13 Excellent Travel Trailers With Loft Floorplans

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Travel Trailers are good to have because they can provide a moving home on wheels. These travel trailers are huge, and they can accommodate a family of 4 – 8 people easily.

People demand specific features and purposes in these travel trailers, which also brings up the topic of the best travel trailers with loft floorplans.

The loft serves a meaningful purpose. The small RV and sparse floor space allow you to accumulate experience rather than waste it. Space that might otherwise be wasted can be arranged to be properly used as an additional sleeping area with an attic.

Kids love to have their own room, even in RVs. The loft allows you to give them the privacy they crave while using First Class in the limited area available.

Important factors to set when purchasing an attic travel trailer are the size of your family’s circle and the age of the children traveling with you. However, the child should not be completely banished to the loft due to the sleep options offered by most of these models.

Older children may feel comfortable in hiding places and hiding places, but younger participants in extended families may be happy to sleep in lofts.

So let’s see which are the best travel trailers with loft for you and your family.

Name Weight Max Sleeping Capacity
Forest River Cherokee 294GEBG 6,978 lbs 9
Fairmont Cavco 150 Series 190011 7,300 lbs 6
Forest River Cherokee Destination 39CA 10,523 lbs 10
Forest River Wildwood Lodge 42DL 12,719 lbs 7
Forest River Hemisphere 378FL 11,589 lbs 8
Jayco North Point 377RLBH 14,255 lbs 9
Forest River Sandpiper 399LOFT 10,939 lbs 6
Bighorn Traveler 39MB 13,210 lbs 8
Forest River Saber 36BHQ 11,943 lbs 10
Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP 13,538 lbs 8
Keystone Retreat 391FLFT 13,044 lbs 6
CrossRoads Hampton HP375DBL2021 11,696 lbs 7
Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC 11,030 lbs 6

Forest River Cherokee Travel TrailerForest River Cherokee 294GEBG
Fairmont Cavco 150 Series 190011Fairmont Cavco 150 Series 190011
Forest River Cherokee Destination 39CAForest River Cherokee Destination 39CA
Forest River Wildwood Lodge 42DLForest River Wildwood Lodge 42DL
Forest River Hemisphere 378FLForest River Hemisphere 378FL
Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels ReviewJayco North Point 377RLBH
Forest River Sandpiper 399LOFTForest River Sandpiper 399LOFT
Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D TravelerBighorn Traveler 39MB
Forest River Saber 36BHQForest River Saber 36BHQ
Alliance RV Paradigm 390MPAlliance RV Paradigm 390MP
Keystone Retreat 391FLFTKeystone Retreat 391FLFT
CrossRoads Hampton HP375DBL2021CrossRoads Hampton HP375DBL2021
Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWCTiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC

What are the Best Travel Trailers with Loft Floor Plans?

1. Forest River Cherokee 294GEBG

Forest River Cherokee Travel Trailer

The top choice and best travel trailer with loft are the Forest River Cherokee 294GEBG. It is another way to enhance your vacation because it is Touring Trailer to find the entire area you want to be comfortable wherever you are.

The attic has an additional deep sleeping area that makes it easy to sleep up to 9 people.

The large stacked homes also provide space for your child to experience a little rest and peace in front of the mattress.

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You get a Premium bedding set, a loft, an outdoor kitchen, a double entrance bathroom, and an outdoor shower.

Forest River Cherokee 294GEBG

2. Fairmont Cavco 150 Series 190011

Fairmont Cavco 150 Series 190011

Moving on with the list, the Cavco 150 Series 190011 is another travel trailer with a loft. With this, you can set up your dream home for your vacation.

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The beautiful front porch of this unit is the perfect area for watching the sunset. You will also love the country house with its large attic. It’s great to put it in a private area for kids.

There are some great features with this trailer like a loft, floating entertainment center, private bedroom, double-entry bookkeeping, and a lot more.

Fairmont Cavco 150 Series 190011 Floor plan

3. Forest River Cherokee Destination 39CA

Forest River Cherokee Destination 39CA

When you want something different, more of a travel trailer with a loft, then the Cherokee Destination 39CA is the best pick for you. It has a loft that looks like a Royal Bedroom.

