6 Best RV for Family of 5

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Campers are the best useful resource to take on camping trips to long-distance places along with family. In case you have a family of 5, you will need a small camper that can accommodate the requirements of your family and settle the kids properly in separate places for good and easy sleep.

These campers provide a lot of other features which you have to discover for yourself by looking at each of the best campers for a family of 5 that are accessible.

If you really need a camper that sleeps 5, then this article is for you. We have searched and provided the best recommendations for RVs to fit a family of 5 easily with all the necessities and features.

So you can take a look at each one of the camper trailers mentioned here and see which ones are to be chosen for the best interest of your family.

Name RV Type Max Sleeping Capacity
Airstream Classic Travel Trailer 5
Thor Quantum Class C 8
Winnebago Vista 31BE Class A 9
Coachmen Freelander Class C 6
Jayco Alante 31R Class A 10
Grand Design Reflection 28BH 5th Wheel 10

Airstream Classic 33FBAirstream Classic
Thor Motor Coach Quantum SprinterThor Quantum
Winnebago VistaWinnebago Vista 31BE
Coachmen Freelander Class C RVCoachmen Freelander
Jayco Alante 31VJayco Alante 31R
Grand Design Reflection 28BHGrand Design Reflection 28BH

What is the Best RV for 5 People?

1. Airstream Classic

Airstream Classic 33FB

To begin the list of RVs for a family of 5, the Airstream Classic is a top choice. This option is a top recommendation with its luxury, and In addition to the fact that you have the Airstream RV, you can expect all the exquisite features. It will make your trips one of the best that you will ever have.

There are various floorplans to look over, and the trailers range in size from 30 to 33 feet, ensuring everybody in your family has sufficient protection and safety.

It can easily sleep 5 people in it and gives them an unimaginable feeling with private showers, separate washrooms, and one room for the guardians.

The features of this RV include,

There is a luxurious sleeping room, Handcrafted kitchen cupboards, Doorbell, Ducted climate control, Power control beds, Pushbutton awning, Rear View camera and screen, and a Queen Bed. You also get convertible couches and seats that give more dozing spaces that ensure you 5 have enough spaces to get some rest.

Inside, you move past 8 feet by 6′ 7″ of room cabinetry and a great deal of solace. The capacity tank for new water holds 54 gallons, while the black and grey water holding tanks hold 37 and 39 gallons separately.

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Then, at that point, the kitchen is top-notch, giving you food planning space, a decent reach to make your heavenly suppers, just as an enormous refrigerator to hold extras and short-lived food sources. Since it is an Airstream RV, you additionally get a higher resale value than different RVs have.

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Airstream is a great brand for manufacturing RVs, so you can expect greatness in development which is also demonstrated by their high resale esteem.

Airstream Classic Floorplan

2. Thor Quantum

Thor Motor Coach Quantum Sprinter

The next up on the list of RVs for a family of 5 is the Thor Quantum. This class C motorhome is a luxurious option for a family with its big 6.8 L Triton V-10 motor, having enough power to take you through any roads for long trips and journies. You can feel free to cover up those precarious slopes without driving your side partners mad.

You can expect a lot of useful features from this RV, and some of them are explained as well.


With its programmed leveling-out jacks, you ought to have the option to have your RV on level ground with no difficulty. Then, at that point, when it comes time to turn in, there is one room with sliding entryways, a cab-over bunk that can rest 2.

There is also a convertible bed that turns into a couch so that everyone can have their own space in the RV.

There is additionally a private shower and latrine region, and the room adds up a 32-inch TV so you can enjoy the news in any event when away from home. The kitchen comprises storage space, 2 burner ovens, a microwave/convection stove, and a pleasant cooler. Feast-making ought to be a no-brainer.

This 32-foot RV weighs around 22,000 pounds and ensures your children have their own space for getting some sleep and rest their time off when there is nothing else to do. With a 40-gallon new water tank and 28-gallon black and grey water tanks topping off and purging stops ought to be rare. You get a 40-gallon LPG tank and a 55-gallon gas tank ready.

Thor Motor Coach Quantum GR22 Floorplan

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3. Winnebago Vista 31BE

Winnebago Vista

With more than 60 years in the RV building industry, Winnebago has enough experience to always satisfy its customers with a luxurious RV model. This is an RV that can fit a family of 5 for sure, and there are no exceptions.

The Winnebago Vista 31BE is a useful RV that comes with a lot of features.


It has molded kitchen that gives additional cooking space, and the stroll through the restroom makes getting to the one main room without any problem. This unit has a V10 Triton engine that utilizes a 6-speed transmission to get you where you are going. The automatic transmission makes your drive more fun without complicating you with the gears.

With its 70-gallon new water tank, everybody can get a decent shower. The dark water tank holds 59 gallons and the dark water tank holds just 43. An 18 Gallon LPG tank ensures you have sufficient fuel to cook, warm the RV and have a decent shower.

The inside is made of consolidating wood and texture to ensure you are going in luxury. The light shadings cause the RV to appear to be more open than it truly is. A TV is situated over the eating region, and the taxi seats turn for additional comfort.

