How Wide is an RV? (Travel Trailer and Motorhome) with Examples

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Travel trailers, RVs, campers, or motorhomes, call them whatever you want. The fact is they are incredible, taking your camping to the next level and allowing you to drive them all across the country to explore the beauty of nature.

They are convenient and popular among those who love road adventures and want to spend some time out away from their home and city hustle, in the woods to heal their mind and soul.

They come in all measurements and sizes, making them perfect homes on the wheel for everyone.

However, towing an RV behind your vehicle means you have to consider their size and dimensions for comfortable, safe traveling while on the road.

How Wide is an RV?

The average width of an RV is generally up to 8 feet (96 inches). At the same time, RVs that are light and compact comes with an average width of anywhere between 6 to 7 feet.

However, it doesn’t mean it is the exact width, and they cannot be wider than that. They could when they are equipped with slide-outs, safety equipment, etc.

But, the maximum width of any RV is no more than 8.5 feet.

Similarly, a Class A motorhome’s average width is 8.4 feet (100 inches). However, just like RVs and travel trailers, the motorhome’s width becomes wider than the average width once slide-outs are extended.

At the same time, the Class B motorhome’s average width is 7 feet (84 inches). This average width is measured after analyzing multiple Class B motorhomes.

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Why Width of an RV Matter?

Well, there are various reasons why you should consider the width of a recreational vehicle while buying one. For example, every state has some road rules and regulations. It also includes limitations of vehicle length, width, height, etc. that you have to follow when traveling.

Generally, it is allowed to travel with a travel trailer or RV with a width between 8 and 8.5 feet.

Below are some examples of different RVs and travel trailers that perfectly describe how wide a travel trailer or RV is in real life.

First, let’s talk about the average width of Class A motorhomes,

Class A Motorhomes Width with Examples

Name Width
Berkshire 34QS 8.4 feet
Georgetown 3 Series GT3 33B3 8.4 feet
Alante 26X 8.3 feet

1. Berkshire 34QS

Berkshire 34QS

Berkshire 34QS Class A motorhome comes equipped with various fascinating amenities intended to keep you comfortable throughout your travel. This can be equipped with up to four slide-outs if you want to accommodate more people or just want to extend your living place a bit more. The living and kitchen area of the motorhome has a tiled floor while the bedroom floor is carpeted.

Having this Class motorhome means you are carrying all the comforts and luxuries of your home with you no matter where you go. It also has a spacious back area that you can use to equip with washer and drier prep, which is optional.

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The bedroom is spacious and extremely comfortable, has a king-size bed, wardrobes, and easy access to all the areas.

Here are its notable dimensions,

Exterior Width 8.4 feet
Gross Vehicle Weight 32,350 lbs
Exterior Height 35.7 feet

2. Georgetown 3 Series GT3 33B3

Georgetown 3 Series GT3 33B3

If you are a family, then Georgetown 3 Series GT3 3383 is a perfect option for your family trips. The floorplan is open and intended to provide ample room to move around and to keep you comfortable. It comes equipped with a king bed, as well as two bunks and a sofa. This means it is capable of accommodating multiple people when camping.

The entertainment system is also nice, and you will see two TV – one in the living room and another is in the back room. With all the necessities and ample counter space, the kitchen makes sure you can comfortably prepare a delicious meal for your family.

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The width of the Georgetown 3 Series motorhome and other major specs are

Width 8.4 feet
Gross Vehicle Weight 20,500 lbs
Length 34.6 feet

3. Alante 26X

Alante 26X

Another example of determining the average with an RV is Alante 26X. This is yet another beautiful Class A motorhome that, even though it is compact, uses every bit of space incredibly. This comes equipped with two slide-outs that can be found in the dining and bedroom areas.

However, everything inside the RV is perfectly arranged and organized, making the available space intuitive and easy to navigate.

In the back of the RV, it is equipped with a master bedroom, which has a personal nicely-sized bathroom and TV. You will see perfectly placed hardwood cabinets throughout the unit, while the kitchen appliances are grouped conveniently.

The width of this motorhome along with other specs include

Width 8.3 feet
Gross Vehicle Weight 28.5 feet
Length 16,000 lbs

Class B Motorhomes Width with Examples

Here is the average width of a Class B motorhome with examples,

Name Width
Winnebago Boldt 7.2 feet
Winnebago Revel 44E 7.2 feet
Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20L 6.9 feet

1. Winnebago Boldt

Boldt Class B Motorhome

No matter what weather conditions you want to travel, Boldt Class B motorhome is the perfect option for you and your family. Thanks to their all-season insulation, the motorhome absorbs the heat to keep you comfortable during winters while in summers, it circulates the air in the best possible way to keep the temperature cool inside the RV.

It is armed with flex beds that allow you to transform interior seating into a cozy sleeping space.

However, you will be able to choose a floor plan that suits your needs best. You can also transform twin beds into a queen bed and the dinette area into a single bed.