The 36 x 74 stacking mat is separated by a bedside table for children and adults to sleep comfortably. There is also a shelf for storing baby bedding and pajamas.

Some touches add a little extravagance to areas without bikes. Overall, it has additional configuration capabilities as a regular RV trailer.

You can get additional packages from the company to include more features.

Forest River Cherokee Destination 39CA Floorplan


4. Forest River Wildwood Lodge 42DL

Forest River Wildwood Lodge 42DL

Forest River Wildwood Lodge 42DL is another travel trailer with a loft that has a staircase that divides the upper area into separate rooms, with a bunk bed on one side and a single bunk bed on the other side. It’s like a miniature model of a home story.

However, adults will have to move slowly in case they want to go up, but children will want to have their own area, which is why it can provide the facility.

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Optional choices for the trailer include upgradable wheels and interior décor with some lighting in case a user wants to make something extra with the trailer.

Forest River Wildwood Lodge 42DL Floorplan

5. Forest River Hemisphere 378FL

Forest River Hemisphere 378FL

The next up on our list is the Forest River Hemisphere 378FL. This is an attractive option for the price. You get a very charming and beautifully designed loft with this trailer.

First of all, the built-in shelves and cubes provide enough space for bedding and something for kids to bring with them. You need to be prepared during the camp.

There is also a TV connection and power shop to ensure access to your favorite shows, movies, and electronics. You can see its great features on the inside with the comfort and necessities it provides to you and to your family.

Forest River Hemisphere 378FL

6. Jayco North Point 377RLBH

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheels Review

One of the big options in case you are good with money, and you can afford a big trailer with a loft, would be the best choice.

It has the most efficient loft bunk beds that have plenty of space for all the beds you need when using them as a place to sleep. What’s more, there are queen-sized mattresses and hidden mattresses to help everyone on the trip get a good night’s sleep.

A whole family can easily adjust to this travel trailer without worrying about anything. Some extra features are also offered by Jayco for an additional price. Users can get them in case he is willing to pay an additional sum to the company.

Jayco North Point 377RLBH Floorplans

7. Forest River Sandpiper 399LOFT

Forest River Sandpiper 399LOFT

Forest River Sandpiper 399Loft is another addition to the list of travel trailers with loft. This model of the trailer is going to surprise you with its features.

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This travel trailer has four sliding exits and a spacious interior that feels like a home rather than an RV. Users need to make sure this trailer has multiple accesses when opening the main access door.

It turns out that this is not a typical travel trailer door.

You get a sliding glass door from the floor to the ceiling. This sliding glass door brings a lot of light to the main living space. It is also colored so that you can see it, but others cannot see it during the day.

However, there is a color that covers the door to protect your privacy at night.

Once in the main living area, you will find yourself in the kitchen and lounge. This location has three of the four sliding exits. The kitchen is very large, with numerous countertops and an island in the center.

Middle Island is a great place to excite your family and friends. The island has a sink, perfect for those who wash the dishes.

Forest River Sandpiper 399LOFT Floorplan

8. Bighorn Traveler 39MB

Heartland Bighorn BHTR 39 D Traveler

Another travel trailer to offer you aloft is the 39MB Bighorn Traveler. The loft in this trailer is directly above the bunk bedroom, equipped with a bed and TV, and is a small relaxing corner that looks like the highlight of a bunk bed.

Older kids can also name the dive in a more glamorous bunk bedroom. Younger children can see everything from a bird’s eye view.

Again, there isn’t much room for anyone to sleep in the loft, but the trailer has a lot of room to provide the resting space.

Some additional features can be added later as an extra to the trailer.

Bighorn Traveler 39MB

9. Forest River Saber 36BHQ

Forest River Saber 36BHQ

This is another RV trailer to provide a loft along with many other useful things. You will love having a personal barracks in the loft upstairs. The barracks have cupboards, folding sofas, and bunk beds on the second floor.

The attic has a large men’s or women’s bed with a USB port and a large shelf for belongings.

Some additional features of this trailer include a cooking range, outdoor gas grill, panorama sliding window, storage capacity, and independent table for studying or eating food.