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Resale esteem has a lift on the grounds that the Winnebago name is joined, yet what you eventually get for your tool is up to how much your purchaser needs to spend.

Winnebago Vista 31BE Floorplan

4. Coachmen Freelander

Coachmen Freelander Class C RV

The next best choice is the Coachmen Freelander. This is something to add to your favorites. This RV can easily accommodate a family of 5, and it has overhead bunks for increased space.

It’s a 32-foot RV for a family of five people.

The vehicle is very smooth and easy to drive with its latest features and controls in the panel so that driver feels easy all the way on their trips. It has different up-sides that settle on this discussion that a family of 5 can easily rest and feel secured inside this RV.

There are great features like,

This RV has one room with a sovereign size bed, a private latrine and shower region, and a pleasant cookroom that should meet any cook’s needs. Its Triton V 10 motor produces 305 HP and has a 6-speed transmission with an automatic shifter.

For cooking warm and fresh food, there is a 16-gallon propane tank. Additionally, you have a 50-gallon new water tank, a 34-gallon dim water tank, and a 29-gallon dark water holding tank. Your requirements are all around met by this top RV.

Furthermore, you get 2 slide-outs and one shade which increment your living space and give additional room when you need it. The 3 burner oven/broiler ensures you have enough burners to work with, while the average size cooler keeps your food supply quite new.

There is a decent ac unit and radiator, which ensures your indoor temperatures remain where you need them. It’s a great vehicle that can work along with your needs for years without getting you into trouble or becoming a headache.

Coachmen Freelander 31MB

5. Jayco Alante 31R

Jayco Alante

Jayco has a plan for a family of 5 with its Atlante 31R. What makes this RV so remarkable and uncommon is that it accompanies double slides on both sides of the RV. This adds style to your living space and makes the RV feel roomier.

With the cab-over bunk, your children can perceive what your driver sees as you speed not too far off.

There are a great set of features in this big-size RV.


Inside the living region, there is a light shade cupboard, and the wood flooring causes this RV to appear as though you are in a decent lodge in the forest. The main back room has a sliding door for security and cup holders between the parlor seats to ensure nobody spills a drop when the coach hits a knock or two.

The engine on this RV is a 6.8L Triton V-10 320 HP with an electronic fuel injection that works along with a 6-speed auto transmission. A 1000-watt inverter controls the hardware inside the RV, ensuring your TV and entertainment experience isn’t affected in any way.

There is a microwave, three burner oven, microwave, and 8 cubic foot cooler just as a 6-gallon water heater. You can utilize either gas or electricity to control the functions. There are automatic leveling jacks that help to keep your RV straight when you need them to work.

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With a decision of 4 floorplans, you ought to have the option to track down the right fit. There is no complaint about the size of the holding tanks; however, check with the dealer before you purchase to ensure they are adequately big enough to meet your need.

Jayco Alante 31R Floorplan

6. Grand Design Reflection 28BH

Grand Design Reflection 28BH

The last big bulky RV camper for a family of 5 is the Grand Design Reflection 28BH. For the individuals who want enough space and ultimate comfort, this fifth wheel furnishes you with a lot of room for a group of four to five people without getting disturbed by the comfort or accommodations.

It’s a fifth-wheel RV that arrives at just about 34 feet long.

The features of this one are,

When the blinds are down, you will think you are sitting in your own home. That is the means by which great it looks with its dull shaded cupboards and wood flooring plan.

Every one of the conveniences is there, including a microwave, oven and broiler blend, sink, and a TV so you can follow those cooking shows with all their extraordinary plans.

While the kitchen might be somewhat confined, you get a slide-out dinette region to compensate for that absence of room. The one main room contains the private shower and latrine region. Then, at that point, there is a lot of extra room for all your garments and stuff.

Its gross weight comes to around 11,500 pounds, and it holds a 60-gallon new water tank, 80-gallon dark water, and a 43-gallon dark water tank. A 6-gallon water warmer limit ensures you have sufficient heated water when it is the ideal opportunity for a shower or dishes.

The cost will rely upon every one of the alternatives you need to be remembered for your bundle, but it is still a worthy RV to consider while considering the comfort of a family.

Grand Design Reflection 28BH Floorplan


This was a discussion article about the best RV for a family of 5 where we included the list of top campers to buy for your comfort. The details have been shared so that you can decide for yourself.


What is the best camper for a family of 6?

Here is a list of best campers for a family of 6 people,

What is the best camper for a family of 5?

This is the list of best campers for a family of 5,

  • Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf 23DBH
  • Jayco Eagle Premier 375 BHFS
  • Keystone Hideout 272LHS
  • Coachmen Freedom Express
  • Palomino Puma 28-FQDB

Can a family of 6 live in an RV?

Yes, a family can lives in an RV if it’s big enough. There are different RVs of various sizes and capacities that allow individuals to blend with each of the kid’s room spaces so that they don’t have to fight over their sleeping space.

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