5 Best Rear Living Travel Trailer Floor Plans

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Travel trailers with rear living floorplans are very common. In fact, most of the trailers carry a rear living room as their basic layout.

But you should know that each floorplan from a manufacturer is different from the other one based on the inside features and amenities that are offered with the RV camper.

There is a huge list of travel trailers to count if we consider a rear living room, but it’s important to see which ones are the best rear living travel trailer floorplans that you should go for.

When you can’t decide on the features offered with a travel trailer that has a rear living floorplan, then we can help you to decide through this guide.

You must know that there are several RV campers to choose from, but you need to fully understand the use and importance of a rear living floorplan, after which you can move on to choose the best option for your family.

Name Living Area Location Weight
Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 292URL Rear 7,115 lbs
Highland Ridge Open Range Light LT272RLS Rear 7,855 lbs
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 265RLS Rear 6,000 lbs
CrossRoads RV Zinger ZR340RE Rear 9,034 lbs
Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL Rear 6,327 lbs

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 292URLKeystone Outback Ultra Lite 292URL
Highland Ridge RV LT272RLSHighland Ridge Open Range Light LT272RLS
Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 ReviewJayco Jay Flight SLX 8 265RLS
Crossroads ZingerCrossRoads RV Zinger ZR340RE
Grand Design Transcend XplorGrand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL

Benefits and Features of Rear Living Room in a Travel Trailer

A few RV floor plans place the living region in the back, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, etc. Back lounge room floor designs frequently mix flawlessly into the super living regions, feeling less blocky or separating.

A back family room floorplan normally has a few windows and offers a more extensive view from the back windows of the trailer, just as giving an open parlor region that permits gatherings to join together inside the trailer.

Having a different room from the back living region offers more protection than a front living region floor plan. Back living floor designs offer a more customary room space and extra kitchen space.

Thus, your kin can assemble around the kitchen while you cook. RVers pick back living floor plans for a considerable length of time.

Some common benefits of having a rear living room are

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  • Extra kitchen space.
  • Enormous, open living region.
  • Extraordinary perspectives and views from the back windows.
  • More customary room.

What are the Best Rear Living Travel Trailer Floor Plans?

1. Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 292URL

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 292URL

The Outback Ultra Lite trailer by Keystone is a travel trailer that provides the best rear living floorplan. You will get the inside solaces and comfort to relax your day off and loosen up after you had a pretty busy day.

You can decide to sit on the center seats, the couch sleeper, or the stall dinette and watch the 50″ TV. You can get outside and sit under the shade of a 21′ overhang.

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The cook will cherish having the kitchen island to plan and serve dinners, and they will adore each of the tools for cooking meals.

With any Keystone Outback Ultra Lite travel trailer floorplans, you will enjoy a lovely inside that is furnished with the latest design and style.

A few models include inside sliding stable doors, and all models have extra-tall slide tallness for more headspace. You can stretch out your camping vacations because of the resources that are present inside this trailer.

You get a one-piece polypropylene warmed, encased underside, the 15K BTU A/C with genuine Race Track ducting, and the overhauled 10-cubic foot 12V gas/electric fridge.

Some other striking highlights are the completely walkable 3/8″ rooftop decking and one-piece TPO layer, the HyperDeck flooring, and the external shower.

These are a couple of the reasons you will need to claim an Outback Ultra Lite to enjoy the outside. Its twofold section shower is advantageous for all, and the private front room will permit you to get a decent night’s rest on your own sovereign bed.

Your family pet will have its own space with the implicit pet lodge.

Key Features

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  • Couch Sleeper
  • 50″ TV
  • Back Living Area
  • Kitchen Island
  • Take Out Trash Can
  • VIP Suite

Keystone Outback Ultra Lite 292URL

2. Highland Ridge Open Range Light LT272RLS

Highland Ridge RV LT272RLS

This is another choice to look from the perspective of the rear living floorplan. It is a travel trailer by Highland Ridge RV that has a back living format, double contradicting slides for added inside space and an external kitchen.

You will get a number of features to see inside this trailer as you enter the trailer. There is a helpful area of the restroom straight ahead while entering the RV.

Inside, you get a range shower, Toilet, sink, and cloth cabinet.

The front main room includes an enormous closet for an apparel wardrobe, a sovereign size bed with overhead cupboards, and two shirt storerooms above end tables, one on each side.

Back at the passage entryway, you will see a corner coat wardrobe just to one side of the shower section doors.

Along the control side divider, you will observe an enormous slide-out kitchen that has a cooler, a three burner range cooktop with an overhead microwave, and storage space.

You will also find overhead cupboards, lower cabinets, and drawers that give plentiful capacity to dishes and food things.

The kitchen island is topsy turvy and includes all the more counter prep space, in addition to it is the area of the twofold sink for keeping the dishes clean. Toward the end of this slide, you will find an amusement place with a chimney, which can be viewed from any seating in the room.

Along the back divider, there is a tri-overlay couch with a sovereign bed including the capacity above to assist with keeping things clean and perfect.

The slide inverse elements more seating with an auditorium seat for two, including cup holders and a stall dinette.

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Key Features

  • Rear living room floorplan
  • Outside kitchen with single sink, refrigerator, and cooktop
  • U dinette and sovereign beds for resting
  • Entertainment region with chimney

Highland Ridge LT272RLS

3. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 265RLS

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 Review

The Jay Flight series is one of the useful travel trailer models by Jayco.

