8 Excellent Motorhome With Bunk Beds

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Bunk beds are a great source for adding more space for sleeping and resting individuals inside a motorhome.

These features make these motorhomes more luxurious and useful in many ways. This is the reason these RVs are pretty expensive than other ordinary campers too.

There are various motorhomes in class A and class C categories that offer bunk beds and bunk rooms. Such RVs are cherished by RVers throughout the world.

If you want to learn more about the best motorhome with bunk beds, then we have gathered data on all the best options that you need to see.

Here are the Best Motorhomes that have bunk beds to provide additional space for your living and also to accommodate your guests.

Name Motorhome Type Max Sleeping Count Number Of Bunk Beds
Gulf Stream Conquest Class C 8 2
Fleetwood Bounder Class A 8 2
Tiffin Allegro Class A 10 2
Entegra Odyssey 31F Class C 10 2
Newmar Bay Star Class A 9 1
Thor Chateau Class C 10 2
Nexus Triumph 32T Class C 8 2
Jayco Redhawk 31F Class C 10 2

Gulf Stream ConquestGulf Stream Conquest
Fleetwood BounderFleetwood Bounder
Tiffin Allegro BreezeTiffin Allegro
Entegra OdysseyEntegra Odyssey 31F
Newmar Bay StarNewmar Bay Star
Thor Chateau 28AThor Chateau
Nexus RV Triumph 23TNexus Triumph 32T
Jayco Redhawk 26XDJayco Redhawk 31F

What are the Best Motorhome With Bunk Beds?

1. Gulf Stream Conquest

Gulf Stream Conquest

The Conquest by Gulf Stream is a class C motorhome that won’t just give a decent blend of resting limits but the inside lengths as well.

A portion of the great bunkhouse floorplans, which are the Conquest 6237LE and the Conquest 6245, is worth taking a look at.

You will get bunk beds to get a decent space inside this RV for sleeping.

You will not be compromising anything as far as highlights are concerned when you go do deep research.

A double entryway six cubic feet cooler will furnish sufficient extra room alongside all the cabinetry present in a perfectly planned kitchen.

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There are more highlights, for example, the A/C and the upgradable seats will be more interesting to you to provide you the comfort you need.

The Conquest isn’t just one of the top RVs with bunk beds, but also it is an extraordinary RV.

Key Features

  • Kitchen window and side cabover windows.
  • 6 cubic feet 2-way twofold entryway cooler.
  • Updated inside textures.
  • 12 distinctive floor plans are accessible.
  • Redesigned inside textures.
  • IRD double battery charging framework.

Gulf Stream Conquest Floorplan

2. Fleetwood Bounder

Fleetwood Bounder

The Fleetwood Bounder is one of the Class A motorhomes with 3 floorplans having different highlights.

The Bounder 36F and Bounder 36H both give bunkhouses, where you get the bunk beds to rest.

The Bounder 36D has a solitary restroom. Being a class A, there’s no question that the Bounder is one of the most element-rich RVs on the lookout.

From the flexible bureau racks to the fiberglass shower with a glass entryway, you will be unable to find something which you expected but was absent in this RV.

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The Bounder is filled with inside features that will make your journey and trip easier when you want to spend a long time out with your friends.

Its got a huge load of choices accessible from refined existing elements or adding the new ones.

Subsequently, it’s no question that the Bounder is one of the most mind-blowing RVs with lofts out there.

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Key Features

  • Entire mentor water filtration framework.
  • Customizable cabinet racks.
  • Driver 6-way power controls.
  • 9 diverse floor plans are accessible.
  • High results in warming and cooling.
  • Private cooler with the platinum outside.

Fleetwood Bounder Floorplan

3. Tiffin Allegro

Tiffin Allegro Breeze

At the point when you’re in deep search of an RV with bunkhouses, the Tiffin Allegro will be a good choice as it gives a great deal of adaptability with its bunkhouse floorplans.

You get open-air entertainment with the Allegro and a U-formed dinette as well.

Going to the highlights, you will find out that the Allegro has dual high proficiency A/C system, a multiplex framework, and a European-style driver’s middle among numerous different elements.

It has everything that one would think about from a premium quality RV, in any event, for a class A RV.

One glance at the elements of the Allegro was made considering various use case situations whether it’s closely following, setting up camp as a couple setting up camp with the children, or camping in the colder time of year.

It is a properly made RV with bunk beds for your resting needs.

Key Features

  • Spyder controls the multiplex framework.
  • Outside level TV.
  • Porcelain tile floor plan.
  • 7 distinctive floor plans are accessible.
  • European-style driver’s Center.
  • Two high effectiveness rooftop ACs.

Tiffin Allegro RED 38QBA

4. Entegra Odyssey 31F

Entegra Odyssey

The Entegra Odyssey 31F is among some of the best motorhomes with bunk beds.

This is a class C RV which is one of the most notable and regarded RVs in the business.

It accompanies all that you really want to have when you wish for a magnificent outing, including sufficient space for sleeping about 10 individuals due to its huge capacity with the addition of bunk beds.

This gives a resting limit higher than practically some other trailer.

It may be a bit expensive, but the features are worth it. Luckily, the trailer has a wide collection of conveniences that makes that value more sensible for any customer who needs an RV for his daily use.

It has a huge kitchen, a broiler, a refrigerator, a twofold sink, a solitary burner, a microwave, loads of counter space, a storage room, and a lot of cupboards for putting away your kitchenware.

There is a restroom close to the kitchen, which incorporates a shower, a sink, a latrine, a medication cupboard, and a mirror. There is a lot of extra room all through the trailer that you can use to bring additional things for your excursion needs.