Forest River Saber 36BHQ Floorplan

10. Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP

Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP

The Alliance RV offers Paradigm 390MP that comes with a loft. It has a central cabinet floor plan to provide seats for a family of eight. Inside this fifth wheel, there is a large attic with various motifs on the other side of the central room.

The attic is suitable for garages and guest sleeping areas. The multipurpose room can easily be used as a bedroom or workplace for working from home during the holidays.

The additional features to choose from with this RV trailer are a private bedroom, detachable fireplace storage, no carpet, and also a kitchen that slides evenly with the floor.

Alliance RV Paradigm 390MP Floorplan

11. Keystone Retreat 391FLFT

Keystone Retreat 391FLFT

When you want to enjoy your vacation with a good travel trailer having a loft, the Keystone-Retreat 391FLFT would be a suitable choice.

It’s a vacation spot travel trailer with a lot of luxury within the range of average design. Located above the precious bathroom, this camper has a double attic.

This area can be effectively accessed via personal stairs.

This is a great way to provide your child, especially young adults, with their own personal break area. It also results in a slightly less sleeping area but gives you an absolutely spacious back room.

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The Keystone-Retreat 391FLFT can easily accommodate up to 6 people on paper and can even be used in the real world.

Another thing to note about the Keystone-Retreat 391FLFT is the 16-liter water heater and the very small sparkling and sewer garage tanks.

This RV trailer at a vacation spot may be off the grid in the afternoon or two days but eventually evolved into a design designed to maximize comfort at a nearby RV or camping spot.

Keystone Retreat 391FLFT Floorplan

12. CrossRoads Hampton HP375DBL2021

CrossRoads Hampton HP375DBL2021

There is also an RV trailer by Crossroads called the Hampton HP375DBL that also comes with a loft. It is a well-equipped holiday resort travel trailer that can accommodate up to 7 people on the way to the comfortable attic in the middle of the living area.

Located near the king-sized master bedroom in front, children need to close their eyes and celebrate on the second floor in the loft.

The main residential area of​​ CrossRoads Hampton HP375DBL is located at the rear, combining the kitchen, lounge, and dining room into one open concept.

Also, note that this loft vacation travel trailer also has a large garage sewer and wire mesh tank. This makes the CrossRoads-Hampton HP375DBL one of the high-quality travel trailer alternatives for family circles who prefer to stay away from the network for days.

13. Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC

One bonus. This is not a travel trailer but it’s a Class C Motorhome. The last suggestion as to the best RV with loft is the Tiffin Wayfarer.

The RV manufacturers offer the option to use the front attic as a large sleeping area with a large garage space. If you want, you can change it to make it a great entertainment center.

Interesting medium conversion is probably a favorite wish of this attic.

It provides you with additional space and gives you access to a larger display screen than the 32-inch rotating TV offered in the well-known package.

However, you can watch TV from the queen-size cot using the 32-inch TV in the master bedroom that is being streamed.

It’s also good enough to tow a medium-sized SUV flat. In this way, even in narrow streets and campgrounds, you can explore the area with a runaway vehicle without constantly interrupting your camp or putting pressure on your Class C garage.

Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RWC Floorplan


This was a discussion article on the Best Travel Trailers with Loft.

We have listed some of the top trailers that come with a loft to make it easy for the children to spend their day and add more beauty to the trailer.

For more information like this, check out our blog. 


What's a loft in a camper?

It incorporates an area for additional space at the top of the living room. The space is over the Master room and incorporates bunk mats and additional capacity. RVs with a space are incredible choices for families who need a smidgen of additional room for either the children, grandchildren, or even for the time being visitors for an evening or two.

Do travel trailers have lofts?

While this is more normal in fifth-wheel trailers, some RV producers are currently offering enormous travel trailers with an expandable space. They are an incredible way of augmenting a camper that goes past what a force retractable slide-out segment can do.

Which travel trailers are the most reliable?

The most reliable travel trailers to buy are,

  • Coachmen.
  • Entegra.
  • Forest River.
  • Newmar.
  • Winnebago.
  • Airstream.
  • Hymer.
  • Keystone.

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