The SLX 8 265RLS is a floorplan model that gives a rear living room and other loads of features inside.

With double section doors, you will encounter a smooth progression of features all through the unit, in addition to one of the doors that leads straightforwardly into the private front room.

The room has a sovereign bed with closets on one or the other side to keep your garments and has an entry into the stroll through the washroom for simple access around evening time.

You get a 6 cu. ft. hardened steel fridge with temperature controls and cook food at the three burner range glass top and then enjoy your meal at the stall dinette.

Assuming you ate excessively much, then you can relax on the couch. You get heaps of space to loosen up in any of these Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 travel trailers.

The company utilizes top-quality materials and imaginative assembling methods to make the Magnum Truss Roof System for a half more grounded rooftop than some others in the business.

Each model has its compulsory Customer Value Package, which incorporates extra rich elements like the Keyed-Alike section, the three burner range, stuff entryways, the external shower, the JaySMART LED lighting, and the quilt.

The Goodyear Endurance tires, the front rock guard, and the axles with electric, self-changing brakes, and excited steel sway safe wheel that guarantee you will show up securely to every objective.

Key Features

  • Couch and Dinette Slide
  • Go Through Storage
  • Stroll Through Bathroom
  • Double Entry Doors
  • Front Private Bedroom

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8 265RLS Floorplans

4. CrossRoads RV Zinger ZR340RE

Crossroads Zinger

The next camper with a rear living floorplan is the Crossroads RV Zinger.

The back living region is loaded up with a big pocketknife couch and two chair seats opposite the entertainment area with a chimney, and a 39″ TV is right up at the front.

The kitchen is loaded with features incorporating a kitchen island with a seat on one or the other side of it, an 80″ U-formed dinette, and a wine cooler to keep your beverages cool and fresh.

You can get re-charged every night on the king bed inside the private front room.

If you want to keep your clothing and garments clean, then you can decide to add the discretionary washer and dryer to the prepared storeroom close to the enormous closet, which will let you clean your clothes on the weekends.

These trailers have a super climate bundle with a constrained air underside so you can go to your beloved detect regardless of the unstoppable force of life tosses your direction.

With the focal control system, you can handle everything at the dash of a finger.

The outside hot/cold shower will assist keep with mudding from being followed inside, and the Keyed-A-Like lock framework will give you inner peace around evening time or while you’re away from the trailer.

Each model is pre-wired for the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 with the goal that you can remain associated anyplace you go, and the sun-powered and reverse camera prep is accessible to make your setting up camp outing considerably simpler.

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Key Features

  • Wine Cooler
  • Front Private Bedroom
  • Outside Speakers
  • Chimney
  • Back Living Area
  • Two Recliners

CrossRoads RV Zinger ZR340RE

5. Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL

Grand Design Transcend Xplor

The Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL is a travel trailer that continues the spirit of the camping and RVing lifestyle in one spot.

Since this unit has two section entryways, you will get the option to get to the vitally living region or the private front room from outside, and the stroll through restroom additionally that has passage entryways on either side.

This implies that it can be gotten to from the room or principal living region.

The entertainment place in the RV camper is at the side, and there is a slide-out U-molded dinette, which will give you an ideal view of the outside.

Enjoy your meal and popcorn around evening time, and you can even welcome a few companions to stay the night with you since they can rest on the 70″ tri-overlap couch.

This Xplor travel trailer holds up great with your feeling of experience prior to taking off when you investigate all of its new insights.

With the numerous required bundles, the Transcend Xplor grandstands a large group of elements that make certain to amaze you.

You can get warming pipe to the subfloor, the dampness boundary floor fenced-in area, and the All-In-One utility place.

There is the addition of AM/FM/CD/DVD Bluetooth sound system, a 165W rooftop-mounted sunlight-powered charger, and an MC4 sun-based charge regulator.

You will get heaps of utilization out of the USB charging ports, and the private ledges in the kitchen area will make it easier to prepare suppers.

Sit back on the new and well-crafted private furnishings, keep your stuff stowed away in the E-Z lift bed storage and enjoy your time napping inside this beautiful camper.

Key Features

  • Double Entry
  • 70″ Tri-Fold Sofa
  • U-Shaped Dinette
  • Stroll Through Bath
  • Pet Drawer

Grand Design Transcend Xplor 245RL


This was a discussion on the best rear living travel trailer floorplans in which we have listed some amazing trailers that have the best floorplan in the category.

Each of them offers comfort and useful features to live for a long time camping. You will get more once you pick any of the trailers for your trips and journeys.


Which travel trailer has the most room?

The travel trailers that have the most open living region and rooms are

  • Jayco Jay Flight 34RSBS
  • Flagstaff Classic Super Lite 832IKBS
  • SportTrek Touring Edition STT333VFL
  • Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8326BHS
  • Highland Ridge Open Range 275RLS
  • Keystone Premier 24RKPR
  • Prime Time RV Lacrosse 3299SE
  • Prime Time Tracer 238AIR

Which travel trailers have a king bed?

Some common travel trailers having a king bed inside the floorplan are

Which travel trailer has the largest bathroom?

Here is a list of travel trailers with the largest bathrooms

  • Jayco Flight Bungalow 40FBTS
  • Milestone 389TB by Heartland
  • Volante VL3851FL By Crossroads
  • Forest River Flagstaff Super Lite 26RBWS

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