailer is all that you need.

Regardless of whether you are boondocking, the water gallon tank in this travel trailer is huge, with a capacity of 97 gallons.

You will be having a good time living inside this travel trailer with your family because you get a kitchen, a living room, and an entertainment region to customize your camping experience.

Highland Ridge Mesa Ridge 314RLS


We have talked about the best RV with office space inside their floorplans.

We have shared all types of travel trailers that are offering offices inside their plan with special features for the comfort of a family.


What is the average life of a travel trailer?

Fortunately, campers have a life expectancy of around 10 years, all things considered. Nonetheless, 10 years is just the normal life of a trailer. A few trailers will endure longer, and some will have a more limited life expectancy. The thing that matters the most is, how you keep up with your trailer with its maintenance.

What travel trailers last the longest?

The long-lasting and most enduring RVs and trailers are the Airstream campers which can keep going for a long time whenever kept up with well. There are various kinds of RVs and variables that go into the life span of an RV, so working out the normal life expectancy of an RV is muddled.

What amount would it be a good idea for me to pay for a movement trailer?

Another trailer regularly costs somewhere in the range of $11,000 and $35,000. A normal 24′ travel trailer with a fair structure will cost around $23,000. Clearly, the cost relies upon various variables, not the least of which is the size and development quality.

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