Key Features

  • Sleeping space for 10 individuals
  • Length: 32′ 6″
  • Fresh Water tank capacity: 47 gallons
  • Gray Water tank capacity: 41 gallons
  • Black Water tank capacity: 31 gallons
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Entegra Odyssey 31F

5. Newmar Bay Star

Newmar Bay Star

Newmar is by all accounts one of the notable motorhome manufacturers, especially with its Bay Star Class A motorhome.

It is the RV that provides bunk beds inside alongside several other features too.

When you get deep into its overview, you will find that this RV has several floorplans with various lengths, which gives a decent resting limit and an undeniable element list that you won’t notice in other RVs.

The common models of this RV are Bay Star 3406 and Bay Star 3419.

Bay Star includes a completely walkable BriteTEK rooftop that sits on top of an aluminum development complete with fiberglass covering outwardly.

Head on inside, and you’re welcomed with a perfect looking RV that additionally has includes similarly amazing; regardless of whether it’s a smaller than expected storage capacity close to the entry or the 30-inch microwave, it’ll be quite a while before you run out of the full features of this RV.

It has a complete list of accessible redesigns, making this a really astounding bunkhouse RV for living.

Key Features

  • One-piece colored windshield.
  • Curved outside mirrors with thaw out.
  • Electronically monitored slowing mechanism.
  • 20 diverse floor plans are accessible.
  • Two 12-volt house batteries.
  • BriteTEK rooftop with walkable deck.

Newmar Bay Star Floorplan

6. Thor Chateau

Thor Chateau 28A

Thor Chateau is one of the exceptional class C motorhomes that gives you what you need.

If you are not impressed by other RVs with bunk beds on this list, then you will love this motorhome for your family.

The Chateau by Thor really has a sleeping limit of 7 individuals in its Chateau 28E floorplan, which is superior to a portion of the class As out there. Another extraordinary floorplan to look at is the Chateau 30D.

At the point when you get into the highlights to know more about this motorhome, you will see that the Chateau has been covered with all the essential features that anyone may need.

From the private vinyl deck to power charging points, it has every one of the fancy odds and ends of a standard class C, to say the least.

Obviously, assuming that those aren’t sufficient, you can make it a stride further with a lot of features like an outside TV on the manual turn, leatherette dream dinette corner, and numerous other highlights.

To the extent bunkhouse campers are available, the Chateau is one that you must use for once in your life.

Key Features

  • One-piece fiberglass front cap
  • Dropdown a flight of stairs entrance step
  • Twin beds with king bed option
  • 23 diverse floor plans accessible
  • Windshield security drape
  • Strong surface kitchen ledge

Thor Chateau 28A Floorplan

7. Nexus Triumph 32T

Nexus RV Triumph 23T

The Nexus Triumph 32T is the best motorhome with bunk beds that will be a much cheaper option than most of the other RVs on this list.

This RV has a marginally lower sleeping limit for seven individuals on the inside, yet that is still a lot of room for a big family.

Since it is 33 feet in length and has a lower resting limit, there is much more space to move around while you are inside.

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Strikingly, this space has a further developed kitchen region. It has a broiler with a four-burner, a sink, a microwave, and a huge dinette. Accordingly, you have a space to plunk down and eat with your family.

There is additionally a good-size washroom that you can utilize. It incorporates a latrine, a sink, a shower, and a medication shelf.

Key Features

  • Sleeping space for 7 individuals
  • Average length of 33′ 0″
  • Fresh Water tank capacity: 40 gallons
  • Gray Water tank capacity: 28 gallons
  • Black Water tank capacity: 28 gallons

Nexus RV Triumph 23T Floor Plan

8. Jayco Redhawk 31F

Jayco Redhawk

The last motorhome on the list of best motorhomes with bunk beds is the Jayco Redhawk.

The Redhawk 31F is an RV to meet your living needs. Jayco is one of the most notable RV brands on the planet, and thus, it ought to be nothing unexpected to hear that it has one of the most incredible Class C RVs available to meet your requirement.

The 31F is an extraordinary choice for individuals that need to go camping with a big gathering of companions as it has a space for 10 people to rest inside.

There is a lot of room in the trailer to move around, and therefore, you will actually want to hang out inside the RV on stormy days.

Inside the RV, you will be glad to hear that there is an amazing kitchen. It incorporates a microwave, a twofold sink, three burners, a stove, a cooler, a storeroom, bunches of cupboard space, and a lot of counter space.

Therefore, you ought to have the option to get ready suppers in abundance with no issues.

Close to the kitchen is the washroom, which incorporates a huge shower, a latrine, a sink, and a medication cupboard. At last, the main room is isolated from the living region of the RV by sliding entryways.

Thus, you and your friends can get some protection, assuming you need it.

Key Features

  • It has resting space for about 10 individuals
  • The length is around 32′ 6″
  • Fresh Water tank capacity: 47 gallons
  • Gray Water tank capacity: 41 gallons
  • Black Water tank capacity: 31 gallons

Jayco Redhawk 31F


This was discussed on the best motorhome with bunk beds.

There is complete information for each of your suitable requirements and needs to look from these RVs.

You can choose the motorhome that you want with the best bunk bed features.


Which is the affordable RV that has bunk beds?

The Coachmen Mirada is a reasonable Class A RV with a lot of resting space with the king bed, cots, and couch bed. It’s extraordinary for huge families or gatherings that are traveling together as everybody can have their own space to rest.

What is an RV with lofts called?

A bunkhouse travel trailer or bunkhouse RV alludes to a particular kind of floor plan that has a room with at least two bunks or cots. That room is ordinarily in the back of the camper, and it can have up to four cots relying upon the specific design. Such RVs provide sufficient space for everyone.

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