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Here is the width of the Boldt Class B motorhome along with other major specifications

Width 7.2 feet
Height 9.9 feet
Length 23.4 feet

2. Winnebago Revel 44E

Winnebago Revel

Another Class B motorhome that could be a perfect option for all your outdoors is Revel 44E. Every inch of this recreational vehicle is designed to make sure its durability, strength, and comfort.

If you are traveling off-road, you will be amazed to see the performance of its might engine.

While inside the RV, you will find many exciting features that will keep you interested. To accommodate more people, you can transform your dinette into a sleeping area.

Moreover, it also has a wet bath, a convenient living area, and a nicely sized galley.

Here is the width of the Revel Class B motorhome along with other specs,

Width 7.2 feet
Height 10 feet
Length 19.7 feet

3. Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20L

Sequence 20L

Another excellent product from Thor Motorcoach’s lineup is Sequence 20L. This Class B motorhome is armed with all the latest appliances, comforts, and convenience you want to have when camping.

You do not require to spend hours figuring out how to pack your outdoor adventure gear, as it has a strong roof that lets you bring your bikes and other heavy outdoor equipment with you.

With high-end tech features, it is one of the best Class B motorhomes available out there. It is also armed with the latest interface system that you can use to directly speak to the guidance system, as well as control your RV’s settings through an exclusive app.

The width of the Sequence 20L and other specs are,

Width 6.9 feet
Length 20.1 feet
Height 9.3 feet

How Wide is a Travel Trailer? (Average Travel Trailer Width) with Examples

The average width of a travel trailer is 8 feet (96 inches). While the lightweight and compact RV’s average width runs between 6 to 7 feet.

Here are some examples that show the average width of a travel trailer,

Name Width
Forest River Cherokee 234VFK 8.1 feet
Forest River Impression 25RB 8 feet
Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK 7 feet
Forest River R-Pod West Coast RP-178 8 feet

1. Forest River Cherokee 234VFK

Cherokee 234VFK

Cherokee 234VFK is a long travel trailer than most of the travel trailers available on the market. This means it also provides ample room both inside and outside. This doesn’t mean that it is larger only in length but also in height.

The travel trailer falls in the category of typical travel trailers based on the width measurements.

The width of the travel trailer is just over 8 feet, which is a standard width of a travel trailer. However, the width of the travel trailer can be extended as it also comes with a slide-out.

Here is the width of the Cherokee 234VFK travel trailer along with other specs,

Width 8.1 feet
Height 11.1 feet
Length 29 feet

2. Forest River Impression 25RB

Impression 25RB

Impression travel trailers are spacious and comfortable. This travel trailer is also a good option for families as it comes with a spacious bedroom, a nicely-sized kitchen, a living room, and a full bathroom.

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All these luxuries can be found in a space perfectly matching the average of a travel trailer.

This also perfectly describes the travel trailers’ average with its perfect 96-inch width. Although it comes equipped with a slide-out, it doesn’t really change the width much.

The width of this travel trailer along with other specs are

Width 8 feet
Height 10.7 feet
Length 29.1 feet

3. Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK


Flagstaff E-Pro E12SRK could be a perfect option for smaller families looking to have a convenient, compact, and comfortable travel trailer. Not only the width of the travel trailer, but all the measurements of it are smaller than the average travel trailer dimensions.

This travel trailer’s width is only 7 feet which cannot be extended as it doesn’t have any slide-outs as well.

Although this is among the smaller travel trailers on the market, it does come with a comfortable sleeping space, small but equipped kitchen, entertainment center, and ample storage.

The width of this travel trailer with other specs are

Width 7 feet
Height 7.6 feet
Length 7.6 feet

4. Forest River R-Pod West Coast RP-178

Forest River r-pod

Another travel trailer that shows the perfect width of an RV is R-Pod West Coast RP-178. This travel trailer has a width of a perfect 8 feet. However, it has an incredibly compact but convenient interior and comes equipped with a queen bed that can be found in the back, as well as a dinette that can be seen in the front.

While the bathroom and kitchen areas are located in the middle, you will have ample room in the center, regardless of its compact interior space. It also comes with a small slide-out that can be found in the kitchen space.

All these measurements and amenities make it a classic travel trailer for smaller families or couples.

The width of this RV and other specifications are

Width 8 feet
Height 9.11 feet
Length 20 feet

Wrapping Up

Travel trailers are among the largest vehicles for traveling. With plenty of amenities and luxuries meant to provide you convenience and comfort, they are no less than your home when you are camping.

However, when buying a travel trailer or motorhome, it is necessary to consider its measurements, such as average RV width, length, height, etc. because it is critical for your traveling while on the road.

Moreover, all the states have rules regarding vehicle length, width, and height. Above, I have outlined the average widths of RVs, motorhomes, and travel trailers along with some of their examples.

I hope this piece of the post will be useful for you to determine what will be the perfect travel trailer width that suits you best.


What is the average width of a Class A motorhome?

The average width of a Class A motorhome is 8.4 feet or 100 inches. However, it can be extended when the slide-outs are extended.

What is the legal width limit of an RV?

As per the rules of the United States Department of Transportation, the maximum width of an RV is 8 ½ feet.

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