How to Decorate an RV Trailer?

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RV trailers are your living room, just like a small home, and they need to be taken care of. You take these trailers everywhere on your long trips and journies so that you and your family can have a comfortable and easy ride all the way to your destination. But long journeys can sometimes make you miss your home, so you need to decorate your RV to feel like home. 

You can’t just drive away your trailer anyplace without properly taking care of it. You have to maintain the components and their parts along with some decorations so that it stays new and looks good to the eyes. A bad environment inside the RV trailer can sometimes ruin your mood, which is why it’s important that you should know how to decorate an RV trailer.

You don’t have to worry, as here are quick tips about how to decorate an RV trailer so that it looks good on the outside as well as on the inside.

1. Paint the Interior Walls

spraying paint

Painting your camper is an extraordinary method to add beauty to its look and feel. The interior is the place where you and your family are going to spend most of the time, which is why it is a must that you paint it correctly and apply proper decorations on the inside. Picking your shading plan is an extraordinary method to cause your camper to feel more like a usual hangout spot. Gentler, lighter tones can cause a camper to feel greater than it truly is. What’s more, adding a highlight divider with a hazier shading can cause a little space to feel bigger as well.

2. Add Some Throw Pillows

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Adding Throw Pillows to your RV room or living space makes your RV more agreeable, and they look incredible as well. Toss pads are light, so you don’t need to stress a lot overweight with additional pads. Pick a choice for your pads that match perfectly with your camper plan. Make your throw pillows striking and brilliant to liven up the space. Toss pads are a simple, reasonable, and fun travel trailer enriching thought.

3. Add Some Wall Decorations

Wall Decorations

There are some cool clock plans that can add more feel to your camper. In addition to the fact that clocks are beautiful, they are useful at the same time as well while having a lightweight body and small size. An essential clock over the kitchen region can cause a spot to feel more like home. In case that your camper has a theme, you should consider getting a matching clock for the theme.

4. Change the Curtains

Curtains add beauty to the interior, and they also give some privacy for your kids and your spouse. They can be added in a combo to provide a more beautiful look and feel with a stock valance/blind combo that you see in numerous RV designs. It’s simple to spruce up your windows for certain shades in print or strong that works with your trailer or RV stylistic layout.

In case you are not able to decide on shades of your choice, search for a texture that makes you excited. Then, at that point, use trimming tape to make a “crease” on the sides and base (or utilize a sewing machine). Then, use cut-style curtain rings to join the texture of your bar. These clasp shade rings will prove to be beneficial for you. They transform ANY texture into draperies so without any problem. Simply ensure they are wide enough to accommodate your living area or windows.

5. Use Maps as Wallpaper

Maps as Wallpaper

You can use maps on your trailer as wallpapers that will also be information as well as decorative for your RV. You could drape them up banner style with these banner strips, which can be used to join banners to the divider and turn out incredible for appending anything made of paper to the divider. Assuming you’re uncertain, you could generally drape maps as fine art rather than a backdrop and still accomplish that traveler’s vibe.

6. Ambiance Lighting and Candles


It’s hard to have candles in a little space like a camper. With flameless candles, you can set the mindset without stressing over setting your camper to flames. Flameless candles add an extraordinary atmosphere and delicate lighting inside and outside while setting up camp. You can use some ambiance lighting with LED bulbs inside your camper to give it a beautiful look.

7. Rolling Welcome Mat

Having a customized doormat when you stroll into your camper is an extraordinary touch. In addition to the fact that it adds individual style to your camper, however, it helps keep the dirt out. It’s consistently a steady and suitable choice for keeping soil, sand, and mud out of the camper while giving an extraordinary touch as a decorative measure.

8. Put in New Fun Cabinet Knobs

Introducing cupboard handles is not difficult to do and will cause your camper’s shower and kitchen cupboards to feel like new. Shop around at your nearby home improvement shop and choose the best handles that you like. Trade those out with what your camper right now has. A little touch goes far to causing a spot to feel friendly. Knob handles don’t need to be exhausting; choose something fun and easy to open.

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9. Enhance Your Travel Trailer for the Holidays

Christmas Themed Interior

Have some good times and adorn your trailer or RV for a special season with a specific theme and design. You can go for Halloween, or you can decorate it for a Christmas idea and even for Easter. Christmas lights should be utilized uniquely at Christmas time. They can give astounding delicate lighting while at the same time setting up camp whenever you want to.

String lights and LED strips around your living space or room to give your camper a great climate or give highlight lighting. Lights can be somewhat weighty and just give more feel of aesthetic and luxury in a single region of the trailer. Additionally, you need to stow them away when you go out and about.

10. Introduce Bunk Beds For Additional Space

Bunk beds or Stacking beds in your camper gives you more space for resting and sleeping. You’ll have more space to rest and spend time with the family while it gives a little more decorative touch with the right cushioning and cloth used. In addition, lofts can add a comfortable feel to your camper. Take the hotel-like feel with you any place you go.

11. Paint the Exterior of Your RV

While there’s a lot of designing to be done within the camper, the outside is the trailer should look elegant and fresh at all times. A basic stripe down the side of a plain camper can truly add style to your camper. Be cautious about getting carried away outwardly. Some of the time, a simple design is better, while sometimes, a theme can change the whole look of your camper trailer.

12. Tidy Up Your RV Bathroom

Bathroom Decor

In case that your shower at home isn’t exhausting, for what reason your camper shower drapery must be? A beautiful shower window ornament is an incredible method to customize your restroom without major speculation. You can add a curtain with a pretty good design for your shower, or you can add a class door to its look. You can even select a window ornament that coordinates with the towels that you have for the restroom.

13. Pick a Theme and Apply It to Your Trailer

You can choose a theme for your trailer to apply, which can make it very decorative and classy. You will get an idea about how to decorate an RV trailer from the outside by getting some suggestions. Make sure everything matches from the interior to the outside for an exquisite look. Pick a topic for adorning the inside of your camper. Topics give the space an individual touch and a gentle feel. Campers are a little space, so assuming you need to go with a topic, keep that theme steady all through the camper. Remember your subject when picking tones, divider decals, towels, cushioning, and so on.

14. Add More Storage Decorations

Adding storage with decorations can make your RV trailer look exquisite. You can make the best designs and decals with the ideal choices. There are various ideas to go with, and you can add more compartments with different shades and designs along with cabinets and having stylish knobs on them.


This was a discussion about how to decorate an RV trailer with easy tips, and we provided some quick suggestions that can be applied by anyone on their RV trailer without spending too much. We hope this is helpful.


How to Decorate an RV trailer?

You can easily decorate your RV trailer in the following ways.

  • Paint Interior Walls of your RV.
  • Add Throw Pillow and other accessories in your RV Travel Trailer.
  • Install more wall decals and mapping inside your RV Trailer.
  • Use stylish curtains and cushioning on the inside.

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